Top 10 Best Cloud-Based DDoS Protection Services

As more and more businesses are switching to online operations, the number of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks is rising exponentially. The range and sophistication of such attacks are also getting enhanced by the day.

An individual can initiate cyber-attacks even if they aren’t a techie. The tools required to operate malware are becoming easy to use and more effective. 

While businesses face trouble due to almost all kinds of cyber threats, this particular kind of attack is way too dangerous. In a Distributed Denial of Service Attack or DDoS attack, a set of distributed and compromised systems are used to overwhelm the target with flooding requests.

Such traffic bombardment could reach such a point where the attacked system can get so saturated that it will stop working. 

The above graph depicts how the DDoS attacks increased at an alarming rate in 2020. And the reason could be traced to an increase in the number of hackers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, it is high time that companies become vigilant and use cloud DDoS protection software to ensure that their critical information stays safe.

What is DDoS Mitigation?

DDoS mitigation is the procedure of successfully protecting your server or network connected to the internet from a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack. It uses specially designed network equipment or any cloud-based protection service through which the victim can mitigate the upcoming threat. 

Cloud DDoS Protection Service

Cloud DDoS mitigation software protects from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks all over the world. These attacks can congest your website with traffic delivered through botnets. Now, botnets are made using networked endpoints that remain connected through malware. 

Cloud DDoS protection solutions work as a defense against these threats by monitoring website traffic and fixing baselines. You need to use these to efficiently protect your local servers, networks, multiple disparate applications, servers, and networks.

Why Cloud-Based Security for DDoS Mitigation?

The inline DDoS protection services installed at the data centers of companies are powerful at detecting and mitigating DDoS threats at the network and application layer. They are also effective at the SSL-based layer. On the other hand, the on-premises DDoS mitigation comes with several benefits. It consumes much less time to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks.

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One of the most significant drawbacks of the on-premises DDoS protection is that it isn’t enough for protection against large and volumetric DDoS threats that congest the internet. Cloud DDoS attacks employ hundreds, if not thousands of packets rendered downstream every second. This is where cloud DDoS security solutions can help you out. 

Moreover, the on-premises DDoS mitigation can also defend applications present in the data center of the organization. But, it is ineffective when it comes to safeguarding the web apps hosted via cloud computing.

Besides, some companies even face the difficulty of having to do with in-house management to install and manage DDoS protection software.

Cloud DDoS protection services can overcome all these challenges. They absorb a massive number of volumetric attacks and protect your website from even the largest DDoS attacks. And while doing so, it filters out all legitimate and malicious traffic.

In fact, you’ll be able to utilize this mitigation service in real-time, which makes it easier to deal with the threats sent by hackers.

What Does Cloud DDoS Protection Service Do?

The Cloud DDoS Protection service uses global scrubbing centers where the attacking traffic gets scrubbed close to the source rather than its destination. So, the network traffic gets ingested, and the attacking threats cannot even reach near your server. 

Moreover, unlike botnet, with Cloud Anti-DDoS solution, you do not need thousands protecting your network. All you require is a couple of concentrated and high-bandwidth nodes to handle the scrubbing. Else, the traffic will get held up and start lagging. 

The trick here is to look for the right balance to stop cyberattacks without delaying legitimate traffic. So, Cloud DDoS protection services allow better scalability. Furthermore, having the data scrubbed near the source will keep the rest of the network from getting congested during a threat.

10 Best Cloud-Based DDoS Protection Platforms

1. Imperva


Imperva is a pioneer cyber-protection software that provides a high-grade Web Application Firewall. It protects your website from all kinds of threats and provides an intelligent 360-degree anti-DDOS solution.

Moreover, it also comes with a global CDN that would speed up your site’s load speed and minimize bandwidth usage. Imperva comes with an array of performance monitoring and other analytical solutions that give you insights into the website’s security and performance.

2. Cloudflare


Cloudflare is a website infrastructure and cybersecurity company that offers several services, including DDoS mitigation, content delivery, internet security, and other services.

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It can protect your system against cyber threats like identity theft and SQL injection. Besides, Cloudflare can also enhance your site performance, and it also speeds up the loading times via multiple data centers located worldwide.

3. Webroot


Webroot is a DNS Protection software that executes its work in the DNS layer and prevents threats before entering your endpoints, networks, and users. This is the first DNS filtering product that combines privacy and security by handling DNS over HTTPS  requests. The layered approach of Webroot will make your business and clients far more resilient to cyber threats.

4. Cloudbric


Cloudbric is a cloud-based cybersecurity provider that offers a premier Web Application Firewall that has won several accolades and awards. Moreover, it also provides DDoS protection along with SSL. Its security services are offered mainly to SMB websites that can’t afford to get pricey security solutions. 

5. DataDome


DataDome is a top-notch bot protection vendor. It protects your system from cyber threats, DDOS attacks and keeps your company’s sensitive data safe. Also, it enhances the performance of your online platforms.

It employs AI and Machine Learning to detect and block the most advanced bot attacks, including automated threats. Besides, DataDome is compatible with 100% of website technologies and is partnered with many market leaders. Hence, it can run on any cloud technology and is compatible with multi-cloud and multi-CDN setups. 

6. SiteLock


SiteLock is one of the best website security solutions worldwide. Also, it is the only software that provides complete cloud-based website protection. It has a 360-degree monitoring service that detects and fixes cyber attacks and also prevents future ones.

Other than that, it can also accelerate your website speed while fulfilling the PCI compliance standards for all kinds of businesses. It was founded in 2008, and today, the website protects more than 12 million websites all over the world.

7. Reblaze


Reblaze is a cloud DDoS solution that offers security to websites, WebApps, and APIs. They have an all-in-one virtual private cloud security service that consists of DDoS protection, next-generation WAF, API security, CDN, etc. Moreover, it also includes bot mitigation, load balancing, real-time threat traffic analysis, and more. 

This software makes use of machine learning to ensure that you get maximum privacy and zero latency. Also, they have partnered with Amazon Web Services technology, Microsoft (Azure), Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean.

8. IBM Cloud Internet Services

IBM Cloud Internet Services

IBM Cloud Internet Services provides a collection of edge network services for clients who wish to protect their applications from DDoS attacks, bot threats, and data attacks. Besides, it also helps you to optimize your web applications and ensure responsiveness all over the world. 

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9. AWS Shield

AWS Shield

AWS Shield is another top managed DDoS protection solution that can protect your web applications that run on AWS. It offers an always-on detection service and automated inline DDoS mitigation solutions to reduce the downtime and latency of your application.

It will defend your system against all the common and frequently occurring DDoS attacks in the network and transport layer that target your website or applications. 



NGINX is a popular open-source project that is trusted by over 400 million sites. They offer an array of technologies to develop and deliver modern apps. This platform allows enterprises that undergo digital transformation to modernize monolithic apps. Moreover, it also provides new applications based on microservices. 

Some of the high-end companies that rely on NGINX are Netflix, Starbucks, and McDonald’s. It reduces costs besides improving resiliency and speed innovation. The investors of NGINX include Blue Cloud Ventures, Goldman Sachs, etc. 

Final Words

Since companies are becoming more and more dependent on the world wide web and cloud computing for critical day-to-day tasks, cloud-based protection solutions will be necessary. Cloud DDoS protection services continue being the frontline defense warriors to protect you against application-layer DDoS attacks. Moreover, these are crucial to avoid downtime and also ensures that your website entertains legitimate traffic only.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by Cloud DDoS protection?

Cloud DDoS protection services secure your websites, applications, and networks against any massive traffic DDoS attack and, while doing so, ensures that the legitimate traffic doesn’t suffer or get delayed.

Is Cloudflare DDoS protection free?

Cloudflare is a cloud DDoS protection and mitigation service solution that offers various plans and includes a free version. The free plan provides basic security like protection from DDoS attacks along with a shared SSL certificate. This is sufficient for entry-level and small websites. However, it is recommended to get their paid plans if you have a professional website.

How do I get Cloud DDoS protection service?

There are several Cloud DDoS protection software available in the market. You can get such a service and enable it to protect your system from cloud DDoS attacks. Some of the top Cloud DDoS security platforms are as follows:

How does AWS protect against DDoS?

An AWS protection service detects DDoS threats via an automated system that baselines traffic, identifies anomalies, and creates DDoS mitigation as and when required. This system protects you against several infrastructure layer attacks.

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