10 Best Windows VPS and Cloud Hosting Platform

What is Windows Cloud Services?

The on-demand accessibility of computer resources, particularly data storage and processing power, is windows cloud services, particularly without direct active user regulation, is windows cloud services. In general, the term is used to describe data centers accessible over the Internet to many people, including servers, storage, databases, networking, application, analytics, and intelligence, to provide faster innovation, versatile resources, and economies of scale.

Features of Windows Cloud Services

  • Performance: This provides many advantages over a specific enterprise datacenter, including lower application network latency and more significant scale economies.
  • Speed: It is possible to supply vast quantities of computing resources in minutes, generally with only a few clicks of the mouse, giving organizations a lot of flexibility and taking the burden off progress.
  • Cost: Cloud storage removes the cost of acquiring hardware and software and setting up and operating on-site storage systems, energy for power and cooling round-the-clock, infrastructure management IT experts.
  • Productivity: Usually, on-site data centers need a lot of hardware configuration, software fixing, and other regulation tasks that take a long time. The need for many of these activities is eliminated by cloud computing.
  • Security: A wide range of policies, technologies, and controls are provided by many cloud providers that improve your overall security posture, helping protect the records, applications, and networks from security threats.
  • Dependability: virtual storage makes it simpler and less costly for data backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery because users can replicate data on the framework of the service provider at backup systems.

Applications of Windows Cloud Services

Windows server found their application in different types of industries which include:

  • Manufacturing: Improving operating efficiencies, reducing costs, and building opportunities for new sales.
  • Financial services: The provision of differentiated experiences, modernization of economic systems, and risk management optimization.
  • Retail: Personalize the interactions of consumers, inspire workers and optimize the supply chain.
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences: Increase patient engagement, improve coordination between health teams, and gain more insight into data.
  • Government: Provide voters with highly secure remote access and enhance cross-agency cooperation.

Top 10 Best Windows VPS and Cloud Hosting Services

1. Microsoft’s “Microsoft Azure” or “Microsoft Cloud” 

Microsoft Azure - Windows Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s public server computing platform, previously known as Windows Azure. It offers various services in the cloud, including computation, analytics, storage, and networking. Get Microsoft Windows server on the cloud-based Azure platform. If your application stack is about Microsoft technologies, Microsoft Azure will make even more sense.

  • Features:
    • The framework for your applications and APIs is highly accessible and massively scalable with Microsoft Azure. Accelerated deployment of software
    • To optimize costs and boost performance, autoscaling of your cloud environment by Microsoft Azure.
    • Integrated health tracking and load balancing with real-time warnings and dashboards are essential features of Microsoft Azure.
    • Excellent experience of production using Azure SDK, which seamlessly integrates with Visual Studio
    • For global, US government, region-specific, and industry-specific, Azure offers 90 compliance certifications.
  • Price: 
    • The pricing policy of Microsoft Azure is dependent on the type of service.
    • General Purpose Azure: Small-to-medium databases and other everyday applications.
      • Microsoft Azure A0 with 20 GB storage at $14.60 per month
      • Microsoft Azure A1 with 225 GB storage at  $58.40 per month
      • Microsoft Azure A2 with 490 GB storage at $116.80 per month
      • Microsoft Azure A3 with 1000 GB storage at $233.60 per month
      • Microsoft Azure A4 with 2040 GB storage at $467.20 per month
    • To know the price of different services offered by Microsoft Azure, visit Microsoft Azure.
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2. Microsoft 365

MS365 Windows Cloud Services

Microsoft 365 or Office 365 enables customers to access emails and calendars on the go, work with Office apps from anywhere, get more comfortable conferencing features, all with extra security. PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Access, Publisher, Lync, and InfoPath on the cloud are included in the Office 365 bundle. Users around the world have been happy with this widely successful MS cloud service.

  • Features:
    • Work with productivity solutions and stay connected with your staff and customers, whether you work on-site or remotely with Microsoft.
      • Chat, calls, and meetings
      • Cloud-based storage
      • Office apps and services
      • Email and calendaring
    • Microsoft helps to Safeguard business information with a virtual platform that provides remote work with built-in safety features.
      • Defend against cyberthreats
      • Keep customer data protected.
      • Secure your device
      • Identity and access management
    • Streamline collaboration tools, setup and management of IT, and expenses with a single solution for productivity by office 365 by Microsoft cloud.
      • Consolidate apps to reduce costs.
      • Calculate your ROI
      • IT setup and management
      • Business processes with Power Automate.
  • Price:
    •  Four plans are offered by office 365, which are mentioned below.
      • Microsoft Business Basic: $5.00 per month
      • Microsoft Business Standard: $12.50 per month
      • Microsoft Business Premium: $20.00 per month
      • Microsoft Apps: $8.25 per month

3. Google Cloud

Google Cloud Windows Cloud Services

The Google cloud network also provides similar services in different categories, such as computing, storage, identity, security, database, AI and machine learning, virtualization, DevOps, and more, similar to AWS and Azure. In 19 regions worldwide, Google Cloud database centers are available, so you can always find an option to host applications close to users.

  • Features:
    • Retail for the retail value chain, analytics, and collaboration tools.
    • CPG digital transformation solutions and brand growth.
    • The server offers financial server computing, data management, and analytics tools.
    • It offers Health-specific solutions to improve the experience of patients.
    • It also provides solutions for operations in content production and distribution.
    • Deployment and monetize 5G, hybrid, and multi-server services.
    • Google has AI-driven solutions for faster game building and scale.
    • Server migration and AI instruments to optimize the value chain of manufacturing.
    • It is suitable for energy firms, multi-server, and hybrid solutions.
    • It has multiple solutions for data storage, AI, and analytics for government agencies.
    • It has tools for teaching to deliver more immersive learning experiences to users.
    • Explore SMB Web hosting solutions, app creation, AI, analytics, and more.
  • Price:
    • Prices and plans are feature-specific and vary as per the requirement.
    • Visit Google Cloud for details on price and features.

4. Kamatera 

Kamatera Windows Cloud Services

A Kamatera-developed cloud server tool is very similar to a physical server or servers like Microsoft Azure. It ran in a cloud of virtual infrastructure, which made it incredibly scalable and cost-effective. As you use a standard model in the field, this cloud server pricing is based on pay.

  • Features:
    • High-Speed Processors: With up to 300 percent more power per CPU than previous generations, run your server on the latest processors
    • Global Network: Fastest networking speed between the Internet backbone and your servers – Unlimited 40 Gbit/s per server
    • SSD Storage: With no I/O bottlenecks and zero latency, run your applications and databases.
    • RAM per server: Start with small and increase with a single mouse click to a strong bare-metal computer, using our simple cloud management console.
    • Dedicated resources: Every server has been allocated its resources without CPU, RAM, or any other device resources being oversold or shared.
    • Deploy in seconds: Create servers with our user-friendly cloud management console and clone them quickly and easily. No unique technical expertise is required.
  • Price:
    • Cloud Servers from Kamatera start from $4 per month.
    • For more information on other services and plans, visit Kamatera.

5. Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud Windows Cloud Services

Oracle Cloud provides innovative and integrated cloud services. Oracle is one of the best cloud service providers that lets you create, deploy, and manage workloads on-premises or in the cloud. Oracle Cloud also allows businesses to transform their company and reduce sophistication.

  • Features:
    • Oracle provides more choices for your path to the cloud, where, and how.
    • Oracle allows unsanctioned software more visibility and defends against advanced cyber attacks.
    • Oracle lets you understand the value of new technology, such as artificial intelligence, chatbots, machine learning, and more.
    • Next-generation mission-critical cloud data management offers
  • Price:
    • Oracle Cloud provides a variable pricing option to pay only for things you utilize.
    • For more details, visit Oracle Cloud.
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6. IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud Windows Cloud Services

IBM Cloud, developed by IBM, is a suite of enterprise cloud computing services. The IBM cloud comprises IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS services through public, private, and hybrid cloud models, similar to other cloud service providers.

  • Features:
    • AutoScaling: Cloud scale. With ease, deploy or cancel servers.
    • Compliance and protection: Get on-site protection 24×7, authentication, and video.
    • Bandwidth and Network: Get unlimited bandwidth between data centers on IBM Cloud.
    • Administration: It has Reporting, OS reloading, remote reboot, tracking.
    • Tools from developers: Access to our APIs, network creation, transcoding, email.
    • Flexible: Choose dedicated or public; local or SAN storage. Get optimum placement for workloads.
    • Powerful: Any virtual server is guaranteed, without core or RAM oversubscription.
    • Global: To support the customers where they are, IBM Cloud provides locations around the world.
  • Price:
    • IBM provides a variable pricing option to pay only for things you consume
    • For cloud services price starts from $59 per month and depends on add-ons.
    • For more information, visit IBM clouding.

7. TMD Hosting

TMD Hosting Windows Cloud Services

Due to its impeccable speed, security, and reliability, TMD hosting is something you can rely on. They use Solid State Drives in their infrastructure for blazing-fast performance, which outperforms conventional hard drives, plus provides 20x faster information access speed.

  • Features:
    • Faster: The TMD Cloud brings together robust technology with premium hardware, a low-density environment, and fast SSD storage.
    • Powerful: To provide full CPU and RAM resources for powering your website, computing is purposely isolated from all other cloud operations.
    • Safe: All TMD Cloud accounts reside on a private network, secured and monitored 24/7/365 by hardware and software appliances.
    • Data Mirroring: By developing storage that operates in real-time replica mode using RAID technology, it guarantees that the data is secure and sound.
    • Instant scaling: By changing the website’s services, the cloud platform manages to boost traffic effortlessly.
  • Price: 
    • The pricing policy is given below.
      • Starter cloud: $8.95
      • Business cloud: $11.95
      • Enterprise cloud: $17.95
    • For more information, visit TMD hosting.

8. AWS

AWS Windows Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a robust and widely embraced cloud platform globally, providing over 165 fully-featured data center services worldwide. Virtual Private Cloud, EC2, AWS Data Transfer, Simple Storage Service, DynamoDB, Elastic Compute Cloud, AWS Key Management Service, AmazonCloudWatch, Relational Database Service, and Simple Notification Service are some of these.

  • Features:
    • Broadest and profound forum: AWS offers the widest variety of computer facilities with the most profound capabilities. It provides processors, storage, networking, operating systems, and procurement models to choose from.
    • Protection and governance: AWS provides substantially more security, enforcement, and governance resources and important aspects than others.
    • Network and storage: AWS has the most extensive global framework linked by 100 Gbps trans-oceanic cables with 210 points of presence that deliver consumer apps and content over a private network anywhere in the world.
    • Flexible costs: With On-Demand pricing, without long-term commitments, you pay only for the calculation you want.
    • Compute anywhere: AWS provides 76 Availability Zones (AZ) across 24 Regions with the most stable, comprehensive, and reliable network system.
  • Price:
    • AWS offers a variable pricing policy and depends on service and usage.
    • To know more about AWS pricing policy, visit AWS.

9. Vultr

Vultr Windows Cloud Services

On the Intel core CPU, Vultr servers are developed and have several locations worldwide. No long-term agreement applies. You can perform administrative tasks, including rebooting, re-installing, and altering OS properties with the built-in rich control panel.

  • Features:
    • High-Efficiency Architecture: Vultr computes Intel CPUs with 100 percent local SSD and high performance.
    • Worldwide instant deployment: The Vultr cloud orchestration takes over and spins up your work in your chosen data center as soon as you press deploy.
    • Deploy in seconds: In just seconds, spin up a new instance with your chosen operating system or pre-installed program.
    • Simple to manage: You will spend more time coding and less time maintaining your infrastructure using our easy-to-use control panel and API.
    • Standardized platform worldwide:
      • 100% SLA guaranteed: Stability and efficiency of Enterprise-grade.
      • Robust API: To spin up, kill, and monitor your instances easily, integrate with their API.
      • Intel cores at 100%: Intel CPUs in the latest generation guarantee consistent performance.
      • Drives of Solid-State: Blazing quick read/write speeds on hardware with a solid-state disk.
      • Private networking activities: For your applications, create isolated regional private networks.
  • Price:
    • The pricing policy by Vultr is multifold and depends on the type of service.
    • SSD Cloud Instances: Compute price starts from $2.5 per month to $640 per month.
    • High frequency compute: Pricing starts from $6 per month to $256 per month as per the requirement.
    • For more information and to calculate the price, visit Vultr.
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10. Liquid Web

Liquid Web Windows Cloud Services

The Managed Hosting, Managed Solutions, and Managed Applications services are offered by Liquid Web. They have Dedicated Server, Cloud VPS, Cloud Dedicated Server, Private VPS Parent, and Cloud Sites solutions for Managed Hosting. It is among the best open source windows server.

  • Features:
    • Speedy to Launch: Our packages include a starting point & deploy in minutes for your cloud environment.
    • Constructed to Scale: To scale up your project as you expand,  easily add resources or additional nodes.
    • Operates with cPanel: Scaling cPanel hosting has, until now, been a challenge. It just works smoothly with Cloud Servers.
    • Fast Speed: Even for your most demanding ventures, our high-speed 10G network is quick and secure.
    • Entirely Administered: Reach Liquid Web by phone, email, or helpdesk ticket, all around the clock.
    • Encrypted: Data is encrypted at rest so that you can fulfill your needs for protection and compliance.
  • Price:
    • The liquid web provides four plans which are summarized below in brief.
      • Standard: $265 per month with 960 GB SSD File Storage and 10 TB Transfer per VM
      • Professional: $510 per month with 960 GB SSD File Storage and 10 TB Transfer per VM
      • Premier: $1,105 per month with 1440 GB SSD File Storage and 10 TB Transfer per VM
    • For more information on plans and offers, visit Liquid web.


We hope the above helps you choose the best Windows service based on your needs. Incorporating cloud services makes work easier and relieves from managing hardware and the expertise required to handle files. Most of the above-given servers offer money-back or no-contract, so try to see what works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AWS better than Microsoft Azure?

The storage services of AWS are the longest in operation, but the storage capabilities of Microsoft Azure are also extremely reliable. In this category, both Microsoft Azure and AWS are robust and include all the necessary features, such as access to the REST API and server-side data encryption. There are options for third-party servers too, but third-party servers have low reliability.

What is Microsoft’s cloud service called?

Microsoft’s Azure, commonly referred to as Azure, is a cloud computing service developed by Microsoft through Microsoft-managed data centers to build, test, deploy, and manage applications and services. It provides many features like windows servers, Linux servers, security servers, etc.

What are the three types of cloud computing?

Cloud computing’s three primary service models are
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 
Platform as a Service (PaaS) 
Software as a Service (SaaS).
Microsoft’s Azure provides all three types of computing.

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