Can’t Send Text Messages From Android? 8 Best Fixes

Can't Send Text Messages From Android

If you’re suddenly having trouble sending SMS messages on your Android phone, calm down, we’ve got your back. These fixes could get things working right again.

What to do When You Can’t Send Text Messages From Android?

If you can’t send messages on your Android device, here’s what you should try

  • Check if you’ve sufficient balance 
  • Confirm that you’ve got enough carrier signal
  • Verify that you are sending to the right phone number
  • Unblock the receiver’s phone number
  • Re-configure your phone settings
  • Restart, and as a last resort, factory reset your device

Failure to deliver messages is a frustrating experience. Seeing the red icon or reading “message not sent” will certainly ruin your day. You wanted to text something really important, and now you have grave sadness on your face.

Adding insult to injury, you may not be receiving text messages. But you don’t have to worry; breathe it out as we explain all the nits and grits of fixing this error. 

Check your Airtime

You may be sending a hefty message for which you don’t have sufficient airtime. So in the first go to, check your airtime.  

  • Dial *225# or #BAL for AT & T, Verizon, or T-mobile to receive a text message telling you your remaining balance if you’re a prepaid user 
  • For postpaid users, download your mobile carrier application 

Look for Carrier Connectivity

Carrier connectivity is essential to send a message. In the countryside and hilly areas, getting good mobile signals is grasping at straws. To check carrier connectivity:

  • Look at the top right corner. You will see bars that show your carrier signal. 
  • Move to a different location if your signal is too low or none.       
low signal

SIM card Errors

Your SIM card may have malfunctioned, or liquid damage may have occurred. As a result, a NO SIM CARD error will appear on your screen, as shown below. 

No SIM Card

To fix this error:

  • Use a pinned ejector to pull out the SIM Card tray
  • Inspect for dust particles and clean your tray. Reinsert your SIM and check if the error goes away
  • Insert your friend’s SIM Card into your phone and check for connectivity
  • If this works, then it means your SIM has broken down. Get a replacement SIM Card immediately.
  • However, if even your friend’s SIM card doesn’t work, your phone’s internals has been damaged. Visit your nearest store.

Roaming not activated

Most carriers do not provide free-of-cost connectivity in foreign countries. So if you’re in a foreign country, resolve the issue by

  •   Contacting the carrier using the application to activate a roaming data plan  

Mobile Carrier servers are down

Network towers and carrier servers undergo repairs once in a while. To verify

  • Call your carrier to talk to a representative. Ask the call agent if the network is operational in your area.

Verify that you are texting to a valid phone number

You may have misheard the phone number from another person. Here are a few things that should be part and parcel of a valid phone number:

  • The total number of digits in a US-based phone number is 11
  • The first digit represents the US Country code which is +1. The next three digits show the mobile subscriber code, and the last seven digits represent a specific person’s caller ID.
Valid Phone Number

Unblock the receiver’s phone number

You may have blocked the receiver’s phone number. To unblock, follow these steps:

  • Open the phone application.
  • Tap on the three dots icon on the right and then click Settings
  • Press Block numbers on the top. A list will appear if you find your receiver’s number. Then congrats, you have resolved the issue! Click on the (-) icon to unblock the number
 Block numbers

Re-configure your phone settings

Many software errors are responsible for the failure to deliver messages. Here are some of the most common fixes:

Clear Messages Cache and Data

To clear messages Cache and data:

  • Open Settings and swipe down to open Apps
  • Now search Messages
  • Swipe down and click on Storage
  • Finally, tap Clear Data and Clear Cache 
 Clear Data and Clear Cache

Pro Tip: Turn on delivery reports

A confirmation message telling that your message has been delivered to the receiver gives peace to the heart. On Whatsapp, a double blue tick depicts this confirmation. But can you do the same for Text Messages? The good news is, Yes, the feature can be activated on the latest android phones. To turn on delivery reports:

  • Open the messages app and then click on the three dots icon
  • Go to Settings< More Settings< Text Messages 
  • Next to Show when delivered, swipe right to turn it on
Show when delivered

Disable Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode turns off all the connectivity of your device. To switch off the airplane mode:

  • Swipe down from the top of your screen and click on the settings icon
  • Tap Connections and turn off Flight mode if it is enabled
 Flight mode

Perform a system update

Software bugs can cause errors, from messages not being sent to preventing users from saving images on Android 11. To check for software updates:

  • Open Settings and then scroll down to Software Update
  • Click on Download and Install to update your phone right away  
Download and Install

Check SMSC

Short Message Service Center or SMSC is in charge of dealing with all the services related to messaging. Each service provider has its unique code that aids the process. 

Follow these steps to set a short message center number on your phone:

  • Search on Google the SMSC of your mobile carrier and write it down. You will need it later.
  • Open Messaging app.
  • Tap on the 3-line (or 3-dot menu).
  • Click on Settings and then go to More Settings
More Settings
  • N.ow tap on Text Messages and then click on the Message centre
 Message centre

Every mobile carrier has a different cell phone tower network and operators at a distinct radio frequency. These settings are conveyed to the mobile phone by setting the APN settings. Misconfigured APN settings can cause a failure to deliver messages. In this case, to reset your APN settings:

  • Open Settings<Mobile Networks<Access Point Names<Tap three dots on the right <Click reset to default
Reset to default

Now ask your service provider to send you a configuration message and click on it to set your APN settings.

Reset Network settings

Resetting Network settings is the last-ditch effort. To reset your network settings:

  • Follow the pathway:

Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options > Reset network settings

  • Click Reset Network Settings
Reset Settings

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Open My Messages?

To open your messages
– Tap the messages app from the home screen. Unread messages will appear on the top.
– Click on the message to read it in detail and reply.

Can You Send Text Messages From The Android Tablet?

Most Android tablets do not have mobile carrier support. So you cannot send or receive any text messages. But you can use social media apps to exchange messages on an Android tablet.

How Can I Access My Text Messages Online?

Text messages can only be accessed online by using Google Messages app to backup all your messages. After that, you can access messages online by visiting Google Messages for Web and scanning your QR Code to verify your identity.

Why Can’t I Receive Text Messages From One Person On My Android?

Text messages will not be received from one person when you have placed them on your blocklist. Unblock the person to send and receive messages on your Android smartphone.

Why Can’t I Send A Text From My IPad To An Android Phone?

iPad does not have a SIM service, so it cannot be used to send text messages to an Android phone. However, you can install applications like Whatsapp to communicate using an internet connection.