Chrome Extension Security Problems? 3 Solutions To Protect Your Computer

Google Chrome extensions can cause screen flickers, inject ads or take over your entire computer.

Read on to learn how to protect your computer and fix chrome extension security problems.

How to protect your computer from chrome extension security problems?

The lifesaver extensions and tools on your Google Chrome browser can hijack and steal user data.

This article highlights how browser extensions are risky and how you can get rid of chrome extension security problems.

What Are Browser Extensions?

Browser extensions are short software modules that add features and functions to the internet browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

They are created using programming languages like javascript, CSS, and HTML to customize the web browser according to the user’s needs.

Several extensions are allowed by browsers like Google Chrome for cookie management, ad blocking, styling, and custom scripting.

Mostly, they are plugs ins-or add-ons from the third-party developer rather than browser developers to boost functionality and user experience.  

What Are the Risks of Chrome Browser Extensions?

Most people never know the privacy risks browser attentions pose to their computers. Adware extensions cause browsing exploitation because they come with nasty ads that show on the website you visit. 

  • Some extensions from third parties can be malicious. They access your browser history, the content on the website you use, and your download activity. 
  • They steal important information like your card number and pins, passwords, cookies, and other sensitive information. 
  • Not all browser extensions are risky. However, some are malicious and fraudulent. 
  • They are the favorite target for criminals to steal user data and login credentials. Some of them even get downloaded and updated automatically. 
  • They can be harmful because they can expose your data to other users. 

Here’s why Google Chrome extensions are dangerous for your computer and how to deal with Chrome Extension Security Problems:

  • Browser extensions can install malware or viruses on your device.
  • Your searches can be redirected by loading malicious websites instead of what you typed in the search bar.
  • Your keystrokes can be captured to get your login details through the keylogger.
  • Your browsing history and web application usage can be recorded and sold.

How to Check Your Google Chrome Browser for Dangerous Extensions?

When it comes to browser extensions, Google Chrome is the best and safest browser for extensions. It always asks you to confirm the browser extension permission while installing a new software or tool.

Despite this much security, browser extensions can cause havoc and other Chrome Extension Security Problems. You can check them in your Google chrome browser by these simple steps.

Google Chrome Screenshot
  • Click on the three-dot menu in the top right corner of your browser.
Click on the three-dot menu in the top right corner of your browser.
  • Click on more tools and go to the extensions tab.
Click on more tools and go to the extensions tab.
  • You can see the extensions here.
Extensions of Google Chrome

Click on Details if you want to know more about the browser extensions. You can find the permissions and way the tool can interact with your activities.

Pro Tip: You can turn off or remove the browser extensions if you are not using them to save yourself from threats. 

Ways To Minimize the Risks of Browser Extensions

Though web browser extensions are useful in terms of functionality and utility, they can be dangerous. If you know how to use them safely, the situation is a win for you. This is how you can keep your computer safe from chrome browser extensions.  

Let’s dive deep into how to solve all these issues.

1. Download Browser Extensions From Chrome Web Store 

Malicious extensions come from malicious websites. You must not download any of them from an untrusted website. 

Google Chrome has high safety standards and a permission system. It does its best to vet the submissions by the extension developers. The download trusted website extensions from the Chrome Web store or app store only. 

2. Never download too many browser extensions

Browser extensions have access to most of what you do on your browser. Downloading them in large numbers can slow down your Chrome browser and worsen your browsing experience. 

An increase in the number of web extensions on your browser increases the number of threats on your laptop or computer. Besides this, browser extensions come with ads that can give a headache. 

Moreover, some extensions can pose safe but can be hacked too. Fewer extensions mean less threat and safe browsing. 

3. Uninstall any unused or unrecognized extensions

If you notice any malicious browser extension that itself installed or you no longer use an extension, remove it from your device. 

  • Go to Google Chrome and click on the three dots at the top right corner. 
Go to Google Chrome and click on three dots at the top right corner.
  • Click on more tools. Select Extensions. 
Click on more tools and then select Extensions.
  • Locate the extension you want to remove. Click on remove. 
Click remove on malicious looking application


Browser extensions enhance the functionality of the browser but can cause many security problems. To get rid of chrome extension security problems, limit the number of extensions and remove the unwanted ones.