Can’t Log In to Facebook Account? Here’s What to Do!

Can't Log In to Facebook Account

Can’t log in to Facebook account? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you regain access! In this comprehensive troubleshooting guide, we explore common causes behind login issues and provide step-by-step solutions to resolve them. Discover how to recover your account and get back to connecting with friends and family.

Solutions for the Can’t Log In to Facebook Account Error

  1. Check the Facebook Server Availability
  2. Use the Forgot Account option
  3. Delete the Browser Cache and Cookies
  4. Disable your VPN
  5. Contact Facebook Support

What do I do when I cannot log in to my Facebook account?

Check the Facebook Server Availability

Verify if Facebook’s servers are up and running by checking the Facebook Status Page or official social media accounts for any reported issues or outages. Platforms like DownDetector are also recommended. Alternatively, you can just reload the pages to check if the servers are back online. 

Use the Forgot Account option

If you can’t log in to your Facebook account:

  • Go to the Facebook login page.
  • Click “Forgot Account?”.
  • Enter your email/phone number associated with the account.
  • Follow the prompts for account recovery (email, phone, or Trusted Contacts).
  • Reset your password to regain access.

Delete the Browser Cache and Cookies

To delete the browser cache and cookies, follow these steps:

  • Open your web browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari).
  • Access the browser’s settings or options. This can usually be found in the top-right corner as three vertical dots or three horizontal lines.
  • Look for “History” or “Privacy & Security” in the settings menu.
  • Within the history or privacy settings, find the option to clear browsing data or clear cache and cookies.
  • Select the time range (e.g., “Last hour,” “Last 24 hours,” “All time”) for which you want to delete the data. If you want to clear everything, choose “All time.”
  • Check the boxes next to “Cache” and “Cookies” to delete these items from your browser.
  • Click on “Clear data” or “Clear” to confirm and delete the browser cache and cookies.

The process may vary slightly depending on the browser you are using, but the general steps should be similar.

Disable your VPN

To disable your VPN, follow these general steps:

  • Go to your device’s settings.
  • Look for the “Network & Internet” or “Connections” option, depending on your device.
  • Within the network settings, find and select “VPN” or “Virtual Private Network.
  • You should see a list of installed VPN profiles. Tap on the toggle switch next to your VPN profile to turn it off.
  • If prompted for confirmation, select “OK” or “Turn Off” to disable the VPN.

After disabling your VPN, your device will no longer route internet traffic through the VPN server, and you should be able to access the internet and apps without using the VPN’s network.

Contact Facebook Support

If you can’t log into your Facebook account, visit the Facebook Help Center or the Help Community for assistance. You can contact Facebook Support through the Help Center by selecting the relevant category, or seek help in the Help Community by posting your issue. Be patient while waiting for a response.

With the solutions outlined in this guide, you can overcome the challenge of logging in to your Facebook account. Safeguard your access and enjoy seamless interactions with your social circle. By following the provided steps, you’ll be able to recover your Facebook account and resume sharing moments, messages, and memories with your online community.