How to Export, Save, and Import Chrome Bookmarks

Whether you’ve recently purchased a new computer or want to switch browsers, Chrome browser makes it simple to keep all of your favorites. You may then import them to a new computer or browser to make it feel just like your old one. Here’s how to export, save, and import Chrome bookmarks so you can move them to a different computer or make a backup.

How to Back Up Your Bookmarks in Chrome

  • In Chrome’s top right corner, click the three-bar settings icon.
bookmark in chrome
  • Select “Bookmarks Manager” from the “Bookmarks” menu.
bookmark in chrome
  • Select “Export bookmarks to an HTML file” from the “Organize” menu.
bookmark in chrome
  • Browse to the location where you want to save the backup, give it a name, and click “Save.”

How to Restore Your Bookmarks in Chrome

When you lose crucial bookmarks or favorites in Chrome, this solution will come in handy.

  • Press Windows + R, type cmd into the search box, and then click OK. You may also use the Windows search bar to look for cmd.
  • Type ipconfig /displaydns into Command Prompt and press Enter. All of the recent websites you’ve visited will be highlighted, and you can explore and bookmark them again in Chrome.

How to Export Bookmarks in Chrome Browser on a Mac


Safari on Mac OS X offers a feature that allows you to import all your bookmarks from one app to another rapidly. The easiest way to import Chrome Bookmarks into Safari is to use this method.

  • Open the Safari app on your device.
  • Select File > Import From > Google Chrome from the File menu.
  • Make sure Bookmarks are checked. 
  • Import should be selected.

That should be all there is to it when it comes to transferring your Google Chrome bookmarks to Safari. However, things don’t always go as planned. If that’s the case, you can manually export your bookmarks from Google Chrome and import them into Safari.


Because Google hides the Bookmarks export option, you might not be able to discover it in Google Chrome. It does, however, exist. To export your bookmarks from Chrome, follow these steps: 

  • In OS X, open the Chrome app.
  • In the top-right corner, click the Customize and Control Chrome icon.
  • Select Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Organize. Now, click Export Bookmarks to HTML File from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Save after selecting a location for the HTML file.

This creates an HTML file with all of the bookmarks. This file can be opened with Safari; however, it simply displays a web page with all of your favorites. You’ll need to import these bookmarks if you wish to use them.

How to Export and Import Bookmarks in Chrome on a Windows PC


  • Open Google Chrome and select the menu button (three vertical dots) near the upper right corner of the window.img 617d9edbe9447
  • Select Bookmarks, then Bookmark Manager from the drop-down menu.
bookmark in chrome
  • Select the Organize menu and then Export bookmark to HTML file from the drop-down menu.
bookmark in chrome
bookmark in chrome


  • Open Chrome and select the menu button (three vertical dots) near the upper right corner of the window.
  • Select Import bookmarks in the same google account and settings by selecting Bookmarks and then click Import bookmarks and settings.
  • Select Bookmarks HTML File, then click the Import button.
  • Please select the file you saved when you exported the Chrome bookmarks by browsing for it, fixing it, and then clicking the Open button.

How to Export and Import Bookmarks in Chrome on an Android

You don’t need to export and import anything on your smartphone or tablet because Chrome bookmarks sync across all of your Chrome-enabled devices. A new entry will appear in the “Mobile Bookmarks” folder for each webpage that you bookmark on your mobile device.

  • On your Android device, open Chrome.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, tap the three dots menu.
  • Select Bookmarks from the menu.
  • Tap the back arrow in the upper left corner of the screen when the bookmarks list appears. You will now see numerous bookmark folders from which you can select which set of bookmarks you want to use.
  • To use the bookmarks set, tap one of the folders. Remember that this function allows you to use bookmarks from any of your devices.

How to Export and Import Bookmarks in Chrome on an iPhone

The iOS version of Chrome lacks the exporting and importing features seen on Android devices. All of your bookmarks, of course, are synced with your desktop or laptop computer. You can now select which set of bookmarks you want to utilize on your mobile device.

  • On your iPhone, open Chrome.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, tap the menu symbol. It’s the one with three vertical dots on it.
  • Now select Bookmarks from the menu.
  • This will bring up a list of all the bookmarks you’ve stored on your iPhone. In the upper left corner of the screen, tap the back arrow.
  • You can now select bookmarks from your other devices’ Chrome browsers. To load a collection of bookmarks, simply tap one of the folders.

How to Backup Chrome Bookmarks to an HTML File

  • To begin, open Chrome.
  • Select Chrome Customize and Control from the drop-down menu. From the menu, choose Bookmarks > click Bookmark Manager. Alternatively, if the Bookmarks bar is visible, right-click anywhere on it.
  • Click the Organize menu option in the Bookmark Manager window. Then choose Export bookmark from the drop-down menu.
  • Chrome launches the File Explorer dialogue box, where you can save your bookmarks in HTML format. Use the import dialogue screen in this file to import your bookmarks into another Chrome browser or any other browser.
  • Save the HTML file for the Chrome bookmarks in a specific location, such as the Documents folder.

How to Backup Chrome Bookmarks from the Hidden Folder

There’s another option to backup your Chrome bookmarks manually. You’ll have to work hard to find the hidden folder on your Windows or Mac computer. Then, from the Chrome profile folder, copy and paste the Bookmarks file to a safe location.

Drill down to your computer’s User Data folder. This is where your whole browser profile is saved by default.

  • In Windows (Windows 10, 8, 7 & Vista), the default location is:
  • In macOS, the default location is:
    Users/<Your_Username>/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I export bookmarks from Chrome to another computer?

In the upper right-hand corner of your browser, click the menu or “Customize” and “Control Google Chrome.” Then, under “Bookmarks,” select “Organize.” Save the bookmark file to your computer by selecting “Export Bookmark to the File.”

How do I export my Google Chrome bookmarks and passwords?

Open Chrome and go to the upper right corner of the screen to the three-dot menu.
Select Bookmark Manager by hovering your mouse over Bookmarks.
Tap the menu icon in the upper right corner once you’re in the bookmark manager.
Select Export Bookmarks from the drop-down menu.
To save the file, select the desired location on your drive and tap Save.

Can you export Chrome bookmarks without signing in?

Open the Chrome Bookmark Manager by going to chrome:/bookmarks/, using the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-o, or selecting Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager from the context menu by clicking on the menu symbol in the Chrome address bar. Select Organize > Export Bookmarks to HTML File to export bookmarks.

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