6 Best Ways To Check Phone Model On Android

Hey! Have you just bought a new Android Mobile Phone, or are you planning to buy one?

Generally, You already know which model the phone you own.

Unless you have received one from a friend or a gift from a family member, you are supposed to buy it based on its specific model with specific features. Right?

But though, you may not be sure about the particular model number of your smartphone a few times. Are you struggling to figure out what kind of Android phone you acquire? Believe me. You are not the only one struggling with this particular situation. 

With so many different kinds of Android phones on the market, it might appear absurd to realize which type of Android phone you are holding in your bag.

But we are here to comfort you and exhibit how to find out what kind of Android phone you are using, varying from the manufacturer to the name of the model number. 

What is the IMEI number?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a 15-digit unique code that differentiates the product from the other unit of products.

The first 8- digits represent the Type Allocation Code (TAC). The next 6-digits represent the serial number of the device. And the last one represents the Luhn Checksum.

You can find it by dialing the *#06# on your dial pad.

device information

What is a Model number?

Model Number is a unique group of characters and numbers which tells about the hardware device and keeps track of each device and identifies or replaces the proper part whenever required.

It is a mark of the manufacturer, brand, and company that has designed it. One can easily check phone models android on their mobile’s about section. 

Check Phone Model On Android

Learning the specific model number may sometimes be crucial for one in case you are required to get your Android device repaired, and even if you are up to putting your Android phone on sale.

Figuring out your phone’s model name is simple. 

This particular article provides and explains how you can check phone model numbers of different manufacturers and different models. Now let’s discuss how you can find your Android phone’s model number. 

Here is the easiest way to find out the model number of different types from different manufacturers : 

  1. Gaze at the model on your smartphone phone
  2. Check the phone model android in its phone setting
  3. Use a third-party App to check the phone model android 
  4. Check the phone model android on the packaging box
  5. Check your order receipt for the phone model 
  6. Check the Bluetooth name of the smartphone

1. Gaze at the model on your smartphone phone

If you are wondering where to check the phone model number. Take a look at the phone itself to see if the model number is printed on the phone, so start flipping through your phone.

If you are using older phones like LG handsets, there is a chance the phone model is listed right there on the back! Isn’t it? 

Because of the abrupt number of Android phones out there, it can be a challenge to comprehend which handset you have.

Regardless if there isn’t anything mentioned on the back of the mobile phone or you are required to have more information, you can try the below-mentioned methods. 

2. Check the phone model android in its phone setting: 

Regardless of what phone you are operating, you should be able to figure out the detailed description and information about the phone model in the settings menu. 

  1. Drag the notification shade down. And then tap the gear icon to get there. 
  2. On the setting options menu, the screen scrolls down to the bottom. Take a glance at the About Phone section. 
  3. On some phones running stock Android Oreo(8.x), you need to head into the system menu first to see the ‘About phone’ item at the bottom of the list. 
  4. You should notice the most basic information here, like your phone’s name. It is typically the generic name of smartphones, like LG G5 or Samsung Galaxy S8. 
  5. The Galaxy S9 has a redesign of the phone’s “About Phone” menu, it shows most of the device information you require on a single screen.
Check the phone model android in its phone setting: 

If this is all you require, then you have accomplished the task. But if you want something more specific, like the handset’s model number. Then you may need to go one step deeper. 

This information may be displayed elsewhere on the About phone screen so. Just scroll down a little. Some manufacturers even hide this information one level deeper. 

If it is not there, then look at the model number on the main About phone screen. Take a look at the ‘Hardware Information’ and enter that. 

3. Use a third-party App to check the phone model android: 

If you are still having difficulty finding the information on your mobile phone, there is one more convenient way for you.

To get the model number of your Android device, you can also rely on a third-party app named droid hardware information. 

The first handful of information you’ll find should be the model number. It is not that hard for someone to disclose the model number.

But there are a lot of manufacturing companies making Android phones and devices, and also many different versions of Android out there with little effort. You can easily find the information that you want. 

4. Check the phone model android number on the packaging box: 

This one may be obvious. But you should be able to find some info on the Android phone mentioned on it.

And also its model number or among the things you found inside the box. The box itself is a considerable pointer. In most cases, the name and model number can be found on a small sticker. 

These small stickers containing the model number can also be found inside some outmoded mobile phones, usually inside the battery cover and perhaps behind a removable battery.

As we have explained earlier, you can sometimes find the model number of your phone by looking at the back of your smartphone. 

Likewise, if you are the kind of person who keeps the boxes of smartphones that you buy, you’ll probably find the model number of your mobile phone easily on its box itself. 

5. Check your order receipt for the phone model android number: 

Have you ordered your Android smartphone from any online Internet sources, through your mobile phone Internet network, or from a third-party retailer addressing sim-free phones? You can check phone model android numbers there commonly.

You’ll receive an order receipt on your email address that you used for the mobile phone, containing the exact model number. 

The retailer sends out an email address that includes the full details of the phone model name and number of the smartphone you have ordered, plus a link to the handset page so that you can always get the exact model. 

6. Check the Bluetooth name of the smartphone: 

Another easy way to check the phone model’s android name is through the name of your Bluetooth.

Every Bluetooth device has a preset name it uses to connect, so just by connecting the Bluetooth of the smartphone to another device or any other Android phone, you can see what device name is listed. 

To clarify, your mobile phone’s model number isn’t the same as the serial number of a smartphone. 

Check the Bluetooth name of the smartphone: 

The model number identifies the type of smartphone you have such as whether it’s by any of the manufacturers.

By contrast, a serial number is a unique number that identifies a single unit, meaning each smartphone model may not possess the same serial number that has ever been produced.

But you can always check the phone model android number to be the Bluetooth device name.

One must realize the serial number of your smartphone when dealing with customer support such as when you are required to repair or replace one. 


In some other cases, you can also remove the battery of the smartphone and inspect the labeling underage, which may probably contain the model number and serial number of the smartphone. 

This could be acquired only if you cannot get the model number in any other way. Although we have never heard from a manufacturer that didn’t display its model number in the Android phone setting. 

You should also note that before trying to remove your phone’s case and battery, research it thoroughly beforehand.

Also, most Android phones nowadays come with removable batteries so this route could be a non-starter in many cases.

I hope with the help of this article, you can find your android phone model easily. If you are still unable to check the phone model android number, then I recommend you go the above steps again. 

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