3 Methods To Change Your Name On Discord

Discord is a popular gaming messaging tool. It allows users to build shared “servers” or chat groups with their friends and fellow gamers.

Discord has grown in popularity over time. It is becoming a popular chat program for everyone, not just gamers. Due to its adaptability, it is rapidly being used by work teams. Discord servers can be found for everything from political debate groups to sports fan clubs.

how to change your name on discord

You may decide that your present nickname no longer fits you and that you want to change your nickname. Perhaps you just want to spice it up for a special event or holiday. The beauty of Discord is that you may change your nickname. It can only be possible as long as the server owner has granted you the necessary permissions.

Can You Change Your Name on Discord?

You can change Nickname on the Discord server. You can use this option to keep separate profiles on various servers. 

You can have a playful nickname on a server with your close friends. A more severe name on a server with work-related chats. A recognizable name on a gaming server in this fashion.

change your nickname on discord

On Discord, you can also change your nickname. All servers’ names will be changed as a result of this. Because the change will affect all of the servers, you’re a part of at the same time. 

This decision will have a more significant influence on your Discord identity. Now that you’ve learned the difference, it’s time to learn how to update your Discord Nickname and Username.

Methods To How To Change Your Name On Discord

There are limited methods to change your nickname on discord. Here are some of the approaches to change your username.

  • Using the Server Settings
  • From Account Settings
  • Using Shortcodes

1. Using the Server Settings

If you need to change your server name displays on a single server, this is the method to use. Understand the measures below to change your nickname on a Discord server.

  • Log into your Discord account on your browser, on your computer, or on your smartphone.
  • Choose which server you want to change your name on.
  • Right-click and open the drop-down menu on the server’s left-hand sidebar. It shows as a drop-down arrow on desktop and three vertical dots or an ellipsis on mobile.
change nickname
  • Select the “Change Nickname” option.
change your nickname on discord
  • Select Save after typing in the new nickname.

Your account will now be visible on this server below a new nickname. Your old nickname will yet display up on other channels you’ve already joined. If you wish to change your moniker on another server, you’ll have to go through the same process again.

2. From Account Settings Menu

Change your nickname by opening the app or go to www.discordapp.com to use the online version. Once everything has loaded, the go-ahead to change your nickname:

The Settings menu can be entered by clicking on the white cogwheel next to your name on the bottom left.

  • Go to the user settings and select “My Account” from the menu.
user settings
  • Change your username, email, or password from this menu.
change your username
  • Put the new name you want to keep in place of your username.
new nickname on discord
  • If you like, you may change your email or password from the same menu.
  • When you’re finished, click Confirm, and you’re good to go. To confirm the changes, you’ll need to enter your password.
  •  A save button will apply all of the changes and finish your name change if you click it once.

3. Using Shortcodes

Commands, also known as shortcodes, are used in Discord. They’re made to save you the time and effort of clicking and scrolling through all of the options to change your name. 

  • Open the Discord server where you wish to make a nickname change.
  • In the message box, type /nick and hit Tab.
/nick and tab
  • In the message box, type your new nickname and press Enter.
change your username and enter your new name

As long as you have the authorization to alter your moniker on a particular server, the approach above will work. All servers allow users to change nicknames by default, so you should have no problems.

Customize Discord Experience

There are many discord app customization capabilities. Many users prefer Discord to other telecommuting options. You can establish and personalize your Discord channel. Also, customize how you appear on different servers. 

You can add a bot to your server to play music or a particular bot to help you generate memes and have fun with your server mates.


Your Discord username has been updated. For all new servers you join, it will be set as the default. You can just change your username once each 30 minutes on Discord. Make sure you’re happy with the username you choose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my Nickname on Discord?

Right-click your username in the Server Member List in the browser or desktop app. A drop-down menu should appear. Select Change Nickname from the drop-down menu. You’ll notice a new menu appear, where you can enter in a new name.

What does Carl bot do in Discord?

Like many Discord server bots available online. The Carl Bot is a complex bot that allows you to manage logs, save chats, and establish reaction roles. It also takes AutoMod to the next level by not allowing spam, attachments, or links to pass through and penalizing those who do.

Can I change my discord ID?

Navigate to your User Settings and click the Edit option to update your Discord Tag. You’ll see that your Discord Tag is customizable from there! Save your current password by entering it. To finish altering your Discord tag, click Change Discord Tag.

Should I use my real name on Discord?

Don’t use your real name for security reasons. Aside from that, you can create a nickname for yourself on Discord servers, which will appear at the tip of the DMs for different friends who use that server.

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