15 Best Ways To Fix: Boost Phone Internet Speed

Since the internet has become mobile-adaptive, it has become easier to access and browse from mobile devices, whether to browse Google or stream Netflix. But with increased usage, internet connectivity is reduced due to sluggishness in the internet connection.

This can be curbed by specific measures with your mobile devices themselves.

There are huge inconveniences with the slow internet connection and data, especially when you are in a rush or need urgent information or data.

In today’s world, browsing data and knowledge goes hand in hand with your daily activities. 

Thus, it has become a necessity to have a good internet network connection.

Different mobile applications and features have other internet network connection usage, and it should be checked often to make sure the working applications.

Still, it also enables good command of the internet network connection consumption. Best Ways To Fix Boost Phone Internet Speed.

How to Boost Phone Internet Speed? 

Boosting internet speed has become an important activity one can do as everything is now accessible through mobile devices.

Thus, it has increased internet connection usage and consumption, ultimately slowing down its speed.

The many ways could increase the Phone’s Internet Speed by following the steps such as follow under:

  1. Restart Your Phone
  2. Clear the Cache on Your Phone (iOS & Android)
  3. Update and Disable Network-Heavy Apps 
  4. Turn on Low Data Mode (iPhone) 
  5. Uninstall Useless Applications
  6. Change Preferred Network Connection to LTE
  7. Install An Ad Blocker 
  8. Try A Different Browser 
  9. Try The Maximum Loading Data Option 
  10. Change The Network Type 
  11. Turn Off and On Your Internet Connection 
  12. Enable Browser Text Mode 
  13. Disable Automatic App Updates 
  14. Reset Your Network Settings 
  15. Disconnect From Your VPN 

1. Restart Your Phone

Restarting your mobile device is one of the best ways to speed up the internet connection and increase its connectivity speed.

Continuing your phone might take extra time, so to lower the duration, airplane mode could be used as a substitute to increase the internet speed.

The following are the steps to restart your mobile device:

  • iPhone without Home Button: you can press the side button along with either of the volume buttons, whether up or down. Hold the buttons until the slide to power option is visible on the screen. Please turn on your phone back by pressing the side button once it is switched off in the previous step.
  •  iPhone with Home Button: all you need is to press and hold the slide button present on the right or top of your iPhone. Hold the button until the slide to power option is visible on the screen.
  • For Android users: it is much easier to press the power button and hold it until you see the power option on your screen. Select the Restart option, select power off, and lastly, tap on the power button again to restart your phone.

2. Clear the Cache on Your Phone (iOS & Android)

One of the reasons for the slow internet connection is the cache on the phone. Clearing the history of mobile devices like chrome history in android and safari history in iPhone helps to clear extra storage which will further lead to an enhanced increase in internet speed.

Steps for clearing data in CHROME history:

  • Open the chrome you were browsing
  • On the top right side, three dots will be there
  • Tap settings, and select the privacy option
  • Clear all the history, data pictures, and assigned browsed searches from chrome.

Steps for clearing SAFARI history:

  • Go to the settings
  • Select the safari option
  • Select the “Clear history and website data” option.
  • Confirm the clear “History and Data” option from it.

3. Update and Disable Network-Heavy Apps 

Heavy apps generally take a huge data connection portion that leads to low data enabling other low bandwidth apps.

In such cases, all you have to do is to check the apps and their usage, and any app with heavy data bandwidth must either uninstall or disenables the internet connectivity option from the settings.

The process to be followed is as under:

  • For iPhone: The process followed as; go to the setting > cellular
    and from the app list disenable or uninstall the app with heavy
    data usage.
  • In Android applications: The option will be checked by Settings >
    Network and internet > Mobile network (Sims on android 12) >
    App data usage. Select the app and turn off the background data slider to avoid data usage in the background for any app. 

4. Turn on Low Data Mode (iPhone) 

Cellular data usage or specific Wi-Fi network usage can be reduced by enabling Low Data Mode on iPhones.

Low Data Mode helps the other apps and background processes to pause, which will lead to an increase in the internet speed of the device.

The steps to be followed are as under:

  • Open Settings.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi.
  • Choose the information icon present on the right side of the Wi-Fi (Right)
  • Switch the phone to Low Data Mode.

Data usage can also be reduced by turning on power saving mode on iPhone, which will also give the exact result. 

5. Uninstall Useless Applications 

Devices with heavy storage are always helpful, but the phone should have adequate storage with all the junk cleared. The applications and data which is no longer helpful should be deleted. The steps to be followed:

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to Installed Apps.
  • Choose the app you want to delete.
  • Uninstall the app by scrolling down.

Hence, by following the above you can ensure to uninstall all the useless applications from your device.

6. Change Preferred Network Connection to LTE

There are various types of internet networks but LTE is ought to be the fastest among all the networks. Changing your device’s Preferred Network Connection to LTE will boost the speed 

of the internet on Android. This has to be done as:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Preferred Network type.
  • Choose ‘Prefer LTE’ as your option.

The above steps will make sure that your preferred network connection changes to LTE to increase the internet speed.

7. Install An Ad Blocker 

Pop-up ads are usually uncontrollable and consume a lot of internet data usage. These pop-up ads include links, pictures, text, etc.

That deprives the internet connection for your required site or browsing your requested data as it speeds down the loading process for the respective site.

Installing an Ad blocker application on your device will stop these ads and will increase the data usage proportion for your original site.

These Ads blocker apps could easily be downloaded from the Google Play Store as it contains a lot of options for such apps.

It is preferable to have only one, the best one that will run on your device and prevent unnecessary blockage of applications.

8. Try A Different Browser 

Using different browsers is also a relief for increasing the browsing speed. As different applications work with different devices same goes for the type of browser you are being used.

You can try different browsers on your specific Android phone and can rely on the one you find out to be the best among all of the other’s browsers for your work and usage power.

9. Try The Maximum Loading Data Option 

Usually, if we talk about Android phones, they are set up in such a way that already the function for speeding up your internet connection is present on your devices, all you require is to enable it.

To boost the internet connection switch on the GPRS Data Prefer option present under the Wireless and Network settings umbrella. It is also called as Maximum Loading Data option.

It enables your device to allow the maximum data that can be downloaded from different sites and browsers.

10. Change The Network Type 

With new innovations in technology and networks, one network outcasts another like 4G exceeds 3G, and in some domains 5G overcomes 4G. you can do it as given below:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Find the cellular network connection settings section.
  • Select the latest preferred network type.

This will help your device to connect to the appropriate data network type within the range which will increase the internet speed and data usage.

11. Turn Off and On Your Internet Connection 

Turning Off and on your internet connection is one of the traditional and reliable techniques. It increases the speed as it rejuvenates your original internet.

Even turning off airplane settings and back on again instantly, also results from the same. The more you do, the better internet connection you can access from your side.

12. Enable Browser Text Mode 

In case you only want to browse text without any images or pictorial data, you can go with the text-mode feature present on the browser application of your device.

It allows the site to focus on the text which increases the website downloading and quick access to the site.

13. Disable Automatic App Updates 

Normally the apps are automatically updated by default which uses a lot of data consumption from the backend.

Thus, you can disable the automatic app updates before making sure about any necessary updates that might be needed in case of any app to go with in the future. You can disable the automatic app update as like:

Disable automatic updates for all apps:

You can disable automatic updates for all the apps at once instead of disabling individually every app. This can be done by following the below steps:

  • Go to the Google Play Store of your device (Android or Tablet) 
  • Select your profile icon on the top right of the page.
  • From the menu, select Settings.
  • From the “Network Preferences” section, choose “Auto-update Apps.”
  • Select “Don’t Auto-update Apps” and tap “Done.”

After this, all the apps and games will not be auto-updated in the backend.

Disable Automatic App Updates for Single Apps:

You can also disable the auto-update for a single app in case you don’t find any necessary to update that specific app on its own. This can be done as follows:

  • Go to the Play Store, and search the app to disable the auto-update.
  • On the top right search for the three-dot menu icon.
  • Do unselect “Enable Auto Update.”

With this, you can disable auto updates of the specific apps and games which might

Do you think to have no such need to be updated?

14. Reset Your Network Settings 

Sometimes, you can use the Reset Your Network Settings option to increase the speed as these settings are responsible for any connection to which your device is to be connected.

Any malfunction in these settings enables your phone to connect to any network. These settings could easily be reset.

All your apps, photos, or other data will not be erased but it will delete all your saved Wi-Fi passwords and other connection information.

It will restart your connectivity to any network or Bluetooth of your device (Android or Tablet). This is done by following the below steps:

  • Go to Settings on your Android.
  • Depending on the device search for any of the two “General management” or “System”.
  • Select “Reset” or “Reset options.”
  • Go with the option “Reset network settings.”
  • Confirm to reset your network settings.

Your network settings will be cleared and rest by doing the above steps as mentioned.

15. Disconnect From Your VPN 

VPN is also one of the reasons for the slow internet speed. VPN enables your devices more privacy and safety by making you away from global boundaries and restrictions but slowing down the device connection.

You can increase the network speed by disconnecting from VPN and reconnecting to VPN again after you find adequate connection speed in your device. 

VPN is the best source to guard against hackers and snoops on public networks. Thus, it must use by everyone. In case you find it overpriced, you can go with CyberGhost. It will serve your purpose for sure.


To conclude, internet speed and network connection have become a necessity in this mobile adaptive era.

Everything is now accessible through mobile devices and it has become a need to have high internet speed. Boosting your device connection and speed is all discussed in this article.

The crux that is to be followed is to analyze the reason and take the appropriate steps to curb the cause.

There might be more than one cause for speeding down your internet connection that can be checked on your own end.

The appropriate procedure to be followed is to increase the speed and you will find the immediate result with a sudden boost of your data connection network.