Cannot execute, download, edit or save a Java Vuser script migrated to ALM-PC 11.00

Cannot execute, download, edit or save a Java Vuser script migrated to ALM-PC 11.00

Using ALM-PC 11.00 Patch 4v2 to test a script migrated from PC 9.52 to a PC 11.00 test project. The project was migrated using the HP-ALM – Performance Center Migration Tool – Version 5.00.

When attempting to run the first load test with PC 11.00 and using a migrated script, PC 11.00 failed to copy all the test script files to the Load Generators. Consequently the Vusers showed errors and the load test failed to run. Further investigation shows that a script_name.asc file is missing from the migrated script folder. Trying to save the script to the local file system in PC 11.00 VuGen also throws the error

Failed to copy file C:DOCUME~1 <snip> script_name.asc

The ALM-Performance Center Migration Tool version 5.00 fails to handle the .asc file contained in a Java Vuser script folder. Consequently any file with a .asc suffix will not be migrated to PC 11.00 correctly.

A possible workaround:

1. Open the problematic script PC 9.52 using VuGen 9.52.

2. Export the script to a Vugen zip and save it to a local file system.

3. Copy the zip to a Vugen 11.00 machine. Login to ALM-PC Test Plan and use Upload VuGen Scripts to upload the zip to PC 11.00.

4. Open the script in Vugen 11.00, edit if necessary and save it to the PC 11.00 Test Plan. The scripts will now work correctly in PC 11 and can be opened and downloaded to the local filesystem with Vugen.

A fix is also available for the PC 11.00 Migration Tool. Install the attached MigrationLogic.dll into the bin folder of the PC 11 Migration Tool and rerun the migration again.

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