7 Methods To Clear The Android System Cache On Samsung Galaxy

Can you clear the standalone cache in your android phone? What is the use of clearing cache on your android phone? How do you clear cache on Android Samsung Galaxy?

If you have questions like these, you have come to the right place. You will learn about the reasons to clear cache, the benefits, and the process. All you need to do is follow the instructions given below. 

So without further ado, let’s begin the guide: 

Can You Clear Cache On Android Samsung Galaxy? 

Samsung Galaxy is the top-notch mobile phone series. It comes with a wide range of user-friendly tools. If there is any company giving a match the Apple ecosystem, it is Samsung.

So yes, for user-friendliness, you have an option to clear Cache. There are many ways for you to achieve this. You will learn more about those methods below. But before that, let’s ask another important question:

How To Clear Cache On Android Samsung Galaxy Phones? 

  1. Clear Phone’s Storage Cache
  2. Clear Individual App Cache
  3. Clear Samsung Internet Cache
  4. Clear Google Chrome Browser Cache
  5. Clear Your Android Cache
  6. Wipe Cache Partition Through Recovery Mode
  7. Reset Options To Delete And Reset The Phone

1. Clear Phone’s Storage Cache

Samsung Device Care option

Your Samsung mobile comes with a brilliant Device Care feature, the app. It is a system app that adds to user convenience. Ideally, it would help if you run it daily for the best performance and maintenance.

There is an option there to clear temporary files from there.

  • Slide down to open the Control Panel of your phone.
accessing settings from control panel
  • Go to Settings from there.
settings app of Samsung phone
  • Scroll down to find – Battery and Device Care.
Device and battery care in settings of samsung phone
  • It will start the scan automatically. If not, there is a button to do it.
Device care checking device
  • Then, click on Optimize Now. That will usually take care of everything. Then tap on Done.
the optimize now button
  • If you want to go the extra mile, in Device Care, go to the Memory option.
scanning the memory
  • Let it scan, and then click on Clean. This should do the job.
clean now for the memory
  • Make sure that you don’t have any Excluded apps. 

This will also boost your entire android operating system. So, it is a worthwhile step. Whenever you think that your device is working or responding slowly, try device care. 

2. Clear Individual App Cache

What if you don’t want to clear the cache for all the apps? Sometimes a single app is responsible for some issues. 

It could be crashing, hogging all resources, or something else. Regardless, you don’t want to clear the entire cache. So, what do you do?

 If there is a problem in one of the apps, you can perform an individual step: 

  • Find the App that you want to Clear the Cache for.
  • Long press on it and then select App Info from the options that pop up.
app info for an app in Samsung Galaxy
  • If you can’t find App Info, the small (i) icon at the upper-right corner of the new options opens by long pressing.
Storage and cache option in App
  • If you are confused, then go to Settings on your phone. Then go to the Apps and select the App you want to clear the cache for.
  • From the App Info, go to Storage (Tap Storage).
  • At the bottom, you will see the option. Tap Clear Cache. This will do the job.
clear cache option in App Info
  • If you tap clear data, it will delete everything as if the App is newly installed. This goes for any saved information, username, password, and other things in that app. So, choose accordingly.

This step is usually used when the app is causing problems like crashes. If it is unresponsive or not loading, you can try this.

3. Clear Samsung Internet Cache

Your internet cache will be an entirely different thing. Now, if you use Google Chrome, skip to the next step.

But, the default app on Samsung is the Internet Browser it comes with. You might not know, but you use it whenever you open some links. Even if the links load on Chrome or other apps, clear the cache for your internet once in a while. After all, there are cached images, site data, cookies, etc.

How do you do that?

Samsung Internet App
  • In the bottom right corner, you will see three horizontal lines. It is the menu. Click on it.
menu for Samsung Internet
  • Next, go to History. Click on Clear History to clear the recent history. Return one step to Menu.
selecting history from menu options
  • From there, select Settings and find Personal Browsing Data.
settings in Internet
  • In there, click on Delete Browsing Data.
personal browsing data
  • Select whatever you want to delete and let the app do the job. Then close the app.
delete browsing data
  • Remember, you can use the same App Info solution as the first step.
  • That will double down on any issue with the App. And any remaining data.

Remember that if you’re using some other phone or brand, it will have a different browser. Their steps and guidelines might vary. 

4. Clear Google Chrome Browser Cache

Most users prefer to use Google Chrome over Samsung Internet. Some even have it set as default. If you use Google Chrome frequently, clear browsing data separately is a good idea.

  • Locate and open Chrome.
opening chrome
  • Click on the three dots (Vertical) in the top right corner.
the menu option in Google chrome
  • Then go to History.
select history
  • In the history, you will see Clear browsing data at the top. Tap on it.
clear browsing data
  • Select everything you want to clear and tap on Clear Data at the bottom.
selecting things to clear data
  • Make sure not to forget the time you want to delete it, Like the last hour or all time.

5. Clear Your Android Cache

volume and power key

There’s an option to Reboot the system. Doing so will reset your device without affecting data in any way. This can clear the cache and help your phone work better.

This is another brilliant feature in Samsung phones that you can easily access. Most android devices come with it, but Samsung has a shortcut.

power cycling your phone
  • Press Power Button with Volume Up Key and hold it until the device restarts.
  • You can also press the Power Button and volume down key if the previous one doesn’t work.
  • There’s also a step to power off the Samsung phone, then press Power Button with the Volume up key to boot it.
  • It would depend on the mobile series and model. So, you will have to try these a bit.
  • You could also power down the phone, wait 30 seconds to 5 minutes, and restart.
  • This will refresh your phone and clear the cache. 

6. Wipe Cache Partition Through Recovery Mode

Samsung Recovery Mode

The recovery mode on Samsung phones uses an opposite method to the soft reboot. It might not be available on the latest devices, but it is worth a try:

  • First, press the power button and then click on the Power Off or Switch Off option.
  • Then press Volume Up and Power keys together to boot up your phone.
  • This should open a new list of options instead of your phone’s normal android OS.
  • Use the volume up and down keys to navigate.
  • Tap on the lock key to select the Recovery Menu option.
  • Remember that if the Volume up and power button didn’t do it, use other combinations like volume down + power.
  • In the recovery mode, you will find an option to Wipe Cache Partition to use it from there.

Remember that this option only works for older models or a few of the latest devices. You might have to visit the official Samsung website for more information. 

7. Reset Options To Delete And Reset The Phone

The latest android version comes with another excellent setup for resetting your phone. Factory Reset is one of the options that has existed with older android versions. But with Android OS 12 and above, you get more customization.

How’s that?

  • First, open the Settings menu of your phone.
Settings Menu
  • Next, use the Search bar to find Reset.
Reset option
  • If not, then find the System option and select Reset Options.
  • Both will lead you to a couple of options.
  • These options are Reset Wi-Fi, Reset App Preferences, and Reset All Settings.
various reset options
  • You can try all these, and in the end, you have Erase All Data (Factory Reset)
  • This step isn’t just to wipe or remove the Cache files or anything temporary.
  • It is also to clear out user data, storage, and more. So use it if you want to have some space on your phone. Or if your phone is malfunctioning.
backup and restore phone

Make sure to back up your data before you reset the phone. 

Reasons To Clear Cache On A Samsung Mobile Phone

Well, you see, clearing a cache isn’t important just for a Samsung Galaxy phone. If you look at all your devices, they all have some option to clear the cache.

Your Desktop has temporary files you can access in the %temp% folder.

Your internet browser has temporary files and cached files stored for various reasons.

Similarly, your phone and apps have cached files. And the reason to clear cache is simple:

  • Clearing cache can clear out excessive storage consumed by unnecessary data.
  • Clearing cache can fix app or system issues if there are any.
  • Outdated cached files can cause more harm than good. So it is a good idea to clear the cache.
  • Often, people claim that there are performance boosts, among other things.
  • They are not entirely wrong.

What Is The Use Of Cache? Does Clearing It Provide Any Benefits?

The cached files are temporary files. They store a fraction of data, preferences, and such. Think of it like cookies for websites. By storing cache data, your apps may load faster or respond faster.

For example, you open Instagram once and see profile pictures and images loading. Then, you close Instagram and relaunch it; when you do that, your images and profiles load.

This is because of cached files. Usually, most cached files are temporary, and hoarding them is unnecessary. If it has enough internet speed, your device can easily regain cached files in a blink of an eye.

Nowadays, cached data is just an excuse to consume more of your space for no reason. So, it is a great idea to clear the cache.

Conclusion – Clear System Cache On Samsung Phone

There are third-party maintenance tools available. If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, or anything similar, you won’t need it. After all, Samsung is self-sufficient.

But, if you have another android phone, it might not come with Device Care options. So, you could download these tools to maintain that particular phone.

Hopefully, you found all the answers you were looking for. So go ahead and give your phone a little bit of performance edge. Say goodbye to lags and delays by clearing caches.