The Chromecast vs Firestick: Which is Better for Streaming?

Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick are both widely popular streaming devices. The idea of a streaming device helped repurpose normal TVs and displays.

These devices were on the verge of becoming obsolete. But streaming devices prevented it from happening. Now, you can use either Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick to stream content on your TV(Chromecast vs Firestick). 

Chromecast vs Firestick

That raises the question “Which streaming device to buy?” It is certainly not an easy answer. We’ll try to be as clear as possible and give a definite answer. However, it will depend on your personal expectations from the device too. Without further ado, let’s jump into the article and compare these two devices.

Chromecast overview: What Google smart TV sticks are available?

Google Chromecast

Entry-level product with only casting facilities and no remote.

Chromecast with Google TV

It comes with a remote and runs on Google TV OS. It works even without casting content on it.

Fire TV Stick overview: what Amazon smart TV sticks are available?

There are four Fire TV devices available now:

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

It is an entry-level product with HDR10+ capabilities and 8 GB storage. However, it lacks a dedicated button for power and 1080p Full HD with Support HDR, HDR10+, HLG 

Amazon Fire TV Stick

It has the same processor and storage as the Fire TV Stick Lite but lacks HDR10. It does have a complete button layout on the remote.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

It can stream 4K content and supports Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. The hardware specs like RAM and Storage are the same.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

It is a giant boxy streaming device that looks like an Apple TV box and is the top product in the Fire streaming devices lineup. It supports 4K streaming and has a Hexa-core Processor with double the storage. Additionally, it comes with ethernet for uninterrupted streaming in high-quality 4K. It also supports Dolby Atmos audio.

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Chromecast vs Fire TV Stick: Comprehensive Comparison

This section will pit both the devices against each other against various factors. It will include Price, Design, Streaming quality, Apps and channels, and Voice control. 


Google Chromecast is definitely the cheaper among the two. It costs a mere 30 USD, which is lower than the Amazon Fire TV Stick. On the other hand, the  Amazon Fire TV Stick costs ten dollars more. It means you will have to shell out 40 bucks for the Fire TV Stick. 

But don’t make up your mind just yet. Google Chromecast is less expensive because of many reasons. For starters, it doesn’t come with a dedicated remote like the Amazon Fire TV Stick. You have to maneuver the device using your smartphone.

Chromecast vs Fire TV Stick price

So, for ten dollars less you have to use your mobile phone and TV simultaneously. However, if you have an old smartphone, that could be a best-case scenario to go for the Google Chromecast.

Amazon Fire TV Stick comes with a dedicated remote for the extra ten bucks that you pay. It offers an almost TV-like experience with a remote and everything.


Google Chromecast is significantly bigger than the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The Chromecast comes with a flexible flat wire HDMI cable that can fit into tight spaces. Amazon Fire TV Stick is almost like a giant USB drive and can connect to your TV’s HDMI port directly.

There is no wired connection required for it which makes it a better plug-and-play device. If you have a bigger TV, the Google Chromecast may dangle down the HDMI port. Thus, you need to add a support base for bigger TVs.

Both Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick need to connect to a power adapter to receive power. You need a micro-USB cable which is present in the newer generation offerings.

So, you have to first connect these devices to the HDMI port of the TV. Then you have to connect the micro-USB cables to supply power to these streaming devices.

Chromecast vs Fire TV Stick design

You get the Alexa Voice Remote with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It is much better than the basic remote control because you can command Alexa using it. So, even if you do not want to press the buttons, a voice command can change streaming services. You do not require the TV remote anymore, except to power on the TV once.

Google Chromecast does not come with a remote which means you need to use your smartphone. It will merely cast HD content on your TV and you need to keep your display on at all times.

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Streaming quality

The streaming quality of both these devices is on par. There is no competition here. Both devices support streaming in Full HD resolutions. So, you can view crisp quality videos and movies on your non-Android smart TV.

If your TV supports HD resolution then the FHD resolution content would look average. It happens because your TV does not have enough pixels to display 1080 pixels content. It will downscale the video and play it. 

Moreover, both these devices support a maximum of 1080 pixels resolution. If you have a 4K non-smart TV then you will need to invest in the premium models of these streaming devices. Chromecast with Google TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K are the devices you need to choose in case you have a 4K TV. 

Apps and channels

Google Chromecast is a casting device. It means that you can cast the content playing on your phone or tablet to the TV. It cannot do anything else except casting content in FHD resolution. You cannot install any apps from the Google Play store on Google Chromecast.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is leaps and bounds ahead of the Google Chromecast in apps and streaming. You can leverage Amazon’s Ecosystem and install apps on the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

It means you do not need to play and then cast content on your device. Apart from Amazon Prime Video, you get support for Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Disney+, and more. You can install many of these streaming apps, Live TV apps, and more on the spacious 8 GB storage. 

Despite the good user interface, you will miss the Android OS though. The app library is smaller on the Amazon Fire TV Stick but it still beats having none on the Google Chromecast.

So, if you want to try out multiple apps or have subscriptions to many of them, Fire TV Stick is a better option. However, the Fire TV Stick homepage is a bit heavy on the Amazon Prime video content. You may feel that it is forcing you to watch prime video only.

Voice control

Both of these streaming devices support voice control. The problem is that Amazon Fire TV Stick has a remote using which you can give commands to operate it. You don’t need another echo device or smart speakers to use the feature of voice control.

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The remote has a dedicated button to invoke the Amazon voice assistant Alexa. You need to hold the Alexa button and then give commands. It is easy and practical and doesn’t need any kind of configuring beforehand.

Google Chromecast supports voice control but lacks a remote. So, you need another Google Home device like the Nest speaker to give commands. If you have one lying around, then it isn’t an issue.

But if you don’t have a smart speaker then you cannot use voice control on your Chromecast device. So, Amazon Fire TV Stick is a clear winner in this category as well.

Verdict: which smart TV stick should you buy?

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a desirous pick among the two best cheap streaming devices. It comes with a dedicated smart remote and voice control features. There are hotkeys to access popular apps.

Its app library supports HBO max, Disney+, Hulu, and other popular streaming platforms. And it doesn’t keep dangling from your HDMI port. All these features make it the obvious choice if you are looking for a streaming device with an easy setup process.

Google Chromecast isn’t bad but without the dedicated OS, you are stuck with the casting only. Screencasting everything isn’t feasible and will damage your smartphone over time.

So, if you are looking for a streaming device that doesn’t rely on casting, then go for Amazon Fire TV Stick. There is another Google Chromecast product called Chromecast with Google TV. It runs on Google TV OS, has a remote, and is a rival to the Amazon Fire TV Stick.


Are Chromecast And Firestick The Same?

They are both streaming devices but they are not the same. Chromecast offers two streaming devices while Firestick offers four variants. Firestick has more variety of products in the streaming devices genre.

Can Firestick Be Used As Chromecast?

Yes, you can cast content on Firestick. You need to enable the screen mirroring feature on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. After that, you can cast your phone or any other device on it.

Is Fire Stick Better Than Chromecast?

Yes, fire stick is better than Chromecast in most aspects. It supports 4K streaming which Chromecast does not. It also offers four products while Chromecast has just two.

Which Is Better Chromecast, Firestick, Or Roku?(Chromecast Vs Firestick)

Firestick has better audio and picture quality. It supports most streaming services and is a delight to use. It does lack free channels but offers 4K streaming at a surprisingly low cost.