4 Best Solutions For CE-30005-8 PS4 Error

The CE-30005-8 error code appears on your PS4 display when you try to run your favorite games on the PlayStation 4 console. There are a lot of error codes that can show up and all of them are equally annoying.

CE-30005-8 PS4 Error

Let’s start with one issue at a time and first address the CE-30005-8 error code. This article has everything you will need to know and the solutions to fix the CE-30005-8 PS4 issue. Let’s get started!

What causes the CE-30005-8 PS4 error?

The real cause of the CE-30005-8 PS4 error is a hardware malfunction with your device. The issue can be caused by three different parts of the PS4: the console’s internal and external storage devices, as well as the Blu-Ray/DVD player.

This makes it important to analyze each of these devices separately. If you do not know how to, it is always a good idea to take your console to an authorized service center.

PlayStation storage unit hardware

The CE-30005-8 error code on your PS4 indicates hardware issues, particularly on the hard disc drive. As you may be aware, the PlayStation 4 hard drives are most likely experiencing major performance issues.

Solutions for the CE-30005-8 PS4 error

  1. Workaround for the Blu-ray
  2. Remove the Game Data and Restore it later
  3. Try Rebuilding the Database for your PS4
  4. Get a new PS4 Storage Unit

Fixing the CE-30005-8 PS4 error

Workaround for the Blu-ray

Trying to launch a game through the PlayStation 4’s Blu-ray/DVD player can force the PS4 CE-30005-8 error code. The procedure for you to follow right after noticing this symptom is to check for damages to the disk. This is so because this issue shows up only when a disc drive containing the game files is inserted and the console is prompted to read the disc.

Bluray player on the PlayStation

This is the little technique that you can try when the Blu-ray/DVD player has a

  • The first step here is to remove the disc from your console. There are two methods to eject a disc from the PS4 console. You can either use the Eject button on the front of the console or you can choose the Remove Disc option in the DualShock 4 Options button menu.
  • Once the disc is ejected, take it out and wipe the disc with a soft, clean, and dry microfiber cloth. Check for scratches or thumbprints on the shiny under part of the disc.
  • When the disc is free of dust and prints, place it back on the disc tray and run the game. If it does not, you might have to get a new game disc.

If the same issue exists on your PS4’s external hard drive, you will have to connect it to a computer and check if there are some issues with it. For instance, you can run a few scans on your system, including the System File Checker (SFC).

You just have to connect the hard drive to your system, open the Administrator: Command Prompt window and run the following commands –

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
sfc /scannow

Remove the Game Data and Restore it later

The first solution for this issue is to delete all the information you have on your PS4 hard drive and restore it again. You might need to make a backup of your console data if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription. The backup can be made to online cloud storage or an external hardware storage device.

Once the backup is complete and you are ready to do it, follow these steps on your PlayStation 4 console –

  • Go to the PS4 homepage and press the Up button on your DualShock 4 controller’s D-pad. This will launch the Function menu.
  • Once the Settings window appears, navigate to the Application Saved Data Management option and push the X button to select it.
  • Now, choose the Saved Data in System Storage option.
  • Locate the game that is not running properly on your console and once it is highlighted, push the Options button. In the small pop-up choose the Delete option.
  • Once this game’s data has been wiped, you can use the Application Saved Data Management page to restore the deleted data once again.

After following these steps, check if there are any issues while running the game. If you are okay with making the game progress from scratch again, you need not restore the data. This is not something you’d want to do if you have made in-game purchases using actual currency as they can be lost too.

Try Rebuilding the Database for your PS4

There is an option in the PS4 Operating System (OS) interface that allows the users to build the console database again, Rebuilding the database on your PlayStation 4 informs the OS of the location where the installed information is stored on the PS4 hard drive.

After this procedure is completed, your console will have an easier time finding the data it requires for a certain game or service. This will give you a console that responds to your prompts faster and offers a speedier boot duration.

This is the procedure to rebuild the PS4 database –

  • Push the PS4 power button to switch off your console.
  • Again, push the power button and hold it till you hear the two small beeps. This will launch your system into PS4 Safe Mode.
  • Link the DualShock 4 controller to the PS4 console and push the PS button, located between the two analog sticks.
  • In the menu that appears, choose the Rebuild Database option.

This is a long process and it is important that it does not get interrupted. Make sure that the console does not power down by providing it with an uninterrupted supply of power. This process duration can range from a few minutes to several hours depending on the contents and the type of the PS4 hard drive.

Get a new PS4 Storage Unit

The final solution would cost you a bit of money but this can definitely help with fixing the PS4 error code CE-30005-8. You will have to upgrade the hard drive or replace it with another one to fix this issue.

This is something you do not want to risk doing yourself since a lack of previous experience regarding dismantling and reassembling a PS4 console can cause damage potentially.

120 GB Solid State Drive

You will need three different kinds of storage units for a PS4 –

  • 1 or 2 TB hard drive to store your game files in. Using Solid State Drives (SSD) can really give your PS4 a performance and boot-up duration boost.
  • Any USB drive to make backups of the game data
  • A USB drive with a smaller capacity to store PS4 updates

If you were to do it yourself, you will need to know that there are four screws on the back of the PS4 console and you will be able to remove them with the help of a T8 Torx screwdriver to do so. It is also very important for you to know that once the stickers, that cover the screws on your console are removed, you will void the PS4 of its store warranty.

You can use these solutions when the PS4 console shows you the CE-30005-8 error code while trying to launch a game. You can try contacting PlayStation customer support, if these steps do not help you.