10 Ways to Keep Chrome Always On Top

Multitasking is the best form to perform efficiently and work smartly when you have got a lot of work to do at the same time. And for this, many new applications have been incorporating this feature. Thus allowing their users to work more fluently without switching the windows again, and again till they finish the job. 

Chrome always on top

So, today in this article, we will be helping you make your chrome always on top. Just follow the instructions and get it done for you. 

How to make Chrome permanently on top in Microsoft Windows 10?

While using Windows, when you click Alt-Tab to the background window, the window will get pointed but will not be brought to the front. To bring the window to the top, we have to click on the border of the application (when the resize cursor appears), the window will then hop to the front.

For example, when you Alt-Tab from Google Chrome to Notepad and this difficulty randomly emerge, Google Chrome will reside in front of Notepad, none the less, you will be able to type text into the Notepad while the window is still backward Google Chrome. If you click on the content area of Notepad, it will not bring it to the front but clicking its window border will.

An immediate fix for this situation is to assign the Chrome Window and press F11 twice.

Now, to disable the same, you will have to hit ALT + Space + C

Thereupon, pressing these buttons, the Google Chrome browser will shut down automatically. Then start likewise with the Google Chrome browser. Though, Windows or Chrome doesn’t have a characteristic to let you instantly set the Chrome browser always on top of other Windows. But you have some strategies to do it. 

Several Windows 10 programs have this feature developed into their code, but not all applications support this characteristic to keep Windows on top. To maintain the Chrome window on top of others, you can use the following techniques.

How to make Google Chrome Browser always persist on the top:

To make your Google Chrome Browser, always stick to the top. Here are some methods that authorize you to make a window always on the top on Windows 10. Check them below.

  1. AutoHotkey
  2. DeskPins
  3. TurboTop
  4. OnTopReplica
  5. Windows TopMost Control (Title h)
  6. WindowTop
  7. PinWin
  8. OnTopper
  9. PinMe
  10. Google chrome extension

1. AutoHotkey Script

AutoHotkey is a free application admitting you to create scripts to execute numerous actions with one keyboard shortcut. You can use this tool to develop a script that brings Chrome always on top in Windows 10 by pressing Ctrl + Space keyboard shortcut.

AutoHotkey is running in the background designated in the system tray in Windows 10. You can download and try installing AutoHotkey on your Windows personal computer.

After installing AutoHotkey, follow the instructions below:

  1. Right-click on your personal computer and select New.
  2. Now select to write a new AutoHotkey Script and proceed. 
Creating new Autohotkey
  1. Title the new script file Always on Top. And now, right-click the new script file and click Edit Script.
  2. Next, copy-paste the ^SPACE:: Winset, Alwaysontop, , A in the Notepad window. Save the file and close the file.
Configuring the Autohotkey
  1. Eventually, you can double-click the script to operate it, and it will appear in the system tray and run in the background.
  2. Now, press the Ctrl + Space keyboard shortcut to establish any active window always on top. 

Then when you use the Chrome browser, press Ctrl + Space to make Chrome always on top, and press Ctrl + Space again to incapacitate the Chrome browser, always on top.

2. DeskPins

Likewise, use the DeskPins program to set the Chrome browser always on top of all windows. DeskPins is an independent tool for Windows that provides you the means to have one or more windows in continuous view on the desktop so that it is reasonable to access them as quickly as possible. Check how to do it below.

  1. Firstly, Download and install DeskPins from its official website here for your Windows.
  2. Now, Run it after installation, and its icon will reflect in the system tray.

If you wish to make Chrome always on top, you can click the DeskPins icon in the system tray & your mouse will shift into a pin.

Pinning chrome using the Deskpins

Next, click the title bar of Google Chrome to pin it. You will recognize a Red pin icon on the title bar. It will bring the Chrome browser on the top. To disable it, you can click the Red pin icon furthermore to incapacitate Chrome constantly on top.

 3. TurboTop

TurboTop is also a method that can operate from the system tray. You can moreover utilize it to authorize and establish a window to be permanently on top of Windows.

You can go to its authorized site to download and install it on your Windows personal computer.

After the installation, you can click the TurboTop icon on the system tray to glimpse all your opened windows. Click Google Chrome to make it constantly on top. To make it no longer on the prime, you can click Chrome again.

Selecting window to pin at the top using TurboTop

4. OnTopReplica

OnTopReplica is a tremendous tool that creates a real-time lookalike of a designated window using DWM Thumbnails and the Windows Forms Aero library. You can generate a replication by selecting a Window or by indicating a region from your screen. 

You can effortlessly resize the window as per your requirement. And grasp a few additional settings as well. You can set the clone equivocation and even lock its position on the screen. You can even authorize hotkeys to replicate the screen. And also show/hide the cloned window.

5. TopMost Control

TopMost Control can put together any program window stick over other program windows. To compel a window always on Top you have four preferences :

  1. Assign a window and double click to the TopMost Control icon in the system tray
  2. Select a window and utilize Ctrl+Alt+Space Keyboard shortcuts.
  3. Employ Windows List in system tray menu
  4. Utilize CMD.

6. WindowTop

You might also explore WindowTop. It is an autonomous utility for Windows that lets you pin an open window on top of others. You can monitor equivocation, click-through windows, enable Dark Mode & Shrink the open applications.

7. PinWin

PinWin is an exceedingly modest and spontaneous app that allows you to give rise to any 3rd party window persist “always-on-top.” It will materialize on top of additional windows at all times. Accessible here.

8. OnTopper

OnTopper is another tool available on SourceForge that permits you to pin a program window topmost.

9. PinMe

PinMe consents you to pin a window Always On Top, modify transparency level, capture windows, and appeal basic statistics on your PC.

10. Google Chrome Extension

You can also download an extended google chrome extension, which will allow you to achieve the same goal. You can download the chrome extension using the link provided here and get going with using the extension to pin chrome browser. But if you wish to target some other application or window. Then you can rely on the third-party applications that we have mentioned above.

Summary :

This post inaugurates how to make Chrome always on top of further windows in Windows 10, and how to disable it when you choose. FYI, MiniTool Software proposes free data recovery software, disk partition manager, video editor, and more.

Maintaining a Chrome window on top can be extremely useful in various scenarios, but Windows 10 by default does not endorse this feature. Using the solutions provided, you can hold Google Chrome invariably on top of other windows. Hope you find it useful, comment below if you did, and communicate further the equivalent.

Using one of the three procedures, Chrome will always be on the top when you do another thing on your Windows computer.