Top 8 Best Browsers For Xbox One

The Xbox One is a stylish and powerful game console that functions as a media center. However, the Xbox One only supports Bing and Edge on the web.

It indicates that you are not receiving the full browsing experience. There are a variety of browsers for Xbox One that allow users to access their preferred content.

8 Best Browsers For Xbox One

The Xbox One includes a built web browser, but you can download other browsers to the console if you want to switch things up. Without changing any of the settings or login credentials in the Xbox One interface, anyone can download a new browser and have a different experience.

The Xbox One includes Internet Explorer, but you may use the Internet Explorer app to download other popular browsers.

Best Internet Browsers For Xbox One In Xbox Store

For ease, I’ve collected a list of the finest Xbox One browsers. Below is a list of features and a comparison.

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Opera Browser
  4. Safari Browser
  5. Monument Browser
  6. Microsoft Edge
  7. Vivaldi
  8. Internet Explorer Browser

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most influential browsers for Xbox One and other game consoles.

Google Chrome for Xbox One has shifted its focus. It now uses WebKit, the same engine that Google uses for its mobile and desktop apps, to render online content instead of Trident.

Basic Features

  • Chrome can help you stay focused and get more out of your browser with Google apps like Gmail, Google Wallet, and Google Assistant.
  • With typed into the address bar, a zoomed-in view of a new tab in a Chrome web browser is shown.
  • Chrome makes every effort to keep your data and privacy safe online. Chrome’s privacy options are simple to use, allowing you to tailor your settings and surfing experience to your preferences.
  • Chrome helps you get stuff done and stay safe online with features like password check, night theme, and the Google address bar.
  • Chrome browser window with Google productivity icon in dark mode.
  • With time-saving suggestions, you can sync Chrome across devices, learn keyboard shortcuts, organize tabs, and more.
  • Keep people and data safe with easy-to-understand upgrades and policy enforcement.
  • With Chrome for developers, you can create websites for the next iteration of the open web.
  • With Chrome Beta, you can get a sneak peek at upcoming Chrome features before they’re launched.
  • With Chrome Canary, you can stay on the cutting edge of the web and receive nightly updates.

2.  Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the best browser for Xbox One. It is one of the most popular browsers on Xbox One, Android, iOS, Windows PC, and other platforms.

Firefox has created a browser tailored to the specific needs of gamers. It’s simple to remain updated on all your favorite gaming news while playing with Game Mode.

Basic Features

  • Every moment you open a new tab with Firefox, you have access to fantastic material.
  • The combined search and address bar in Firefox makes suggestions based on your bookmarks and categories, history, open tabs, and recent searches.
  • Use Firefox without preserving history, Firefox for desktop with Enhanced Tracking Protection, and SmartBlock for Enhanced Tracking Protection.
  • Create a Firefox account so you can keep track of your browsing history everywhere you go.
  • In the Firefox Browser, all of your favorite Google tools work flawlessly.
  • To block Facebook from following you throughout the internet, use this browser extension.
  • Take your tabs, history, and bookmarks with you everywhere you go with Firefox.
  • The toolbar has been simplified to include only the most commonly used features, but Firefox offers even more hidden features.
  • Add-ons are similar to programs that you can install to customize Firefox’s functionality.
  • You can give your bookmark a name and save it in the box that appears.
  • You can save it to the Bookmarks Toolbar or the Bookmarks Menu to have it available at a moment’s notice.
  • Browse the web without keeping any information about the sites and pages you’ve visited on your computer.
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3. Opera Browser

opera browser

Opera is a browser that is similar to Chrome in terms of functionality. Opera Browser was created with gamers in mind.

Opera is ideal for gamers who want a browser that can keep up with the demands of high-resolution games without stuttering or slowing down. It is the best browser for Xbox One for Xbox fans.

Basic Features

  • You may easily explore and tweet on a desktop with a better view.
  • Save and collect web stuff with ease and graphically share it.
  • While browsing, use Instagram in Opera’s sidebar.
  • You may chat with your pals straight in your browser without switching apps.
  • With multiple tabs open, you can work and browse more efficiently.
  • Create different customized workplaces for tab groups.
  • Send files, links, and notes between your devices in real-time.
  • A straightforward approach to dramatically prolong the battery life of your laptop.
  • Sync your Opera browsers across all of your devices.
  • On your start page, you’ll find a personalized and valuable newsfeed.
  • At your fingertips is a world of music and podcasts.
  • Make secure cryptocurrency payments and confirm them.
  • Snapshots from web pages may be easily captured, edited, and shared.
  • You’ll browse with fewer distractions, and web pages will load faster.
  • As you browse the web, pop out internet videos to float on top of the pages.
  • Without browsing through folders, you may attach files with a single click.
  • Manage, customize, and save your favorite places online with ease.
  • Convert time zones, currencies, and measurement units automatically.
  • For free, browse in comfort with greater privacy and security.

4. Safari Browser

safari browser

If you have an Apple device, Safari is one of the best browsers for Xbox One. When rendering online pages, no one beats Safari’s speed and accuracy.

Safari has built-in iCloud syncing, so your credentials are always safe and accessible across all of your Apple devices. For Apple users, it’s one of the best browsers for the Xbox one console.

Basic Features

  • The iCloud Tab Browsing functionality syncs open tabs across devices that share an iCloud account.
  • When using Safari on your iPhone or iPad, you can see a list of all tabs open on your MacBook.
  • It works similarly to Chrome’s bookmark sharing feature but without the need to log in.
  • A built-in share button in the Safari app allows users to rapidly share a website via message, email, or social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • The most excellent feature is using AirDrop to share a website with another nearby iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
  • Safari can recognize articles and offer them in a format that removes navigation and advertisements in favor of a more readable presentation.
  • This view is handy for websites that open new windows as you scroll or become unreadable on an iPhone or iPad due to navigation.
  • While iMacs are excellent desktop computers, Apple is best known for laptops and mobile devices.
  • Safari demonstrates this by being incredibly energy efficient, allowing you to save valuable minutes, if not hours, of your time.

5. Monument Browser

monument browser

Monument Browser is a sleek, lightweight Xbox One browser that prioritizes speed. Monument Browser provides a flawless browsing experience with its clean and attractive UI.

It is one of the best browsers for Xbox One.

Basic Features

  • With our Anti Social & Strict Anti Tracking feature, you can prevent Facebook and other large data networks from tracking your online behavior.
  • With our internal ad blocker turned on, you won’t see any adverts while browsing.
  • Improves ad and unwanted content detection, as well as the ability to construct your custom blocking list.
  • Check this feature in the app settings to disable your navigation history and remove cookies and cache whenever you close the app!
  • Save complete web pages on your computer to access them even if you don’t have access to the internet.
  • The full-screen mode can display web content using 100% of your screen, which can help prevent burn-in.
  • Allows you to customize where the address bar appears on the screen; it can be put at the top or bottom of the screen for easy access.
  • Allows you to have the finest browsing experience at night or in low-light conditions by darkening web pages to make them easier to read.
  • With a voice synthesizer and choices to store the offline page for later reading, remove distractions and unnecessary stuff from articles on Internet pages for a better reading experience.
  • To multitask, open additional windows outside the browser and stack them on top of other apps.
  • Monument Browser is small and light, taking up less than 2MB on your device.
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6. Microsoft Edge

microsoft Edge

Edge is a feature-rich and simple-to-use browser for Windows 10 and Xbox One. Signing in with your Microsoft Account makes it simple to sync your favorites, passwords, URLs, and other information between the two platforms.

Basic Features

  • Keep track of your favorite athletes’ and teams’ news, results, and medal totals. Microsoft Edge has the most recent upgrades.
  • Microsoft Edge offers built-in technologies that make finding the best online shopping bargain easier than ever.
  • Fill in your shipping information and apply coupons automatically to make online buying quick and easy.
  • We’ll show you a list of available coupons and help you use them for your order whenever you shop in Microsoft Edge.
  • Check out expert and user reviews for the items on your shopping list.
  • With a single click, you can compare costs across multiple websites.
  • Microsoft Edge is designed to save you time so you can focus on what you want to create, work on, and play.
  • To manage your content, group and collapse your tabs to make room for more or add them to a collection to be picked up later.
  • Keep your Pinterest boards up to date with the inspirations you add to Collections.
  • With web capture, you can now use a pen or a touch to mark up and comment on screenshots of web pages.
  • Immersive Reader allows you to filter out the clutter and to distract from articles and websites, allowing you to stay focused while reading online.

7. Vivaldi

vivaldi browser

Vivaldi is a browser that allows you to personalize it in any way you choose. Vivaldi makes browsing pleasure by allowing you to add plugins and sync with your preferred devices.

Vivaldi is a browser that allows users to configure it to their liking without any clutter or overhead. Vivaldi is one of the best browsers for Xbox One, with the flexibility to add plugins and sync with your favorite devices.

Basic Features

  • Essentials is a simple, minimalist interface with privacy controls that give you control over your data.
  • To keep things simple, a lot of Vivaldi’s functionality is concealed.
  • Ads are not only obnoxious, but they also slow you down. There is no advertising, so there is more incredible speed.
  • Because it’s scary, it prevents websites (and advertisements) from following you throughout the internet.
  • Choose from a variety of tab management solutions to keep your browsing tidy.
  • With a built-in, private translation tool, you can translate any web page with a single click.
  • Bring along your favorite Chrome addons. They’re also fantastic in Vivaldi.
  • Some apps track users, develop profiles and sell your information to make money. Vivaldi isn’t one of them.
  • Get a more organized, more powerful, and more private email experience.
  • Organize your days with a simple yet powerful interface that includes private and shared calendars.
  • Create a news stream based on your interests, not your internet activities.
  • With hosting on Vivaldi’s servers, you can keep your translation activity private.
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8. Internet Explorer Browser

Internet Explorer Browser

The Internet Explorer Browser is a popular and long-running browser. However, it isn’t as good on a PC. This is because it is designed specifically for Xbox One devices.

If you want to surf the web in style on your Xbox One, download the Microsoft version of Internet Explorer, which is free and ad-free. Try and check these best browsers for Xbox one.

Basic Features

  • Explorer uses the processing capabilities of your machine to provide better visuals and HD video in your web browser.
  • The new tabs page in Explorer resembles the launch screen in Chrome. It contains tiles of your most visited and favorite websites for easy access.
  • To avoid disturbing your browsing experience, Explorer’s new notifications bar appears at the bottom of your window.
  • In Explorer’s “One Box” at the top of the window, you can type anything from search phrases to URLs.
  • Domain highlighting is now available in Explorer, allowing you to see which website a link belongs to before clicking it.
  • Add-ons are helpful tools for your browser, but having too many can cause it to slow down.
  • Explorer has an add-on performance advisor recommending which add-ons to disable or remove to improve speed.
  • As you enter, Bing search results and recently viewed pages appear real-time. It works similarly to Chrome’s URL bar.
  • You can pin books to your taskbar using Explorer 9 just as you would an application.
  • “Enhanced Tabs” in Explorer allows you to color code and rearrange tabs. It’s a valuable tool for people who have multiple tabs open simultaneously.
  • Bookmarks pinned to the taskbar refresh in the background, displaying real-time information such as unread emails and site thumbnail previews.
  • You can use the “Snap” function to view two web pages side by side, occupying the entire screen.
  • This is another Chrome feature. Each open tab in Explorer is isolated from the others, so if one crashes, the others are unaffected.


There are a variety of alternative browsers that you can install on your PC and use to connect to the console. These are the eight finest Xbox One browsers to try on your console.

Though Xbox is a Microsoft product, you can still install other browsers as well. If you want to use it directly on the console, the browsers indicated above are a good option. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Xbox One Get Firefox?

Firefox is a popular web browser that has been around for a long time and is used by many Windows PC users. It’s also popular on other systems, including the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii U, and Xbox One. Firefox for Xbox One debuted on the platform with a fresh look and a slew of new features tailored to gamers.

How Do I Install Google Chrome On My Xbox One?

The Xbox One has a pretty limited browser selection, and Chrome is unfortunately not one of them. How can I make the Internet on my Xbox One full screen? Launch Edge on Xbox One and click the App Menu button on the controller to make your browser full-screen. Now you may enable it. 

Does Xbox Have A Private Browser?

The Microsoft Edge browser offers a secret surfing option called “InPrivate Browsing on Xbox One consoles.” To browse the web without storing any history data to your console, use InPrivate Browsing mode.

Is Microsoft Edge Still On Xbox One?

Microsoft announced the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge in January 2020, and it will be accessible on Xbox consoles following the September 2021 update. Despite the lack of extensions and a developer interface, it provides all the features that an ordinary web surfer requires.