Client certificates in Truclient

When certificates are missing in TruClient ‘s Firefox, it is common to receive the following message during replay of the scripts, after which it fails

Certificate Error "Untrusted Connection…".

In such cases, the below procedure should resolve the problem:

Verify the security certificate is present in Firefox settings. Open the stand-alone Firefox installed on your system or the one in %vugen_path%\bin\firefox\firefox.exe.

Go to Tools > Options > Advanced > Encryption. The Certificate Manager window should appear.

Use the tabs to navigate through the certificate store that you would like to view. In case there are missing certificates, they need to be imported.

Close Firefox

Go to Firefox’ profile directory. On Windows 7 machines with stand alone Firefox installed the profiles are usually located in "C:\Users\Administrator\Appdata\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<XXXXX>.default".

Copy key3.db and cert8.db to %vugen_path%\dat\LrwebToMasterProfile folder.

Create a new script.

This should overcome the Untrusted Connection message and allow the script to continue executing.

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  1. I tried above options it worked well for last cert upgrade ..but this time facing issues you know any alternative


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