Top 10 Best Work From Home Jobs

Before the COVID forced people to stay at home, working from home doing the online job was a dream for millions of workers worldwide.

However, you might be surprised to know that hundreds of companies provide their employee’s opportunities to do just that.

The list we have shown here is the top 10 work from home jobs from the list of 100 Top Companies offering Remote Jobs in 2021. You can find various remote positions on websites such as flexjobs.

With this list, you will be able to get an idea about how the process works and the benefits of this arrangement for remote workers and employers.

Before you start your scavenger hunt for remote job opportunities on flexjobs, let us tell you a few dos and don’ts.

Everything you need to work remotely

For most people, working from home was a temporary routine before the pandemic. However, now that it has become a significant part of our career choices, we have listed a few things that you will need to make work from home productive and fun. 

Covid 19 has made people stay indoors and perform job searches via job listings on online platforms such as social media, flexjobs, etc. Fully remote jobs are good career options for people who want flexible and remote home jobs.

How to Work Effectively From Home

Whether you are working from home for a day or a year or due to health situations or weather, being productive matters the most.

You cannot be productive in a room full of people where you have no time to focus on your work. Being concentrated on what you are doing is essential when it comes to increasing productivity.

1. How to Find Legitimate work from home jobs

This is the most critical aspect of work from home. Whether you are a freelancer or are searching for a job, always know that not every job can be done remotely, which is why you must be able to find the right job for you.

Whether you are searching for jobs by enquiring within your family circle or online via flexjobs or similar websites, make sure that you choose the jobs with lesser security requirements and do not require working on specialized equipment. This would not be economical to make it available for remote employees.

2. Set up a functional workspace

We know everyone can’t set up a home office for remote work, but it is critical that you find a quiet and private space in your home to work peacefully and with focus.

You can also try to separate your workspace from personal space and add some green plants, a bit of designing, and other relaxing imagery to make the workplace comfortable.

3. Get the internet speed you need

Understand your internet and bandwidth requirements and choose an internet plan accordingly. If you have kids or other working members in the family, you might want to select a higher speed and bandwidth plan.

You can also try to move closer to your WiFi router and consider switching to Ethernet to better download speed.

4. Take strategic pauses

It might be possible that with work from home, your usual work hours might be clocking more than usual. You might also be feeling like you are living in an endless work-sleep loop.

You can fight this issue by setting up appropriate pocket-size breaks to feel relaxed between work hours and increase your productivity.

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However, make sure that these breaks are not too long.

5. Know the ground rules

It is best to understand what type of employer you have and their requirements with timing, security, technical tools such as Zoom, etc.

These ground rules are helpful to ensure that you have the proper equipment such as laptops, adequate WiFi range, security features, etc.

The Top Types of Work-From-Home Jobs

There are various jobs such as teacher, customer service representative, transcriptionist, writer, data entry, staffing agencies, healthcare services, etc., that allow you to work from home freely. 

However, some of these work from home opportunities listed here or on flexjobs might not be for entry-level people and require some bachelor’s degree. 

So make sure that you have read the eligibility criteria, such as experience. Here is a list of the best remote jobs:

1. Virtual assistant

Industries such as legal, health care, finance, and government sometimes need virtual assistants to help with administrative, creative, or technical work. You can either set your work firm or work as a virtual assistant in other firms.

2. Web developer

Website development is a booming business and has high pay. If you are an expert in website designing and development, you can put those skills to use and work for advertising, computer systems design, publishing, and other industries as a software developer.

3. Marriage or family therapist

With the help of online video conferencing, you can provide therapy to your patients without even leaving your home and making your clients leave theirs in this pandemic.

4. Writer/editor/blogger

If you love writing, you can start your blogs and earn money with them. You can also work for writing, proofreading, and editing firms as a work from home employee if you have the experience and the right credentials.

5. Graphic designer

Designing logos, t-shirts, websites, book covers, brochures, advertisements, etc., using computer software can help you earn a lot of money. All you need to have is the right set of skills and experience, and you can work in this booming industry.

Benefits of Working from Home

Covid 19 has created a job market for home jobs for remote workers who want to work in an easy way from their home’s comfort and safety.

There are numerous benefits of working remotely for both employers and employees. Here are a few of them:

1. Comfort – While working remotely, you can work from anywhere you want, in any clothes you like. For instance, you can wear cozy sweatpants and don’t have to worry about makeup.

2. Flexibility – You can schedule your breaks according to your convenience and can customize your work environment as per your taste. There will be no unnecessary sounds, crowds, and long weekend to-do lists.

3. No commuting – You can work from your bed or from your work office next to your room without any need to spend time commuting to the office and getting tired.

4. Economic – By working in an office, you would have to spend extra money on store-bought unhealthy food you can make for yourself at home in a more sanitary and budget-friendly way.

5. Social life – Working from home allows you extra time to spend with your loved ones and family. You can spend more time with yourself, your family, loved ones, kids, and pets.

Tips for Applying to Work-From-Home Jobs

Before you apply for a remote job on flexjobs, here are a few tips that we thought you should know.

1. Avoid scams

This is our number one tip. Before you accept any job from a work-home-home employer, make sure that the company is not a hoax. You can track the company down by its physical address.

Any legitimate employer has a bit of paperwork, will conduct an interview, and won’t ask for expenses from your pocket. Anyone who is hiring you and demands you a few might be a scam.

2. Stick to a schedule

Yes, we know remote work is supposed to be flexible. But it also should be productive. You must ensure that you have defined working hours in which no one can distract you.

There might be constant pushing of your boundaries, but you must make your family members understand that it is essential that they respect your work timing and adjust accordingly.

3.Don’t be a workaholic

It is essential that you set the timing for work and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Try to be most productive in those assigned hours and try not to overwork.

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Companies Hiring for Remote Work-From-Home Jobs Right Now

In the coronavirus pandemic, the unemployment rate has skyrocketed, and people are struggling to find remote work with a stable wage. 

In this article we have listed ten companies offering remote work from home job for you to make money. You can also find other remote work jobs on websites such as flexjobs.

1. Appen

Appen Work From Home

Appen is an Australia based technology services company, having offices in the US and the United Kingdom.

They provide opportunities in 130 companies worldwide and work with some of the world’s biggest companies, comprising 8 of the top 10 technology companies.

The company supports more than a million companies around the world.

Appen offers its employees positions with various perks such as flexibility, and home-based.

It also allows its employees to work for a few hours a week or full time.

The departments available in the company are transcription, translation, linguistics, engineering, marketing, financing, and sales.

Apart from these, they also offer micro-tasks, which, as the name suggests, are smaller jobs that can be completed from home within an hour.

As you can see, Appen offers highly flexible jobs to its employees with options to choose the work and timing.

2. Lionbridge

Lionbridge Work From Home

Waltham, Massachusetts-based company Lionbridge offers online jobs to part-time workers, freelancers, and remotely.

The company’s various options are banking and finance, gaming, engineering, life sciences, global marketing, autos, legal services, machine intelligence, testing, translation, and localization.

The most common remote jobs amongst these are in translation services due to the growth of global markets that have created a need to interact with customers in hundreds of local languages.

For this purpose, Lionbridge employs more than 100,000 language experts, working in 15 different industries.

Apart from this, Lionbridge works with over half a million people in 26 countries, most of which are from home with a flexible schedule and part- or full-time jobs.


VIPKID Work From Home

It’s a Beijing, China-based company that has recently opened its headquarters in San Francisco, US.

The company focuses on providing English language instruction with positions available for working remotely, either part-time or full-time, at $22 per hour.

Their service offers English as a second language to Chinese children up to age eight.

The teachers employed are English speakers providing one-on-one courses based on the US Common Core State Standards.

The teachers receive ongoing paid training and professional development opportunities and are provided with the opportunity to work from home and choose their schedule. This is also a very good side hustle that will earn you some good money.

4. LiveOps

LiveOps Work From Home

“The modern call center that isn’t a call center” is what the Scottsdale, Arizona-based LiveOps likes to call itself.

You might have gotten an idea about what they do, how, and where it takes place from this tagline.

Instead of having a call center in the usual sense, the company has employed over 20,000 independent agents, providing them jobs from home.

LiveOps describes itself as the world’s largest cloud contact center.

Providing agents for travel and hospitality, high tech, telecom, roadside assistance, retail, finance, health care, insurance companies, and even the federal government are some of its specialties.

The company provides its employees with facilities to work part- or full-time jobs from home throughout the US.

5. Working Solutions

Working Solutions Work From Home

This Dallas, Texas-based company has been around since 1996.

The Working Solutions company provides its employees with jobs from home in customer service and as sales agents.

The company’s different options are retail, telecommunications, finance, health care, travel, and energy.

From across the US, the company employs over 110,000 independent contractors.

You can work full-time, part-time, or freelance at the positions as customer service representatives, senior living customers care, seasonal customer service agents, and customer service representatives.

The company also has a Working Solutions University, where it educates its agents in a client’s business, at no cost to them.

6. Amazon

Amazon Work From Home

With over 90,000 workers, Seattle-based Amazon is the largest online retailer globally and is most commonly associated with work from home jobs.

The Amazon jobs from home can be accessed from their Virtual Locations page.

The designations currently offered by Amazon are on a full-time basis in sales, advertising, account management, business, and merchant development, human resources, project/program/product management fulfillment, and operations management, operations, IT and support engineering, facilities, maintenance, real estate, and customer service.

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TTEC Work From Home

The Englewood, Colorado-based TTEC company, founded in 1982, is a business process outsourcing company.

The company provides services around the world with delivery centers in 24 countries.

It provides online jobs for consultants, customer service professionals, students, and veterans by employing more than 20,000 work from home employees.

The work can involve helping customers by phone, live chat, or via social media.

Since it offers online jobs, the essential requirement is to have Internet access and a home phone, which is also clearly mentioned on its website.

The company’s flexibility can be seen through its website itself, where it’s indicated that it’s perfectly OK for its employees to work in their PJ’s and bunny slippers.

The company currently offers US and Canada-based positions, including sales representatives and bilingual customer service representatives.

The company will provide you with proprietary technology to enable you to access applications securely. With this help, you will support and assist customers with various services and technical needs efficiently.

The eligibility criteria include:

  • Being at least 17 years of age.
  • Holding a high school diploma or general equivalency diploma.
  • Having wire connected Internet access.

8. Kelly Services

Kelly Services Work From Home

Kelly Services, founded in 1946, is one of the well-established employment agencies in the country.

With an employee workforce of almost 500,000 workers worldwide, it has grown to be one of the largest agencies.

The company currently employs in nearly 30 countries.

Kelly Services can have pioneered jobs from home as it had primarily started as a temporary job service company.

The company is working with a few of the country’s largest employers, providing staffing at all levels, including accounting and finance, automotive, engineering, administrative, information technology, life sciences, and call centers, covering many industries and job classifications.

Although Kelly Services still handles temporary positions and permanent ones, they have adapted their business model to include freelance, part-time, remote, and work from home arrangements.

9. Concentrix

Concentrix Work From Home

Founded in 1983, this Freemont, California based company claims 90,000 employees worldwide.

The Concentrix employees work in various industries, including health care, retail, transportation, e-commerce, insurance, technology, energy, and many others, and specialize in marketing, analytics, technology, financial, and customer lifecycle management.

Like many other companies offering remote jobs and work from home jobs, Concentrix also works globally and across dozens of different languages, thus naturally creating opportunities in transformative client services, particularly for bilinguals.

Concentrix encourages its employees to work from home and looks for solid communications skills and vital customer service.

The employment available can be both part- and full-time, as well as seasonal and temporary.

Due to a global workplace, the company provides shiftwork to its employees.

10. United Healthcare

United Healthcare Work From Home

The most common work from home employers are the health care providers, and so it should be no surprise that United healthcare made this list of the top 10 companies offering jobs from home.

Although health care involves more hands-on work, Unitedhealth group also provides a surprisingly large number of remotely handled positions.

The above can be verified that a search of their website using the term” work-at-home” showed more than 1,000 positions.

The jobs included everything from customer service to clinical care.

Due to the often needed online or phone consulting, Nursing is naturally the most common position available for a remote basis. Their job is to provide clinical information and to direct incoming callers to direct care services.

With its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United Healthcare has about 240,000 employees in all 50 US states and other countries worldwide.

United Healthcare is one of the leading health care companies globally while being a rich source of jobs from home.

Work From Home FAQs

What work can I do from home?

There are various career options such as customer service representative, data entry, virtual assistant, teaching, etc. that you can do from home.

How do I work for Amazon from home?

Amazon offers various designations on a full-time basis in sales, advertising, account management, business, and merchant development, human resources, etc.

What is the best work at home job?

The best work at home jobs is virtual assistant, web developer, writer, blogger, graphic designer, therapist, etc.

Can I work from home with no experience?

Yes, jobs such as customer service representative, data entry specialist, etc. often do not require any prior experience.

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