How To Bypass Windows 10 Login Screen: Secure And Easy Ways

Have you forgotten your Windows 10 Password, or do you don’t like the hassle of typing in a password every time you log in to the computer? Well, in that case, you are in the right place. 

In this article, we will be discussing some methods that you can use to bypass Windows 10 Login without losing any of your data. So let’s get started.

How to bypass Windows 10 password If you forgot your Password

Bypass Windows 10 Password with Website is Microsoft’s official password recovery website. It allows Windows 10 users to reset their passwords. This method is quite easy, but you need to have access to the following things to use this method:

  • Recovery email address
  • The phone registered on the Microsoft account

Steps for Recovering Password with Website

  1. Open a browser on your phone or a computer and go to
  2. Go to Sign in.
  3. Enter your Email or phone number.
  4. Click on Next
  5. Press on Forgot Password. It will ask you to permit to send a text with a confirmation code on the number you registered with.
  6. Click on the number and add the last four digits of your number, then select Get Code.
  7. After getting the confirmation code, Enter it on the Microsoft recovery page.
  8.  After that, you can create a new password.
bypass windows 10 login


This method will only work if you log in Windows 10 computer with a Microsoft account; for a local account, this method won’t work.

Bypass Windows 10 Admin Password Via Reset Disk

Windows 10 offers a built-in tool for resetting passwords known as Password Reset Disk. The reset disk needs to be created before using it on your computer. Hence this method won’t work if you haven’t already created it. 

But still, this method would be helpful if you ever forget your password in the future. You will require a USB or floppy disk to create Reset Disk on your computer. 


This method is only applicable for local accounts. If you have a Microsoft account, this method won’t work.

Here are the steps to create the Password Reset Disk:

  1. Insert a USB drive into your computer.
  2. Search for the Control panel in the Windows search bar.
  3. Go to User accounts, and in the sub-menu again, click on User accounts.
  4. Select the account for which you want to create a password reset disk, then click on Create Password reset disk.
  5. Press Next in the menu that pops up.
  6. Then select your USB drive and again press Next.
  7. Now Put in your current Password and click Next >Yes >Next >Finish.
Creating Password Reset Disk

Here’s how you can use Password Reset Disk if you forget your Password:

  1. Click on Reset password.
  2. When a pop-menu appears, press Next.
  3. Then select your USB drive and click on Next.
  4. Type in your New Password, Confirm New Password, and select Next.
  5. Now try out your New Password.

Bypass Windows 10 Password with Other User Accounts

If your using a shared computer and you have multiple accounts on it, you can use another account to bypass the Password of the Locked account.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Use the other account and log in to your computer.
  2. Search for the control panel on the Windows search bar.
  3. Once you find it click on it and then go to User Accounts.
User Accounts Option
  1. Select Manage account.
  2. Choose the account that you want to bypass and delete its Password.
  3. After this, you can click on change the Password and type in a new password for your account.

Bypass Windows 10 Admin Password With Command Prompt

Though this method is a bit tricky, it’s still one of the official ways to bypass the Administrative account password in Windows 10.

Requirements for this process:

  • Windows 10 Installation disk or USB drive containing Windows 10
  • Disabled UEFI secure boot option 

Steps for Removing Password with Command Prompt:

  1. In the locked computer, install your CD/DVD or USB containing Windows 10.
  2. Go to the Boot menu in BIOS settings and Select the removable device you’re using.
  3. Press any key to start the boot option.
  4. When you are directed to the installation page, press shift and F10 simultaneously to Launch Command prompt utility.
  5. Replace the utility manager on the login screen with Command prompt.
  6. Enter the following commands in the Command prompt:
    • move d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe (Enter)
    • D:\windows\system32\utilman.exe.bak (Enter)
    • copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe (Enter)
  7. Restart your computer with the following command:
    • wpeutil reboot (Enter)
  8. Once the computer restarts, click on the Ease of Access button; this will direct you to cmd.
  9. Use the following commands to create a local account
    • net user hart /add (Enter)
    • net localgroup administrators hart /add (Enter)
  10.  Again restart your computer and log in to the new account.
  11. Follow all the steps in the previous method, which is bypassing the Password with other user accounts.

Bypass Windows 10 With Third-Party Apps

There are several third-party apps on the internet that can be used to bypass Windows 10 login. These apps allow you to change the password, make a new admin login account or let you log into your account without using any password. 

Such software is not free, and you would have to purchase them online.  Besides this, you will also need the following things to use this method:

  • A Working computer
  • CD or USB Drive

Steps to Bypass Windows 10 With a Third-party app 

  1. Download and Install the app on the working computer.
  2. After Launching its file, attach a USB drive to your computer.
  3. Select the USB drive in the apps menu and click on Begin Burning.
  4. After the burning process is successful, it means that the USB drive is now ready to be booted.
  5. Remove the USB drive from the working computer and attach it to the locked computer.
  6. Restart the computer and access the BIOS utility setting or Boot menu by pressing F2 (the key may be different for other computers).
  7. Select USB in the boot device and press enter to confirm. Your computer will now boot to a USB drive.
  8. Now in the menu, select Windows, then choose the admin account which you want to bypass.
  9. Select reset password and confirm by pressing Yes.
  10. Restart your computer, and you will have complete access to the account.
Boot Menu

This method may also work for the following Windows:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8


The steps for bypassing Windows 10 with third-party apps might differ slightly depending upon the app you’re using, but for the most part, they are almost similar. Also, this method only works for local admin accounts, so you cant bypass a Microsoft account with this method.

How to bypass Windows 10 even when you know the Password 

Enable Automatic Sign in

An easy way to bypass the Windows 10 login is by simply removing the Password from your account.

Here is how you can enable automatic Sign In:

  1. Search for Run in the Windows Search bar.
  2. Once you find it click to open.
  3. Type netplwiz in the Run dialog box and hit Enter. This will open the Advanced User Accounts Control Panel (Netplwiz) utility. 
Typing netplwiz in the Run dialog
  1. Click the user’s tab and select the account that you want to bypass.
  2. Uncheck the “User must enter a user name and password to use this computer” option.
"User must enter a user name and password to use this computer” option
  1. Press on apply.
  2. When the automatic Sign in menu opens, add your username and password, confirm your Password and then select okay.
  3. Now restart your computer. Your computer will bypass the user password and automatically log in.

Though this method makes your computer insecure, it’s still the number one method for bypassing the Windows 10 login. So if you don’t have any privacy issues, you can try out this method.


If you will Lock Windows 10 or Sign out, you will have to enter your Password the next time before you log in.

Bypass Windows 10 password with Command Prompt

The above-mentioned used Password and username to remove Password. But how can you remove the Password if you don’t know the password or forgot it? Well, in that case, you can use the command prompt (cmd).

Here are the steps for removing a Password using Command Prompt:

  1. Search for the Command prompt in the Windows Search bar.
  2. After finding it, click to open.
  3. Once the command prompt opens, type in net user your username * and then press enter.
  4. When you see it, type a password for the user on the screen, type in a password, and press Enter.
  5. Then again, type in the Password in Retype the Password to confirm and then press Enter.
  6. A message will appear saying Command has been completed successfully.
Command Prompt for Changing Password

Once this is done, you will be able to log into your computer without any password, and the Password will be permanently removed.


This method won’t work for Microsoft accounts and is only valid for local admin accounts.

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