Top 40 Call Center Interview Questions & Answers

Hey, are you looking for a call center job, or have you already applied for a call center job, and are you wanting to attend the interview? Do you want to prepare yourself for the interview in advance so that you can easily crack the call center job? Then check out our article, which lists the Common Call Center Interview Questions and Answers.

If you are already looking for a Call Center Job Interview, then it seems that you are already familiar with what a call center is all about? If there is someone out there who wants to know about a call center job. “ What is a Call Center ?” You might have experienced receiving calls from a customer service center asking you about your recent purchase of the product or service in your daily life.

Even though you might have called a customer service center, that the product or the service that you have recently purchased is not working. The people responding to you in the phone calls are the people who are working in a call center. A call center is a workplace where dedicated agents communicate with the end customers through telephonic calls. 

Call center jobs are very flexible. Here the individual can opt for either a full-time job or a part-time job depending on their needs and time management.  If you are a student and want to make some pocket money, you can work here as a part-timer.

Check out the general interview questions and answers which should also help you when you are asked generic questions related to your attitude, aptitude. If you are looking for a technical support job then you can refer to the technical support interview questions and answers.

Call center interview questions

For all those who want to work for call centers or want to make some money through a call center job and want to know what type of questions the interviewer may ask, you are on the right page. Check out our common call center job interview questions and answers listed below.

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Call Center Interview Questions and Answers

Top 40 Interview Questions for the call center jobs

The below guidelines will help you prepare for the Top interview questions for the call center job offers.

1. How do you define the term customer service in your own words?

Customer service is the support or service that a company provides to the people who buy their product or service to please them. Customer satisfaction is the top priority for any company so that there will be an increase in their sales and overall company growth.

2. What will you do if you get a call from an angry customer? How do you handle them?

  1. First thing, you need to have some patience, be calm.
  2. Even if the customer is abusing you, listen to them once they finish, then speak from your side.
  3. You need to use an even tone, do not raise your voice because we are trying to calm him, rather than making the argument even worse.
  4. Listen to all his points, and try to convince him with all the option you have
  5. Do not put your customer on hold, instead speak to them, tell them the advantages they get, or you can find them the solution for their problem.
  6. End of the day, you need to make the customer happy with your answers.

3. Why do you prefer call centers as your career? Explain?

I would love to work for Call Centers because I see this as a challenge to myself. I want to know how patient I am with other people. I just love to communicate with people and solve their problems. I would love to keep the other person happy by answering their questions. I wish to work for a call center.

4. It is a profession where you come across people who will be mean to you; how do you keep motivated in this kind of situation?

You need to build positive vibes because it is a situation where you will come across people who are mean to you. First, you need to understand that it’s just your profession, don’t mix this up with your things, in this way you get motivated. Surround yourself with positive people or people you will love.

5. Have you ever experienced onboarding and training new employees. If so, what is the process?

In this case, if you have ever given any pieces of training to freshers, you need to tell them, yes, a few points I have listed below go through it.

  1. The first step is to let the new joiners know what the company is all about, its rules and regulations, and other stuff.
  2. I will assign them tasks under my supervision.
  3. I will guide them on how to complete the tasks on time.
  4. I will make sure that the new joiners are qualified enough to be of help to my company.
  5. I will conduct the training that is meant for the new joiners regularly.

6. How many people have you managed in your career?

For this question, you have to answer it out of your experience. Tell them so far how many people have you managed and by what skills you have addressed them. You have to explain all your tactics and techniques so that you create a good impression.

7. How would you address performance issues with your employees?

You need to answer this question based on your experience. You can say something like. I would have a friendly conversation with my employees, give them suggestions about their work. I will tell them how to get things right by using an example, which I had faced in my career. In this way, I can boost my team’s morale so that there will be an increase in their performance.

8. What are the skills expected for a call center representative?

  1. The foremost thing, having patience.
  2. You need to know the product or the service that the company offers to handle customer questions easily.
  3. There has to be clarity in your speech so that that customer can understand you better.
  4.  You need to have problem-solving skills, which are highly required for a call center or customer service representative.
  5. You should be an excellent listener to cope with the people on the other hand.
  6. Show some empathy towards the customer, but not all customers are rude and mean.
  7. End of the day, you have to make the customer happy with your service.

9. How can you get active feedback from customers?

  1. To get feedback from customers, you need to have feedback options on your site.
  2. Instead of giving customers choices, ask them to provide feedback that they write included in your site to rate it accordingly, such as good, bad, and excellent.
  3. Ask the customers to sign up for a newsletter or ask them to register.

10. How good are you at typing?

Here the interviewer wants to know your typing skills, tell them how fast you can type words, either for a minute or an hour.

11. How would you define the role of a call center/Customer service representative?

A call center representative mainly manages customer calls; they attend to the customer calls and answer their questions related to the product or service that the company is providing. End of the day, they have to make the customers happy with their problem-solving skills.

12. Define your strengths?

It’s a straightforward question that an interviewer asks to know more about your skills; you need to tell them your skills, like time management, patience while dealing with customers, problem-solving skills, and stuff.

13. How to handle an unhappy customer?

You may come across a situation wherein the customer is not happy about your service. In that case

  1. You need to listen to them carefully.
  2. You need to apologize for the mistakes.
  3. You have to be calm and don’t let it affect you personally.
  4. Try to find the solution so that the customer may sound happy.

14. Tell me something about yourself? Why should we hire you?

This is a crucial question where the interviewer focuses on your skills.  Just tell them about you, your educational background, your passion for, your strengths and weaknesses.

15. Tell me about a specific time you handled a high-pressure situation?

Suppose you have ever faced this kind of situation. In that case, you need to answer based on your experience, like there was a situation where the customer wanted the result within one day, something like that, and you need to tell them how well you handle the problem by using your skills.

16: How do you deal with slang using customers?

  1. Do not get into personal things when dealing with this type of customer, and the more unique it gets, the worse the situation will be.
  2. Try to speak to your limits when you are dealing with this kind of person.
  3. If it gets worse, you can transfer the call, or you can also discontinue your call.

17. What are the procedures that need to be reflected while talking to your customer?

  1. First, listen to the customer and understand their problem.
  2. Speak what is needed and essential
  3. You need to reduce the wait time.
  4. You have to use positive language, don’t be harsh to them, speak politely.
  5. Try to solve your client’s problems at the earliest.
  6. If needed, you need to follow up with them to have a favorable opinion of you.
  7. You need to be an active listener.

18. How do you enjoy yourself working for call centers?

  1. First thing, you make a lot of friends.
  2. You will develop good communication skills, which will be a building block for your career growth.
  3. You can earn good money.
  4. There will be a work/life balance.
  5. It makes you a valuable individual for your time management and other skills.

19. What do you think is the key to success for a call center?

  1. A good friendly nature
  2. Time management
  3. Flexibility of work
  4. How well an agent can solve customer problems.
  5. The attention that the call center company is giving to its customers.

20.  Name the types of customer service field?

It may be through phone calls, or a direct face-to-face conversation, or through a public relationship.

21. Do you have any experience in working with multiple phone lines?

You have to be prompt while answering this type of question, if you have any experience, you need to tell them, yes, or else you have to say that if you provide training on handling multiple phone lines, I work on it.

22. Explain customer satisfaction in your terms?

Customer satisfaction is basically how happy the customer is by using your company’s products or services. 

23. What communication do you prefer most?

Here you need to tell your preferred communication. For example, if you prefer a phone call tell them why? Like I prefer phone calls because, I think, we can communicate better on phone calls something like that.

24. Name the types of the call center and differentiate between them?

We have an Inbound call center, i.e., here, they employ representatives who will be receiving calls from customers.

Outbound call center, i.e., here the representatives call existing customers rather than receiving calls from customers.

Virtual Call center, i.e., it uses cloud services and combines both inbound and outbound.

25. Define a virtual call center?

A virtual call center is one of the types of call centers where most companies are adapting. It uses cloud-based technologies and is a combination of both inbound and outbound call center types.

26. How can you improve customer interactions? Explain?

To improve customer interactions, one has to have

  1. You need to minimize the hold time.
  2. You need to talk to the customer as if you are facing the same issue.
  3. You should be available whenever the customer needs you.
  4. If there is a situation to apologize to the customer, then you have to.
  5. You need to follow-up with the customer after every call. To check whether their problem is fixed.
  6. You need to transparent when you are speaking with the customer so that the conversation runs smoothly.

27.  Can you build customer loyalty? How?

  1. Try to offer discounts to your customers.
  2. You need to reward your customers with some surprises or by giving them gift vouchers.
  3. You need to encourage customer feedback.
  4. You can send mails or messages on their birthdays or any other special occasions.

28. What factors do you need to keep in mind while creating a customer newsletter?

  1. You always have to keep the reader in mind while writing good content, and it must include the customer’s interests so that the customer shows some interest while reading the newsletter.
  2. Apart from the content, you need to focus on the design; also, a good design attracts the customers.
  3. You need to set the objectives; what is your aim? What do you want to achieve through this newsletter? What profit are you expecting?; sometimes, the customer may not be interested in reading the full article; he may just focus on the subheadings.
  4. Your newsletter has to be concise because people nowadays don’t have much time to read full articles.
  5. Use images wherever necessary.
  6. Analyze the results at the end.

29. How do you deal with unreasonable customer demands?

  1. First thing, don’t land on an unreasonable customer.
  2. You need to tell the customer about your product’s do’s and don’ts.
  3. You need to take time while dealing with these types of customers, listen to them and then speak carefully.
  4. Do not engage this type of customer via email; speak to them over a call, where the communication can go smoothly.

30. Some customers deny paying for service/product? How do you deal with them?

  1. The first thing you need to be transparent with the customer, let the customer know about the do’s and don’ts of the product.
  2. You need to send the invoice right away to the customers.
  3. You need to discuss with the customer before signing any contract.
  4. You need to document everything so that you can show it later to the customer.
  5. You need to ask politely at first.
  6. If necessary, apply charges for a late submission.
  7. Worst case, stop working with the client.
  8. If necessary, take legal actions.

31. Can you tell me how to improve customer service without spending any money?

  1. To improve customer service, one has, give top priority to the customers, as simple as that.
  2. Focus on your customer needs, do research about it, find out what they want and what they are expecting from you
  3. A straightforward way is that you need to ask the customers questions on how they feel about the customer service that the company is providing.
  4. Listen, a straightforward mantra, listen to your customers, and your work will be done.
  5. Give the customers all the attention that they need, be available whenever they need you.
  6. Make sure you use your people skills and communication skills, because customer service call is all about, talking to people and engaging with them.

32. Do you know any online tools that customer service call centers can use?

  1. Social media
  2. Mobile Apps
  3. Online communities
  4. Live chats
  5. SaaS call centers
  6. Email Automation
  7. Instant Messaging

33. Tell me about your customer service experience?

Suppose you are a fresher and you don’t have any call center experience. In that case, you have to admit that you do not have any customer service experience. In case you have any prior understanding, tell them about your skills. You can also explain with examples, like how you had handled a critical situation.

34. Define quality customer service on your terms?

Quality customer service is stated as how good are you at providing services to the customer. It may be an on-time response or building a good relationship with your customers, how often you respond to the customer problems, and how quickly you fix the solutions.  

35. Do you enjoy working in teams? How good are you at working with your teams?

No matter what make sure, the answer has to be yes because working with teams shows how positive you are with your colleagues. Teamwork gives you all the motivation you need, and collaboration helps to build your career positively. This also reflects on your people skills. 

36. How do you turn down a request from a valued client or your regular customer?

There will be situations where you have to turn down your customer’s request, here is how

  1. First, you need to apologize to the client to make sure your client is calm.
  2. Tell the clients the reason for the denial of their request.
  3. If possible, suggest an alternative to your clients so that they can replace the loss incurred to them.
  4. You need to thank the client for their cooperation with you.
  5. If all the above things don’t work, then search for a new lead.

37. What factors do you need to take into consideration before conducting an assessment for customer service satisfaction?

  1. First thing, be transparent while answering this question and let questions have clarity so that the customer will know precisely the point.
  2. You need to be very specific when you are asking questions to get to the point.
  3. Ask as many questions as you can because the more the problems, the better the survey is.
  4. Ask the customers to give feedback related to the product or the service that they have purchased.

38. How do you increase sales by encouraging customers to buy additional products or services?

  1. The first thing is to create a friendly atmosphere, Have a smile on your face when talking to a customer. 
  2. You need to be very transparent and tell all the specific information specific to the product or the service.
  3. You need to tell both the advantages and disadvantages so that you can gain customer trust.
  4. Remember, while discussing the disadvantages, make sure you suggest solutions to that.
  5. The discussion has to be engaging with the customers so that you consider their views.
  6. You need to tell the whole story behind the product or service to find it even more enjoyable.

39. How to deal with language barrier customers?

While dealing with the language barrier customers

  1. First, you need to start your conversation formally.
  2. Speak politely; you need to slow down if the customer doesn’t understand.
  3. If possible, communicate with the customers with a picture.
  4. Let the customer try out your products or services to know them better.
  5. In the worst case, ask for help.
  6. You need to maintain your patience and sense of humor.

40. What are the key features you think those customer associates should have?

Some of the critical features are patience and time management; they should have problem-solving skills, always use positive language, reduce the customer’s waiting time, and convince the customer in some or other way.

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