3 Best Ways To Fix Broken AVI Files With DivFix++

Opening the video file of a movie or TV show only to notice that see an error message that the video player can’t play this video is frustrating.

Most videos are in the format of AVI, MP4, and MKV. Furthermore, AVI files are reported to show issues the most.

broken avi files with divfix

But don’t worry because I have some solid solutions that will keep your movie night from being ruined.

Let’s know how to repair broken AVI files with DivFix++ and more tools.

Causes of Damaged AVI Files

  • File not downloaded or copied correctly
  • The video player doesn’t support the format of the video
  • The AVI file is corrupted
  • Bad sectors on the hard drive
  • Virus or malware

How To Repair Corrupted AVI Files For Free?

  1. Fix Broken AVI Files with DivFix++
  2. VLC Media Player
  3. BandiFix

1. Fix Broken AVI Files with DivFix++

DivFix++ is a free and open-source tool that can easily repair broken or corrupted videos that are in AVI format. It’s available for Windows, macOS, and Linux (Ubuntu).

  • Get it from DivFix++.
  • It will be a zip file. Right-click the zip file and choose ‘Extract All’.
Downloads folder. Right-click menu for a zip file on Windows 11
  • On the new wizard, choose the location and click ‘Extract’.
  • Open the folder and run DivFix++.
  • Press the ‘Add Files’ to add the corrupted AVI video files. You can add and repair multiple files at once.
DivFix++ main window on Windows 11
  • Now, click ‘Check Errors’ for it to show you the errors found in the file, or simply press ‘Fix’ to begin the repair process. Plus Make sure ‘Cut Out Bad Parts’ and ‘Keep Original File’ are ticked.
DivFix++ on Windows 11
  • When the repair is done, you can preview the file.
  • The tool renames your repaired AVI files and adds ‘DivFix++’ to each file. You can rename the files manually or use a batch renaming tool for renaming all the files with one click.

2. VLC Media Player

This is a popular free media player and it also has some tools for fixing different video files. If the repair of broken AVI files with DivFix++ was unsuccessful, use VLC. It works for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Note: This is a temporary way to fix AVI files.

  • Grab a copy of the application from VideoLan and install it.
  • Right-click the corrupted video file, hover the mouse cursor over ‘Open with’, and select ‘VLC media player’.
Right-click option for a video file on Windows 11
  • In some cases, when VLC can’t play a broken video, it shows a message telling you that the file is missing or corrupted. VLC won’t repair the file, but it can rebuild the index in memory. It may take longer for a large file, but the file may play.
  • If you see the error message, choose ‘Build index then play’.
  • Your file will be played when VLC finishes the indexing (temporary repair).

You can set VLC to index files automatically if you deal with broken files frequently:

  • Open VLC media player.
  • Press ‘Tools’ on the menu bar and pick ‘Preferences’.
Tools menu on VLC media player
  • Go to the ‘Input/Codec’ tab.
  • In the ‘Files’ section, click the drop-down menu in front of ‘damaged or incomplete AVI file’, and choose ‘Always fix’.
Input/Codecs preferences of VLC media player
  • Click ‘Save’.
  • The repaired AVI files arent saved. VLC only indexes the files to play them. To fix AVI files permanently, use Method 1 or 3.

3. BandiFix

BandiFix is a tool included in the screen recording program BadiCam. The latter is shareware, but the BandiFix is completely free. It repairs corrupted AVI files conveniently.

  • Download the setup of BadiCam and install it.
  • Then, navigate to the installation folder (C > Program Files > BandiCam) and run bdfix.
BandiCam installation folder
  • When you see the interface of BandiFix, press the ‘Open’ to add the broken file.
BandiFix on Windows 11
  • Upon adding, the rebuilding process will start automatically and save the repaired AVI file to a location. Press ‘Open Folder’ to go to the location of the file or click ‘Play’ for a preview of the repaired file.

Workarounds for Fixing Non-Playable AVI Files

  1. Use a Different Media Player
  2. Download or Copy the File Again
  3. Convert the File to Another Format

1. Use a Different Media Player

When your default media player can’t play a video file, before trying a repair, the first thing you should do is try another player. This is because your media player may not have the necessary codecs for playing the file.

Check out K-Lite Codec Pack or VLC Media Player to play or temporarily repair broken video files.

2. Download or Copy the File Again

Issues during the transfer can result in broken files. So, redo it.

3. Convert the File to Another Format

Converting AVI to another format like MP4 usually repairs or fixes video codec issues.

  • Run a Google search ‘free Avi to mp4 converter’.
  • Find the sites that offer a free online tool or an installable tool for converting AVI to MP4.


Try repairing broken AVI files with DivFix++, VLC media player, or BandiFix. In case the result is unexpected and they fail, redownload or recopy the file from the source.

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