7 Best Ways To Change Text Color In Discord

No matter how many advantages of Discord you can list out, its lack of built-in support for colorful text will continue to remain a void. While you may get enticed by the several ways you can communicate with others in your community, you can’t do anything fancy with your text. 

Currently, there is no built-in option to change text colors in Discord, nor is the platform planning to introduce it as of now. However, if you’re versed with even the basics of coding and commands, here’s a trick for you. 

Continue reading as we explore how to change text color in Discord and style the text in not one, two, but several ways. So, let’s get right into this. 

How to change text color in Discord?

Before jumping into the steps of the process of how to change the text color in Discord, it’s important to learn one important keyboard symbol – the backquote. Its other terminologies include acute, backtick, left quote, or an open quote. It’s located on the top-left corner of your keyboard, just below the Esc key and above the Tab key.

Here’s what a back quote or backquote looks like – (`). 

It’s the most important aspect of the text color changing process on Discord using coding. It’s used at the beginning of the first step. And without it, the process won’t be completed. 

Now, the location of the backquote is understood. Let’s now get back to the steps of changing text color on Discord. So, here are those three steps. 

  1. Input your first line

The first step is to input the first line of code. The line should start with three backquote symbols (“`). After this, the code phrase comes describing which color you want for the solarized dark theme. (Code names are mentioned below). 

  1. Input your second line

The second step involves entering the second line of code. Now, to create a new line, the combination of Shift + Enter has to be followed. Because pressing Enter alone will send the text rather than creating a new line.

After the new line is formed, you can enter the text you want. The same step is used in case there is more than one lined message you want to send. Create the next line and write the text. 

  1. Input your third line

The last step is to create a third or the last line (in case your text message has more than one line). Unlike the first and second lines, this doesn’t change (mostly). It remains constant no matter what color or text you want to send. This line only consists of three back quotes, i.e., (“`)

And this is how to change text color in Discord on the PC. After discussing the steps, it’s crystal clear that this method has some limitations. Let’s understand what these limitations are. 

What Are The Limitations Of This Text Coloring Method?

Although the aforementioned process only has three steps, it comes with certain limitations as discussed below. 

  • No option of turning it on and off

There is no option of turning the color change on and off; you need to do it separately for each line. Every time you text someone, you have to follow the above steps. And change the color even if the color you want to change is the same in previous texts. This can be irritating sometimes. 

  • You’d remember different codes

To change the color of the text, you need to remember the code name. There are separate code names for each color (we’ll come to this later in this blog.) And the main difficulty is that these codes are entirely different from the color name. Thus, this might be slightly difficult for new users. 

  • Separate rules for different colors

Along with some codes, there are specific symbols that you need to remember. They are used at the starting of the second line, and without them, the code won’t work. For example, a particular color might not require space in between words of a text. Some require a special symbol to put before starting the text. While some codes only color the limited words in the text. 

  • Fewer color options as of now

Discord offers only fewer color options to choose from. It has only 7 new colors (except the original color, i.e., gray.) Therefore, there are limited text color choices for the user. 

  • Not applicable in mobile app

It’s among the major drawbacks of this method. It only works on the desktop. So, mobile users won’t be able to do it. 

So, these are the limitations of the coding process to change text color in Discord

How to change text color in the Discord mobile app?

In the earlier section, we’ve discussed how to change text color in Discord on a PC. Now, it’s the turn of the mobile app. Although many people use Discord on PC, we’re aware that Mobile is more convenient for communicating from anywhere and anytime. And several others use the application on their mobile. 

Now, the next big question is how to change the text color in Discord on Android/iOS. The answer to this is, that you can’t!

Yes, there is no way you can change the text color using the mobile app itself. But that does not mean you can use different styles of text. The old and the best method is still applicable here. The method is to copy the text from another website and paste it onto the Discord server’s chat box. 

Today, there is a multitude of free websites available on the internet that can make your simple texts look fancy; not only on Discord but on every other platform. And it’s extremely easy to do so. 

All you need is to type your text there and copy-paste it into the Discord application.  An example of such a free website is LINGOJAM, which is also user-friendly. 

how to change text color in discord

All you have to do is type the text, select the color, style, and copy it. That’s it!

This is much easier than changing text colors on a PC. In this case, you don’t have to remember the different color codes and the symbols you have to use. Also, there is no rule of space or anything. Thus, it’s very time-saving and easy.

How To Change Text Color in Discord? The Advanced Technique!

We’ve discussed the basic technique of changing the text color in Discord. But we all are aware of the advancements technology has made. With that, we can use the more advanced technique.

And this advanced technique is – using a particular code in the first line and different symbols in the second line. This way, the color of the texts can be changed easily.

With the advanced technique, you can make a single text of more than one color. 

Advanced technique to how to change text color in Discord

Let’s now learn the different colors and their separate codes with the basic techniques. 

What Are The Supported Text Colors In Discord?

While we were discussing how to change text color in Discord, we mentioned above that there are seven (7) color options. You can choose among these colors. Now, we’d learn the types of colors and their codes that are supported in Discord, along with other symbols and rules that are important to follow. 

  • Cyan

To color your text Cyan in Discord, use yaml as the code for this color in the first line after using the backquote symbol thrice. 

  • Green

There is more than one method to add green color to your text. First, use CSS as code after the (“`) in the first line. This method generally works. 

Second, use diff as code after (“`) in the first line. And then in the second line, put + first and then start the text. This will only work if you have used + at the start of the second line of text.

Third, use JSON as the code after (“`) in the first step. After this, in the next step, put the second line of text in between quotation marks. Otherwise, it won’t work. 

Green text color in Discord
  • Blue

One way of using this color is by writing ini after the backquotes in the first line. After this, you have to put the text of the second line in the brackets [ ].

ini code to add green text color in Discord

Another way of applying this color is by writing CSS like code in the first line. And then, in place of the space, use dashes in the text of the second line. For example, .the-place-is-great 

Note: Along with this, the text should start with the period (.) always.

CSS code to add green text color in Discord
  • Yellow

The color code used for Yellow is http. Input this after back quote symbols in the first line.

  • Red

Excel is the code for this color. After using the backquote in the first line, it should be used.

  • Orange

The color code used for this is arm. It should be written after back quote symbols in the first line. 

  • Yellowish

Again, there are more than one ways to apply this color. First, use fix as the code after writing the backquote in the first line. This is more reliable and used for coloring all the words in the text.

Second, use elm as the code after backquotes in the first line. This might not be the best as it only colors some words. It’s used for coloring the words with first letter capital. 

elm code to add yellowish text color in Discord

So, that’s all about the seven supported color codes in Discord. 

Other Ways Of Styling Text On Discord

Coloring is not the only way of styling the text, indeed it’s the most beautiful way. But there are other ways as well to make a text look attractive and eye-catching on Discord Other ways of styling text on Discord are applied using the Markdown formatting system. These do not change the color but the outlook. These are:

  • Bold

You can bold your texts in Discord to make them look more highlighted. It comes in handy when you wish to stress something important through your text. 

  • Italics

It’s among the most used styling, it makes text look appealing. It’s mainly used for making a word more emphasized.

  • Underlined

It underlines all of the selected texts, it’s used to highlight the important words in the text. 

  • Bold and Italics

This is the combination of both bold and italic. It’s used for emphasis and highlighting both at the same time. 

  • Strikethrough

It’s to mark the text as a mistake or censored. 

How To Style A Text With Multiple Styles On Discord?

Now, we’ve discussed the other ways of styling the text on Discord. But then in Discord, everything is not as easy as it seems, there are some steps for styling these. Following are the steps you need to follow on PC and mobile both. 

  • Bold

To make the text bold, you have to use two asterisks (**) at the starting and the end. 

For example:

Input: **Discord is the best IM platform** 

Output: Discord is the best IM platform

  • Italics

For making the text italics, you have to use one asterisk (*) in the starting and at the end. 

For example: 

Input: *Discord is the best IM platform*

Output: Discord is the best IM platform

  • Underline

For underlining the text, you have to use two underscores (__) in the starting and at the end.

For example: 

Input: __Discord is the best IM platform__

Output:  Discord is the best IM platform

  • Strikethrough

To strikethrough the text, you have to use two tilde symbols (~~) in the starting and at the end. 

For example:

Input: ~~Discord is the best IM platform~~ 

Output: Discord is the best IM platform

  • Bold and Italics

To make the text bold and italics, you have to use three asterisks (***) in the starting and at the end. 

For example: 

Input: ***Discord is the best IM platform***

Output: Discord is the best IM platform

All of the above ways can be used for both PC and mobile apps. But if you’re using a PC, you can also use the different commands for the styling. Such as:

  • Bold: Select the text and press Ctrl + B
  • Italics: Select the text and press Ctrl + I
  • Underline: Select the text and press Ctrl + U
  • Bold and Italic: Select the text and press Ctrl + B, and then press Ctrl + I
  • Strikethrough: Select the text and press Alt + H + 4

The Final Words

To conclude, it must be clear to you how to change text color in Discord – on PC and mobile both. From changing color using advanced technology to the basic coding method, we discussed both in this article.  

After going through this article, you might think this is a very confusing application. This might be one of the reasons why it’s used less as compared to other social platforms such as Instagram. Also, all these symbols and codes might be a little bit difficult to remember especially for a younger audience. 

Well, this might be right to an extent but once you get used to this app, everything seems to be easy. Just remember the symbols used at each step or respective colors. Rest is not very difficult. Also if you do not want to do it manually, you can always take the help of Discord bots. Or just copy-paste the text from other websites, such as LINGOJAM

It’s an effective platform for communicating with friends, peer groups, relatives, etc. If you do not want to change the style or color of the text, this platform is the easiest to use.