Click New button redirect to search page in Knowledge documents list

Steps to Reproduce:

1. login to SM
2. Queue: Knowledge Document
3. All Knowledge Documents are listed.
4. New

Current behavior: Screen to “Search Knowledge Document” opens
Expected behavior: Screen to open a new Knowledge Document opens


Object “kmdocument” misses some entries.


1. Command db
2. Table: Object
3. File name: kmdocument
4. Search
5. Tab page: Manage Queues
6. Field: Add/open application
7. add the value:
8. Field: Allow add condition
9. Add the value:
not (null(contents($ and (index(“SysAdmin”, $lo.ucapex)>0 or index(“KMAdmin”, $lo.ucapex)>0 or contribute in $
10. Save this Object
11. relogin and test again.

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