6 Fixes: Can’t Set Chrome As Default Browser Windows 10

With a variety of browsers now available for all systems, users tend to look out for more popular and versatile ones. Among them, Google Chrome has stood out in several aspects. It has been able to outdo several other browsers, including Microsoft Edge, which was among the first few browsers that were introduced. 

Fix Can't Set Chrome As Default Browser Windows 10

With a lot of advancements, Google Chrome has almost taken over and has come in the top tier. A majority of the time, Microsoft Edge is the default browser for Windows, and since it has become more obsolete and slow, people usually prefer Google Chrome over it. 

Can’t set Chrome as default browser Windows 10? We couldn’t too. And then we came upon this article and it has changed our browsing experience completely.

Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers which was developed in 2008 by Google. Initially, this browser was developed for Microsoft Windows only, however, with the progress and its growing popularity, it was made available for other systems as well. 

Since there, the browser has been gaining more and more users regularly. Regardless of its versatility, while initially setting up Windows 10, Google Chrome is not the default browser

Set Google Chrome As Default Browser

Due to the various problems that individuals face while using Microsoft Edge as their default browser, they would want to change it to Google Chrome. However, while doing so, the users have also found it difficult to do so. 

Users are compelled to open the browser manually. Moreover while clicking on links, a different default browser, which is Microsoft Edge automatically opens. Nevertheless, there are several ways how to set chrome as the default browser, especially on Windows 10

How To fix the Can’t set chrome as default browser windows 10 issue

  1. Setting it to default after installation
  2. Chrome application settings
  3. Update Google Chrome browser
  4. Through Command Prompt
  5. Reset Settings
  6. Use Registry

Setting it to default after installation

After you have downloaded Google Chrome, you will have to install it as well before starting to use it. Hence, before you launch the application on Windows 10, you will be asked whether you would want to set the browser as default. 

You can simply click on Yes and Google Chrome will be set as the default browser. You need not worry if you click on “No” after the installation. A majority of the time, as soon as you open the browser, you will be getting a pop-up message to set it as your default browser. 

Set Google Chrome as default browser

This is one of the simplest ways of setting chrome as the default browser in Windows 10. It is considered an easy way also because most of the time Windows 10 does not have preinstalled internet browsers except Microsoft Edge. 

Hence, if you have already used Chrome in the past and would want to use it again, setting it as the default browser after installation is much more convenient. 

Chrome Application Settings

If you have missed out on the opportunity to set Chrome as the default browser after installing it on Windows 10. You can also easily do so through the application settings. 

After you launch Chrome on your computer, you can follow these steps to change it to default through the application settings

  • Open Google Chrome 
  • On the top right corner of the browser, there are three dots, click on those dots. 
Chrome application settings
  • A drop-down menu will be visible, from which you’ll have to select “Settings”
  • Then click on the “Default browser” option
Set as default browser
  • Select “Make default.”

With the help of this method, it becomes easier for you set the browser as default if you are not getting the pop-up messages as well. 

This is also considered as one of the easiest ways how to set chrome as the default browser, especially if you were not able to do it after the installation process. 

Update Google Chrome Browser

The above-mentioned solution might not be helpful for you in case the application is outdated. Sometimes Google Chrome fails to show certain application settings if it hasn’t been updated in a while. 

This is why it is necessary to check whether the browser is running on the latest version or not. Additionally, after you update the application, it will also automatically restart, and launching it again will help you fix the problem. 

You can easily update the browser by following these steps

  • Open Chrome 
  • Click on the three dots on the top right corner
image 10 248
  • Select the “Help” option from the drop-down menu
  • Click on “About Google Chrome.”
Google Chrome Update from application settings
  • If there is an update available, it will get automatically start downloading. 

You will also be able to different colors in the icon itself if the update is pending. Those colors indicate how long the update has been available.

Chrome usually shows three colors, red, orange, and green. Red means the update has been available for more than 7 days, orange means for 4 days. Lastly, green means the new update has been available for the past 2 days. 

After the updated version is downloaded, the browser automatically restarts. This helps in relaunching the application and the opened tabs will also be recovered. This method is useful in refreshing the browser so that it is set as the default again. 

Through Command Prompt

Most of the time, you can change several settings on your Windows 10 through the help of Command Prompt. It is a very easy and convenient way of changing the settings. Similarly, this option can be used to set Google Chrome as the default browser as well. 

  • To open the Run Prompt, Press “Windows” and “R”. 
  • After the Run Prompt appears on the screen, type “cmd” and press Enter. 
Command Prompt for default settings
  • Once you do that, paste this explorer.exe shell:::{17cd9488-1228-4b2f-88ce-4298e93e0966} -Microsoft.DefaultPrograms\pageDefaultProgram
Command Prompt for Chrome
  • Then click on Enter

Through this method, you do not have to manually change the browser settings to set it as the default one. Moreover, sometimes the issue lies on the Windows settings as well. This method helps in resolving it and modifying the settings directly through the Command Prompt.

Reset Settings

Fixing the issue or setting Chrome as the default browser might not work through the Command Prompt alone. During those times, the best option is to reset the Microsoft settings.

This option allows us to reset all the default settings, especially the applications. It can be done through the Windows settings themselves. 

  • To open the settings click on “Windows” and “I”
  • Select the “Apps” option and click on “Default Apps”
  • On the next menu, which is “Reset to the Microsofts Recommended Defaults”, select “Reset”
  • After the confirmation, you can go through the Web Browser option.
Reset default applications
Reset default browser

After following these steps, you can also check whether the issue has been fixed or not. You can click on any link and it will automatically open from Google Chrome

Use Registry 

There may be cases when you are unable to fix the issue of setting Google Chrome as the default browser. Other methods, like updating the application, changing the application settings or the computer settings also might not help. 

Hence, you can use a registry which will help in the configuration of Google Chrome and help you set it as the default browser. Although this method might be slightly different from the rest, it has been considered a very useful option in fixing this problem. 

You will have to download the registry file on the computer first. After it has been downloaded you will have to use the file extractor to extract it. Run the “setChrome8” file after that, which will help you set Google Chrome as the default browser


Google Chrome is the most versatile browser, and due to its various features, one of them being a user-friendly interface, individuals would want to set it as their default browser. 

Since Windows 10 has Microsoft Edge as the default browser a majority of the time, these methods will help the users easily set Chrome as their default browser. The application settings or the Microsoft settings themselves can fix this issue. 

Most of these methods can be used either if the user wants to set Chrome as the default browser or is unable to. These methods are easy for the individuals to run through and the issue can be resolved without any difficulty.