How to Change NAT Type on PS4

All online multiplayer games need to be able to connect to the internet to play with other gamers. This means that without the internet, you will not be able to play these games. One such case of this event occurring on your PS4 is the NAT Type failed error.

You will notice symptoms on your PS4, like suffering frequent disconnections while playing online games, high ping The only method to fix this issue is to switch to a different NAT type on your PlayStation 4 console. This article has every possible procedure to change this and has everything you need to know about networking on your PS4. 

Sony PlayStation 4 console

What does the NAT Type mean?

Network Address Translation (NAT) is the process of deciphering the IP address of every device that is connected to a network. A NAT type is used to set a limit for the number of IP addresses of all the devices, that can be used for a network connection.

This reduces network security threats and handles incoming traffic by hiding the IP address if your PS4 is connected to a network with a private IP address.

When the network is connected from the inside, it makes it easier to join an online game server, open messages, and streaming content over the internet. But when the network comes from the outside, the router may not recognize the internal IP address that is created for the PS4.

Some examples of external connections are joining online game sessions or in-game text and voice chat, and other activities you do with your friends. 

Different NAT Types

We will need to understand what a NAT type on PS4 can do and the changes that will be implemented on your console, when the PS4 NAT type is switched to another one.

Two players playing a soccer video game with PS4 DualShock controllers

There are three NAT types that can be allotted for the network which connects your PS4 console to the internet. They are as follows –  

1. Open PS4 NAT Type

The NAT type 1 will give your PS4 a broader perspective of the connection and give you excellent bandwidth to your online games. You will have smooth games with the lowest possible ping. However, there is a catch to an open NAT type. It is the exact opposite of what a NAT stands for.

This is not secure at all since it, literally, opens up to the network. With this NAT type, you are giving away your network’s security in return for a lag-free gaming experience. Though it can solve the high ping issue and disconnection issues on your PS4, the open NAT type can render your network type completely vulnerable. 

2. Moderate PS4 NAT Type

This is a leveled NAT type that concentrates between network safety and connections to your PS4 console. NAT type 2 lets users host external connections. This is quite safe and you have nothing to worry about. You will be able to join lobbies, use the party chat, and do other online activities safely. The Moderate NAT type is the real NAT sweet spot. 

3. Strict PS4 NAT Type

The strict NAT type 3 can be used only when you are okay with gaming with a lot of restrictions. When NAT type 3 is enabled, the console will no longer have any security issues but you will not be able to create online lobbies for games, and a firewall is enabled for your PS4.

You will be able to connect with other lobbies and play with other gamers but these gamers will not be able to access your gamer tag and play with you. Do not turn the strict NAT type, unless you wish to prioritize security for your PS4 network.

Finding your PS4’s Network Address Translation type

Before we get into changing the NAT type on your PS4, we need to know what NAT type it is on, currently, in order to switch to a different NAT mode. This can be easily found in your PS4, with the help of the following steps. 

  1. Switch on your PS4 console by pressing the power button on the front. 
  2. From the home page, select Settings and select Network on this page.
  3. Click on the Test Internet Connection option and be patient while the PS4 network analyses the network. This process should only take a few moments to complete. You can also go into the View Connection Status option. 
  4. Navigate to the NAT type option. This will be located at the bottom of the Network settings page. 
  5. While you are at it, make note of your IP address and the Default Gateway. We will need this information to make changes in the NAT type.

How to change NAT Type – PS4?

There is no direct way to switch to a different PS4 NAT type. This setting has to be re-configured in the network router and there is no other way to do this. 

There are three working methods to change the NAT type on PS4 through the network router. They are as follows – 

  1. Enable Universal Plug and Play for your Network Router
  2. Activate the DMZ feature for your router
  3. Configure Port forwarding on your PS4 router

Changing the NAT type on PS4

Since there is no straight way to modify the PS4’s NAT type, you will need to use the network router that provides internet access to your PlayStation 4 console.

The configurations of your router settings can be different from that of other routers. so we suggest checking the router’s instructions manual that can help you figure out the proper settings and other necessary information, that is providing your PlayStation 4 console with an internet connection. 

Your network router and its settings cannot be accessed through your PS4 or any console. You will need a computer to change the settings for your network device. 

Log into a computer and use the following steps to change the NAT type on PS4.  

1. Enable Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) for your Network Router

Our first step to change the PS4 NAT type is to enable UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) on your router. The UPnP is programmed to allot open ports to avoid custom forwarding ports on the network router.

If you do not know how UPnP works, the PS4 requests a port from your router, which uses the UPnP to open one. A major setback is that the UPnP does not let outside networks connect to the PS4 through the router. It has to be a private network. 

The following are the steps to enable the UPnP feature in the router settings. 

  1. Bring up a web browser window on your computer. 
  2. Type in the Default Gateway address in the address bar and open this page. 
  3. You will be asked to log into the router interface. 
Router interface login panel with the Default Gateway address

Type in your login credentials and press the Enter key. This will take you to the Router’s admin panel of your network. 

Router settings interface for the NET Link wireless router
  1. In this interface, you will have to locate the UPnP feature and enable it. We have not given specific steps to find this option as it can differ from one router to another.
UPnP settings in the router interface

For instance, the NETGEAR router has a different interface from that of a TP-Link router. 

Note: The default address can be found in the Network Settings of your PS4. You will have to run a connection test to get this address. 

2. Activate the network’s Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) feature for your router

A Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) network is the median between network security and online multiplayer game performance, & your home network and a public network. The best thing about this feature is that your console will be protected from threats while still being able to host external connections. 

This is the procedure to enable DMZ for your router to change the PS4 NAT type.

  1. Log into your router interface and locate the DMZ option in it. 
DMZ configuration in the router interface
  1. Toggle this feature on and enter the default IP address of your PS4’s network. 
  2. Save these changes and close this window.
  3. Then, boot up your system and go into the settings > Network > View Connection Status. Here, you will be able to see that your NAT type will have changed.

Note: Your default IP addresses can be found in the network settings of the PS4.

3. Configure Port forwarding on your PS4 router

The last method to change your PS4 NAT type is not a guaranteed fix, but it can switch to a different NAT type for your PS4’s network connection. You will have to set custom ports or virtual servers and use these ports to connect to the PS4 and host the network. 

Use these steps to forward specific ports to the network router. 

  1. Sign in to your router interface and navigate to the Port forwarding settings. This could also be titled Virtual Servers, Port Forwarding, or any other phrase that addresses this. 
Virtual server settings in the router settings - change nat type
  1. Here, you have to input your forwarding ports and the following are the values and the types – 
  1. 80 (TCP)
  2. 443 (TCP)
  3. 3478 (TCP and UDP)
  4. 3479 (TCP and UDP)
  5. 3480 (TCP)

Save these changes in the router panel and take a look at the PS4 network settings. 

These are the steps to change your PS4 NAT type with the help of your computer. There is one more method – allotting your network a static IP address. We haven’t included the steps to this since it is a highly unstable process. These steps will be very helpful when you are trying to solve PS4 network issues like the double NAT issue, NAT type failed error, trouble connecting to a network, and eliminate unwanted disconnections. Make sure you choose the NAT type that suits your needs. Happy Online Gaming!


How do I change my NAT Type 2 on PS4?

Users cannot change their console’s NAT type on the PS4 itself. You will have to use a PC to access the router interface and use these steps for changing NAT type on your PS4. Enabling the UPnP setting, Enable DMZ, and set up the port forwarding feature for your network router. 

How do I change my NAT type to open?

For changing NAT type on your PS4 network, you will need a web browser that is logged into the network router’s admin panel/interface. Once you are here, you have to enable a few things like the UPnP feature, DMZ network, and port forwarding tools. 

What NAT type is best for PS4?

The best NAT type for your PS4 has to be decided on the priorities of the user. Open NAT can help you directly connect to a network and enables smooth gameplay but puts your console at a security risk. Moderate NAT type balances the network input between safety and performance. The Strict NAT places a firewall for the network and prioritizes the network security.

Why do I have NAT Type 3 on PS4?

NAT type is very strict and places firewalls for the network. You can connect with other people but they will not be able to get in touch with you through the PlayStation network. For this connection, a router with no forward ports or DMZ is used. This NAT type gives importance to network security and reduces accessibility to online multiplayer lobbies and other external connections.