Best Christmas Apple Watch Faces (15 Amazing Faces)

Alright, guys, ho ho, it’s the holiday season! Christmas is back with its good old anthem-Peace, Joy, and Celebration. Everyone’s excited about those presents, food, and lighting. Happiness is in the air, and every day of December is a bonafide jolly day.

christmas apple watch faces

But does your Apple Watch reflect this splendour? If not, we have your back with the best Christmas apple watch faces in the town, from Santa giving good tidings of the day and reindeer running in the sky to gifts.

Let’s start quickly, and don’t forget to download the best wallpapers using the links.

Best Christmas Apple Watch Faces

  • All Hail the Santa
  • Ho Ho Ho!
  • Christmas Sparkles
  • Love with the Jingle Bells
  • Stocking Stuffers
  • Christmas Patterns
  • Apple-Style Christmas
  • Xmas Greetings
  • Cool Reindeer
  • Classic Pink Stockings
  • Minimalist Christmas Watch Face
  • Candy Season
  • Reindeers in the Sky
  • Festive Baubles
  • Xmas Tree

All Hail the Santa

Get a full-on festive feel with the big, jolly man in the red suit on your Apple Watch. It’s the complete watch background for your watch! We love the tiny cute snowman dressed in all red. 

Download it by –> Clicking here.  

Santa and the Snow Men celebrating Christmas

Ho Ho Ho!

The ho ho ho watch face cheers you up, so you celebrate the festive season with all your heart.  

Download it by –> Clicking here

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

Christmas Sparkles

Do you vibe with sparkles and lightning in the dark sky? Here is the suitable wallpaper for you with the golden Xmas Tree lightning it’s the way.

Download it by –> Download Here

Christmas Sparkles on the golden Xmas Tree art

Love with the Jingle Bells

The Jingle Bells announce the arrival of the Christmas season. Everywhere around the earth, the distinctive bells ward off evil spirits and give a festive touch to the season.

Download it by –> Download here.

Jingle Bells ringing

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking gifts are the best childhood memories. You wake in the morning to find the stocking filled with candy, gift cards, etc. If you cherish this happiness in small moments like these, download this apple watch Christmas face immediately!

Download it by –> Clicking here

A stocking filled with candy and sweets

Christmas Patterns

Christmas Patterns are a great idea if you want to go unnoticed. It is a style for GenY with a vintage vibe to it. Please don’t give it any second thought, and prepare for the festivities of the upcoming season by downloading this wallpaper to your watch app.  

Download it by –> Clicking here

Reindeer and Snow white Christmas background

Apple-Style Christmas

If you love the Apple brand, here’s a logo for your feel.

Download this logo by –> clicking here.

Snow Cap on the Apple logo

Xmas Greetings

Celebrate Christmas with this minimalist logo.

Download this watch wallpaper now.

Xmas Greetings

Cool Reindeer

The trendy and classic cool reindeer is the right shot for stylish guys. A combo of fashion and the right festive vibes. Download this cute, charismatic wallpaper right now.  

Cool Reindeer

Classic Pink Stockings

It’s the children who enjoy the most out of white Christmas. Girls love pink, so here we have another pinkish stocking giving you the right Xmas vibes. Download this HD Christmas apple watch by clicking here.

Classic Pink Stockings

Minimalist Christmas Watch Face

Love those regular boxes and circles giving an aesthetic appeal? Download the aesthetic merry Christmas watch face by clicking here

Minimalist Christmas Watch Face

Candy Season

For those food lovers, candy and sweets are what you love about Christmas. We have tailored the best Christmas apple watch face wallpaper for Xmas. Download by –> Clicking here.

Candy Season

Reindeers in the Sky

Tis’ season is jolly, with the abstract art illustration of reindeer swinging across the sky, giving presents along the way. Download this cute Christmassy background right now.

Reindeers in the Sky

Festive Baubles

Decor and Ornaments create an ambiance for Christmas. Those who love the environment around you to download the wallpaper by clicking here.

Festive Baubles

Xmas Tree

The evergreen Christmas tree is decorated with all the lights and ornaments. It is the main symbol of Christmas celebrations. Download the Christmas wallpaper by clicking here.  

Xmas Tree

Wrapping Up

We end our collection of different watch faces for everyone in the family. How do you plan to spend the holidays? Wishing you a thrilled merry Christmas!

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Add A Watch Face From My iPhone?

Follow these steps to add a watch face to your iPhone.
– Download the watch face to your iPhone.
– Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
– Go to the Face Gallery on the bar at the bottom of the app.
– Scroll down to the Portraits and customize the picture,
– Hit Add Button, and you have the watch face you want.

What Is The Most Popular Apple Watch Face?

The most popular Apple Watch face is the California Apple Watch face. It is the crowd gatherer due to its elegant and simplistic abstract designs. It is known for being the most customizable face available in the market.

How Do I Get New Faces On The Apple Watch?

You can get new faces on the Apple watch using the Facer app.  You can download the facer app and set watch faces according to your preference. Customize it to suit your needs.

Are Apple Watch Faces Free?

Apple watch faces is a free application using which you can download as many amazing wallpapers for your Apple Watch as you want. Download the whole album and sync it to your Apple Watch.