How To Cancel Paramount Plus? 7 Best Ways To Do It

One of the most popular platforms is Paramount Plus. After acquiring a premium subscription, users can view their favorite TV series, movies, and other content on Paramount Plus. It also provides a free seven-day trial to users. You can cancel paramount plus having free access to all paid content on Paramount Plus during the trial time.

cancel paramount plus

You can decide whether or not to purchase the Paramount Plus subscription after the trial period ends. You can also cancel the subscription at any time with Paramount Plus. If you have a Paramount Plus subscription and no longer want to pay for premium plans, you can cancel your account.

It’s simple to revoke a Paramount Plus subscription, but the steps vary depending on the device and whether the subscription was set up through Paramount+ or another service.

Understanding these two aspects can ensure that a Paramount Plus subscription expires when it should and that the client does not spend more than they intended.

What is Paramount+ (Plus) Subscription?

What is Paramount+ (Plus) Subscription?

CBS All Access is now known as Paramount+, an expansion of CBS All Access with even more content and features. Plus features include:

  • Hits like The Star Trek: Discovery, The Twilight Zone, and The Stand are among the last originals.
  • More than 30,000 episodes and films from CBS, BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, Smithsonian Channel, and other networks.
  • Live sports, shows, and news from your local CBS station, the CBS News Streaming Network (previously CBSN), CBS Sports HQ, and ET Live (for Premium customers only).
  • New original programs and movies, such as PAW Patrol: The Movie and the new Rugrats and iCarly shows, are coming, with more to come.
  • Nickelodeon’s new and classic family-friendly series.

Is Paramount+ a different service than CBS All Access?

CBS All Access was expanded into Paramount+, including even more material and features than before. All of your favorite CBS shows, originals, CBS classics, and live TV are still streamable.

Exclusive new originals and over 30,000 programs from CBS, BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Smithsonian Channel, and hundreds of movies are available on Paramount+. There’s something for every family member and mood.

Methods to Cancel Paramount Plus From Different Devices

  1. Cancel Paramount Plus Through the Website
  2. Cancel Paramount Plus through Amazon (Fire TV)
  3. Cancel Paramount Plus on Roku
  4. Cancel Paramount Plus on an Apple TV
  5. Cancel Paramount Plus iPhone 
  6. Cancel Paramount Plus Free Trial
  7. Cancel Paramount Plus through Google (Android)

1. Cancel Paramount Plus Through the Website

You’d need to cancel the Paramount Plus subscription from the site if you signed up for it directly. If you signed up using a browser on your desktop, mobile device, smart TV, or gaming console, you subscribed directly and can revoke the Paramount+ subscription in the same way.

  • Sign in to your Paramount+ account on the website.
  • Go to the Account Overview section.
  • To access your account page, click your profile image in the top right corner of the home screen, then “account.”
 account page
  • On your account page, scroll down. You should look for “cancel subscription” and select it.
cancel subscription
  • Your Paramount Plus subscription will be revoked after you confirm the cancellation.

2. Cancel Paramount Plus through Amazon (Fire TV)

If you subscribe to Paramount+ on an Amazon Fire TV device and are billed by Amazon, you can only revoke the subscription through the Amazon website, not directly on the device.

  • In a web browser, go to
  • Select membership and subscriptions from the drop-down menu in the top right corner by hovering over your name, accounts, and list.
membership and subscriptions
  • Next to Paramount Plus, go to Manage Subscriptions.
  • To manage your Prime video channels, click the link provided.
cancel subscription
  • Under the Prime video channel section, search for Paramount Plus.
  • All you need to do now is select the revoke channel and confirm.

3. Cancel Paramount Plus on Roku

If a Paramount+ membership was formed on a Roku device and Roku charges the consumer each month, the subscription must be terminated through Roku, just like the other choices. Users can revoke their membership directly on the Roku player or Roku TV, unlike Fire TV devices.

  • Using the remote control, navigate to the home screen.
  • Hey, tap the Star button after selecting the Paramount Plus channel icon.
  • Manage subscriptions will appear.
Manage subscriptions
  • Simply select cancel subscription and confirm with a tap.
cancel subscription

4. Cancel Paramount Plus on an Apple TV

If you have a membership to Paramount+ through Apple, you can cancel it just like any other subscription. The Settings app on an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV can be used to accomplish this.

  • On your Apple TV, open the Settings app.
  • Select your account from the list of users and accounts.
  • Select the subscriptions option.
  • Select Paramount Plus from the active area.
  • To revoke the subscription, tap cancel and then confirm.

5. Cancel Paramount Plus iPhone 

You must cancel your Paramount Plus subscription on your iOS device if you subscribed through any Apple device or Apple app store.

  • Go to the video for the settings app. Your name will appear at the top of the page. Select your name.
  • You will now notice a subscription word that you must tap. Then tap Paramount Plus in the active column.
  • Simply click “cancel subscription” and confirm it with another click.
cancel subscription

6. Cancel Paramount Plus Free Trial

If you’re unhappy with the content provided on Paramount+ compared to other streaming services and wish to cancel your free trial, you should do so before it expires.

Your card will be charged automatically for the plan you selected when you signed up. You can terminate the free trial by selecting “account” and “cancel subscription” from your profile picture.

  • Begin by logging into your Paramount+ account on the website.
  • To access your account page, click on your profile picture in the top right corner and select “account.”
  • Scroll to the bottom and confirm the cancellation by clicking “cancel the subscription.”

7.  Cancel Paramount Plus through Google (Android)

Suppose a Paramount+ subscription was begun on an Android device, and Google automatically charges the subscriber each month. In that case, the subscriber must cancel the subscription through the Google Play Store using the methods below.

  • On your Android device, go to the Google Play Store.
  • In the top right corner, click on your account symbol.
  • Go to the subscriptions and payments section.
  • Select Paramount Plus.
  • You’ll find the option to cancel your subscription here. Simply press the Tab key and follow the on-screen directions.

Can I Resubscribe to Paramount Plus After Canceling?

You can resubscribe if you change your mind about Paramount Plus after canceling the subscription.

  • Simply visit the website and start over with the invoicing and payment process.
  • You’ll need to utilize a VPN to get over blocks if you’re in a country where Paramount Plus isn’t available.


The shows on Paramount Plus are fantastic, and the service is superb. Someone who wants to watch CBS primetime broadcasts the next day without having to connect. If you’ve already subscribed to Paramount Plus and want to cancel, follow all the solutions in this guide. 

If you signed up directly with Paramount+, Amazon, Apple, Google, or Roku, you’d need to cancel your membership through the same service.

This may normally be done over the web or immediately on the device for Android, iOS, and Roku users. Those who have signed up for Amazon Prime with a Fire TV device must cancel on the Amazon website.