8 Methods To Charge Laptop Without Charger

Charge Laptop Without Charger - A Complete Guide

How can you charge laptop without charger? It sounds almost like a crazy idea, but it is possible. You might have lost your charger for various reasons. Maybe you lost it, or it got damaged recently. Perhaps you planned for a road trip and forgot to pack it in your bag. 

All this leads to problems without a charger. Now, you might not always have the luck to find the same charger in the market or the shop. You might not want to spend money on a spare charger for no reason. Investing in more useful things or using what you already have here could be better.

With that thought in mind, we are bringing you this guide. It will bring you different alternatives to using a charger. For instance, using your phone chargers, spare battery, and more. So, let’s have a look:

How To Charge Laptop Without Charger?

  1. Use A USB Type-C Cable 
  2. Always Carry A Power Bank
  3. A Spare Laptop Battery 
  4. An External Battery Charger
  5. A Universal Power Adapter
  6. Using The Car Battery  
  7. Using Your Smartphone
  8. Using Your Phone’s Charger

1. Use A USB Type-C Cable 

Use A USB Type-C Cable

Nowadays, the latest laptops like HP Laptop and MacBook Pro come with a USB Type-C Port. It has become an important part of technology. 

If you have a USB-C Cord with you, you can easily use it. Remember that if you have a USB Type A, it won’t work. But USB-c cable allows you to perform data transfer or even charge.

Use A USB Type-C Cable

All you need is a supporting device, like a portable battery, USB Connector, or charger. You can easily change plus USB-C. After that, change the settings to turn it into a power source.

  • Remember that not all Laptops with Type-C ports will support this option.
  • Sometimes, you need to match a specific power requirement for it to work.
  • This option works primarily on MacBook and other Apple Devices. 

2. Always Carry A Power Bank

Always Carry A Power Bank

You won’t always find a power outlet everywhere you go. This can lead you to a pinch, especially if you don’t even have a charger. That’s why carrying a powerful power bank is always a good idea.

You can also invest in USB-C power banks, as USB-C ports are becoming the norm in all devices. A power bank will be handy if traveling and can’t find a socket.

Make sure to find a power bank, or a power inverter, that can support your laptop’s voltage. Most laptops need more voltage than smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Always Carry A Power Bank

But, if you can’t find a power bank with high voltage, you can keep your laptop turned off and use the power bank to charge it. Within an hour, you might have enough juice to get it working.

  • Some laptops or travel bags come with built-in power banks or power bank storage. You can use it.
  • Make sure to at least have a 10,000 mAH power bank with you. A laptop’s battery ranges from anywhere around 2,000 to 7,000 mah. For powerful laptops, it could be above 10,000 mAh.
  • If you’re traveling in a cold place, store power banks away from it. The colder the climate, the faster the battery will drain. 

3. A Spare Laptop Battery 

A Spare Laptop Battery

If you travel frequently or have trouble finding external chargers, carry a battery. Laptop manufacturers always have spare batteries to provide. After all, the laptops last long, but their battery won’t. 

Most laptop batteries barely last a 1,000 charge, as they are lithium-ion batteries. Even then, they can lose their efficiency. So, use a spare battery if you fail to find any other alternative, like power output.

You can easily carry a spare battery in your laptop bag. What’s more? You can use a battery charger separately to charge one battery while you use another. Like this, you will never run out of power.

In emergency work and usage, a spare battery is a fantastic choice. Of course, storage might be an issue if you have one of the heavier laptops with thick batteries. This is just an alternative if nothing else works for you. 

4. An External Battery Charger

An External Battery Charger

As mentioned in the third point above, you can invest in a battery charger. Just like a universal adapter, you have a universal laptop battery charger. It helps you charge the battery for even the most powerful laptop.

You wouldn’t have to worry about the voltage, malfunction, or anything else. There’s no need for you to use any other tech or USB devices, either.

You can use this battery charger if you can find a socket. It is a good investment if you don’t want to buy just a laptop charger.

An external battery charger will need you to pull out the laptop’s battery and charge it separately. It is a good idea always to carry two or more batteries. If you have that going for you, you should have an external battery charger. 

  • You can work continually with an external battery charger if you have two or more batteries.
  • You will have to power off your laptop if you have just one battery. Usually, it is not the best idea to power off your laptop for a long with the battery removed.
  • There are new solar battery chargers that you could give a go. 

5. A Universal Power Adapter

A Universal Power Adapter

If there’s one thing that hasn’t gone out of style, or use, it is the ac adapter with universe capacity. You can plug the adapter directly into the laptop in most cases. It will start providing the juice it needs.

Of course, you might have to ensure that the universal adapter has an apt voltage. If it doesn’t have enough power supply, your laptop will lose power faster than it can gain. In some cases, your laptop could heat up extremely.

So, if you want to use a universal power adapter, ensure it matches the voltage. If not, keep your laptop off while you use the adapter.

A Universal Power Adapter

It is a handy tool that can also charge other devices. But, if you don’t have many devices that can use a universal power adapter. Please don’t buy it.

There is a new alternative to power adapters. There are multiple USB or USB4-In-1 type options available. They have micro USB, 2.0, 3.0, Type-C, and more options. All these enable you to charge all the USB devices you have easily.

So, it is a great option if you don’t want to carry too many chargers while traveling. And yes, you even get USB-C Charging.

6. Using The Car Battery  

Using The Car Battery

Now, now. Don’t get alarmed. This step doesn’t need you to bring out the technician in you at all. It is still very much about using the USB-C Chargers or something else. You see, your car’s cigarette slot comes with a direct connection to the battery.

Now, you can use it to your advantage. You can buy a USB car charger and connect it to this slot. As a result, you will have your in-car laptop and other device chargers. You can use it with any USB-C connector cable and other options.

Using The Car Battery

This is an excellent option if you have a car and commute to work with it. A car charger is a good option if you also use it to travel around frequently. A car charger has become one of the must-have essentials in today’s tech-savvy world.

So, make sure to invest in a branded or worthwhile car charger.

  • As a general tip, try not to use the car charger while the car isn’t running. It will drain the battery. This will leave your car unable to start.
  • A car charger is typically slow and provides less power than an electric circuit. It is like having an inverter, so use it accordingly. 

7. Using Your Smartphone

Using Your Smartphone

Did you know that you could use your Smartphone to charge your laptop? It’s known as reverse charging, and it has become a popular technology choice by many. You could also do the opposite and use your laptop to charge your Samsung or any other smartphone.

So, for reverse charging from phone to laptop, you will need the Type-C cable and port. Instead of a power bank, a USB charger, or an adapter, you have your phone.

You connect it to your laptop, and instead of accessing data, go to your phone’s settings. There should be an option of choosing what to do with the connection. Choose to power, or reverse charge. See if it works.

Using Your Smartphone

You might need the latest Android or iOS update, and in some cases, the latest smartphone, to get this done. But once you learn to do it, it is a piece of cake.

  • Remember that you will need type-c to type-c cable for this to work.
  • Not all laptops will support it. Not all smartphones will have these features.
  • You can use a similar step with your TWS Charging Case. They often have reverse charging options. 

8. Using Your Phone’s Charger 

Using Your Phone’s Charger

This step is the same as using the Type-C cable, power bank, or adapter. Try this if you don’t have those options and don’t want to spend money.

All you need is your Phone’s Charger and a USB Type C Cable. As mentioned earlier, your Laptop needs a specific power supply. For instance, most laptops need a 12 V charger, but most phone chargers are 5 V.

It shouldn’t be an issue if you have a fast or powerful charger. You can keep your laptop power off if you don’t.

Using Your Phone’s Charger

Connect the charger and USB cables to the laptop with its power off. Then wait 30 minutes to an hour for the laptop to have enough energy to work.

This should do the job. Nowadays, you have fast chargers and powerful chargers. You can see if they work with your laptop. 

Conclusion – Charge Laptop Without Laptop Charger

These are all the tips and options for you to charge a laptop without its original charger. If you don’t want to go through all this, you could buy an original charger for your laptop. You could visit the nearby store or service center for it.

If not, then you can use these options. Why? Because these can help you in the future, as well. Most of these tips are for emergencies. If you have no way to gain access to the laptop’s charger or the charging port isn’t working, these are some steps.

So, we hope that you found something valuable and worthwhile. You will know what to do if you ever run into a charging issue.


Is It Possible To Charge A Laptop Without A Charger?

There are many ways to charge a laptop without its original charger. You can use a Type-C cable or charger if your laptop has the port. Similarly, you could use a universal adapter or your car’s battery to charge the laptop. There are many alternatives to sticking to the charger. 

What Can I Use To Charge My MacBook If I Don’t Have A Charger?

You can use any USB-C cable to charge your MacBook. If you have an iPhone, you can also use its charger. Most MacBooks come with Type-C charging. So, you can use any phone’s Type-C charger or reverse charging from a smartphone to do the job.  

Which USB Ports Work Best As Charging Port? 

USB 1.0 or 2.0, or USB Type A are the worst for charging ports. They are only good for data transfer. If you have a USB 3.0 and a higher version, you can use them to charge your devices, like phones from laptops. Type C ports are best for charging. You can charge other devices or even reverse charge with them. They also offer the best data transfer speed. 

What Are The Essential Accessories For A Road Trip? 

If you are traveling with a laptop, at least you will need a laptop case or bag. Next, you need a power bank for emergencies and a universal charger. A universal charger with high amperage will reduce the need for more than one charger. You will conserve space. That’s all you will need. But don’t forget the Type-C cable if you have devices for it. 

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