Top 10 Best Cloud Backup Solutions for Business

What are Cloud Backup Solutions?

Cloud backup software is a backup solution that backs up and stores data and programs on a business’s servers on a remote backup server. Enterprises use cloud backup service to keep files and data accessible in a device crash, data loss, disaster strikes. Also, cloud backup services can utilize it for backup and recovery, data protection, and disaster recovery. Company cloud storage works by transferring and preserving the server’s data on another server in a remote backup location.

Features of Offsite Cloud Backup Software

  • Storage Space: Customers are charged depending on the amount of data backup storage they use in the cloud backup. It is essential in any best cloud backup software.
  • Scalable Storage: A good service cloud-based backup service provider would allow customers to expand their storage space on an “as needed” basis.
  • High Availability: It’s critical that your cloud storage service has high availability and is guaranteed to remain online.
  • Disaster Recovery: The majority of cloud-based server backup service providers provide remote backup, storing multiple copies of your backups across multiple data centers and recovering in data loss. 
  • Backup Security: Intrusion prevention, 256-bit encryption for storage and data transfer, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Protection (TLS), and multi location data storage should all be included in an offsite backup cloud.
  • Bare-metal: This allows you to recover your computer system, all system data to any supported hardware.
  • Managed Service: Every cloud backup service must have a driven service and organized it so that its retrieval is more straightforward.

Why is Offsite Cloud Storage Software required?

Offsite backups are most often used for data backup and disaster recovery. The primary goal of storing and preserving data at a backup location is to:

  • Maintain a backup copy of your data if your leading site is compromised or lost.
  • Defend data against malicious attacks.
  • In case of a primary data failure, cloud backup helps to retrieve data.
  • Accidental deletion of data.
  • Act as an external safe storage space.

Significantly reduce the volume of data lost between backups. Backup copies are made on a reliable, daily basis. When restoring from a backup, the longer the gap between backup copies, the greater the risk of data loss. Multiple copies of data offer the assurance and flexibility of returning to a point in time where data corruption or malicious attacks have not occurred.

Top 10 Best Cloud Backup Solutions 

1. IDrive 

IDrive Cloud Backup Solutions

IDrive is a cloud backup software that works on operating system support like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. IDrive provides incremental and compressed backups, allowing users to upload changed parts of a backup file, and a continuous backup option will enable data to be restored in real-time.

  • Features:
    • Multiple Device Backup: Backup as many PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices as you like into one account.
    • Online File Sync: Data and directories are synced in real-time across all IDrive-connected devices. The amount of space used for synchronization has no bearing on the amount of space available for backups.
    • Manage Computers: The web-based console allows you to manage remote backup, restores, device settings, and more.
    • Clone/Computer Backup: To protect your entire machine and restore it to its original state in the event of a catastrophe, perform sector-level or file-level backups.
    • Security and Privacy: Data is transferred and stored using 256-bit AES encryption and a user-defined key that is never stored on the servers.
    • Retrieve Data: Data backup and restore using the desktop application or any browser; IDrive can recover deleted files from Trash for up to 30 days.
  • Price:
    • IDrive cloud backup service offers three different plans.
      • Basic: Free 5GB only
      • IDrive Personal: $52.12 first year, $104.25 for two years (5TB space)
      • IDriveTeam: $74.62 first year $149.25 for 2 years (5TB space)
      • IDrive Business: $74.62 First year $149.25 for two years (250GB space)
    • Extra discounts are applicable on special occasions.
    • To know more about the IDrive cloud backup solution and its plan features, visit IDrive.

2. InfraScale Cloud BackUp

Infrascale Cloud Backup Solutions

Infrascale is an enterprise-class disaster recovery solution that allows users to quickly failover to a secondary site and boot from the computer or the cloud. The DR program is included and is delivered as a physical or virtual appliance. Infrascale has operating system support, including Windows, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Mac, Android, and iOS.

  • Features:
    • Accessibility Features:
      • With Infrascale Back-Up the Most Crucial Information.
        • Backup of files and folders
        • Databases in SQL Server
        • Databases for Exchange Server
        • Accounting files such as QuickBooks and others
      • Quickly and easily recover your data.
        • Local backup built-in for faster recovery and increased redundancy.
        • It’s available in eight different languages.
    • Security Features:
      • Defend yourself against ransomware.
        • Detection of anomalies.
        • The history of the file.
        • Rollback is easy.
      • Enforce encryption and protection.
        • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) gives an additional layer of protection to data backup access.
        • Encryption with AES-256
    • ICB Bare Metal Backup: On virtual and physical devices, Infrascale protects Windows systems.
      • Image-Based Backup: Data is monitored at the sector level, with only modified blocks in each sector being tracked.
      • Hardware Independent: Allows for the restoration of data to different hardware or hypervisor environments.
      • Granular Recovery: Recover whole systems as well as individual files and directories quickly.
  • Price:
    • Infrascale offsite backup solution offers custom plans.
    • To get a custom cloud plan or to know more about other elements, visit Infrascale
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3. Backblaze

Backblaze Cloud Backup Solutions

BackBlaze is offsite backup storage that is both simple and inexpensive. Backblaze backup software provides 250 million gigabytes of data, and 20 billion files were restored. Never worry about losing a file again. BackBlaze can back up an infinite amount of data. There is no limit to the amount of bandwidth you will use. The file size is unrestricted.

  • Features:
    • Backup & Archive: Safeguard data backup on VMs, servers, NAS, and devices by storing it safely in the cloud.
    • Content Delivery: Save and distribute content globally with free CDN access.
    • Develop: Shift and manage data with minimal coding using S3 compliant or native APIs, CLI, and GUI.
    • Manage Media: Huge media libraries can be managed and stored without disrupting your daily routine.
    • Ransomware Protection: Secure your data backup with client-side encryption and a 30-day rollback period to keep your business safe from ransomware. 
    • Security features: 
      • Single Sign-On via  Office 365
      • 2 Factor Verification
      • Prior account verification
      • Personal Encryption Key
      • Data backup transferred via HTTPS
      • Public/Private Keys
  • Price:
    • BackBlaze offsite backup offers three types of plans for data backup. 
      • Personal Backup: Free (limited data)
      • Backblaze Business Backup:
        • Plan 1: $6 per month
        • Plan 2: $60 annually
        • Plan 3: $110 two years 
      • B2 Cloud Storage: Contact Backblaze.
    • You can access further details about plans and other technical features by visiting Backblaze.

4. Carbonite Safe

Carbonite Cloud Backup Solutions

Carbonite, Inc. is a company based in the United States that provides online backup service for Windows and Mac users. Carbonite has two distinct product lines. Individuals, households, and Carbonite Home and Home Office, Carbonite Small Business.

  • Features:
    • User-friendliness: If you’re restoring a single file or your whole folder structure, you’ll be up and running in no time.
    • Security: Advanced encryption protects the data in transit and storage, ensuring that it is never exposed.
    • Help Support: Our award-winning team of specialists will assist you with Carbonite Secure.
    • Home backup: Automatic cloud backup for your PCs, unlimited cloud storage, simple recovery, and safe encryption.
    • Remote office backup: Protect up to 25 computers and servers—database and device backup.
    • Endpoint backup for business: Desktops, notebooks, tablets, and mobile devices are all covered. Advanced admin monitoring and centralized management.
    • Microsoft 365 backups: The entire Microsoft 365 suite is fully protected.
  • Price:
    • Carbonite offsite backup software plans include:
      • Plan 1: From $6 per month billed annually 1-3 computers 
      • Plan 2: From $24 per month billed annually up to 25 computers 
      • Plan 3: From $50 per month billed computers + servers annually
    • For more information, contact Carbonite offsite backup software. 

5. Google Cloud

Google Cloud Cloud Backup Solutions

Google Drive offsite backup enables the accommodation and retrieval of any amount of data from anywhere in the world at any time. Cloud Storage can be used for multiple purposes, including serving website content, archiving and disaster retrieval, and distributing extensive data objects to users via direct download.

  • Features:
    • Object Lifecycle Management: Define conditions that cause data to be deleted or moved to a less expensive data class.
    • Object Versioning: When objects are removed or overwritten, keep old copies of them.
    • Client encryption keys: Encrypt object data using encryption keys managed by you and stored by the Cloud Key Management Service.
    • Bucket Lock: You can use Bucket Lock to set up a data retention policy for a Cloud bucket, regulating data retention.
    • Cloud Audit: Cloud Storage Logs Maintain activity logs for your Cloud Storage services, including admin activity logs and data access logs.
  • Price:
    • Server Backup services by google cloud depend on data, network, retrieval time, and more.
      • Standard Storage: $.02 per GB per month
      • Nearline Storage: $.01 per GB per month
      • Coldline Storage: $.004 per GB per month
      • Archive Storage: $.0012 per GB per month
    • To know more about pricing and other details about google cloud server backup software, visit the cloud pricing page.
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6. Amazon S3 

Amazon S3 Cloud Backup Solutions

Amazon S3 is an offsite backup solution with industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. Organize your critical data backup and configure finely-tuned controls to meet your unique requirements with S3’s easy-to-use management features.

  • Features:
    • Data Storage management and monitoring:
      • Data Storage management: Variety of ways to categorize and report your data with S3 bucket names, prefixes, item tags, and S3 Inventory.
      • Critical data Storage monitoring: You can track and manage how your amazon S3 resources are used using S3 features and other AWS services.
    • Data Storage analytics and insights:
      • S3 Data Storage Lens: S3 Storage Lens provides insight into object storage use, behavior patterns and allows actionable suggestions around the enterprise.
      • S3 Storage Class Analysis: Amazon S3 Storage Class Analysis analyzes storage access patterns.
    • Access management and security:
      • Access management: Using one or a combination of the access control features to grant access to other users.
      • Security: Disallow unauthorized users and protect your data with Amazon S3 has versatile security features.
    • Hybrid cloud storage: AWS Data Gateway is a hybrid cloud storage service provider that enables data transfer to AWS Storage seamlessly.
    • Performance: For cloud object storage, S3 offers industry-leading results.
  • Price:
    • Amazon S3 offers multiple plans with varying prices as per requirement.
      • S3 Standard: Starts $0.023 per GB /month 
      • S3 Intelligent: Starts $0.023 per GB /month 
      • S3 Standard: Starts $0.0125 per GB /month 
      • S3 One Zone: Starts $0.01 per GB /month 
      • S3 Glacier: Starts $0.004 per GB /month 
    • All the prices are for basic plans. The more you utilize, the more you save.
    • To know more about plans and prices, visit Amazon S3.

7. Elephant Drive

Elephant Drive Cloud Backup Solutions

ElephantDrive cloud backup service functions as an offsite backup tool and a remote backup access/collaboration tool. Users can create simple automated rules for protecting data by moving it into an ElephantDrive account, and the service runs on both Windows and Mac platforms. ElephantDrive is considered the best cloud backup for a small business.

  • Features:
    • Direct backup from NAS: Natively integrated with the most common NAS devices.
    • Sync with Everywhere: Natively integrated with the most common NAS devices.
    •  Windows, Mac, Linux & Mobile Devices: Windows (including servers), Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices are all backed up and synced.
    • Mobile Access: From your iPhone, iPad, or Android computer, you can view, open, save, and share your files.
    • Safe and Secure: Until data leaves your computer, ElephantDrive encrypts it with AES 256-bit encryption.
    • Share a Folder: Collaborate on a folder for your coworkers.
    • Recover Deletions: Recovering Errors to preserve copies of deleted files and directories in your online hard drive, use Archive power. 
  • Price:
    • Elephant Drive offsite backup software has three plans. All are suitable for a small business.
      • Home Backup Software: $10/month
      • Business Backup Software: $20/month
      • Enterprise Backup Software: $30/month
    • For other information on ElephantDrive cloud backup, cloud solutions, contact ElephantDrive.

8. Acronis

Acronis Cloud Backup Solutions

Acronis Cloud Backup covers every virtual, physical, and cloud setting and lets you quickly realize incremental profits with zero upfront costs. This offsite backup software provides you with cloud solutions and options to secure any system in any place by cloud-based backup to any storage and restoring to any network.

  • Features:
    • Acronis Complete Business Protection Features like:
      • Disk-Imaging Backup
      • Virtual Server Protection
      • Public Cloud Protection
      • SAN Storage Snapshots 
    • Acronis Data and Disaster Recovery Features like:
      • Acronis Universal Restore
      • Acronis Instant Restore
      • VMware ESXi and Hyper-V Host Recovery
      • Remote Backup and Data Backup Restore
      • Automated Restore
    • Acronis Flexible Storage features like: 
      • Local disks, NAS, SAN
      • Tape Drives, Autoloaders, and Tape Libraries
      • Acronis Public Cloud Storage
      • Variable Block-Size Deduplication
    • Acronis Scalable Management Features like:
      • Centralized Web Management Console
      • Role-based Administrative Access
      • Customizable Dashboards
      • Advanced Reporting
    • Data Protection Features:
      • Acronis Active Protection
      • Acronis Notary
      • Strong Encryption
  • Price:
    • Acronis offsite backup software provides two kinds of plans.
      • Standard Flexible pricing: $250 monthly
      • Workload Model: pay as per GB usage.l
    • A 30-day trial is also available.
    • For more pricing information and aspects, contact Acronis

9. KeepVault Pro

KeepVault Cloud Backup Solutions

KeepVault offsite backup software acts as data insurance, cloud backup critical data to the local network, file change to a local backup drive, as well as our secure online remote backup servers. You can get to your files and recover them from any computer at any time. This tool is ideal for small businesses for their peace of mind.

  • Features:
    • Operating Systems:
      • Windows 10, XP, Vista, 7, 8
      • Windows Server Operating Systems
      • Windows Home Server v1 and 2011
    • Features:
      • No limit on the number of devices
      • Make Back up to a USB drive or a local drive.
      • The Protection is constant and in real-time.
      • Access to the internet
      • Extremely large, the maximum file size is 500GB.
      • Access/restore across multiple devices.
      • Mobile access is available.
      • KeepVault Server Connector Add-in
      • Create Back up your critical data to a network drive.
      • Sub-user accounts can be created and managed.
    • Security Features:
      • End-to-end 128-bit encryption ensures security.
      • End-to-end 256-bit encryption is extremely secure.
      • Administrative Lock
    • Speed Features: 
      • Recovery speed is unlimited (50Mbps+).
      • The backup speed is unlimited (50Mbps+).
  • Price:
    • Keep Vault Pro cloud backup software offers both home and professional plans and depends upon data use. For 20GB, data plans are as follows.
      • Home:
        • Monthly: $2.13/month
        • One Year: $1.92/month
        • Two Years: $1.70/month
      • Professional:
        • Monthly: $3.33 per month
        • One Year: $36.00 per year
        • Two Years:  $64.00 two years
    • A 30-day free trial is also available with Keep Vault offsite backup solutions.
    • For more information on price or KeepVault Pro offsite backup solutions, contact Keepvault.
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10. CrashPlan

Crashplan Cloud Backup Solutions

CrashPlan is the most robust cloud-based data backup solution for small businesses because it automatically backs up critical business data and media files to the public cloud. This program runs in the background of a computer and backups new files regularly.

  • Features:
    • No file size restrictions: There is no extra charge for extra space.
    • External drive backup: When you plug in your external drive again after moving it, CrashPlan will resume where it left off.
    • Customer file retention: Have complete control over how long we keep your files.
    • Ransom Recovery: Restore your files to their most recent versions without paying a ransom.
    • Continuous Backup: Runs in the background on its own. It does not affect your speed.
    • Smart Continuous Backup: CrashPlan version retention prioritizes the files you’re looking at right now, making it simple to go back to older versions of your files by date.
    • Restore: Recover your data using a desktop app or a web browser. There is no charge for restoring your files.
    • State of the Art: HIPAA compliance is supported by 256-bit AES data encryption at rest, configurable settings, and BAA.
  • Price:
    • CrashPlan cloud storage provides pricing as per the geographical location.
      • For the USA and other countries: $10 per month per device
      • For Australia or New Zealand: $16.49 per device each month.
    • A 30- day free trial is also available with full feature support.
    • For more information on CrashPlan and its other features, visit CrashPlan.


After studying this blog, you should have a good idea of how essential it is to back up your critical information. You should also consider how cloud backup can help you back up, store, and recover data in the case of a disaster in a quick, flexible, and cost-effective manner.

By incorporating any of the above best offsite cloud backup solutions, you will be able to manage your small business, personal data efficiently without worry of data damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the advantages of offsite backups?

In contrast to conventional approaches, offsite data backup is more robust and efficient. The procedure for offsite data retrieval is automatic, ensuring that all of your data can be backed up daily.

What is the intention of using the cloud?

Cloud computing allows you to store your files and upload, store, and retrieve them from any web-enabled interface. The user interfaces for web services are generally straightforward. Your environment has high availability, speed, scalability, and protection at any time and in any place.

Why should backups be stored offsite?

Sending backups offsite means that in the event of a catastrophe, an unintended mistake, or a system crash, systems and servers can be reloaded with the most recent data. Sending backups offsite often means that essential data that isn’t kept on-site has a copy.

What is onsite and offsite backup?

Onsite backup is the process of saving data on a local device such as a hard drive, CDs, magnetic tapes, or hard drives. On the other hand, remote backup necessitates keeping data on an offsite server accessible through the internet. Both online and remote backup has their own set of benefits and drawbacks.

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