Client certificate suppression in TruClient IE protocol in LoadRunner 11.52

A fix is provided which enables the pop up behavior to be controlled in VuGen 11.52 by a key configuration.

The key will allow the pop up to be suppressed in the cases when the web page does not require a client certificate and to be enabled back when it is needed by re-configuring the key.

To suppress the Client certificate (CC) dialog pop up please follow the steps listed below:

Apply the fix on the VuGen machine and all load generators

Go to <LoadRunner installation folder>\bin folder and backup the original files:



Unzip and replace the above files with the files from the hotfix.

Make the following configuration change:

Open file: %APPDATA%Hewlett-Packard\TruClient\WebIE\tcwebIE_browser_master_prefs.json file and

add the following section to the JSON file:

"SupreesClientCertDialog": {

"value": 1


By setting "value": 1 CC dialog pop up will be suppressed.

Please note that:

The configuration change will affect all the scripts that will be recorded in the browser until the settings is changed.

Once the configuration is made it will be saved in the script level automatically and during a load test it will be passed to the load generators.

To enable the Client certificate (CC) dialog pop up the value of SupreesClientCertDialog key should be re-configured as follows:

Open file: %APPDATA%Hewlett-Packard\TruClient\WebIE\tcwebIE_browser_master_prefs.json file

Find the SupreesClientCertDialog section in the JSON file and change the value to 0 (do not suppress).

"SupreesClientCertDialog": {

"value": 0


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