8 Best Python IDEs And Code Editors

Since the creation of Python, it has rapidly emerged into a distinguished programming language. Python is full of more great features such as its simplicity, having a gigantic collection of packages and libraries. In the programmer’s point of view, the first point of contact with any programming language is a Code Editor or an IDE. This article will provide you with the best Python IDEs and Code Editors.

Python is one of the most famous high-end programming languages developed in 1991. The prime use of Python is server-side web development, development of software, maths, scripting, and artificial intelligence. One of the most crucial and pivotal steps in the journey ahead is making its selection. 

What is meant by the Integrated Development Environment?

IDE implies Integrated Development Environment. This Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a software application that is used by many developers to create programs. It not only comprises the standard code editor for administering the code but it also aids set of tools for debugging, execution, and testing, which are a must for the development of the software.

This IDE has a positive effect on all the developers since it reduces the manual efforts and associates all the equipment in a standard groundwork. Along with this, besides IDE some of the developers prefer Code editors. This article should help you to select from the currently available best Python IDEs and Code Editors.

Difference Between IDE and Text Editor

BasisIDEText Editor
Full FormIntegrated Development Environment.Known as text editors.
DefinitionAn IDE is a software that offers to edit Programming code for software development. An IDE consists of a source code editor and it runs Code Directly.Text Editor is a  software that allow user enter, change, store and allow to edit Programming code for software development
Compiler YesNo
FeaturesFTP,Browser support, Code search ,Multi-file editing,Syntax highlighting, Language supportMulti-file editing, Language support, Syntax highlighting, 
LanguagesSupports specific programming languagesCan write code in different languages
SpaceIt takes huge spaceIt takes less space
ExamplesVisual Studio, Xcode, Codeblocks, Android Studio, ArduinoSublime ,atom ,Notepad++,Brackets


1. PyCharm

Free or Paid – PyCharm consists of both free and paid versions. $199 – For First Year


Features– Jetbrains have developed it. Moreover, PyCharm is a very much extensive and also Python-specific IDE.

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PyCharm is the combination of all the Python tools in a place. It offers:

  • Comprises perceptive code editor,
  • navigation and refactoring tools
  • a debugger
  • a test runner.
It is a smart platform for developers who help them when it comes to auto code completion, error detection, quick fixing, etc. First and foremost Cons is that PyCharm is an expensive tool.
By increasing a lot of cost-saving factors provides multiple framework support.It isn’t easy at the time of initial installation and may hang up sometimes.
It also has a rich feature like cross-platform development, where the developers can write a script on different platforms. 
Along with this, it also has a useful quality of the customizable interface, which also increases productivity. 

2. PyDev

Free or Paid – Open Source

Supported Platforms – Windows, Linux, Mac OS, QT

It is an IDE that is used for the development of Python. The size is linear. The prime focus is on the refactoring of python code, debugging in the graphic pattern, analysis of code, etc. And most importantly, it is a strong python interpreter.

This PyDev is a plugin for the eclipse, so it becomes more flexible for the developers to use the IDE for the development of an application with lots of features. It is one of the best IDE in open-source IDE by the developers.



  • A nice IDE with auto code completion, Django integration, and code coverage feature. 
  • It also provides some rich features like type hinting, refactoring, debugging, and code analysis.
  • PyDev also supports PyLint integration, tokens browser, interactive console, Unittest integration, and remote debugger, etc. 
  • Most importantly, it also supports Mypy, virtual environments, and analyzing
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The first and foremost Pros is PyDev provides a powerful syntax highlighting, parser errors, code folding, and multi-language support.Here comes one of the most crucial scams, sometimes due to unstable plugins in PyDev, it creates issues in the development of the application.
The outline view is too good; it marks occurrences again and consists of an interactive console.If the application is too big along with multiple plugins, then it reduces the performance of PyDev IDE.
Good support for CPython, Iron Python, and Django by allowing interactive probing in suspended mode.
It also supports tabs preferences, smart indent, Pylint integration, TO-DO tasks, auto-completion of keywords, and content assistants.


Free or Paid – Open Source

Supported Platforms- Windows, Mac OS, Linux, QT

It is very much famous for the development of Python. It was primarily developed for scientists and engineers to provide a robust scientific environment for Python. Along with this, it also offers an advanced level of edit, debug, and data exploration features. It is very expandable and has a sound plugin system and API.

Since SPYDER uses PYQT, a developer can also use it as an extension. And most importantly, it is a powerful IDE.



  • The IDE is perfect and powerful with syntax highlighting, auto code completion features.
  • SPYDER is also capable of examining and editing variables from GUI itself.
  • It works fine in a multi-language editor along with the functions and auto code completion etc.
  • It also has a robust integration with python Console, interacts, and modifies the variables on the go as well. Thus a developer can execute the code line by line or by following the cell.
Very efficient in finding and deleting the bottlenecks to unchain the code performance.SPYDER is not capable of constructing which warning the developer wants to disable.
Lastly, it also supports extended plugins to improve its functionality to the new level.The performance is also reduced when too many plugins are put into action at the same time. 

4. Wing

Free or Paid – Wing is a paid IDE of US $95 – US $179 per user for any commercial use.

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Supported Platform- Linux, Windows, Mac OS

The wing is also a famous and powerful IDE with lots of excellent features that the developers need for the development of Python.

Along with this, it also comes up with a robust debugger and smart editor, which makes the interactive Python development speed, accurate or specific. It also provides a trial version for the developers to have a taste on its exciting and powerful features.



  1. The Wing helps by moving around the code with go-to-definition, find the uses and symbols in the application, edit symbol index, and effective multiple-file search.
  2. Besides this, it also provides test-driven development with unit test, pytest, and Django testing framework.
  3. WING assists remote development and is customizable, and it is extensible too.
  4. It also has auto code completion; the error is displayed advantageously and even possible in case of line editing.
Case of expiration of the trial version, Wing provides around 10 minutes to the developers to migrate or have a tour of their application.It is not capable of supporting dark themes which many developers are fond of using.
It is also a source browser that helps to show all the variables and which variables are used in the script.Wing interface can be terrifying, but the commercial version is too expensive.
Wing IDE provides an additional exception named handling tab which allows a developer to debug the code.
It gives an extract function that is under the refactor panel, and it is also a positive side for the developers for increasing their performance.


Type: IDE.

Price: Open Source

Platform Support: Windows, Linux, Mac OS

IDLE is an IDE that is written in Python, and it is integrated with specific languages. It is proven to be the best IDE for Python. IDLE is a very simple and primary IDE mainly used by beginner-level developers who want to practice on python development. It is also a cross-platform that helps the trainee developers a lot, but it is also called a disposable IDE as a developer moves to a more advanced IDE after learning the basics.

img 617dd78b3c666


  • It is coded in 100% pure Python.
  • It works mostly the same on Windows, Unix, and Mac OS X
  • Python shell window (interactive interpreter) with colorizing of code input, output, and error messages
  • You can replace within editor windows, search within any window, and search through multiple files, configuration, browsers, and other dialogs.
It supports syntax highlighting, smart indentation auto code completion.It has some everyday usage issues, it lacks focus, and the developer cannot directly copy it to the dashboard.
Integrated debugger with call stack visibility, which increases the performance of developers.It does not have the numbering  options, which is fundamental interface design.
A developer can search within any window in IDLE, search through multiple files, and replace it within the windows editor.

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Best Python Code Editors

1. Sublime Text

Type – Source Code Editor

Price – USD $80 

Supported Platforms – Windows, Linux, Mac OS

Sublime Text is a very famous cross-platform text editor that was developed on C++ and Python, and it also has a Python API. 

Sublime Text is developed in such a manner that many other programming and markup languages can be supported. 

img 617dd78d5fc40


  1. Sublime Text can operate to words or symbols.
  2. It has a powerful part of multiple selections to change many things at one time and also a robust command palette to sort, change the syntax, change indentation, etc.
  3. The performance is very high, having a powerful API and a packaged ecosystem.
  4. It is highly customizable, allows split editing, allows instant project switching, and is also cross-platform.
Sublime Text
Manipulating text is easy and efficient.Sublime Text identifies many vendor’s coding, and can not be identified like Cisco-IOS coding.
The ability to add package controls.It has the ability to mark the text with different colors.
Can freely evaluate the app.Sublime has the feature of automatically comparing files but it is  hard to use and it needs to be improved 

2. Visual Studio Code

Free or paid: Open Source

Compatibility Criteria: Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Description: It is a code editor that has been developed by Microsoft. Besides this, it has many premium features, it has a straightforward and easy UX, and it is also easy to install new extensions.

visual studio code


  • Highlighting syntax 
  • Bracket-matching
  • Auto-indentation
  • box-selection
  • built-in support for IntelliSense code completion,
  • rich in linguistic code understanding and navigation,
  • code refactoring tools,
  • a debugger. 

Visual Studio Code is very much expandable, and it also has that provision to add more features and connect to additional services. 

Visual Studio Code
Git integration.Command Palette could become a little overwhelming and complex.
Console terminal integration.Sometimes terminals get bugged.
Software memory consumption is low.Some programming languages are not identified.
Code coloring or customization with themes.
Ease of use.

3. Atom

Type – Source Code Editor

Supported Platforms – Windows, Linux, Mac OS

This Atom is a free source code editor and is a desktop application that is built through a web technology having plugin support. It is developed in Node.js.

This source code editor is based on atom shells which are a groundwork that helps to achieve cross-platform functionality. One of the best things is that it can also be used as an Integrated Development Environment.



  1. Generally, Atom works very smoothly on cross-platform editing by increasing the performance of its users.
  2. In addition to this, it also has a package manager and file system browser which are already built.
  3. Moreover, it also helps the users to write scripts faster with a smart auto-completion.
  4. Last but not least, it also supports multiple pane features, and it finds and replaces Text across an application.
Best Python IDEs and Code Editors
Integration.Cannot run code directly.
Easy to check.I hope it can be added to EC2
Nice structureNot working with a notebook.


Thus, in the concluding part, it can be portrayed that this article provides a transparent picture of the detailed meaning and function of the best Python IDEs and Code Editors. The topmost Python IDE that is PyCharm is preferred by most of the developers worldwide and ranks top in our best Python IDEs and Code Editors list.