10 Best Cloud Call Center Software

What is Cloud Call Center software?

Cloud call center software allows clients to connect with organizations for their service needs. Contact Center support is a powerful extension of customer service for any organization.

The call center software enables customers to communicate with support teams from call centers through various networks, such as email, social media, live chat, and text messages.

The call center software is a centralized office for receiving or transmitting a large number of telephone inquiries. A call center software user pays a monthly or annual fee to a provider (call center software) who hosts the call center solution and data equipment in their cloud-based contact center facility in a virtual call center solution.

Hosted and on-demand call center software built on cloud-based SaaS systems can combine their features with cloud-based CRM applications, lead management through the application programming interfaces (APIs).

For those who are looking for small business phone services, there are multiple options available in the market. If you are looking for open-source call center software then we do have that also available in the market.

Features of Cloud-based Call Center Softwares

  • Omnichannel: This call center features a unified customer experience which decreases customer friction and improves productivity in the front line. Also, this feature would allow everyone else to see the background of previous experiences with customers, regardless of the platform on which they took place.
  • Call Routing: It’s essential to understand how your call routing would operate, whether your program provides automatic call routing or not. Call routing in the call center phone systems helps to connect clients with a specific agent.
  • Usage Pricing: Most of the contact center software has a variable pricing system and charge accordingly.  Be sure to confirm what’s included in the kit before committing to any new cloud-based phone lines and how much each call and minute would cost.
  • CRM Integration: With Computer-telephony integration, several call center software provides a background to identify customers through their phone number. To deliver your agents with adequate context to be effective, analyze log calls, and integrate with other systems (like your CRM) is essential.
  • Outgoing Calls: If your contact center also wants to route outgoing calls from agents or sales teams, look for software that provides an automatic dialer and easy-to-use call logging features to keep your CRM up-to-date. Call feature helps in more excellent customer service and increases customer experiences.
  • Cloud-Based Calling: To align with their online databases, call center software operating on cloud networks will need cloud-based phone systems. A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a cloud-based phone system that works over the Internet instead of a telephone line.

Advantages of Cloud-based Call Center Software

There are multiple advantages to incorporating a cloud-based call center rather than an on-premise call center.

  • Set-Up: Cloud-based contact centers require downloading an app that works out of the box on a device. On the other hand, an On-premise will take time to install because businesses have to buy hardware and licenses, set up the equipment, and find compatible software.
  • Cost: As long as the company has a good internet connection, cloud contact centers do not have a high upfront expense of hardware or infrastructure whereas on-premise call center does.
  • Reliability: To help reduce call latency or lower call quality, on-site call centers could have more stable technology. On the other hand, when organizations have good, stable internet connectivity, cloud phone centers have high call quality.
  • Integrations: Integrating an on-site call center with other facilities is challenging, primarily because of licensing and implementation. Alternatively, cloud phone systems are actively built to integrate with the CRM system, generators of call scripts, helpdesk tickets, and more.

Top 10 Best Cloud Call Center  Software Software

1. Zendesk


A fully integrated call center software built right into our help desk software is Zendesk Talk. With complete customer experience history, automated ticket creation, and call recording, agents may concentrate on conversations instead of workflow. Activate Zendesk Talk today with our support desk solution. Zendesk is listed as the best enterprise cloud contact center.

Key Features:

  • Help the leaders, managers, and internal teams do their best job. Zendesk call center software provides stable, simple-to-set up, and easy-to-use out-of-the-box tools.
  • With an open and scalable framework that you can scale, expand, and refine as your company evolves, you can customize it to your heart’s content.
  • To gather vital information and minimize data entry, exploit built-in routing and intelligence.
  • Make it more straightforward with a single unified agent workspace to monitor, prioritize, and react to customers.
  • Advanced features include:
    • Blended Call Center software, Call Logging, Call Record, Call Scripting.
    • Campaign Management, Escalation Management, Incoming Call Center software
    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Powerful call, Outbound Call Center software
    • Easy-to-use Predictive Dialer, Progressive Dialer, Queue Management
    • Customer interactions, Reporting/Analytics
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Price Policy:

  • Zendesk call center software offers two different plans as per company demand.
    • Plans for Everyone:
      • Suite Team: $49 per agent per month 
      • Suite Growth: $79 per agent/month 
      • Suite Professional: $99 per agent per month
    • Plans for Enterprise:
      • Suite Enterprise: $150 per agent per month
      • Custom: starts at $215 per agent per month
  • All plans are billed annually and may vary for monthly billing.
  • For more information on plans and policies, visit Zendesk.

2. DialerAI


DialerAI contributes itself for automating sales calls, receiving or scheduling appointments for outstanding payments. DialerAI will improve performance and productivity about three times.

By dropping needless lines and passing rings to your agents. DialerAI is suitable as it is multi-tenant for call centers and is available internationally and inexpensive to operate as you select your voice provider.

Key Features:

  • Live Transfers: Lead sales in your cloud-based call center with press-one transfers to your agents.
  • VoIP Provider: By selecting your VoIP provider and negotiating the best deal with them, tightly manage your call costs.
  • Voicemail Detection: Correct individual or voicemail detection and a separate message if the voicemail drops or simply hang-up.
  • Text to Speech: Supports text-to-speech from various vendors, including all TTS systems based on MRCP.
  • Custom Messages: Use voice text to customize each message using tag replacement to play text uploaded to the touch.
  • Contact Management: In phone books, addresses are put so that you can group your customers logically.
  • Other software feature includes:
    • Phone Surveys, Multi-Tenant, DNC (Do not call) List
    • White Label, Worldwide, Call Scheduling, Dynamic CallerID
    • SMS Messaging, API for Developers, Auto-Redial Contacts
    • ASR (Voice Recognition), AgentUI

Price Policy:

  • The pricing policy of DialerAI call center software depends on the number of ports utilized.
    • 25 Ports: 199$ per month
    • 100 Ports: 399$ per month
    • 250 Ports: 599$ per month
    • 500 Ports: 999$ per month
    • 1000 Ports: 1799$ per month
  • For more information on other advanced features and policies, visit DialerAI.

3. Agile CRM

Agile CRM

Agile CRM Call Center Software provides the customer support team with useful tools to quickly close requests to ensure that your product is used effectively by clients.

Advanced phone system integration features include Outbound calls, incoming calls, Call routing, Ticketing for help desk, Tag-based calling, Help desk groups, Call tracking, Call reports, Call notes, social media, and many more.

Key Features:

  • Make and receive calls:
    • Outbound Call: With one click, call customers or prospects from your Agile CRM dashboard.
    • Inbound Calls: Without ever leaving the device, accept calls from your contacts. Before, during, and after calls, view caller information.
    • Call Notes & Archives: Add call notes to help you keep track of past interactions and sort saved calls during the post conversation.
    • Call Records: Record important calls so that your customers don’t miss out on necessary details.
    • Call Logs: Check out all the users’ calls in real-time call logs, helping you stay on track and keep your team accountable.
    • Call Reporting: To better monitor staff efficiency and keep on top of projects, demos, and the overall sales pipeline, receive daily updates.
  • Call Automation: 
    • Call Scripts: Engage your contacts using CRM telephony and generate leads with pre-set call scripts.
    • Voicemail Drops: Simplify voicemail delivery through pre-recorded messages to your connections.
    • Automated tasks: Run follow-up emails automatically to let your contacts know about planned demos, meetings, or voicemails after a call.
  • Advanced Features:
    •  Enhanced Caller ID: Get real-time caller information before making a call, right on your Agile CRM dashboard.
    • Personalized greetings: You will greet your contacts by name as appropriate contact information flows in before an incoming call.
    • Call History: For each of your contacts, view comprehensive call histories.

Price Policy:

  • Agile CRM call center software provides four types of plans, as mentioned below.
    • FREE: For ten users
    • STARTER: $14.99 per month
    • REGULAR: $49.99 per month
    • ENTERPRISE: $79.99 per month
  • All prices are for monthly billing. Annual billing provides an extra discount.
  • For more information on billing and plans, visit Agile CRM.

4. Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern

Another cloud-based contact center software that will help you grow your business through enhanced productivity is Bright Pattern. They provide complete software that includes comprehensive reporting, management tools, integrations of CRM, and a comprehensive list of unique features.

Key Features:

  • Inbound calls & SMS:
    • Full call control from browser: Calls are entirely controlled from the Agent Desktop web application. 
    • Call transcription: Call records in action history to assist agents looking through connections across voice, informing, and email discussions. 
    • Dropped calls conversation continuity: When a client redials, the call is conveyed to the right agent that helped the client.
  • Agent-based Routing:
    • Automatic Call distributor: Calls and different collaborations are naturally conveyed to the correct specialists. 
    • Omnichannel capacity and overrides: A one-of-a-kind agent limit model utilized in its BPCC permits agents to deal with numerous associations of different sorts with abrogates. 
    • Priority Based Routing: Contacts who have been distinguished as high-need can appreciate more limited standby times. 
    • Personal Routing: software can steer connections with a recognized contact to a similar specialist.
  • Other features include:
    • Outbound Voice, All Dialing Modes, Optimal Calling Hours, 
    • Predictive Dialers, Automatic Call Distributor
    • omnichannel scenarios, IVR and workflow, multiple built-in integrations for data access
    • SMS and email capabilities, Workflow automation
    • AI, bots and cognitive technologies, Intelligent assistance for agents
    • Quality management automation
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Price Policy:

  • Bright Pattern call center software offers three services as follows:
    • Voice Select: Base package, designed for voice calls.
    • Pro Package: The package includes seamless communication across multiple digital channels.
    • Premium Package: The most advanced plan, capable of connecting to any digital channel.
  • For information on price and handy aspects, contact Bright Pattern.

5. SparkTG VCC


With SparkTG Cloud Contact Center Solution, allow your representatives to convey top-notch client assistance and convert them to the most extreme leads. Empower specialists to work from anyplace with contact center portable application without settling accessible if the need arises focus highlights with contact center solution. Ongoing dashboards, reports, and call accounts help your distant specialist’s profitability.

Key Features:

  • Calls Tracking with IVR  Phone Numbers: Never miss a call or leave your customers waiting for too long, with voicemail, abandoned call reports and call back warnings.
  • CRM Integration: You can easily integrate CRM with our APIs to save customer data with full recording information, including caller requirements, call length, time, and caller position at one location.
  • Customized Greetings: Deliver localized experiences for various divisions and brands with customized greetings.
  • Toll-free IVR Number: Toll-Free IVR provides clients with a convenient and cost-free channel to connect.
  • Contact Center Solution: Without costly hardware and overhead repairs, Spark TG is your fully-fledged call center solution.
  • Blended Calling: Helps agents not only to respond to customer calls but also to call back for support, purchases, follow-up, etc.

Price Policy:

  • Three plans are provided by SparkTG call center software.
    • VCC Lite: Everything you require for your Business Phone System
    • VCC Startup: An Intelligent, Easy-to-Use Contact Center Solution for Small teams
    • VCC Enterprise: An apt solution to manage your high volumes of call & large team
  • For prices and other software features, contact SparkTG.

6. TalkDesk


TalkDesk, a robust cloud-based call center software for business teams, includes features designed to help large groups handle phone systems faster. TalkDesk assists teams with everything they need to offer a consistent client experience on a scale, from staff management to industry-specific security features. With all these features, TalkDesk is the essential best software for your business.

Key Features:

  • Audio: Optimize customer experience with excellent call efficiency, smart routing, and flexible voice features.
  • ACD: Maximize the experience of each caller, route incoming calls to agents based on caller details, IVR selection, business hours, and agent skills.
  • IVR: For a better CX, use Talkdesk Studio to build IVR call routing flows quickly.
  • AI & Knowledge: Infuse the power of artificial intelligence into your contact center. To improve customer experiences with great effectiveness, exploit our Virtual Agent, Agent Assist, and Guide Knowledge Base.
  • Workforce Management: Use artificial intelligence to predict customer demand reliably and optimize planning for more excellent operational performance.
  • Mobile Agent: Allow center agents to work on any smartphone remotely, after hours, or part-time so that you can retain service delivery in any situation.

Price Policy:

  • Three different plans offered by TalkDesk call center software are:
    • Professional: It has a Cloud-based call center, a  fully-featured solution for the small and medium contact center.
    • Professional Plus: It has a Cloud contact center for those requiring integration with Business Intelligence platforms via mobile devices and APIs.
    • Enterprise: A 100 percent uptime SLA guarantee is provided for a vast cloud contact center that requires customization and operation.
  • For more details and prices, contact TalkDesk.

7. PhoneBurner 


Key Features:

  • Virtual Phone Numbers: Get cloud-hosted, local numbers with a collection of features designed to make it easier to handle business calls and communications.
  • Inbound Call Forwarding: Address your browser’s incoming calls and forward them to a different number.
  • Inbound Caller Insights: You can see who’s calling with the browser extension and pull up their PhoneBurner contact record with a swipe.
  • Voicemail Management: A dedicated voicemail inbox makes all of your missed calls easy to manage and return.
  • Smart Power Dialer: Smartly filter leads and automatically build saved searches that update hot and high-value market opportunities.
  • Automatic Call Tracking: The PhoneBurners’ call monitoring feature tracks dialing activity and call results automatically.
  • Advanced features include:
    • Unlimited Power Dialing
    • CRM (+ integrations available)
    • Voicemail Drop
    • Email, Link & Attachment Tracking
    • Text Messaging (optional add-on)
    • Local ID (optional add-on)
    • Call Tracking & Analytics
    • Call Recording
    • Phone and Email Support

Price Policy:

  • PhoneBurner cloud-based call center software offers a single plan.
    • PhoneBurner: $149 per user per month
    • PhoneBurner: $126 Per user annually 
  • For more details on other aspects and access free trial, visit PhoneBurner.

8. Dixa


Dixa is a contact center that is easy to set up and runs entirely on the browser. Dixa is a digital solution designed to optimize the experience of both the customer and the administrator of the contact center, with sophisticated call distribution algorithms and caller recognition.

Key Features:

  • Full functionality of the VoIP telephone device running on your browser:
    • VoIP phone system: Dixa uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems since it is cloud-based.
    • In and outbound calls: Both inbound and outbound capabilities are available for Dixa.
    • IVR: Build IVR menus with up to 12 options quickly and add appropriate queues or actions to any one of them.
    • Toll-free Numbers: Local toll-free numbers are provided around the world
  • Integrations:
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Price Policy:

  • Dixa call center software offers three plans according to organizations’ size.
    • Professional: $99 per agent per month
    • Premium: $139 per agent per month
    • Platinum: $179 per agent per month Ideal for teams wanting enterprise SLAs & compliance.
  • For knowing other features on price policy, visit the Dixa call center.

9. Live Agent

Live Agent

The call center solution from LiveAgent is integrated directly into their multi-channel support desk, so you can assist clients on any channel you choose. LiveAgent can be a cost-effective option for small and medium-sized companies that rely on phone help, one of the only resources on the list not to charge a per-minute use fee.

Key Features:

  • Call Center Software: Agents can use the inbound call center software of LiveAgent to manage vast numbers of customers’ incoming calls.
  • Video call: Video chat with clients & peers alike.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response): A robust IVR online designer platform is available for LiveAgent, where anyone can build their IVR trees.
  • Automatic callback: Submit automatic callbacks from your customers.
  • Call transfers: Attended transfers wait for the call to be terminated before another agent is either picked up, declined, or simply not answered.
  • Ticket/Customer insights (CRM): To store custom data, add fields to each touch.
  • Canned messages: Canned messages can save you a certain amount of time and can be used to write responses.
  • Predefined responses: Build FAQs & general questions with predefined answers.

Price Policy:

  • Four plans are provided by LiveAgent call center software.
    • Free: Forever free account with some limitations
    • Ticket: $15 per agent per month
    • Ticket+Chat: $29 per agent per month
    • All-inclusive: $39 per agent per month
  • To access more information on LiveAgent’s cloud-based call center solution, contact LiveAgent.

10. Five9


To launch full customer support and sales contact center, Five9 puts together all the company needs. Five9, based on enterprise organizations, provides employee optimization software, predictive dialing, and screen pops for CTI (computer telephony integration) to help center agents deliver better customer support and not miss an opportunity to advertise.

Key Features:

  • Digital Engagement Feature:
    • Voice: To promote resolution, intelligently route calls to the right officers.
    • Email: Filter requests sent via email and route them intelligently.
    • Messaging: Improving the efficiency of agents with a single platform to manage all communications based on messages.
    • Mobile: With callbacks and visual IVR, serve on-the-go customers better, which turns IVR prompts into a simple, app-like experience.
  • Outbound and Inbound Contact Centers:
    • Predictive Dialer: The Five9 Predictive Dialer calculates the number of dial calls on connection speeds, real-time data, and statistics agent.
    • Power Dialer: A set number of calls per available agent is continuously dialed by the Five9 Power Dialer.
    • Multiple Channels Routing: Treat them according to your business guidelines and route customers to the best agents.
    • Intelligent IVR: Let your customers serve themselves with speech-enabled IVR on the phone or visual IVR on a mobile screen.

Price Policy:

  • Core: To run best-in-class inbound, outbound, or blended global contact center, all the critical resources the teams need.
  • Premium: All Key Package features plus omnichannel support and critical control of quality.
  • Optimum: All Premium Bundle features, plus full WFO capabilities for handling and inspiring on-site or remote teams.
  • Ultimate: It has all Optimum Bundle features, plus software and applications for analytics and process automation.
  • For more aspects of plans and their prices, contact Five9 call center software.


Telecommunication is made simple with the advent of cloud-based contact centers. All the call center software available here will help you to increase your service and grow your business. One should be cautious before selecting any software. With all the above-detailed selection process will be hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are CRM call centers?

Contact centers CRM is for call center solutions that enable staff with immediate access to account history information, allowing them to assist customers with up-to-date and useful support information.

How does a cloud-based call center work?

Cloud-based call centers are a network-based system in which call center technology is owned and operated by a provider. Thus, in a subscription model, the call center provides its services remotely to companies. Cloud-based call centers offer a creative way of handling telecommunication services.

Is the cloud cheaper than on-premise?

At lower data volumes, a cloud storage call center can be substantially cheaper than on the premises. But as the total storage quantity increases, so does the total cost of the call center increases.

Is Zendesk a CRM?

Yes, The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program from the Zendesk call center is informative, designed with customer service agents in mind. Zendesk Support offers a help desk software solution for call centers that need to have the very best customer support.