The Best Weather App For Windows 10

The weather is the most crucial part of our daily life. The weather is the deciding factor as to how you dress or whether you should carry an umbrella or an extra jacket.

best weather app for windows

There are diverse climate apps for android, Windows, and iOS and the listing is never-ending however you should never install any random app on your device be it android, iPhone, or windows pc because it may be harmful to your device as it may contain malware.

Always check the weather info before setting up any plan because we never know what the weather has in store for us.

Considering the importance of the weather forecast app here is a list of the best-picked weather forecast apps for your Windows 10 and 11.

List of best weather app for windows:

  1. MSN Weather
  2. Appy Weather
  3. Strawberry Weather
  4. MyRadar Weather Radar
  5. Prognoza
  6. Simple Weather
  7. Arabia Weather
  8. Weather Radar Pro
  9. Weather Notify
  10. WeatherMate
  11. WeatherBug

1. MSN Weather

If you are someone who needs a thoroughly detailed weather app and isn’t satisfied with the built-in windows weather app then this is THE weather app, you should definitely check out.

This app offered by Microsoft has the cleanest and easiest user interface with a satisfying layout, which works on Windows and comes with various features and details for accurate weather forecast.

MSN weather is one of the best Windows 10 weather apps that offer precise 10-day and hourly weather forecasts for your location. 

best weather app for windows

MSN weather app also provides a historical weather feature along with weather forecasts and news from all around the world via pictures, videos, news articles, and blogs.

If all this isn’t enough for you, you can even search and track the current weather status of any place of your choice. This app offers an interactive and detailed map that features cloud, satellite, precipitation, radar map, temperature, humidity, dew point, and many more.

The app additionally has an option named “historical weather”, which gives the weather statistics and climate records of the last 12 months.

Overall MS and weather is a brilliant choice for someone who prefers a detailed weather forecast before stepping out.

2. Appy Weather

Appy weather is one of the easiest apps with the cleanest interface available in the Windows store. Swiping and clicking around the app is smooth and fast. Appy weather doesn’t act like a stranger to you but instead, it provides you updates in a very personal manner.

For example; today your locality is experiencing brutal cold weather hence tomorrow Appy weather will let you know that tomorrow should not be as cold as it felt today. Appy weather, like any other app, has various features like :

1. Forecast for not only today but any day in the upcoming week 

2. Sudden weather alerts 

3. Lock screen support

There are many options and sections in the app.

The App also displays the general pattern of the weather like a clear sky or rainy day or cloudy day and how it feels like on a particular day.

Apart from that, you can enhance the display and modify it according to your comfort and need and add additional weather information to the Home Screen or start menus, such as chances of rain, speed and direction of the wind, humidity, level barometric pressure, dew point, visibility, cloud cover, UV index and many more.

If there’s any possible trait of a nearby store in your location, Appy weather will inform you about it, as soon as it tracks any such events.

3. Strawberry Weather

As the name suggests, one may have a vision of bright, bold red and pink colors. Yes! the default interface of strawberry weather has a bright red background and a very minimalistic display that shows you, your local weather information in a very easy and straightforward way with no complications.

The dashboard has many features and options of different categories like obviously your current weather, wind conditions like speed and direction, the moon phase, humidity, sunrise and sunset time, air pressure and possible weather alerts, and many more.

This app uses approximately 3% of your device’s battery life in a day when running in the background. 

You can also see the weather condition for tomorrow or any day of the upcoming week to have all your plans set.

Also, they have the amazing feature of enabling strawberry weather as your device Lock Screen and Live Tile support.

The app also has 12 colorful themes to enhance your experience according to your mood.

homepage of the strawberry weather app showing all the features

4. MyRadar Weather Radar

Yet another easy-to-use app that allows the user to have the ultimate experience of weather forecast with animated weather radar of your current live location keeping you alert and letting you receive fast updates about any change in weather, in your location.

The high-definition animated radar provided by the app helps the user to stay updated about various weather details including humidity, precipitation, and severe upcoming weather events. The user can also scroll and zoom through the map to check the weather across their country making it one of the most convenient and easy-to-use apps.


Apart from all the basic features the app also enables the user to stay updated about the temperature around their location and provides live satellite images of cloudy days. To enlighten you more, this app has additional features like sudden weather warnings and alerts to warn you about possible severe calamities in your area.

In case of any hurricane taking place in your location, this app also has an additional feature that tracks the hurricane and provides details for the path of the storm.

5. Prognoza

Prognoza is a very impressive weather-forecasting app for Windows 10. The minimalistic, easy-to-use design interface offers the basic needed weather information as well as current and upcoming weather conditions to your phone with customized notification and lock screen support.

It not only tracks your live location weather situation but as you move around it also provides the climate info of that specific location. You can also be specific about your needs by manually adding specific locations to your list.

It includes many features like humidity, sunrise and sunset timing, cloud coverage, temperature, high and low current, variant pressure, and many more.

You can also customize the app according to your liking and preferences with multiple themes and icons offered by the app.

Not only can you customize the layout and appearance of the app but also the notification. You can personalize the notification according to your desires to provide you with a warning about unexpected situations of the weather.

As if all these various features were not enough, this app also provides multiple language support.

6. Simple Weather

The Simple Weather app is yet another app offered by the Microsoft store. The name itself is simple because quite frankly the app is easy and simple to use but “simple” doesn’t mean inefficient and the app surely proves that in every step. This app has one of the easiest, uncluttered UI and an easy-to-use interface.

This app offers you the feature of weather conditions not only today but also for your entire week along with precipitation, pressure, humidity, wind direction, strength and condition, and many more. This app even shows the time of the sunrise and sunset of your location.

Simple Weather

Other additional remarkable features include sudden weather alerts and weather conditions of multiple locations and air quality updates from the World Air Quality Index Project.

7. Arabia Weather

As the name suggests you are definitely thinking of Arabia. Well yes! Arabia Weather delivers weather updates in the Arabic language. It is a very unique app that favors and helps people from an Arabic country. It also supports the English language. Needless to say, it provides all the basic weather features one may expect it to.

One of the most unique features of this app is that you can share the weather climate update news with anyone on social media such as your friends and family.

This app shows the actual temperature of your live location as well as how it actually feels.

This app also displays daily weather updates along with every hour‘s newly updated weather.

This app has a “favorite “ column in which you may add more than one location to see the climate situation of numerous places.

The app also provides instant notifications, if there are any severe and sudden weather changes or something you should be alerted about.

8. Weather Radar Pro

By the name you can definitely guess that this app is a pro when it comes to providing excellent service to its users. Weather radar pro provides animated visuals to track cloud overlays and possible hurricanes.

It also identifies and tracks any possible Storm attributes and tornadic vortex signs. With GOES satellite imagery this app enables its users to learn about the temperature data as well as the sea level pressure all around the world.

This app provides high-resolution radar image which identifies and shows hail sizes, mesocyclone, TVS, and many more.

9. Weather Notify

One of the most satisfying features of this app is that it comes with a transparent dashboard which enhances and makes your desktop place look really pleasing.

Weather Notify has many similar features like that to many other apps offering daily weather forecasts for seven days along with forecasts for 48 hours. However, it stands out from all the other apps as it provides an intense focus on its notifications for different types of climate events.

It gives you the option to customize the notification according to your preferences to receive alerts when there is a sudden massive change in the weather, such as when the temperature falls or exceeds a certain normal level or sudden snow, sleet, rain, and other climatic phenomena.

To flatter you more, this app not only displays temperature but also precipitation, humidity, dew point, sunrise and sunset timing, wind direction and speed, humidity, UV index, and barometric pressure. This app features all the possible and critical weather conditions for daily users.

Thanks to its interactive and modern UI, you can also switch from dark mode to light mode according to your preference, for an aesthetically eye-pleasing experience. This app additionally has a feature where it offers its users, both current and possible climate predictions.

10. WeatherMate

WeatherMate is a free Windows app that provides its users instant access to weather condition forecasts for all possible locations worldwide. Weather Mate is one of the most useful weather apps which stays out of the way until and unless you need it.

You can add more than one location to the app to see the current weather status of different locations all at once. 

The app has a very visually pleasing and simple interface which makes it easy to use for any people of any age. You can add a lot of other weather detail features in the settings section to make it handy according to your customization.

There are different types of maps for a single location that show the cloud density, the strength of the storm, and many more.

The app also provides voice support which means if you want you can allow the app to read out the weather forecast for you.

Its easy-to-use and visually pleasing interface not only shows severe weather alerts but also provides radar images for serious meteorologists.

11. WeatherBug

This app provides all the information in a detailed, organized, and clean interface that is both satisfying and easy for our eyes and for anyone having any purpose.

The developer of the app claims that this app is “the world‘s largest network of real-time weather and lightning sensor“.

The app keeps one updated with every minute detail of the weather, minute-by-minute, and mile-by-mile.

One of the most fascinating features of this app is that it comes with a feature that shows the user, live lightning which strikes near them and across the world.

On the home dashboard, you will see much other information including humidity, pressure, dew point, possible weather alerts, wind speed and direction, sunrise and sunset time, and the current weather conditions.

WeatherBug also has features that notify you about severe weather alerts which include National Weather Service (NWS) warnings in the United States. This app also includes high presentation features with interactive maps such as humidity, satellite imaging, pressure, wind speed, lightning, high and low forecast, and many more.

WeatherBug also has the amazing feature of delivering immediate news about upcoming possible thunderstorms, hurricanes, lightning, and more. Their live weather camera feature also enables the user to see live images from over 1,500 weather cameras across various regions in the world.

Wrapping Up

You can find various weather apps for Windows 10 and the list is never-ending but you should never install or download any random app on your PC or mobile because it may include malware. Hence it is suggested to follow the above list of best weather apps and install your suitable weather application. Also, most of them are free!

If you live in a cyclone-prone area then you must install an app from the above list that helps you accordingly.

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