How to Change Your Apple ID Email Address

Whether you are going to be losing access to this email you are currently using or need to modify your Apple ID for some other reason, continue reading for how to change your Apple ID email address.

Altering your Apple ID email address is a rather simple procedure. Apple also opened support to change from a third party email like Gmail or Yahoo into Apple domains (@me.com, @icloud.com, etc.).

Can I change my Apple iTunes email address? 

iTunes functions with the user’s Apple id. Therefore, changing the Apple id is the way to change the email address for iTunes as well. 

iTunes Homepage - change your apple id email address

You can change your apple id for iTunes through your iTunes Store on your apple device. Your Apple ID is present on the upper right part of the iTunes main page. It tells the user which ID is currently active on the device.  The process of Changing iTunes email address is quite simple.

  • Tap the Store menu, and choose View My Account. Your active Apple ID will be displayed. 
  • Enter your Password. The email address should be pre-filled. 
  • Press the View Account button. An ‘Accessing iTunes Store’ message will appear and your account page will be displayed, eventually. The first line shows the active email address on your device. 
  • Tap Edit Account Info near it. 
  • In the blank space next to Email Address: the email address you need, which will be the new Apple ID,  has to be entered.
  • Scroll down and proceed to click Done

You’ll have to manually enter the login details in your iPad, iPhone, and other Apple devices, in which you wish to login with your new Apple ID.

Changing your Apple ID Email Address without losing everything?

Yes, you can change the email address associated with your Apple ID to an ID other than the previously existing one and not lose the information, which was already present before the new Apple ID.

It does not matter if you change your Apple ID email address for the device because you’ll still be able to access the files and data, that you used to access, with the current Apple ID also, on the device.

Changing your Apple ID is done the same way as replacing the existing Apple ID with a new Apple ID. It is wise to back up your information to the iCloud and keep it in sync all the time.

How to Change the Apple ID when the Email Address is registered with Apple?

The user is unable to change the Apple ID if an additional Apple email address associated with the current apple ID does not exist. The email address associated with your Apple ID has to be an Apple email address and not a third-party email address.

How do you change an Apple ID that you no longer have access to?

  • Enter the Apple ID site (appleid.apple.com) .
  • Sign in with the Apple ID email address, that you no longer have access to.  (Reset your Apple ID password)
  • Under the Account sub-heading, tap Edit.
  • Select Change Apple ID under Apple ID section.
  • Type in the email address you wish to use for your new Apple ID .
  • Tap Continue.

You can replace your old Apple ID account with the email address of your choice, this way.

How to Update Apple ID Account Information?

One’s Apple ID has to be kept up-to-date. This is because the Apple ID manages a lot of features on your devices, like the security system of the device and the contacts on your iPhone.

  • Head to appleid.apple.com on your web browser
  • Log in to your Apple ID with your credentials.
  • You’ll have to enter the OTP sent to your phone number, if two-step authentication security is active.
  • Under the Account sub-heading, select Edit.
  • Tap the Change Apple ID button.
  • Enter the new email address. The new one would receive a verification code, if the email address is from a third party.
  • Type in the verification code from your third party email address and continue.

About your Apple ID Email Address

Your Apple ID email address is the mail you need to log into your Apple accounts. Without an Apple ID email address, the user of an Apple device, for instance: an iPad Air or an iPhone XR, will not be able to use features like iTunes, App Store, iCloud, Facetime, and many more. 

The user’s Apple ID email address can also be used to receive mail from friends, family, and acquaintances. It is recommended that everyone with an Apple ID email address, remember their Apple ID password and set up two-step authentication for security. Protecting one’s Apple ID and Password is essential to the privacy provided by the iOS.

Additional Email Addresses

The addition of an extra email address is recommended by Apple for people, who wish to have a more social online life with their Apple device. Using an additional email address, you can reach out to people and be reached out to.

People can find you faster and easier if you have an additional email address linked to your Apple ID.  You’ll find this to be of great help if you’re a social butterfly.

Rescue Email Address

You need a rescue email address to protect your Apple ID. This is another option, besides two-factor authentication or two-step verification. The rescue email address can be used to reset the security questions when the user forgets the answers to them. 

With a rescue email, you get account security-related notifications and you need not remember the answers to your security questions. The rescue email address is verified with a verification email to ensure that the email belongs to you.

If you need a temporary email address for any purposes then you can use one of the temporary email address services which will help you in those scenarios.


Can I Update Apple ID Account Information?

It is necessary to keep one’s Apple ID up to date. There are several functions that require an Apple ID to be used, such as the phone’s security system and its contacts.