Can You Use AirPods On A Plane? Airlines That Allow It

Can you use AirPods on a plane? When traveling by plane, the question arises, are AirPods allowed? You have arrived at the proper location for answers!

Can You Use AirPods On A Plane

Airpods are the best headphones for listening to music on the go, and almost everyone in the city has them plugged into their ears.

People use them everywhere, from the streets to the park down the road. But what happens when someone carries them to an airplane?

Continue reading to find out why AirPods are permitted on airlines and how you can use them to block out noise and occupy yourself on long-haul trips.

Is It Possible To Take AirPods Through Airport Security?

If you recently purchased a brand new pair of AirPods and are in the process of planning an upcoming trip, you may be curious about whether or not you will be able to carry them through airport security with you.

For you to use your AirPods onboard a plane in the first place, you will have to be able to navigate through airport security with them in hand.

You can carry Apple AirPods through airport security. At the security checkpoint, smaller devices like Airpods can be packed in carry-on bags. In contrast, all larger electronic devices (like cellphones) should be removed from carry-on luggage and placed in a separate bin for x-ray screening.

Are AirPods Allowed On A Plane?

On a plane, AirPods can be used during the flight. If you have enabled airplane mode on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you can use Apple AirPods safely in flight to play games, watch downloaded movies, etc.

Some airlines do not allow you to use it while taxiing, taking off, or landing.

By Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, they are classified as “Portable Electronic Devices,” It approves passengers to use them during the flight after the plane reaches its maximum altitude.

Can You Use AirPods On A Plane During Takeoff And Landing?

Some airlines don’t allow AirPods during takeoff and landing. If you still dare to use them during these phases, one of the flight attendants will likely spot you and ask you to remove them.

For safety reasons, many airlines prohibit using AirPods or other headphones or earbuds during takeoff and landing.

You might miss an important safety announcement if you wore AirPods and listened to, particularly loud music .

Whether you are a first-time or a seasoned flyer, just stick your AirPods back when such announcements are being made.

Despite this safety risk, several airlines now allow customers to use small electronic gadgets such as AirPods from “gate to gate.”

Which Airlines Allow Airpods On Their Planes?

Airline companies have the final say regarding what electronics can be carried on board their aircraft.

Occasionally, Bluetooth waves interfere with aircraft navigation systems. It is for these reasons that some airlines refuse to accept AirPods.

All ten of the country’s most popular domestic airlines now allow passengers to use AirPods throughout their flights.

Listed below are popular airlines and their willingness to accept AirPods:

AirlinesDuring takeoff and landingAbove 10,000 feetIn-flight entertainment system compatibility
Alaska AirlinesYesYesNo
JetBlue AirwaysYesYesNo
American AirlinesNoYesApp-only
Hawaiian AirlinesNoYesApp-only
SkyWest AirlinesYesYesNo
Southwest AirlinesNoYesYes
Delta AirlinesNoYesYes
Spirit AirlinesYesYesNo
United AirlinesYesYesApp-only
Envoy AirlinesNoYesApp-only
Frontier AirlinesNoAsk flight AttendantNo

Let’s now start an in-depth review of the airlines and the devices they permit to use:

Alaska Airlines

On Alaska Airlines’ website, there is information about Bluetooth devices. They allow you to bring these goods on board. Apple’s AirPods also fall into this category.

Currently, Bluetooth connectivity isn’t supported by the vehicle’s in-dash multimedia system. As a result, you’ll need to utilize a transmitter.

Additionally, your device can only be used at altitudes of over 10,000 feet. Before departure and landing, you must turn them off. 

JetBlue Airways

There’s also JetBlue that lets you use AirPods.

You can use them both during takeoffs and landings. The entire duration of the flight is included as well. 

However, you cannot use them during low visibility landings. This may be because your device may interfere with the signal somehow.

Making landing more challenging for the pilot. However, only 1% of their flights have this type of landing.

American Airlines

Since 2013, American Airlines has allowed portable electronic devices on board. 

The process goes gate-to-gate. In other words, you can carry electronic gadgets from when you take off until you touch down.

Their jets were also upgraded in late 2021. Bluetooth connectivity is now available on some of their select planes.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaii Airlines permits using small and portable devices.

The website states that these should not weigh more than 2 pounds. In addition, they must be powered by batteries or electricity.

There’s nothing heavy about AirPods. We’re way below the 2-pound limit. We’ll be OK, thanks.

As a result, they can be used throughout the journey. Be prepared before you arrive on one of Hawaii’s stunning islands by listening to some upbeat tropical music.

SkyWest Airlines

SkyWest is not a prominent airline in the United States. However, electronic devices have been permitted since 2013.

It is also permitted to use small electronic devices from gate to gate on this Utah-based airline. Your AirPods are now available whenever you need them.

One of many compelling reasons to pick this airline for Midwestern travel.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the United States.

Furthermore, they were among the first airlines to allow electronic devices on board.

As a result, the answer to your inquiry is yes; you can use your AirPods even when in the air.

The BYOD (Bring Your Device) policy is in place on their flights. Make sure you bring your gadgets. In other words, they don’t provide headphones, unlike other airlines.

Delta Airlines

In 2013, Delta began allowing the use of Bluetooth devices. Similar to American Airlines.

They do, however, have a limitation. When taking off or landing, you must turn off any electronic devices.

Aside from that, you are free to use your AirPods anytime when you’re in the air.

Spirit Airlines

Are you interested in visiting Jamaica and Aruba? Spirit Airlines can get you there.

Located in Florida, this airline operates flights primarily to the Caribbean and Latin America.

Furthermore, you can use your AirPods even while flying. During the flight, you are free to dance to all of the latest reggae tunes.

The only limitation is that you must turn off your electronics below 10,000 feet. Flight attendants and pilots will relay that information to you.

United Airlines

United Airlines was one of the first airlines in the United States.

They were also among the first airlines to allow electronic devices onboard.

In addition, the company’s Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft feature Bluetooth-compatible TVs.

Hence, if you are lucky enough to get a ticket, you’ll be able to stream the greatest entertainment using Bluetooth on your AirPods.

Envoy Airlines

Among the most highly regarded regional airlines in the United States is Envoy Air. Its headquarters are in Texas, and American Airlines owns it.

Thus, their policies and guidelines are identical to those of their parent company.

So, just like on American Airlines, you may also use AirPods here. Furthermore, it’s gate-to-gate.

Frontier Airlines

Cheap tickets are something Frontier Airlines is known for.

As a result, this airline does not provide in-flight entertainment. This initiative aims to reduce the overall cost for consumers as much as possible.

There is, however, no restriction on patrons bringing in their own electronic devices.

While this is true, you are required to turn them off before taking off and landing.

Can You Connect Your AirPods To The Inflight Entertainment System?

Long-haul flights can be tough. However, you can use a Bluetooth-enabled in-flight entertainment system to relax. But does that mean you can connect AirPods to the system?

AirPods work with an in-flight entertainment system if you prepare well in advance.

Otherwise, your Bluetooth headphones, including AirPods, will not work. Consequently, you won’t have any entertainment options during your flight.

Without further ado, let’s see how to pair your Airpods to an in-flight entertainment system:

Use AirFly

An inactive AirFly and AirPods

The AirFly bridges the gap between wireless headphones and headphone jack. This gadget converts wired audio signals into Bluetooth signals. 

The AirFly must be linked to one of the two available headphone outputs. Your next step is to pair the transmitter with the Airpods to use the system properly.

Bluetooth headphones can pair with two AirFlys simultaneously, which is quite awesome! Therefore, you and a companion may simultaneously use your AirPods to listen to the same audio.

There are several varieties of Bluetooth transmitters that can perform the same function. However, in my experience, AirFly is the gold standard.

Using The Aircraft WiFi

A working In-caft WiFi

Nowadays, many airlines provide in-flight WiFi. Some of them have a cost, while others are free.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to inquire beforehand to prevent surprises. Using the plane’s in-flight WiFi, you can listen to your AirPods through your phone or laptop.

The in-flight entertainment system is connected via your Apple device with your AirPods when you use the airline’s WiFi network to view movies.

When it comes to utilizing the airline app, the same principle applies. You can log in to the airline app with your flight information.

Thus, AirPods can be utilized for audio output.

You won’t have to deal with wires anymore! You can pair your wireless AirPods directly with the in-flight system by simply sitting down and sitting back.

To Sum Up

When it comes to keeping oneself engaged throughout long journeys, AirPods are an excellent choice to make.

Once you’ve turned on airplane mode, you can use them, but you’ll need to turn Bluetooth back on afterward.

The TSA allows AirPods to be carried on board both in carry-on and checked baggage, and the FAA has permitted the use of Bluetooth devices on flights since 2013. So you’re good to go from one gate to the next, safely and legally!


Is It Possible To Use Airpods In Airplane Mode?

The airplane mode disables all radio communications, including Bluetooth, so using Airpods is not possible initially. The AirPods work once you re-enable Bluetooth when it is already in airplane mode.

Can Airpods Be Used On An Airplane TV?

If your airline has Bluetooth in its inflight system, you can use AirPods on airplane TV. If your airline doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can use AirPods with AirFly. The AirFly can be plugged in, and your AirPods can be connected to it via Bluetooth.

Can I Use Bluetooth Headphones On A Plane?

On a plane, Bluetooth headphones are permitted. As of 2013, passengers can carry personal electronic devices, including Bluetooth headphones, on airplanes.

Can I Hear The Cabin Crew While Wearing Airpods Pro?

You’ll hear crew announcements even when the noise-canceling feature is enabled on your AirPods Pro. Despite its ability to block ambient sound, you will still be able to hear louder events, such as cabin crew announcements.