Top 15 Best Sales Management Software

One of the most important advantages of adopting sales management software is that it helps your team focus. The perfect tool feels as if it was made specifically for your workflow.

Top 15 Best Sales Management Software In 2022

Feature lists alone cannot tell you whether or not a tool is suited for you. Before deciding on a CRM platform, think about your requirements and assess the benefits and drawbacks of the most common solutions.

Look for a solution that is at par with your company’s size, sales strategy, and other requirements. 

What Is Sales Management?

A sales management system is a tool that assists a sales team in achieving its objectives. Sales managers can use this medium to track data, eliminate administrative work, and assign leads.

Customer data can be stored on the platform, making sales and marketing communication easier. There are numerous platforms for sales management systems.

Why Use A Sales Management System?

To maintain track of the sales process, marketing and sales management departments utilize sales management systems. It begins with a sale and concludes with the delivery of invoices to clients.

They will become Customer Relationship System when they meet Marketing Information System (CRM).

The CRM system includes a Sales Force Automation System (SFA). It is a system that recodes all steps in the sales process and stores all information provided by customers in trucks.

CRM aids in the follow-up of client requests, the reduction of duplicate data, the collection of potential customers’ information from a phone list, and the management of sales forecasting, order management, and product knowledge.

Sales Management CRM System is a sales process automation system that assists salespeople in arranging their whole client accounts. This mechanism can also affect revenue increases and decreases.

This system can also provide statistical information on how each salesperson performs throughout the sales process and sales cycles. Furthermore, the Sales Management CRM System is a sales and operational CRM technology that helps the sales department boost customer satisfaction.

Features Of Sales Process Management Software

Here are the top five benefits of executing this platform into your company.

  • Time Is Money.
    • You can arrange all of your customer data using a sales management platform.
    • It allows any team member to access it and streamlines your sales process.
    • The software can evaluate data and provide appropriate charts and graphs in an easy-to-read style.
  • Encourage Collaboration.
    • Sales management systems bring together the efforts of several departments inside the firm.
    • Through the platform, everyone participating has real-time access to shared company information.
    • It eliminates the need for lengthy meetings while encouraging teams to collaborate on a common goal.
  • Keep an eye on your pipeline.
    • It can be challenging for managers to remain on top of sales data without a sales management system. 
    • A CRM gives you the most up-to-date information on each lead’s state.
    • Managers and team members can prioritize their efforts and provide the appropriate attention to each prospect at the right moment.
  • Exceeding Sales Goals
    • Sales managers use these platforms to keep on track with their revenue targets. 
    • These platforms assist salespeople in streamlining their sales process.
    • Every lead has a better chance of closing, and high-value opportunities receive greater attention.
    • These platforms are expected to assist sales managers in helping their teams meet and exceed their goals.
  • Workflow Automation
    • The sales staff can reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks. 
    • The sales team may concentrate on closing deals rather than entering data or sending follow-up emails.
    • The software handles the necessary administrative activities or sends follow-up emails automatically.

Best 15 Sales Management Software For Small Businesses

  1. Zoho
  2. Nimble
  3. Flowlu
  4. Hubspot CRM
  5. Zendesk Sell
  6. Bitrix24
  7. Gryphon Networks
  8. Level Eleven
  9. Pipedrive
  10. Vanillasoft
  11. Mindtickle
  12. Freshworks
  13. Workbooks.Com
  14. Ambition
  15. Spinify

1. Zoho


Zoho CRM is a sales team management software. It focuses on helping sales teams turn more leads into clients. Zoho sales management is a responsive customer service team and consistently receives excellent ratings in customer reviews.

Sales forecasting, an integrated calendar, and sales automation are just a few of the capabilities included in Zoho.


  • When clients connect with your business, you’ll get real-time notifications.
  • Determine how effective your consumer communication is.
  • Determine the optimum time and channel for communicating with your consumers.
  • Automate your entire operation and eliminate time-consuming, repetitive tasks.
  • With robust and real-time analytics, you can make better business decisions.
  • Measure and manage your company’s sales performance across all of its territories.
  • Keep track of critical performance indicators, such as present trends and projections for the future.
  • Make the most of every new lead by streamlining your lead nurturing process.
  • Trigger immediate actions, stay on top of activities, and improve workflow follow-up.


  • Prices of these plans range from $14 to $52 per user.
  • For more information on Zoho sales management, contact ZOHO.

2. Nimble


Nimble is a multi-tool sales management system software. This user-friendly system centralizes your apps and simplifies customer and sales management. 

This platform allows you to connect your Google and Outlook calendars and emails. Nimble also assist you in selling smarter by providing sales intelligence to your entire team.


  • Contacts, social networking, and over 160 apps and CRMs are automatically combined into one cohesive relationship manager.
  • Access a 360-degree view of customers and leads by quickly finding contact information and team interaction history.
  • Create lists out of your contacts to perform tasks like sending mass emails to a group of people.
  • Send customized, templated group emails with tracking, analytics, and reporting from your email.
  • Send trackable, templated emails to track opens and clicks and discover chances for follow-up.
  • With a visual representation of your pipelines, you can stay on top of every stage of your sales funnel.
  • Your pipeline, social signals, appointments, and tasks are organized in a straightforward dashboard by Today Page.
  • With one unified activity tracking dashboard, you can keep track of your team’s tasks, events, calls, and more.
  • To receive a complete picture of forthcoming events and meetings, combine your team’s calendars.
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  • Nimble business plans start from $19 per month per user (Annual billing).
  • For more insights into Nimble CRM, Contact Nimble.

3. Flowlu


Flowlu is the best free sales management software. It has a graphic and easy-to-read interface that allows you to manage contacts throughout your sales process.

You’ll receive a detailed picture of performance and efficiency at each stage of your system with full-funnel breakdowns. To help your team be more productive, Flowlu also provides project, finance, payment, and records management solutions.


  • Your sales leads will be properly steered towards a likely outcome of sales strategy with Flowlu CRM technologies.
  • Within Flowlu, you can easily access your whole mailbox and track all of your email conversations in one spot.
  • Reduce errors and simplify your sales operations by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Tasks and events are connected to the opportunity’s website so that you can access their details at any time.
  • Evaluate sales efficiency at each stage, analyze sales conversion rate, and identify and address loss causes.
  • Once a webform is completed, capture leads and receive feedback from website visitors directly into Flowlu.
  • Get a clear picture of your complete sales process on a visual Kanban board.
  • You may get detailed information about your consumers with contact and organization records.


  • Flowlu sales management software offers Free, Team, Business, Professional.
  • Flowlu plans prices start from $0-$119 per month.
  • To know more about Flowlu sales management software, contact Flowlu.

4. Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM

HubSpot CRM all-in-one CRM platform is created uniquely to assist businesses in scaling. Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub, and CMS Hub are all included in the CRM.

In addition, Operations Hub will serve as a single source of truth for everything related to your consumers. For specialized or high-volume sales teams, Hubspot isn’t the ideal option.


  • Turn your top-performing sales emails into templates that you can share with your team to save time.
  • You’ll get notified the second a lead opens an email, allowing you to follow up at the optimal time and complete deals faster.
  • Create a sales content library for your entire team and share papers directly from your Gmail or Outlook mailbox.
  • Capture facts from every call automatically so you can figure out “why” your team is performing poorly.
  • For optimal productivity, prioritize your sales calls for the day, make and record calls right from your browser, and immediately track them in your CRM.
  • Right inside your HubSpot CRM, Gmail, or Outlook inbox, get powerful context on the people and companies you’re emailing.
  • HubSpot’s team is available to assist you with all of your technical questions via live chat.
  • Premium training, continuous advice, and technical services can help you achieve your goals.


  • Hubspot CRM sales management offers plans such as Starter, Professional, Enterprise.
  • Hubspot sales force management software prices start at $45 to $1200 per month.
  • For more insights on this sales management software for small businesses, contact Hubspot.

5. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is an online and mobile-based customer relationship management solution. It enables B2B and B2C sales professionals to manage sales, track prospects, and communicate with customers proactively from any location.


  • Keep all of your email correspondence in context.
  • When a prospect reads or clicks on your email, you’ll get real-time push notifications and alerts so you can contact out at the opportune time.
  • Get access to pre-built reports that look at key indicators like the number of emails sent and the results.
  • Analyze trends in your sales areas or teams to uncover the underlying causes of poor performance.
  • To make your data more straightforward to understand and customize dashboards, adjust the formatting parameters of any chart.
  • On your tablet or smartphone, get essential email insights and alerts.
  • In Sell, you may create and save an unlimited number of email templates and use merge tags.
  • Set up email and task sequences in Sell to automatically engage leads and contacts.
  • Create your own Zendesk app for internal use alone, or install a public app from one of the leading software vendors.
  • Make targeted prospect lists, find the proper professionals in each account, and prospect across several channels easily.


  • Zendesk Sell sales pipeline management software has three plans.
  • Prices for the Team start at $19 to  Professional and Enterprise for $99 per month.
  • To know more about Zendesk customer sales management software, contact Zendesk.

6. Bitrix24


From a kanban perspective, Bitrix24 CRM provides activity timelines and pipeline management. Examine which customers purchased specific items, as well as any customer’s purchasing history.

Call tracking, built-in calling with unlimited incoming and outbound lines, and task management features are also included.


  • Stock modifications, order management, and warehouse transfers are all included in full-featured inventory management.
  • Ensure that you are never out of stock. All sales data is instantly synced with your inventory in real-time.
  • Scanning barcodes with the Bitrix24 mobile app allows you to make inventory adjustments without using a computer.
  • Bitrix24 CRM is an entirely free and limitless database of your current, past, and prospective customers.
  • Visualizing your sales funnel and pipeline makes improving your sales process and conversion rates much more accessible.
  • Each step of the sales funnel, and each stage of the sales pipeline are automatically stacked in Bitrix24.
  • Notifications, emails, SMS, and messages can all be sent through automated sales funnels.
  • Calendars in CRM allow you to plan calls, appointments, and visits and reserve resources like rooms, products, and equipment.


  • Bitrix24 sales rep management software offers free, basic, standard, and professional plans.
  • The price for these plans starts at $0 to $120 per month.
  • To get a quote from Bitrix 24 sales management, contact Bitrix 24.
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7. Gryphon Networks

Gryphon Networks

Gryphon Networks is a platform for sales management and intelligence. Sales leaders can view all sales and marketing operations in interactive dashboards.

It also compares salespeople’s, teams’, and offices’ performance against targets. To gain an accurate picture, collect sales activity data from several people and technology.


  • Increase new hire productivity by 35 percent by speeding up onboarding.
  • You can close the call visibility gap by capturing and recording calls in real-time from any device.
  • Use Al-trained sentiment score and post-call audio transcription to identify critical coaching moments swiftly.
  • Data-based insights regarding top-performing discussions are driven by Al-enabled sentiment and keyword detection.
  • With AI-infused guided coaching, you can improve call results.
  • Reps are given customized conversation cards during active calls for guided coaching.
  • Using sentiment score analysis, quickly identify places where coaching is required.
  • With data-driven analytics and insights, you can help salespeople perform better.


  • Gryphon is a simple Sales management software for small businesses.
  • The price starts at $50 per feature per user every month.
  • To know more about features and plans, contact Gryphon Networks.

8. Level Eleven

Leven Eleven

LevelEleven is a system for managing sales. It assists sales managers in motivating, engaging, and coaching their sales teams to achieve success. Sales managers can use the program to establish contests for their employees and reward good sales performance.

The sales coaching solution tracks each salesperson’s key performance indicators (KPIs). Managers can provide mentoring and practical advice.


  • At a glance, the Performance Scorecard depicts progress toward sales targets.
  • Encourage healthy competition among team members and reward critical behaviors.
  • Employee appreciation can be automated, team performance can be displayed, and internal contests can be promoted.
  • Manager Scorecard assists sales managers by providing a real-time snapshot of their team’s performance.
  • Managers can use customized coaching templates to assist drive coaching discussions and ensure consistency.
  • Managers and salespeople can personalize and create messages to send to teammates to congratulate them on their achievements.
  • Build Advanced Formula Metrics to boost the potency of your Performance Scorecard insight.
  • The LPI Score measures a person’s capacity to achieve goals and stay on track over time.


  • LevelEleven is one of the best ad sales management software.
  • To know about plans and features or get a quote, visit LevelEleven

9. Pipedrive


Pipedrive is a CRM that prides itself on its ease of use and simplicity. It is a cost-effective solution that is great for small groups. 

It provides sales managers with a company-wide pipeline perspective, quickly tracking performance. Pipedrive connects with other sales tools, allowing you to get the most out of your sales management system as a whole.


  • Thanks to the unique chatbot and online forms, more hot leads will be sent directly into your sales funnels 24×7.
  • You’ll be able to track calls and contact history where you need them. You’ll have complete access and control over your calendar.
  • Automate repeated administrative chores to eliminate busy work and learn from artificial intelligence.
  • Examine measurements specific to your firm and compare corporate performance to defined objectives.
  • Having complete clarity and peace of mind about the company’s data is used.
  • Pipedrive can be used from your phone or tablet. It may be integrated with your famous sales-boosting apps.


  • Pipedrive sales pipeline management software has four plans. These are Essential, Advanced, Professional, Enterprise.
  • These plans range from $12.5 to $99 per month.
  • Get Pipedrive CRM and sales management from here, Pipedrive.

10. Vanillasoft


VanillaSoft sales management provides technologies to help inside sales teams with sales engagement. Lead management, call auto-dialing, call recording, logical branch scripting, lead routing, and more are all included.

Use queue-based lead workflows to discover your next most-qualified lead and automate procedures to save time. Cadence automation also makes communication easier to manage, enabling a quicker sales cycle.


  • Queue-based lead routing software determines the shortest distance between a lead and a sale.
  • With auto-dialing, you can keep the calls coming in. Increased productivity results from more calls and fewer mistakes.
  • Its call recording software provides your salespeople with valuable and actionable feedback.
  • Any business can benefit from a VoIP solution that provides enterprise-grade phone service.
  • Scripting capabilities enable dynamic messaging to be delivered at every stage of the sales process.
  • With the most powerful appointment scheduling software on the market, you can make more appointments.
  • With lead management software that gives you deeper visibility into each lead, you can easily make revenue-generating decisions.
  • SMS and email outreach automation for today’s inside sales teams.


  • Vanillasoft sales lead management software has different plans.
  • VanillaSoft subscriptions start at $80 per month.
  • For more details on price and plans and other features, contact Vanillasoft.

11. Mindtickle


MindTickle is a platform for sales enablement. It provides sales onboarding, coaching, and ongoing learning and skill development solutions.

Examine your team’s abilities to see if there are any skill gaps. You can keep your team interested and encouraged to learn and improve.


  • Using formal and informal learning strategies, quickly ramp up new sales team members.
  • Maintain a high level of excellence by implementing continuing programs, missions, and content.
  • Ascertain that your salespeople have simple access to situation-specific training, tools, and marketing information that will assist them in closing deals.
  • Make learning how to use enablement and marketing assets in the field simple for reps.
  • Make use of modern techniques to ensure that content is permanently authorized, current, and on point.
  • Create a coaching culture by providing individualized deal and skill coaching.
  • Make use of field data to inform your account conversion and growth strategies.
  • To emphasize knowledge and skill development, use kickoffs and live instructor-led sessions.
  • Get your partners up to speed quickly and keep them informed about your most recent developments.
  • Pre-testing ensures that representatives are ready to apply skills in the field.
  • Call recording can help you spot market trends, consumer needs, and new ideas.


  • Learn more on Mindtickle Sales management software and request a demo contact Mindtickle.

12. Freshworks


Freshworks CRM is a customer relationship management system. You can access and manage all of your client information in one location. It keeps track of consumer data.

It’s developed to operate in tandem with the rest of the Freshworks ecosystem.

It covers success tools, marketing, and customer service.


  • In just a few minutes, create a landing page. Keep an eye on your visitors and try to figure out what they’re looking for.
  • Recognize the goals of your visitors. Track your site’s page views and even actions.
  • Chat with website visitors in real-time with AI-powered chatbots.
  • Customize email campaigns to produce cost-effective sales leads.
  • Create nurturing campaigns that include triggers, actions, and conditions.
  • To upsell and cross-sell, send transactional emails to customers.
  • For a holistic picture of your market and audience, get a breakdown of campaign analytics.
  • Obtain a 360-degree view of a customer. All customer interactions should be recorded in one place.
  • Freddy AI finds your most qualified leads, the ones who are most likely to convert.
  • With Dynamic Forecasting, you can increase revenue predictability.
  • With AI-based Deal Insights, you can find the best deals to close.
  • To conclude sales faster, use Slack to collaborate across departments.
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  • Freshworks CRM offers four plans Free, Growth, Pro, Enterprise.
  • These plans range from $0 to $69 per month.
  • For more information and features, contact Freshworks.

13. Workbooks.Com is a customer relationship management (CRM) software for salespeople. It also has marketing, order processing, and customer service solutions.

Track activity, automate workflows, forecast accurately, record all customer interactions, and link with Outlook, Office 365, Google apps, and more with the sales management capability.


  • Every interaction should be used to capture information and map relationships.
  • Record sales efforts to ensure that opportunities are effectively progressed and missed no calls.
  • Use sales best practices approaches to improve your conversion rates throughout the sales cycle.
  • Reps can focus on creating relationships and selling by removing the administrative strain of recurring chores.
  • Allow sales to anticipate, quickly identify “best case” and “commit,” and gain a sense of how likely they are to meet their goals.
  • Get real-time visibility into your pipeline and individual sales rep performance by creating reports and dashboards. Easily find areas for improvement.
  • Get a complete picture of every consumer encounter. Keep track of activities, cross-sell and up-sell prospects and clients that are ‘at risk.’
  • Remind customers when their contracts are up for renewal automatically. Determine renewal rates and forecast subscriber numbers in the future.


  • offers two plans: CRM and Business.
  • Prices of these plans range from $40 to $60 per month per user.
  • For more information on plans and subscriptions, contact

14. Ambition


Ambition is a tool for sales management and team management. It makes it easier to keep track of your sales staff’s activities and even turns the sales process into a game.

This software connects to your CRM and other technologies to gather representative KPIs and turn them into actionable insights for the entire team.


  • CRMs were created to help you manage your customers, not your salespeople.
  • Managers can set up celebration notifications in Ambition to know when beautiful things happen and recognize the sales rep.
  • Ambition allows you to act on the information you’ve gathered to affect the outcome.
  • Leaderboards that track a sales rep across Salesforce encourage them to increase their activity to stay on top.
  • When a rep books a meeting, slack alerts let them know they’ve been noticed.
  • The modern sales manager’s winning strategy is Sales Performance Management.
  • Ambition’s Sales Performance Management Software emphasizes Gamification, mentoring, and insights.
  • Account Executives use Ambition to send out celebration alerts to Slack, email, and sales TVs for every closed transaction.
  • The goal of field sales teams is to convert target accounts into active referrals and call center agents.


  • Ambition sales management has four plans, Recognize, Gamify, Pro, Coach.
  • Contact the Ambition team to learn more about plans, prices, and features.

15. Spinify


Spinify is a sales dashboard that both small and large enterprises can motivate their sales teams. Competitions are simple to set up.

Ensure your employees can see them on TV, desktop, mobile app, and even Microsoft Teams. Your team can collaborate on team-wide objectives and track progress toward those objectives in real-time.


  • All of our services include infinite TVs, allowing you to engage and motivate your employees across your whole company.
  • Connect your TVs to Spinify and control the entertainment from your computer.
  • Create automatic badges based on tasks or objectives.
  • Every time, start the celebration when you choose.
  • With personalized memes, you can add some individuality to your announcements.
  • Create tiers to encourage higher performance and make it easier for your teammates to compare statistics.
  • To show your appreciation for your team, send them unique greetings.
  • Spinify brings breaking news to teams by connecting them directly to local and national news sources.
  • Scores, celebration announcements, deadlines, and more are updated in real-time.


  • Spinify offers plans on request. There is an option to request a demo before actual purchase.
  • To know other details about pricing and plans, contact Spinify.


Here is the index of the best 15 Sales management software. Before determining which platform is appropriate for your firm, think about what tools your sales force will need to thrive. Also, compare the characteristics and prices of the companies before investing.


What Are The Different Types Of Top Sales Management Software free?

EngageBay Is An All-In-One Business Solution. Bitrix24 Is Designed For Companies With A Large Number Of Users And Contacts. Scale Your Business Using Zoho CRM. For Firms Who Want Many Integration Options, HubSpot CRM Is The Way To Go. For Project Management, Insightly Is A Great Tool.

What Are The Different Types Of Lead Sales Teams?

Consumer And Trade Sales Promotions Are The Two Sorts Of Sales Promotions. A Consumer Sales Campaign Is Aimed At The Person Who Will Buy The Product, But A Trade Promotion Is Aimed At Business Clients Who Can Help Boost Immediate Sales.

What Are The 4 Selling Strategies?

Place, pricing, product, and promotion are the four Ps of marketing. Companies can ensure they have a visible, in-demand product or service that is competitively priced and advertised to their customers by carefully integrating all of these marketing methods into a marketing mix.

What Is A Sales Track Tool Kit?

A sales toolkit is intended to help new salespeople get up to speed and ensure that everyone on the unit is on the same page. Everything a new salesperson needs to know about your sales process is in this document. Also, before they pick up the phone, they chat songs.