4 Solutions To Check Your Voicemail Messages On Android 

Check your voicemail messages on Android

A voicemail message is the best creation in digital communication so far. With the voicemail feature, you can send someone a voice message even when they are unavailable.

Sometimes your device’s battery runs out, or you switch it off because of the constant calls. 

As a result, you might miss some important ones as well. So, the voicemail feature lets the other person call you to record a voice note and send it to you. This way, you do not miss out on anything important. 

This might make you wonder how you can check your voicemail messages on android. So, to help you with that, here is a guide that provides different ways of accessing your voicemail.

Solutions To Check Your Voicemail Messages On Android

  1. Call Your Voice Mailbox
  2. Activate Visual Voicemail Apps
  3. Use a Remote Number To Have Access To Your Voice Messages
  4. Using An Android Voicemail App

1. Call Your Voice mailbox

Using a call on Android phone

The simplest way to check your message is to make a call to your mailbox. But, ensure that your device’s voicemail service is active to make it work. To make a call to your mailbox, you have to:

  • Take your Android phone and open the dial pad on it.
  • Make a call to your voicemail system. You might need to call your phone number for that. Alternatively, you can press the 1 key and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Now you will require to type in your PIN in the pop-up window. Doing so will give you access to your voicemails.
  • Use the assigned number your telecom service provides you to check new voicemails.
  • There might also be some shortcut keys that can help you delete, save, or repeat the message. Use them to do any of these things.

Make sure to use the assigned keys. You can contact your telecom service provider if you cannot find the keys.

2. Activate Visual Voicemail Apps

List of voicemails available on an Android phone

Good news for users who have Android version 6.0 as they can use the in-built visual voicemail feature.

But, to use it, ensure that your telecom service provider supports this feature. 

So, if your telecom carrier supports this feature, you can access your voicemail. To do that,t follow the instructions below:

Once you activate it, you can directly access your phone to your voicemails.

3. Use a Remote Number To Have Access To Your Voice Messages

setting a voicemail pin

This method works like a charmer for situations when your phone’s battery dies. Also, sometimes you might forget your phone at home.

So, to gain access to the voicemails left on your number, you can use a small number. You can use it by following these steps:

  • Take a cell phone or a landline, whichever is available to you at the moment.
  • Make a call to your contact number.
  • Wait for it to go to your voicemail and press *. Make sure to press it before the voice recording process starts.
  • Now to give access to your voicemail account, the voicemail system will ask for the PIN.
  • Type in your voicemail PIN and press hash (#).
  • Once you log in, you can listen to the voicemails left to your number by others.

This method is effective when your mobile phone is not available at the moment. Delete the call history or dial history you used on another person’s device.

This way, your voicemail account remains secure.

4. Using An Android Voicemail App

Using the in-built method of voicemail is easy, but some people might find apps more efficient.

It is so because the apps allow you to access voicemails directly on your Android device. So, if you are also fond of third-party apps, then here are the popular ones for you:

My Visual Voicemail

my visual voicemail official playstore

This app is ideal for accessing and managing your voicemail messages on one platform. To use it, you can follow these instructions:

  • Open your phone and go to the Google Play Store app.
  • Search for My Visual Voicemail in the search bar and install it.
  • Once you install the app on your device, run it on your mobile and select Next.
  • Allow all the necessary permission for your app to work without interruption.
  • Set your voicemail account on the app and access your voicemails.

You can also dial in the dial pad 1-2-3 to hear your voice messages as an alternative.

Free Visual Voicemail

free visual voicemail on Android

Another application you can use on your Android device is free visual voicemail. It’s the best choice to organize your voice messages. To use it, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the Google Play Store on your Android device and search for free visual voicemail.
  • Once you install the application, select Launch the app and click on Next.
  • Allow the permissions that are necessary for the app for its smooth functioning.
  • It will take a moment for the app to check your VVM status.

Once you get the confirmation for your VVM status, you can start managing your voicemails.

Conclusion – Phone App Voicemail Notifications

The feature of voice messages was introduced to make your lives easier. Thus, accessing your voicemail messages is not rocket science.

So, if you follow any of the above-provided methods, you can access the inbox of your voicemail.

To make things simpler for you, try to memorize your voicemail PIN. It might prove useful when you access your voicemail from other devices.

Sometimes you might face problems accessing your voicemails. In such cases, ensure your Android device has enough storage space.


Where Do The Voicemails Get Stored On An Android Device?

For your voicemails to get saved on your device, you need to enable the Save voicemails feature. The voice messages might be saved in internal or external storage if it’s on. Sometimes they also get saved in cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive. The medium of storage depends upon your phone’s storage settings.

How Can I Hear Voice Messages In My Voicemail On An Android Device?

Activate the voicemail system on your device. Many Androids have an in-built visual voicemail feature. You can enable it to access your voicemails. But, if you do not have such a feature, you can always use third-party applications.

How To Fix Voicemail Messages Not Showing Up On Android?

Sometimes you might not receive your voice messages on time. There could be various reasons behind it. You can try clearing up the cache or resetting your network settings.

How Can I Check My Voicemail Using A Computer?

If you do not have your phone at your disposal, you can use your computer or laptop to access your voicemail inbox. But, you need to install third-party applications compatible with PC systems. Once you install the app, type in your voicemail account information to log in to your account. After that, you can manage and check the inbox of your voicemail.