11 Best Fixes For CE-34878-0 Error On PlayStation (PS)

Games will crash while playing, and an error CE-34878-0 message will show on your screen. The error does not provide any information on why the game crashed. These problems aren’t limited to video games. The CE-34878-0 error code isn’t simply for playing video games on your console.

11 Best Fixes CE-34878-0 Error On Playstation (PS)

The issue can occur when using other apps, such as YouTube. The Error CE-34788-0 can arise when the console does not recognize the exact location of the downloaded data that the game requires, causing the game to crash. If the console is interrupted when installing an update, the great console will become a horror.

Causes of Getting Error CE-34878-0?

Corrupted data created by a malfunctioning storage device on which you put the game/app is the major cause of PS4 error CE-34878-0. It’s usually the PS4’s internal hard disk that wears out. If you’re playing on extended storage, the external HDD may be causing an error CE-34878-0.

PS4 Error CE-34878-0 is a software-level problem that signals data corruption or conflict within your system.

  • Installing or updating a game/application incorrectly.
  • There is a compatibility issue with the latest version of PS4 system software.
  • Your PS4’s hard disk may be full or close to being full.
  • If that’s the case, it’s no surprise that your PS4 is throwing errors.
  • If your PS4 internal storage device is brand new and you believe it is the major suspect, but the error persists, there may be an incompatibility issue with the PS4 system.
  • Some of the PS4’s vital system software files were corrupted or damaged.
  • A damaged PS4 power cord, a faulty PS4 power supply, a faulty power strip/outlet, or even short circuits in a component of your PS4 motherboard can cause an unstable power connection.
  • The storage device where your game/app is installed is broken and requires repair.
  • The CMOS data on the PS4 is corrupted, and it needs to be reset.

Early Diagnosis To fix CE-34878-0 Error On Playstation

It would help if you observed the behavior of your console to diagnose the fault. Keep an eye out for this error and note when it occurs.

  • If PS4 Error CE-34878-0 occurs when the PS4 starts up and the PlayStation home screen loads, you may need to initialize the PS4 or format the internal hard drive.
  • It only happens while you’re playing games or watching movies. When running programs, though, it works perfectly. 
  • This implies that the PS4 graphics card is malfunctioning. Simply connecting it to another monitor would resolve the problem in some circumstances.
  • If this problem only happens when games are installed on an external hard drive, it indicates that the drive is malfunctioning. 
  • It likely has faulty sectors, and you’ll need to format it completely (not quickly). A full format will remove/fix faulty sectors and restore the drive’s lost performance.
  • When you play online and get the error CE-34878-0, it’s most likely because your internet connection has been disrupted.
  • This CE-34878-0 error can also be induced by a sudden power surge or a sudden hardware failure. This is usually a one-time occurrence that does not occur again.
  • Whatever the case, you should read through this tutorial to find a solution to Error Code CE-34878-0 that best meets your needs.

How To Fix Ps4 Error CE-34878-0?

  1. Update The Game Software
  2. Reinstall The Original Hard Drive
  3. Restart The Ps4 Firmware
  4. Update The Ps4 System Software
  5. Contact Playstation Support For Help
  6. Disconnect The PS Camera
  7. Change PS4 Display Settings
  8. Rebuild PS4 Database
  9. Clear the PS4 CMOS Memory
  10. Factory Reset PS4
  11. Initialize PS4

1. Update The Game Software

This isn’t the case for every software or game, but dismissing the notion is akin to disregarding a patch that may help many individuals frustrated by the PS4 CE-34878-0 code while attempting to play their favorite games.

  • Go to the main screen on the PS4 after turning it on.
  • The game that is causing the CE-34878-0 crashes should be highlighted. Select “Check for Update” from the “Options” menu on your Dualshock 4 controller.
 Select "Check for Update"
  • Wait for the system to do an update check. Download and install the latest recent update if one is available.
  • After the download is complete, run the game that caused the crash to see if the fault persists.

Restart The PS4 And Reinstall The Game.

If refreshing the game does not work, you can uninstall and reinstall the game to try again. Before you uninstall the game, you’ll need to save the game data, so you don’t lose your progress.

  • Go to PS4 Settings, then Application Saved Data Management, to manage your saved data.
  • If you need to save it in your PS4 framework, choose Saved Data in System Storage or Saved Data on USB Storage Device if you’ve implanted the USB crash into your PS4.
  • To finish, follow the instructions on your screen.
  • Go to PS4 Settings, then System Storage Management, and then Applications.
System Storage Management
  • Find the game that is causing the problem and highlight it.
applications option
  • Select Delete and Restart Your PS4 from the Options menu.
  • To test whether the game works, reinstall it and try dispatching it.

Refresh The Game, Re-Embed The disk.

  • If you’re messing around on the clique, this method works.
  • Run a clean game uninstallation from your hard drive disk.
  • To turn your PS4 off, power it off.
  • Replace the plate and re-embed it.
  • Updates and games should be reinstalled.

2. Reinstall The Original Hard Drive

A recently upgraded (HDD) may impact the game’s performance. To resolve this issue, replace your PS4’s original HDD.

  • In one of the PS4’s USB ports, plug in the USB stockpiling device reinforcement.
  • Back up and restore your data by going to Settings > System > Backup and Restore.
  • Confirm which details you’d like to have backed up. If you don’t back up your applications, you’ll have to download or reinstall them when/if you eventually reinstall the update you’re building.
  • Customize the reinforcement’s name. When you’ve finished, select BackUp and press the X key.
  • Wait a few moments till the exchange is finished.
  • After the strengthening, connect your PS4 to the first HDD.
  • After establishing your account, try your games again to see if they work.

3. Restart The Ps4 Firmware

Another reason for the event of this issue could be faulty hardware. To reconnect and work again, first restart your PS4 console and controller simultaneously.

  • Completely turn off your PS4 console.
  • Also, turn off your PS4 controller.
  • First, reboot your PS4 system, then your PS4 controller.
  • Open the game that is causing the issue while playing. Check to see if it works this time.

4. Update The Ps4 System Software

In the same way, an out-of-date game can create problems; out-of-date PS4 system software can be problematic. Make sure your PS4 is running the latest firmware.

Updating and checking the system on your console to the latest version is a smart practice that will save you from many problems. Here’s how to see if your PS4 needs a firmware update:

  • Start your PS4 and navigate to the settings menu.
PS4 Settings option
  • Find and select “System Software Update” from the settings menu.
System Software Update
  • The console will then check for system updates when you click. If an updated file is available, download it and install it on your system.
  • Allow the console to finish the download and installation process.
  • If your PS4 has been upgraded to the newest version, you will see a screen similar to the one below.
  • If necessary, press “OK” and restart your console.
  • To see if the BSOD error has been resolved, relaunch the game, triggering it while playing.

5. Contact Playstation Support

If none of the above solutions have helped you solve the problem, you should contact PlayStation Support. You overlooked anything, and you’ll learn about it after contacting PS support.

Contact customer service and describe your issue in detail to an expert. They’ll be able to point out any faults that could be causing your PS4 to display the CE-34878-0 error.

  • On your computer, open your browser.
  • Go to Playstation Support for more information.
  • On the website, you’ll notice options like “Games,” “Account & Security,” etc.
  • The simplest way to locate the answer is to type your query into the search box, such as “CE-34878-0,” and then click Enter on your keyboard.
  • The page will display queries connected to your search when you press Enter.
  • Choose the page’s most relevant query.
  • You’ll see something like this if you search the page:
  • Showing how to get in touch with Playstation support.
  • You’ve already tried all of the suggested solutions and come up empty-handed. Select “PlayStation Support” from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, on the following screen, choose your question. The problem in our instance is that the game keeps crashing. Choose “Games.”
  • “System or hardware” or “Games” are the options.
  • Select “Chatbot” or “Call us” from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page.
  • Selecting one of these alternatives will put you in touch with a PlayStation expert who will assist you in resolving your problem.

6. Disconnect The PS Camera

Using face recognition, you may use the PlayStation camera to log in to your PS4. Utilizing the PS camera, you may easily log in to your PS4 using the face recognition feature, much like any other Android or iOS smartphone.

Turning off this function has reportedly helped some individuals eliminate the CE-34878 PS4 problem. If you’re using facial recognition, try turning it off for a while and playing the game while it’s disabled. If you have the facial recognition feature switched on, it could be worth turning it off for a few minutes.

  • If your PS4 is off, turn it on.
  • Unplug your PlayStation camera and reboot your system if you have one connected to your PS4.
  • Log in to your PlayStation 4 (PS4).
  • Select the “Login Settings” option from the “Settings” menu.
Select the "Login Settings" option
  • Now, go to the box and uncheck Enable Face Recognition option.
  • Run the game causing the issue CE-34878-0 to see if the crashes are still happening.

7.  Change PS4 Display Settings

Changing the PS4 display settings is one of the last workarounds you can try. Display settings might cause problems with your GPU, causing it to crash if a technical problem arises that the GPU cannot handle.

Some users were cable of fixing the problem by manually altering the console display. The PS4 problem CE-34878-0 is caused by a bug in the PS4 display capability. It’s simple to change the display on the PS4:

  • Go to Settings on your PS4.
  • Select “Sound and Screen,” then “Video Output Settings” from the drop-down menu.
"Sound and Screen," then "Video Output Settings
  • “Resolution” should be selected. It will be the initial choice.
  • Change the “Resolution” option from “Automatic” to anything you like.
"Sound and Screen," then "Video Output Settings
  • Start the game triggering CE-34878-0 and see if the problem still exists.
  • If the problem persists, return to the default display in the settings. You might also try decreasing the resolution from 1080p to 720p.

8. Rebuild PS4 Database

You can try rebuilding the PS4 database to fix the annoying PS4 error code CE-34878-0. If you’ve ever used a PC or laptop with Microsoft Windows installed and used the defragment program, rebuilding the PS4 database is the same.

It scans your hard drive for installed material and informs the operating system about the stuff downloaded to the storage device. After you’ve completed the PS4 database, the system will be able to quickly locate the data you need for a specific game or service.

  • It can be used to clear up space on the PS4 and repair several issues that cause the device to slow down.
  • The application builds a new database, including the console’s hard drive content.
  • Turn off your PlayStation 4 and hold the power button for seven seconds.
  • The console will make two beep sounds, one immediately after pushing the power button and the second after holding the power button for seven seconds.
  • Let’s release the power button after hearing the buzzer sound for the second time.
  • Connect your Dualshock 4 controller to your PS4 via a USB cable.
Connect your Dualshock 4 controller to your PS4 via a USB cable.
  • Press the PlayStation button on the controller after it has been connected. “Safe Mode” will be activated on the console.
  • Highlight the “Rebuild Database” option and click the “X” button on your controller once the system reboots into Safe Mode.
 Rebuild PS4 Database
  • Please wait for the console to reload its database as the procedure takes some time.
  • When the task is completed, restart the game and see if the CE-34878 error has been resolved.

9. Clear the PS4 CMOS Memory

To carry out this proposal, you’ll need some savvy. To resolve Error [CE-34878-0] in the PS4 system.

  • You’ll need to wipe the PS4’s CMOS memory to get everything back to normal.
  • Because you must open the PS4 casing and carefully remove the PS4 CMOS battery.
  • Simply put, don’t try it if you can’t do it. Seek the assistance of a knowledgeable specialist.

10. Create a Reset PS4 Backup

Factory resetting the PS4 is one of the things you should do. Because this procedure necessitates a complete startup, you will lose all your data in exchange. 

Even though you will lose all of your data, it can fix various PS4 issues, including crashes and poor performance. Before factory resetting your PlayStation 4, make a backup of your crucial system files.

  • Connect a USB drive to your PlayStation 4. Check to see if the USB is formatted in exFAT or FAT32.
  • Select “System” from the “Settings” menu. Then choose “Back Up and Restore” from the drop-down menu.
  • Then choose “PS4 Backup.”
  • To begin the backup, press “X” on your controller. Choose the files you want to save to your external storage disk.

11. Initialize PS4

Another approach for resolving the PS4 Error CE-34878-0 is to do a PS4 initialization. All existing PS4 data will be deleted, and the system settings and values will be reset to default.

Initialization is similar to installing a new operating system on a computer. If you employ this approach, all your data, including users who have signed into your PS4, will be destroyed. If your PS4 is attached to an external storage device, the data on that drive will not be destroyed.

Create A backup

You are advised to back up any important data you would not want to lose. The system deletes everything on the system storage. It will also remove all data from the storage of all users.

Copy your important system files to the hard drive and ensure you have a backup of everything you don’t want to lose.

  • Plug a USB drive with an exFAT or FAT32 file system into your PS4 console.
  • Go to the “Settings” section of the console and select “System.”
  • Select “Back Up and Restore” from the drop-down menu.
  • in ps4 displaying the backup option
  • Choose the “Back Up PS4” option from the three selections.
  • To begin the backup, hit the “X” button on your controller when it is highlighted.
  • Connect your PS4 to an external hard disc or USB device and copy crucial files to your storage drive.

Initialize Playstation 4

  • Go to Settings on your PS4’s main screen.
  • Select “Initialization” and “Initialize PS4” from the drop-down menu.
Initialize Playstation 4
  • Explain how to set up your PS4 in two ways: Quick and full.
  • To do a fast initialization, select the “Quick” option.
Initialize Playstation 4 Quick
  • If you turn off your console during initialization, you may encounter the CE-34788-0 issue, which is extremely difficult to resolve.
  • Back up data from the external hard disc after activation.


PS4 Error Code CE-34878-0 is an error that causes your game to crash unexpectedly. Multiple users have reported this problem when playing Witcher 3, The Sims, Fortnite, Monopoly Plus, etc. I have shown you 11 of the best ways to fix Error CE-34878-0 on PlayStation (PS) in this guide. Besides exercising caution with some solutions, others are simple and easy to perform.


How Do I Fix Error CE-34878-0?

You’ll need to restart the game if you get an error CE-34878-0. Remove any PS Cameras attached to the system, reboot them, and disable Enable Face Recognition. Select Settings from the PlayStation home screen.
Choose a user. Choose the Login Options button. Uncheck the box following to Enable Face Recognition.

Why Do My Ps4 Games Keep Crashing?

Some are linked to software difficulties, such as improper game installation/updates and a conflict between two different games/apps.
In contrast, others are linked to a malfunctioning hardware component, such as a faulty hard drive. To be more explicit, the following are the causes of PS4 crashing.

How Do I Get Rid Of Error Code CE-34878-0?

The application has encountered an error. Close the application and restart the PC after installing the latest System Software and game updates. If your system’s Hard Disk Drive (“HDD”) has been upgraded, please reinstall the original HDD.

How Do I Clear My Ps4 Cache?

Unplug the PS4’s power cable after the PS4’s power light in the front stops flashing. Reconnect the power cord after waiting at least 30 seconds.
Load the game for which you wish to erase the cache, then press and hold the L1 + R1 buttons while the game is loaded. The game’s cache will be cleared as a result of this action.