25 Best Free Business Name Generators to Find the Best Brand Names

Starting a business with the right name that can be remembered easily by people is significant. Also, it is not straightforward to begin any business. But, the brand name in any industry plays a crucial role. You must choose a catchy and meaningful name based on the brand that your company promotes. 

The competition in every domain of life is increasing at an alarming rate. So, if you are new in a particular field, competing with opponents is quite challenging.

If your business brand has a catchy and attention-grabbing name, you may enter into an intense competition. In short, having the right brand name is very significant. The software tool called a business name generator helps you to choose your company’s best brand name. 

What is Business Name Generator?

Business Name Generator is a software tool that helps users or people choose their best brand name. Depending upon the category of business, you can select its name. Several free and paid software tools are available in the market that generates the most desirable business name.

But, randomly selecting the business name is not a precise idea. There are specific tips to consider while choosing the brand name. Let us know what those helpful tips are.

How to Select a Business Name?

Having the most catchy and suitable name for any company is significant. If you are a novice in the area of business, your brand name can impress customers. Many companies choose a name that can target customers. Though several software tools are available to assist, you are the one to choose the right word. 

  1. You should always select the brand name that conveys a positive message through the term. 
  2. Make sure that you choose a short and easily remembered name for your brand.
  3. There might be cases where customers cannot utter the tough and challenging brand names. So, keep in mind to choose a precise and pronounceable name. 
  4. It is preferred to choose the brand name of the utmost seven letters. Having a long term is not favorable. 

The business generator software device will help you to a greater extent to choose your company’s catchy titles. Below are the best and free business name generators to find the best brand names:

  1. Oberlo
  2. Shopify
  3. NameStation
  4. Name Mesh
  5. Wordlab
  6. Freshbooks
  7. Getsocio
  8. Brand Root
  9. Namesmith
  10. Hipster Business Name
  11. Anadea
  12. Fit Small Business
  13. NetSubstance.com
  14. Domain Puzzler
  15. Wordoid
  16. Lean Domain Search
  17. Brand Bucket
  18. Naminum
  19. One Click Name
  20. Name Find
  21. Namerific
  22. Naming.net
  23. Dot-o-mator
  24. Domainr
  25. BizNameWiz

Let us see the unique features of each of the above-stated software tools. 


Oberlo is a widely used application for generating business names. It offers a search bar in which you can enter your core word related to your business. After entering the name, you can then press on generate names, and you will get an extensive list of business names. Search from the list and select the right name for your brand. But, you must first set up the website domain before you provide the title to your company. 

The Oberlo tool comes with three plans, Starter, Basic, and Pro. The Starter edition is free to use with the product limits of 500. A Basic edition requires a subscription of $29.90 per month and the product limits of 10000. Lastly, the Pro pack is available at $79.90 per month, having 30000 product limits. 



Shopify is another application that creates a top-notch business name and class domain within no time. You just need to express your business idea in one word and click on the generate name button. The search engine would create a broad range of names associated with the business concept. The tool Shopify allows users to create innovative titles in 10 seconds. This tool is designed to help users make words understandable, accessible, and concise. 

You can try this application freely for 14 days. But, later, you need to subscribe to any one of three editions of Shopify. The first edition is the Basic Shopify, which is available at $29 per month. Another version is Shopify, and it requires a subscription of $79 per month. An advanced Shopify version is available at $299 per month. 



NameStation is a powerful software tool that generates an innovative brand name for your company. When you type the keyword in the search bar, it generates multiple domain names on the screen. It offers an option to sort the domain names according to your wish. The NameStation tool is capable of creating 3000 domain names within less time. It uses 28 search methods to give the right results. 

The NameStation is an open-source and free business name generator tool. Also, you can opt for advanced plans that require a monthly subscription. It has a Pro Ticket edition available at $24.00 for two months. Another version is the Name Contest, which requires $35 and $45 per contest. There is a yearly called Pro year available at $144.00. 

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Name Mesh:

Name Mesh application is a start-up company business name generator. You can enter two to three keywords in the search bars, and it will generate an extensive list of unique names. Also, you can check for domain availability. It incorporates more than 20 generators and social availability checks to create the company’s title. The Name Mesh tool uses eight distinct naming techniques.

When you enter keywords and generate titles, they are categorized into the following types:

  • Common
  • Similar
  • New
  • SEO
  • Short
  • Fun
  • AI
  • Premium
  • Extra
  • Mix

Using the above categories, you can create names and domains as per your needs. It is an ideal tool for finding the best domain name. 

Name Mesh


Wordlab is an excellent software tool that can create a title for various business titles, like restaurant, bar, wedding planning company, craft beer name, fantasy name, character name, etc. It offers more than 7 million words to generate names. Users can sign-in into this software without paying a single penny.

The Wordlab tool can create attractive team names, which offers 16,703, 520 options to users. For restaurant and bar names, it provides 4193 choices. If you desire to make a name for any character, you can have 379,175,790 titles. Another category is a fantasy business name generator that enables users to select a unique title from 6,168,669 names. 



Freshbooks is yet another free business name generator application. This tool offers four options, and you need to select your industry type. These four choices are:

  • Creatives and Marketing
  • Legal Services and Business Consulting
  • Trades and Home Services
  • Information Technology

From the above four choices, you need to select one based on your business activities. After selecting, you need to enter a related keyword in the search bar, and it provides a massive list of names. 

If the generated names are not desirable, you can go back and enter different keywords to get a unique title. Apart from developing business titles, users can also create attractive logos using advanced and handy tools. 



Getsocio business name generator tool is a free application that can be utilized by anyone. You can create titles for a start-up company, a new website, and a new brand or product.  Like all other applications above, just enter your business-related keyword and click on generate names. The search engine will offer a wide range of titles. After selecting the desired rubric, you need to fill in the information, like name, email address, and password. Doing this will generate an online store. 

You can use this application freely for 14 days. The Getsocio software tool is packed with five distinct versions, Starter at $15 per mon, Lite at $200 per month, Basic at $500/mon, Pro at $1000 per month, and Business at $2000/mon. 


Brand Root:

Brand Root is an intuitive and powerful software tool for a business name generator. It creates unique business names and offers domain names as well. Whenever you search for the business title, you are offered a domain name and an attractive logo. It has 22,000 bizarre titles for business names. You can sort these titles according to your needs and requirements. 

But, some names that you choose may be a premium that requires a vast amount. Just apply a filter to the price, and then you can select the title within your budget. The great advantage of using this software tool is it offers a well-structured logo and the title you choose. Select the name for business domains, like art, education, entertainment, beauty, travel, etc. 

Brand Root


Namesmith is a highly robust business name generator software tool. In this software, you can add up to five business-related keywords and search for a fantastic title. When users enter their keywords, this tool adds prefixes or suffixes, misspells them, and generates a cool name out of them. The most reliable part of this application is it mixes two keywords and creates a unique and meaningful title from them. 

The NameSmith software tool uses different algorithms to create attractive names. These algorithms are as follows:

  • Exact Keywords
  • Phonetic Blend 
  • Written Blend
  • Rhymes
  • Prefixes and Suffixes
  •  Modifications
  • Randomly Generated names. 

Using the above algorithms will generate simple, concise, and catchy titles for any business, product, or service. 


Hipster Business Name:

Hipster Business Name is one of the smart websites that generate innovative business names. It also creates a rare domain name and checks for its availability. Hipster Business Name is an all-in-one tool that produces blog names, brand names, domain titles, podcast titles, product names, startup company names, etc. 

Hipster Business Name


Anadea is an extraordinary and all-in-one business name generator software tool. It is an open-source tool that enables users to find exciting names for their businesses. An Anadea tool can create titles for companies, websites, mobile applications, etc. It believes that the name is the thing that reflects identity and describes the business. 

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You just need to enter the related business keyword and click on the generate names button. It will display a vast list of words. The great perk of using this tool is it indicates each name on the list only once. So, this will make sure that you choose the name from the list of unique words. 


Fit Small Business:

Fit Small Business is a business name generator software tool specially developed for creating titles for small businesses. Users can type the input keywords based on the founders’ names, location of the company, type of the company, etc. Additionally, this name generator is capable of checking the domain name availability. 

The search engine offers a variety of titles. Users need to enter three fields. One is the last name of the founder. Next is the location of the company. The final area is the types of goods that the company offers. It guides its users in choosing the best name from the listed ones. Four distinct packages are available, Solo plan, Basic Plan, Unlimited Plan, VIP Plan. 

Fit Small Business


NetSubstance.com is an outstanding business name generator tool that offers advanced features. Users can provide input in the form of one or more keywords. After clicking on the generate brand names button, it presents a variety of distinct titles.

Additionally, users can also add suffixes, prefixes, vowels, consonants, etc. in the brand names. You can control the percentage of these elements by entering the derived number. 

Users ultimately decide the number of maximum keywords allowed to enter. Apart from producing brand names or business names, this website also creates domain names. It is a free and open-source tool that offers the best company and domain titles. 


Domain Puzzler:

Domain Puzzler is another mighty domain name and a business name generator. Users can produce the domain names in three distinct manners. When the user enters the keyword, the same is reflected in the domain name. The second way is the user can add different keywords that he or she desired to see in the domain title. Next is when the user enters keywords, the list of matching words appears. 

It generates unique and eye-catching domain titles. Additionally, you can select the extension, like .com, .org, .info, .me, .eu, etc. from the given list. When users click on the search button, the list of names appears with their status. If a particular name is not available, the status is Unavailable.

Domain Puzzler


Wordoid is another robust website that creates unique and eye-catching titles for your company, products, and services. It incorporates fields that assist users in selecting the best name from this business name generator. These fields are as follows:

  • Languages
  • Quality
  • Pattern
  • Length
  • Domain name
  • Registration and Hosting

Users can choose any one language from the five. The next field is quality, and users need to select anyone from the high, medium, and low. Next is the pattern that includes prefixes, suffixes, and fragments. The length field represents the number of words appearing in the title. After that, it checks for the availability of the domain name. If the title is available, you can proceed to create your website. 


Lean Domain Search:

Lean Domain Search enables users to find unusual names for the business and company within no time. You can enter the keyword in the search bar, and it displays a wide range of terms. There is an option to sort these results depending on popularity, length, and alphabetical order. After you search for the name, there appears the list of green ones. It represents that the domain name is available. Lean Domain Search is one of the easiest ways to find rare and uncommon titles. 

Lean Domain Search

Brand Bucket:

Brand Bucket is one of the smartest websites to produce catchy and attention-grabbing words for the company and business. It has approximately 80,000 names, and depending upon the searching keywords, it displays the right terms. Also, users can search the business names based on their style of business or industry. 

Along with the brand names, it also provides domain titles and well-designed logos for your company. You can tailor the logo as per your demands. When you search for any word, you have multiple filter options, like brand type, TLD extensions, length of the name, price range, etc. 

Brand Bucket


Naminum is the ultimate business name generator software device. Using this tool, users can create high-quality business names, domain names, and website titles. Additionally, you can add suffixes and prefixes to the keyword. It is capable of producing the domain title in one word that is easy to remember. 

When you enter a keyword, the list of domain names appears. You need to manually check whether the particular domain term is available or not. So, manual checking sometimes is irritating for users because it is time-consuming. 


One Click Name:

One Click Name is one of the perfect business name generators. It is best suited for start-ups and websites. With the business name, it also proves the domain name and well-structured logo. Multiple domains are present that can be categorized based on the keywords. With just simple clicks, you will get a unique title and logo. 

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One Click Name is not an open-source tool. Users just need to enter the desired keywords, and with a single click, it presents a set of eye-catching titles. It has a clean and straightforward interface.

One Click Name

Name Find:

Name Find is capable of generating premium quality domain terms. Users can select the quality of the brand names, like high, medium, and low. Several domain names are very expensive and costly. The search bar permits you to enter the desired keyword. A vast list containing unique titles or words appears after clicking the search button. Most of the entrepreneurs use Name Find to invest in domain names because they believe that an impressive name will lead the business success. 

Name Find


Namerific is another powerful and fully-featured tool. Users can create catchy and attractive domain names with well-designed logos. But, it is not a free website. After entering keywords in the search bar, it lists a wide range of stamps and domain names. Additionally, it incorporates ready-to-use symbols and domain names. 

The Namerific tool is best suited for any companies, businesses, various applications, products, services, blogs, websites, etc. Users get their desired domain titles and respective design logos within less time. The domain cost ranges from $400k to $10k. It has a blog section that guides beginners to generate catchy business titles and domain names.



Naming.net is a free online business name generator website. When users enter the required word with combining words, the search engine creates the list ranging from 24 to 816. You can enter anything as per your wish, like a word, syllable, letters, rhymes, etc. For combination, you can use common words, Greek and Latin suffixes and prefixes, root words, beginning and ending parts of words, jingles, etc. 

Anyone can use this software tool to make an unusual and uncommon name for businesses, products, and domains. Before creating titles, make sure you go through the naming tips section offered by this fantastic tool. 



Dot-o-mator is an all-in-one generator software device. The interface of this is very eye-catching and easy to use. It has two input boxes that are beginnings and endings. You need to enter a word related to your business in the beginnings box and write some phrases in the endings box. When you click the combine button, it produces a comprehensive list of names. 

To check whether the selected title is available or not, you need to enter the desired name in the box below the Scratchbox and click on the check button. The Dot-o-mator application can be used as a word combiner, automatic name generator, and domain availability checker. 



Domainr incorporates an intuitive and powerful API that makes users feel comfortable to use. As its name indicates, it permits users to check the availability of the domain name. Once you enter a keyword, the search engine provides an extensive set of phrases and words. You can select anyone out of the displayed list. 

The other features of the Domainr tool are it improves and charges the existing domain search system, checks for domain name availability, and many others.  



BizNameWiz is an ideal, sturdy, and free business name generator software tool. It can generate rare and unique names for business and various products. For developing an unusual business name, you just need to enter a keyword, and it will offer a wide variety of words. The option of a filter can be used to sort the titles by industry, character, length, and many other parameters. 

The great advantage of using this application for making titles is it uses AI-powered algorithms to create words. However, it is best suited for start-up agencies and small businesses.

If you desire to make only a unique and catchy business title, this application is free to use. But to generate a domain name, you need to visit the GoDaddy website to generate uncommon domain names. 



The business or company name is identity. It becomes easy for people to identify the types of products that the particular company possesses. The customers remember only the name of the company. So, having a short, unique, and catchy brand name is essential. All the above online tools for producing business titles are efficient and powerful that creates rare words. 


What is a unique business name?

Names for businesses that are truly one-of-a-kind tend to be made up, quirky, or have a deeper significance behind them. The use of a distinctive company name implies that your company stands out from the crowd.

What is a catchy name?

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on a catchy business name, including how it appears, sounds, and is easy to recall. Relevant keywords and their relationship to each other are critical to a memorable business name.

How do random name generators work?

The majority of random name generators can only generate a few names at a time. The generator takes a few inputs (such as where you live, a pet’s name, etc.) and generates a shortlist of names based on that information.