5 Best Ways To Check If Someone Blocked You On Discord

how to know if someone blocked you on discord

Discord is a messaging platform that lets you chat anytime, anywhere on the internet. It has everything from chatting to screen sharing with Discord users. You can listen to music or watch videos together with your friends.

This platform is server-based. Another amazing feature it has is the blocking option. Users can block anyone from their account with whom they no longer want to associate. This diminishes the chances of facing any problem from other users.

Nonetheless, it’s possible to wonder why people block others on Discord? The answer is plain and simple. Either the blocked user might be creating problems. Or, the person who has blocked the user doesn’t want to interact anymore with that user.

This blog will explain the methods to check if someone blocked you on Discord and how to do it. So let’s understand how to know if someone blocked you on Discord.

Solutions For Checking If Someone Blocked You On Discord

  1. Unable To Send Messages On Private Chat
  2. The Person Is No Longer On Your Friends List
  3. Unable To React To The Message
  4. Attempt Making A Call To The Person
  5. Use Clyde Bot To Check

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Discord?

1. Unable To Send Messages On Private Chat

unable to send a private message

The foremost thing to do is to check whether you can send private messages to the user or not. Steps to do that are below:

  • Navigate to the chatbox of the user you have doubts about.
  • Type anything in the chatbox and hit the send button.

After a user blocks you, the only response you are going to get is from the Clyde bot. Also, the message you have sent might appear in red as a sign that the message is not received. All these things point towards the fact that the person has blocked you. 

This method is not full proof and not a sure shot to know whether someone has blocked you. It is so because the other user might have other settings disabled, such as “Anyone can message.” Another possible reason could be that you both might not have shared servers. To check that:

  • Navigate to the user’s profile.
  • Select the Mutual Servers option.

A list of common servers between you and that user on Discord will appear. If you have some servers in common yet you can no longer send messages to them, it’s clear that you are blocked. But, if you no longer share servers with this person, they may be that’s the reason why you are unable to message them.

2. The Person Is No Longer On Your Friends List

Friend Request Failed

The best way to clear your doubts about whether the other person has blocked you or not is to see your friends’ list. The user who has blocked you will no longer appear in that list. Follow these instructions to check your friends’ list on Discord:

  • Tap on the Discord icon. You can find it in the top-left corner of your screen.
  • A menu will appear. Click on the Friends option from it.
  • Open the “All” tab to see all the friends that you have added to your Discord account.

Now, you can go through the list to check if the user in question exists in your friends’ list or not. If the user you are looking for is not there, it means only two things: they might have deleted you or blocked you.

3. Unable To React To The Message

Reactions in a discord message

This method is a sure shot in knowing whether someone has blocked you or not. All you need to do is open the messages of the user who you think might have blocked you and follow these steps:

  • Open their chat on your Discord.
  • Right-tap on one of the old messages that the other person has sent.
  • Choose Add Reaction option to add a reaction to the selected message.

If the reaction is not added, then it’s clear that the other person has blocked you.

Or, if you do not have any chats with them, then you can use the common server:

  • Look for the common server in which the user has sent a message in the past. You can also search that user’s messages by searching their username in the search box.
  • Hit the Go option to start the search.
  • Once the messages from that user appear, select any one message to add a reaction.

If you can add a reaction to their messages, they have not blocked you. But, if the reaction is not added to the message, it means that they have blocked you.

4. Attempt Making A Call To The Person

You need to be friend with the user to make a call on Discord

The logic behind calling is quite simple, and if you are able to connect through a call, then it means you are not blocked. But, if the call doesn’t connect, then you can be sure that the person has blocked you. You can follow these instructions to connect via call on Discord with that user: 

  • Suppose you have a server in common. Visit the page that confirms the participants that share the respective server. Find that person’s profile and right-click on their name.
  • Select the Call option to make a call.

So, if the call connects, then it’s evident that the person has not blocked you. But, if it doesn’t, then it’s clear that they have blocked you. 

5. Use Clyde Bot To Check

Clyde bot in Discord

Clyde bot is an official bot. It is by default integrated into Discord. It notifies you about all unresponsive actions that you may perform. (You can locate Clyde on the Discord logo as well).

If you try to message someone who has blocked you on Discord, the Clyde bot will send back a message, such as:

Your message could not be delivered. It is due to no common server with the recipient. Or, they might have disabled direct messages on your shared server. As a result, the recipient only accepts direct messages from friends. Another reason could be that the recipient has blocked you on Discord. 

The Clyde bot does not have the authority to tell you that the reason is that the user has blocked you. Yet gives many reasons why the message is not delivered successfully.

This way of telling the user that someone has blocked you on Discord is not the most reliable way. It will also tell you if the user has disabled the “Anyone can message” option.

Whether Android or iOS, this will show as a simple error message. It will specify that it is from Clyde.

6. Check Block Information On Mobile

Failed to send message on Discord mobile

There is no direct way to check if someone blocks you on Discord. To check on mobile if someone has blocked you on Discord, you need to try to send them a message simply. If the message is delivered to them, that means you are not blocked. If this does not happen, check whether you still share a common server or not.

If you do not share a common server anymore with the user, there is a high probability that they have blocked you. But, to be sure about it, you can start by reacting to their messages on your mobile:

  • Open Discord and navigate to their chatbox.
  • Choose the message that you find appropriate to react to and select “Add Reaction.”

If you are unable to react to their message and your phone vibrates, then this means that person has blocked you.

Conclusion – How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Discord?

To connect with people on Discord, you need to share servers with them. The best way of doing that is by sending a friend request to the other user. This way, they won’t feel as if you are spamming them. Also, it’s possible that the other user might not feel like connecting to you. As a result, they can simply decline your request. 

But, sometimes, things can get out of hand, and you might come across annoying people. The block option available on Discord comes to your use in times like these. There is also a high probability that the other use feels annoyed by you. 

Thus, they might not want to associate with you any longer. In such scenarios, they can use the block option to block you. So, if you have found yourself in such a situation, then you can use the methods provided in this article. 

FAQs – How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You On Discord?

How To Block Someone On Discord?

You can block users you do not want to contact on Discord. Firstly, go to the profile of the user you want to block. You will see three points in the upper right corner of the user profile. Tap on items, and a new window will open in which you will see the various options. Select the Block option. Once you execute these steps, you will not be able to receive any messages. And the user will be unable to send you any requests.

What If I Block You On Discord?

The best thing about Discord is that if you block someone on Discord, the user will not get notified. You can block someone without worrying about the consequences of them finding it out. Once you block someone, that person will no longer be able to text or call you on discord.

If I Am Blocked, Can I Email The Person?

Discord is an individual platform. Thus, it has nothing to do with the platforms that offer email services. Blocking someone on discord restricts the person from communicating on Discord only.  In short, if someone has blocked you on Discord and you have their email address, you can send them an email. 

Why Can’t I Message Someone On Discord?

Messaging someone depends on whether you share a common server together. Also, some users set their DM settings to “Friends only.” Thus, you won’t be able to DM them unless you are on their friends’ list.
It is a feature under the “Privacy and Safety” settings on Discord. It enables users to chat without spam, trolls, or other annoying messages. Of course, this can restrict you from messaging someone who is not your friend on Discord.

How Do I Check Blocked Users On Discord?

Tap on the Home button at the top-left of the Discord platform. It must be labeled with the Discord logo. Click on the Friends tab on the top left sidebar from the Home screen. See the top of the Friends page, and click Blocked.  Here you will see all the users you have blocked till now.