Best Ways To Cancel Spotify Premium On Android App

Spotify is a fantastic entertainment and podcasting content provider, with over 82 million tunes and 3.2 million episodes accessible for an affordable fee. Spotify’s advertisement-supported membership also appeals to us who can’t comprehend the different subscription plans. What if you’ve previously successfully registered and would like to cancel your subscription?

 Perhaps you’re just sick of listening to similar remixes again and again, or you’ve changed your mind about giving up on the entertainment that music gave you for Lent and would like to listen to the natural sounds alternatively. 

cancel spotify premium on android app

If you’re a Spotify Premium Subscription user, you might also want to drop your subscription at some point, just because you’ve switched to another platform or you don’t use it sufficiently to match the expense.

Regardless what is your purpose for canceling your Spotify subscription, it’s a simple procedure that will need only a few moments. Users will not be able to terminate their subscription via Spotify on pc or mobile phones. 

Spotify still wants to be your friend (or, in the particular instance of a basic account, your information, and your ad income), so what barriers do they erect to prevent you from canceling it? Don’t worry; we’ll show you well how to deactivate your Spotify subscription or basic membership in this post.

How to cancel Spotify premium on android app?

how to cancel Spotify premium on android app?
  • Go over to the website where you can sign up for the service.
  • Users can terminate their membership underneath the Subscription and payment.
  • If you’re canceling because of an offer, choose Different explanations.
  • CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION can be found by clicking the button.
  • In the text box, fill your username and password.

Can I cancel Spotify Premium on my smartphone or tablet?

To delete your Spotify Subscription plan, choose to Turn off Auto-renewal from the options. At the edge of the following paying period, your subscription will be terminated. If you purchased a Spotify subscription thru a source apart from apple, you must approach that organization to terminate your subscription.

What happens when you cancel Spotify Premium?

What happens when you cancel Spotify Premium?

All user information, including stored songs and albums, will remain when you deactivate. Although Free, users can access them in shuffling style (but not on the laptop application). You can re-install your songs for detached internet use after renewing your Premium subscription.

Why can’t I cancel my Spotify subscription?

You may well have purchased Spotify premium via the apple phone or iPad application if you don’t see an unsubscribe button. You will need to terminate your membership through iTunes. Apple manages your membership.

How do I cancel my free trial on Spotify?

Cancel Premium
  • Go to the website where you can sign up for a subscription.
  • You can terminate your premium account under Subscription and payment.
  • If you’re canceling because of an offer, choose Different factors. Proceed by pressing the CONTINUE button.
  • CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION can be found by clicking the button.
  • In the text box, fill in your credentials. 
  • Select SPOTIFY PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION, and it will be canceled.

How do I change my Spotify account on the app?

Your Spotify transactions are completely in your hands, and you may make changes at any moment.

  • Go to the profile page and sign in.
  • From the left-hand menu, choose Subscription.
  • Select UPDATE next to the Payment option.
  • Enter the information for your form of payment at the upper edge.
  • To verify your payment information, choose PAYMENT DETAILS.

How do I know when my Spotify Premium ends?

Sign in to your profile page and choose Subscription from the menu on the left side to know more details about your membership. You can find the following information here: Verify the validity of your membership (Premium or Free). Make sure you know who is in charge of your membership (Spotify, iTunes, your broadband provider, etc.)

Can you keep music downloaded from Spotify?

Can you keep music downloaded from Spotify?

No, because one of the core aspects of Premium membership is the option to download tracks for internet disconnection listening; you’ll continue on membership for the balance of the period you purchased for, but this will switch to Basic afterward. You can keep all of your downloaded tunes but not play them.

What happens if I cancel my Spotify premium subscription early?

You can terminate your membership at any point throughout the quarter (or three months), and your profile will remain VIP for the duration of your membership.

If you terminate your premium membership the day before the next billing date, you will not be billed for the rest of the month, and your profile will revert to a free basic service.

Do you lose downloaded music if you cancel Spotify?

Afterward canceling your membership, you will probably lose access to any offline music you installed while on subscription and the ability to listen to 320kbps music on Spotify. Spotify audio files are also DRM-protected, meaning they can only be streamed on Spotify’s streaming platforms.

Can you delete Spotify accounts?

Spotify’s mobile applications do not have the right to withdraw profiles, and the profile termination URLs formerly accessible online have been removed. Alternatively, you’ll need to contact Spotify Support and demand that your profile be deleted.

How do you stop Spotify from playing?

This may be found by going to Spotify’s main page and hitting the ‘playing list’ tab at the top left. Then select all the tracks by pressing Ctrl+A on a tune in the playing list (don’t repeat clicking!) and pressing the delete button. Your playing list will be cleared.

How do I get to the subscription page on Spotify?

Cancel Premium

Go to your user profile and choose Membership from the left-hand menu. You can use this page to verify the validity of your membership (Vip or Basic). Make sure you know who is in charge of your account subscription (Spotify, Apple music, your interconnection provider, etc.)

How do I change my Spotify email on the app?

This indicates that your Spotify profile has been linked to the email account linked with your Facebook profile, and Spotify will not allow you to modify it.

  • Modify your email id
  • Go to the account settings and sign in.
  • Update PROFILE should be selected.
  • Put your username in the field Email.
  • Password confirmation
  • SAVE PROFILE should be selected afterward.

How do I delete Spotify from the app?

This is how to uninstall Spotify after you’ve terminated your membership:

  • Open a web browser and navigate to the Spotify webpage, where you can register if needed.
  • First, from the submenu, choose Help.
  • In the search field, enter “delete Spotify account” or “cancel Spotify account.”
  • From the slide option, choose “Cancel service.”

How do I pay Spotify Premium with Maxis?

Maxis, please cancel my Spotify membership. You can terminate your subscription using one of the options listed below. Customer Service will take care of your inquiry and inform you once your membership has been canceled. Dial 123 for any assistance.

Does Spotify Premium Trial cancel automatically?

Cancel Trial Premium

The Spotify free or discounted trials can not be discontinued automatically; however, because it is free, you will not be billed until you provide credit card information. You can terminate your membership if you provide billing information: If you stop your membership, your profile will return to the Basic grade.

Alternatively, you will immediately be a premium subscriber of the Premium Subscription Service at the edge of your Complimentary Trial Period, and the card information you entered will be billed the current Spotify Paid membership rate monthly unless you terminate your Paid membership.

Is it easy to cancel Spotify?

You’ll need to switch to Spotify Free as you are looking forward to terminating your Premium membership. Then it will verify your cancellation of the subscription model.

‘Yes, Quit’ is the option to choose. If your Spotify VIP membership has run out, you can look out at the upper headings on how to deactivate your account.

How do you cancel Spotify Premium on iPhone 8?

Automatic Renewal
  • Head to Settings on your ios device.
  • Hit iTunes and App Store at the bottom of the page. It’s right beside a blue emblem with a white A inside a white circle.
  • Select your Apple ID.
  • Select View Apple ID.
  • Subscriptions can be found by scrolling below
  • Switch to Spotify.
  • Select terminate membership from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Confirm.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Account on Web Browser?

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Account on Web Browser?

However, you can’t handle or cancel a Spotify user account from the Android, iPhone, Mac, or Windows apps; instead, you’ll have to use a web browser to access the account administration webpage. You can cancel your Spotify premium membership using a phone app, but the simplest way is to use a pc or laptop to connect to Spotify.

The profile administration page in the Spotify phone application is not easily accessible. Signing in on the Spotify webpage is the best way to go to the profile management page on a phone or desktop:

  • Load your preferred web browser or google chrome, go to spotify.com, and then select Sign in on the upper right side.
  • Sign in to your Spotify profile with the details from the profile you’d like to delete. The site will redirect you to the Spotify online player when logged in.
  • You may access the Account Overview page by choosing your username in the browser player and choosing Account from the navigation menu that pops up.
  • Swipe until you see the Change plan or Available plans option on the Accounts Main screen. You’ll be taken to the Possible Outcome page after tapping the Change plan option.
  • . On the next page, scroll down to the Spotify Free section
  • Hit the Cancel Premium option at the bottom of the Suggested Plans page.
  • Swipe down to the option that reads Proceed to stop on the screen that appears following hitting Cancel Premium.
  • When you click Proceed to terminate, Spotify will redirect you to a different page where you can attempt to maintain your subscription. Proceed to withdraw once more by scrolling down to the bottom of this display.
  • Spotify gives you two choices in the final approval section: Yes, terminate or Return to the account. Choose Yes, terminate to cancel your subscription.

Spotify will offer you moderately entertaining and highly manipulative humor after you have verified your cancellation, likely in an attempt to persuade you to reconsider your decision.

How to terminate a free Spotify account on the web browser?

Spotify, like the premium membership account, doesn’t allow users to discontinue their free membership from within the application; instead, they should do it via an internet browser. In the following paragraph, we’ll walk you through all of the cancellation procedures on a web browser, but the method is similar on a cell phone.

 terminate a free Spotify account on the web browser

The procedure for canceling a basic Spotify account differs slightly from canceling a paid subscription. Still, for simplicity, we’ll begin with the Spotify online web player (follow the premium cancellation procedure till you proceed with step two). Follow these instructions once you’ve signed into the online web player:

  • Choose Support at the upper edge of the display to get to the support section.
  • Search for and select User profile after you’ve arrived at the support page.
  • On the Account settings display, choose Ending Your Registration. To terminate your membership, Spotify will walk you through five stages.
  • On the screen that reads, “Sure you need to close?” choose the Close account option.
  • You’ll be requested to verify that you’re closing the right account. After you’ve reviewed your data, tap on the Next button. This one will send you to a screen called “What You Need to Know,” which lists all the data that will be destroyed.
  • When you choose the Proceed option upon what you have to know screen, Spotify will drop an email confirming your cancellation.
  • Check for a mail by Spotify with the heading “Kindly clarify you want to delete your Registered Spotify account” in your mailbox and click it.
  • To verify your cancellation, click the Spotify mail and click the CLOSE MY ACCOUNT option.
  • Spotify will display a webpage, deliver an unsatisfactory automated mail regarding your cancellation, and invite you to rethink.

Final Thoughts

If you can’t shut your Registered Spotify account or can’t find an alternative, Spotify suggests approaching customer service and demanding that the subscription be deleted.

Congratulations! You can now go over your choices. Qobuz and Apple Music are great options for greater-resolution music. Even the top cellphones nowadays don’t have wired headphones jacks, so you’ll need some additional gear if you want to hear on the move.


Where Is The Subscription Page On Spotify?

Go to your user profile and choose Membership from the left-hand menu. You can use this page to verify the validity of your membership (Vip or Basic). Make sure you know who is in charge of your account subscription.

How Do I Manage My Subscriptions On Spotify?

Go to Spotify’s website (spotify.com/account) and sign in. Select CHANGE PLAN underneath your membership plan. CANCEL PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION can be found under Spotify Free.

Why Can’t I Cancel Spotify Premium On My Phone?

You may have registered for your Spotify subscription through a third-party provider, such as Apple music or an internet service provider if you do not see a cancellation button on your Spotify account settings. If that’s the case, you must approach the integrated payment provider.

How To Cancel Spotify Premium On The Android Mobile App?

– Please log in to your profile.
– Go over to the Account page after logging in.
– Hit or select Change Plan in the Your plan sectiScroll down to Spotify Basic and press or select Cancel Premium on the following panel.