Top 25 Best Cloud Based Recruitment Software

Recruiters and hiring managers would understand how hard and time-consuming it could be to hire the right candidate. Not only does it require a lot of patience on your side, but also plenty of hard work. A study suggests that it takes around 38 days to complete the hiring process of a new employee. All that work to hire a new employee, and even after that, you still need to train them!

However, we are in luck because there exist better and more efficient ways to hire employees, such as a cloud recruiting system. This technology can include several recruiting tools like ATS, recruitment marketing tools, candidate management software, etc., in a single platform. 

This article discusses the top 25 best cloud based recruitment software that can overcome several hiring limitations to provide you with the best hires.

What is Recruitment Software?

Recruitment software is a type of HR software that implements a system that helps companies hire candidates efficiently and adequately. There could be different types of recruitment software like ATS, CRM, etc., or a single platform that executes all of it. Besides tackling your recruiting needs, it also helps you find the best candidates for your job openings. 

What is Cloud Based Recruiting and How Does It Work?

Cloud based recruiting makes use of a hiring platform managed by cloud technology as your applicant tracking solution. Now, coming to the working of cloud-based recruiting software: Mainly, the working depends on the specific platform you have chosen. 

Some of the recruiting solutions will help you with the complete hiring procedure, from posting a job vacancy to accepting and screening applications to executing background checks. On the other hand, other recruiting platforms perform one or two elements of the process and link to some other software that does the rest.

Benefits of Cloud Recruiting Software

1. Saves Time

Cloud recruiting software can save you a lot of time and money by allowing you to upload and store all candidate information. This data gets stored in a searchable database format and ensures that you don’t waste your time on manual entry. 

2. Broad Accessibility

Cloud recruiting provides the primary benefit of accessibility from any place and at any time. Anybody on your team can access the recruiting dashboard from anywhere as long as they have a proper internet connection. 

3. Data Syncing

If your recruitment team consists of more than one person, then multiple people will add data to the recruitment database. Organizing this could be very tedious and error-prone. Meanwhile, cloud recruiting platforms can synchronize data efficiently, and everything is done seamlessly without errors. 

4. Efficiency

A cloud-based recruiting software comes with automated tools that will screen out unfit candidates. Other than that, it will also route the qualified applications to the correct hiring manager. Not only does this saves you a lot of time and reduces your workload, but it also makes the hiring procedure much faster.

5. Collaboration

Cloud recruiting solutions provide the option of adding your team to the platform. This means that your recruitment team will be able to work together online. Moreover, the HR team could also work with other company teams to figure out what they want in the new hires. 

6. Better Communication With Candidates

Recruiting tools come packed with advanced features like in-built messaging that help you communicate efficiently with the applicants. Moreover, such software can also help you send automated and customized emails. Many solutions also come with reporting capabilities to help you track the best hires.

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25 Best Cloud Based Recruitment Software

1. Zoho Recruit

Cloud Based Recruitment Software - Zoho

Zoho Recruit is a fantastic software with tools to help you out in every step of the recruitment procedure. It is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

Zoho Recruit will help you out with everything from job openings to interview management. It will streamline all the tasks involved in the recruitment procedure. 

One of the critical features of the Zoho Recruit software is its career portal. This feature will allow you to customize the job recruitment portal as per your brand image.

You will also enjoy customization options outside of the career portal in the form of email templates, automated workflows, etc. These will allow you to receive customized responses for candidates. 

2. Recruitee

Cloud Based Recruitment Software - Recruitee

Recruitee is a comprehensive candidate recruitment platform that is ideal for small and medium-sized organizations. You can host discussions about the candidates here with your team members.

This ensures that you’ll hire the most qualified person and guarantee that your team will like the new addition. Moreover, you can also assign various tasks and roles to your team members, allowing everybody to collaborate equally on the hiring procedure.

A plus point of this app is that it will enable you to access over 1,500 job board options. Besides, Recruitee will also help you to find the most suitable places to promote your job openings. 

3. Jobvite

Cloud Based Recruitment Software - Jobvite

Jobvite is an excellent recruitment solution for medium and large organizations. This is a recruitment system that allows you to curate unique sites that will reflect your brand’s value and purpose.

Moreover, Jobvite also offers a feature of brand campaigns that will enable you to manage several candidates. Also, it comes with a mobile app that allows your hiring team to glance at the interview logistics that sum up each member of your hiring team’s responsibilities.

And the app version also supports an internal messaging and guidance feature such as sample questions that will allow you to conduct the best interviews ever.

4. iCIMS

Cloud Based Recruitment Software - iCIMS

ICIMS is a platform that comes with several tools meant to cater to medium and large enterprises’ needs. You can post an unlimited number of jobs across all the popular job boards. This feature is more than valuable for you if your organization is rapidly expanding. 

Yet another unique thing about this software is its pricing. They will offer a special price for your organization based on your requirements. Although iCIMS is a costly option, its customizable pricing features make sure that you don’t pay for things you don’t need.

5. Fresh Team

Cloud Based Recruitment Software - Fresh Team

Fresh Team is a cloud-based recruiting software fit for businesses of any size. One unique feature of this system is its pre-onboarding feature. This feature allows users to get on with the candidate onboarding procedure via sending alerts to the candidates and collecting their signatures for related documents.

It comes with customizable features through which you can build forms meant for collecting data. Once you have all the information, the platform will help you accommodate all of it in one place for quick and easy access.

6. Bullhorn

Cloud Based Recruitment Software - Bullhorn

Bullhorn is also suited for businesses of all sizes. Moreover, Bullhorn also allows you to automate workflows which facilitates your business growth even further. This cloud-based recruitment software can also be downloaded on mobile and supports viewing and editing of candidate records. You can also create notes and access information from anywhere.

You can modify the customizable workflows to align them with your business’ unique hiring needs. Moreover, it also features a customizable search tool that uses advanced technology and prioritizes results based on relevance. 

7. CEIPAL TalentHire

Cloud Based Recruitment Software - Ceipal

CEIPAL is an end-to-end cloud-based recruiting software that is based on the cloud and is scalable and secure. It features extensive integrations like Job Boards, productivity applications, Social Media sites, Vendor Management Systems, etc.

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Moreover, it works as a one-stop solution for all the recruitment needs of your business. It has been designed specifically for firms that want customized and automated workflows to align them correctly with your business needs.

8. ZipRecruiter

Cloud Based Recruitment Software - ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is a cloud-based software that allows you to run the hiring process smoothly. It will enable various organizations to post jobs at hundreds of job boards in a single click and manage the recruiting process online.

It offers an integrated social recruiting component that allows you to post jobs on various social networks like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Also, you can add multiple users to a single account, so your teammates can also collaborate.

9. BambooHR


BambooHR is yet another cloud-based HR software that is suited for small to midsize businesses. It offers a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that includes several recruitment tools like an Applicant Tracking System, payroll processing, employee satisfaction tools, etc.

Any HR team or department can enhance the recruiting process with BambooHR. Not only does it help with onboarding new employees and managing their data but also with customization services and employee management.

10. Breezy


Breezy is a recruiting platform meant for all small and midsize businesses. It has several functionalities like applicant sourcing and assessments, talent management, resume parsing, and more. This application is cloud-based and also comes with a dedicated app meant for iOS devices.

Besides, it also has a drag-and-drop interface for convenient usage. It allows recruiters to connect with potential candidates via custom emails, and the application also supports auto-responding and interview scheduling.

11. UKG Ready

UKG Ready

UKG Ready is a one-platform software solution for all your recruiting needs. It has been designed to provide you with maximum flexibility and a streamlined hiring process.

UKG combines HR, talent, payroll, and other related things to deliver a customized people-centric user experience. All in all, it is a cloud-based recruiting software that helps you to manage the entire recruiting procedure in a single place easily.

12. Greenhouse


Greenhouse is a cloud-based recruiting software that offers an excellent applicant tracking system designed to meet suitable candidates’ needs. Besides helping you with talent management, this cloud-based software also allows you to conduct interviews.

Greenhouse offers an integrated platform that aligns recruiting activities like hiring, filtering job applications, taking interviews, and post-hiring work.

13. Teamtailor


Teamtailor has been loved by more than 100k users and has served over 3000 organizations. This is a convenient and fast applicant tracking system with a decent reputation in the market. This recruiting software helps you attract more candidates, enhance your talent pool, and make better hiring decisions.

Besides attracting talent via campaign pages, it also allows potential candidates to subscribe to your company’s job alerts. Their automation feature streamlines the entire hiring process and will enable you to manage candidates properly.

14. Vincere


Vincere is a cloud-based hiring platform that is well-suited for agencies of any size. It is most compatible with data-driven recruitment companies. This platform executes the client and customer workflow in a pipeline format that facilitates the applicant tracking process and helps users obtain relevant jobs. Other features of this HR software include email integration, data sync and importing, analytic dashboards, etc.

15. Lever


Lever is also a cloud-based solution packed with ATS and CRM tools in a single platform to smoothen the recruiting process. This software allows teams of different sizes to source, screen, and manage their candidates.

Moreover, it provides automated workflows, interview scheduling, and integrated sourcing tools. It also comes with an employee referral functionality and a Chrome extension to execute the same.

16. WebHR


WebHR is a human resource management software based on cloud technology. It manages the employees’ employment lifecycle, i.e., their time in the company from their recruitment to the time when they retire or leave the company.

Besides, it comes with several functionalities like a built-in messenger for streamlined discussions and collaborations, personnel tracking, payroll, and more.

17. Workable


Workable is one of the top recruiting solutions that employ an excellent applicant tracking system via AI and machine learning to give you the ultimate hiring toolkit. Besides being compatible with companies of varying sizes and types, it is also relatively easy to use and streamlines the recruitment process.

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So far, over 20,000 companies have used its global hiring system and have hired around 1million candidates worldwide.

18. Big Biller

Big Biller

Big Biller is a recruiting solution that offers both an applicant tracking system and client relationship features in a single place. It is built to manage and enhance the recruitment process for growing teams and companies.

This software can perform applicant sourcing along with several other activities like job posting, bulk resume uploads, record merging, and so on. It will help you stay on top of client and candidate management with properly scheduled communications throughout the hiring lifecycle. 

19. JazzHR


JazzHR is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ATS built for efficient applicant recruiting and is compatible with businesses of all sizes. It features several sourcing tools that allow recruiters to post jobs, mirror internal approval processes, and also syndicate jobs to several job boards from a single spot.

Moreover, you can also manage the entire interview sessions from the portal by creating and sending out onboarding paperwork and setting up customizable reporting. 

20. Avature


Avature is an easy-to-use application tracking system that you can configure as per your needs to manage candidates’ entire recruitment process. It comes with an interview scheduling feature that allows recruiters to stay on top of the workflow.

In addition to that, it also features several other tools for screening and assessments. These will enable you to collect feedback from your hiring team and draw conclusions accordingly.

21. Recruiterbox


Recruiterbox is an ATS built for small to midsize businesses. It allows you to post open positions and accept resumes. Furthermore, it also allows users to customize all the steps involved in the candidate hiring procedure and track all applicants’ correspondences. Lastly, you can also integrate it with other popular platforms like BambooHR and Slack.

22. JobAdder


This is a cloud-based recruiting software that can be accessed via any web browser on a device with an internet connection. Recruiters can manage and track job orders, match applications, and also track the progress of applications.

Moreover, JobAdder’s other functionalities include candidate searching, resume parsing, and internal candidate searches.

23. TalentStream Recruit


TalentStream Recruit, as the name suggests, helps organizations find and hire the top talent for their company via a user-friendly recruitment management solution. It combines the features of a professional career site, candidate management, job boards, distribution, and other related things in a single suite. It builds a community of talented candidates and track’s the hiring status via recruitment pipelines.

24. Jobsoid


Jobsoid is a cloud-based recruiting software structure to help organizations find and hire suitable candidates. Some of its features include video screening, automated replies, personalized emails, task management, etc. It also allows you to advertise position vacancies besides shortlisting applications.

25. Recruiterflow


Recruiterflow is a modern ATS and CRM software built for staffing and recruiting agencies. It allows you to manage your operations via various custom pipeline management features seamlessly. Moreover, it will enable email automation to save you up to 5 hours every week by automating regular mails and tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best recruitment software/hiring platform?

There are several recruitment systems available in the market. And the ideal one for you would depend on your candidate recruiting requirements, business needs, intended scale, and budget. However, some of the top-rated recruitment software are:
Zoho Recruit

What software do recruiters use?

Technology has introduced us to several cloud recruitment software tools like Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). So, the hiring managers and recruitment agencies/staff use the same to manage the entire recruiting process better. 

What is SaaS recruiting?

SaaS (“Software as a Service”) recruiting system is an on-demand software solution with its database and functionalities hosted on a cloud. It offers several benefits like cost-effectiveness, easy accessibility, flexibility, and more to make the recruitment procedure seamless.

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