BSAE: Reports cannot be run in the web client

The following message may appear while attempting to run a report in BSAE (Business Service Automation Essentials) web client (also known as BusinessObjects (BO)):

A database error occurred. The database error text is: SQL statement to execute cannot be empty or null. (WIS 10901)

This message can be caused by a number of situations.

The most common cause of the problem is that the end user created some criteria that resulted in a no data condition.

The next most common cause is that BSAE was restarted but the web interface (bsae-bo) was not restarted at the same time.

The end user can review the report criteria and make sure it is appropriate. If it is correct then the following procedure can be used to restart BSAE correctly.

Restart BusinessObjects (BO):

1) Logon to the BSAE server via SSH as root

2) Restart BO:

/etc/init.d/bsae-bo restart

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