Top 60 Best Online Flash Games Of All Time

Not very long ago, there was an era where you did not need a beefy computer to run incredible games. We all remember flash games, don’t we? Every one of us would have played a range of flash games in our childhood and we still remember some of them. 

Just as I was browsing the web, I chanced upon a forum where people were discussing Flash games. This brought in a wave of nostalgia and the inspiration to make an article for those who are looking to play more flash games.

I had a great time preparing this content and got carried away playing the best online flash games I have listed here. I hope you will too.

What are Flash Games?

60 Best Online Flash Games Of All Time

Flash games are small-sized video games that run on your computer, using the Adobe Flash Player. This can either be an installed game that runs with the help of the Adobe Flash extension on your computer. 

Flash games can also be run on a web browser with the support of the Adobe Flash Player installed on the browser. However, newer games, that are developed with specialized engines, will require the HTML 5 extension to run them smoothly. 

What do I need to play Flash Games?

Since these games were designed for computers in the past, you do not need modern-day specifications to run a Flash game. All the games require only a minimal amount of storage space and CPU memory. 

As for online Flash games, you will need the Adobe Flash Extension to play games and an internet connection. If you do not have this installed, the game window will show an error message that says “Adobe Flash Player not found.”

A pop-up will ask you to install the web extension. Once the extension is in place, the browser will detect it and you just have to click on the puzzle icon to enable it. 

Note: Adobe Flash Player has not been updated and can be used only for games that have not been updated or published, recently. 

60 Best Online Flash Games

  1. Super Mario 63 
  2. Tetris
  3. Pacman
  4. Super House of Dead Ninjas 
  5. Age of War 
  6. Alien Hominid 
  7. Jacksmith 
  8. Line Rider 
  9. Warfare 1917 
  10. Boxhead 2Play Rooms 
  11. Frog Fractions 
  12. DOOM 
  13. Realm of the Mad God 
  14. Dolphin Olympics 2 
  15. Motherload 
  16. Kingdom Rush Frontiers 
  17. Bubble Spinner 
  18. Adobo’s Big Adventure
  19. Radioactive Teddy Bear Zombies
  20. Strike Force Heroes
  21. Crimson Room
  22. Bloons TD5
  23. Super Meat Boy
  24. Frogger
  25. Kitten Cannon
  26. Sonic
  27. Red Ball
  28. Fancy Pants Adventure
  29. Fireboy & Watergirl
  30. Bejeweled 2
  31. Zuma
  32. Who Wants To Be a Millionaire
  33. Dragon Boy
  34. Super Mario Crossover
  35. Hitman Reborn: The Game
  36. 28 Classic Blackjack Flash Game
  37. Classic Minesweeper Flash Game
  38. Robot Wants Ice Cream
  39. Avatar Fortress Fight
  40. Dino Run
  41. Pong
  42. Cyrkam Airtos
  43. Military Wars: Athena
  44. Tactical Weapon Pack 2
  45. Armor RPG
  46. Gun Orphan
  47. Zombie Derby 2
  48. Pixel Wars of Heroes
  49. Busted Brakes
  50. Domino Pressure
  51. Top Figures
  52. Stick Arena
  53. Blueprint
  54. Bejeweled
  55. The Idiot Test
  56. Samorost 1
  57. Final Ninja
  58. Raft Wars
  59. Tic-Tac-Toe
  60. Papa’s Pizzeria

SoftwareTestTip’s Flash Games Recommendation

Note: All of the following flash games we have curated and suggested for you were done after playing and finishing most of them. This is in no way promotion to the game or the game developers. We just want you to have fun playing. We have arranged the games in the list order that I played them in, which is in no particular order. 

Super Mario 63 

Genre: Arcade, Platform, Adventure

Developer: Runouw

Super Mario 63 

Nintendo’s Super Mario 64 has to be one of the most popular online flash games of all time. This game has seen thousands of ripoffs; some of them are even good to play. Though it does not fall in the official Mario franchise, Super Mario 63 is one of the best Mario games that was built by a different developer. There are some extra gameplay features besides the usual jumping, Koopa Troopa’s, goombas, and an 8-bit environment. 


Genre: Puzzle

Developer: Published by Nintendo, SEGA Entertainment, and EA Mobile; Developed by Alexey Pajitnov 


Tetris was one of the foremost and simplest games we have played, not just on a computer, but also on GameBoys and older mobile phones. This is a video game that tests the player’s reflexes and quick thinking ability. 

Differently angled blocks spawn on top of the screen and drop down, filling it up from the bottom. The player has to clear all the spaces that get filled up by moving the falling blocks into places that cover the screen. This game is endless and as your game time increases, the blocks start falling faster. 


Genre: Arcade, Maze

Developer: Nintendo, BNE Entertainment


Pacman is the snapping Japanese pie that moves around a virtual maze eating snack pellets or Pac-dots and fruits along the maze on your screen. This might sound easy but the Pacman or the Ms.

Pacman that you play with is chased by four ghosts, who also eat the main character’s snacks. There are 256 fast-paced levels for you to play and a few other in-game elements for you to enjoy.

Fact: Once you complete level 256, you will see random symbols on your screen, which makes it impossible to cross this threshold. So, if you are at level 257, Congratulations!

Super House of Dead Ninjas 

Genre: Action, Arcade, Indie, Platform

Developer: Megadev, Published by Adult Swim Games

Super House of Dead Ninjas 

Super House of Dead Ninjas is a spin-off to the House of Dead Ninjas game. The gameplay involves the player progressing as a Ninja, climbing down towers within a specific amount of time. Players can extend this time using certain powerups and unlock new content in-game. 

This game has several positive reviews on Steam and a rating of 79 out of 100 on Metacritic. It is also not advisable to play this game around children, considering the mild amount of blood and violence the player involves in, as they destroy the non-player characters in the game. Super House of Dead Ninjas is available on the developer’s website and also on Steam.

Age of War 

Genre: Strategy

Developer: Max Games Studios

Age of War 

Age of War lets the players evolve from being cavemen to modern military personnel while waging battles against other computer-controlled enemy factions.

Enemies attack your base before which the player has to strategize, build an army and attack them. There are elements like turrets and army bases that make the game more interactive.

The player’s progress is measured through Experience points. In-game elements can be purchased with gold, which can be gained by defeating the enemies. There are also special abilities that can alter the course of the game in your favor. Age of War is not only for web browsers but also for Android & iOS devices. You can download them from the Google Play Store or the iOS AppStore on your devices. 

Alien Hominid 

Genre: Run and Gun, Single Player, Multiplayer

Developer: The Behemoth 

Alien Hominid 

Players have to control an Alien hominid, who should defend himself against incoming levels of secret agents for 16 hand-drawn stages. The player can use grenades and an alien blaster. There are a few cool moves in the game where the alien can duck bullets, dig under enemies, scare other NPCs, etc.

Though the blaster cannot be upgraded, the player can get more grenades, a protective shield, and specialized ammo. There are vehicles that the alien can commandeer, like UFOs and a Yeti to travel around the game boundaries. The hominid can be customized by changing his hats.

Extra aspects include three different multiplayer modes and other extra levels. This game is not only available for Adobe Flash but also for PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Gizmondo, Game Boy Advance, Xbox 360, Android, and iOS.


Genre: Strategy

Developer: Filipine Studios


In Jacksmith, you play as a blacksmith who creates a variety of weapons for your warriors. Weapons are created entirely by hand. Players can choose from over 200 ores, smelt them into weapons and send them into battle. 

The player can make swords, axes, bows, and arrows for your warriors to take into battle. At war, you can take the loot from the defeated enemies and use it to build more weapons. Additionally, you can also man the cannons for war.  After constructing, it’s time to go into battle with your men. 

Line Rider

Genre: Platform, Indie, Puzzle

Developer: Emergent Studios

Line Rider

Line Rider is a very interactive game where the players have to draw elements with their mice. After pressing the “Play” button, the player must draw one or more lines with the mouse on which a youngster named Bosh on a sled can ride.

Physics and mechanical simulations are used in the game, therefore the hand-drawn circuit must be smooth enough to keep the character from tumbling off the sled.

Because there is no aim to reach and no end to the game, the author prefers the term “toy” over “game.” Despite its simplicity, numerous intricate songs with loops and other acrobatics have been developed. Users can often share tracks by uploading videos to platforms like YouTube or by sharing the track itself through Windows Messenger.

Warfare 1917 

Genre: Strategy

Developer: Armor Games

Warfare 1917 

In Warfare 1917, the player commands soldiers to conquer ground and trenches while fighting computer-controlled opponents. Both the British and German campaigns, as well as custom mode, can use in-game units including Riflemen, Machine Gunners, Assault, Officers, Sharpshooters, and tanks. Support weapons can also be summoned on command, although they must first load up, much like the other units. 

Users can create their own levels in the game. In any game mode, the player must either forcefully conquer the enemy’s side of the battlefield or kill enough enemy units to drain morale and force a surrender.

The AI opponent’s victory conditions are identical to those of the player; The AI will win the fight if the player fails to stop opposing forces from advancing or if their army’s morale drops to 0%.

Boxhead 2Play Rooms

Genre: Action, Combat

Developer: Crazy Monkey Games

Boxhead 2Play Rooms

Boxhead 2Play Rooms is an online combat game that is available for free. You can choose your favorite in-game combat object and team up with your friend to fight other online players. Players can also choose to do this alone. Players customize their character and get other in-game elements they’ll need to vanquish the rivals.

There are also different skins that the player can choose from. This is very uncommon in a flash game. The best part of Boxhead 2 is that, unlike most other online flash games, players can invite their friends to their lobby for playing together. Since there aren’t many data centers available for this game, you’ll play with a lot of people across the world. 

Frog Fractions 

Genre: Single-player Platform

Developer: Twinbeard Studios

Frog Fractions 

The protagonist of Frog Fractions,  Hop, is controlled by the player with the aim to attack insects with his tongue while harvesting and defending his fruit.

Upgrades such as lock-on aiming, a synthetic brain, and a flying dragon named Draggy are introduced later in the game, as the player progresses through the plot. The game is over once you’ve gathered all of the essential upgrades.

It takes less than an hour to complete the game in its entirety. Frog Fractions originally contained tutorials to instruct the player on how to advance through the game. Frog Fractions is now available on Steam and was released on this platform after the Adobe Flash player went out of date. 


Genre: Sci-fi, Horror, First-person Shooter

Developer: iD Software


DoomGuy is the main character is not just the DOOM flash game but also the entire video game franchise, who has to blast his route against legions of evil creatures from the underworld.

Doom has been played by an estimated ten million individuals. For promoting the first-person shooter genre, Doom is widely recognized among the most influential video games of all time.

Realm of the Mad God 

Genre: MMORPG, Shoot em’ up

Developer: DECA Studios

Realm of the Mad God 

For those who haven’t played Realm of the Mad God, the gameplay concept is very simple. Players fire missiles at foes in order to gain experience and upgraded equipment in this game. The WASD keys are used to move the character, while the mouse is used to aim and fire. 

The player levels up and their qualities increase as they gain experience, allowing them to evolve into tougher versions of themselves, combat more powerful foes, and unlock new classes. 

A player’s character can reach a maximum level of 20 before losing attribute gains. Guilds have a maximum of 50 participants and five ranks in the game. Tier levels are used to categorize items, with higher tier goods having superior stats.

Dolphin Olympics 2 

Genre: Surfing

Developer: Developed by Alan Rawkins

Dolphin Olympics 2 

Dolphin Olympics 2 is an entertaining aquatic game in which you have two minutes to win as many points as you can as a stunt dolphin. The objective is for you to swim as fast as you can and make your dolphin perform tricks in the air before falling back into the water. The key to getting the best tricks is to get the creature to pick up the pace and then perform spectacular jumps. 


Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror, Action, Puzzle

Developers: XGen Studios


Motherload is a popular Adobe flash player game released in 2004 by XGen Studios. The characters controlled by the players  are employed by a mining firm on Mars, for extracting minerals and gems.

Players have to drill, acquire minerals, and then return to base to recharge, mend, trade minerals, and enhance their digging equipment after short periods of digging.

The rest of the gameplay and plot involves the players dealing with the unusual dangers that the characters face on Mars. 

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Genre: Strategy, Tower Defense

Developers: Ironhide Game Studio, Published by Armor Games

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is the same as its fast-paced prequel, Kingdom Rush – Tower Defense, and has ethereally delightful gameplay. Players can produce several abyss creatures like dragons and man-eater flora in this strategy game.

Players can construct spectacular towers, levels, heroes, and other goodies to help you crush your opponents to a pulp.

In this tower defense game, players can use attack elements like Assassins, Pestilence clouds, and Death Riders to steal and combat with their opponents.

In-game upgrades allow players to upgrade the battle towers to reach their desired strategy. For those gamers who look at game ratings, you’ll be interested in the IGN award that this game has received.

Bubble Spinner

Genre: Arcade, Puzzle

Developer: Bubble Shooter

Bubble Spinner

One of the most well-known bubble shooter games is Bubble Spinner. The game takes on a new level due to the spinning playing field. The pinwheel and the bubble cannon move in the direction in which the bubble is aimed at.  If you strike it with an angled shot, it spins quicker.

New bubbles will be released automatically, and the gamer can control the path of certain bubbles. A score indicator is also included in the game. A complete dashboard and personal leaderboard with the best scores and other essential information is also available to the player.

Adobo’s Big Adventure

Genre: Beat em’ Up, Multiplayer

Developer: Programmed by Nick Fasto

Adobo’s Big Adventure

 Reviewed by GameSpy as the “mother of all 8-bit homage flash videogames”, Abobo’s Big Adventure is a freeware parody, featuring Abobo, a boss character from the Double Dragon franchise, traveling through the worlds of several different games from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to save his son, Aboboy.

Inspired by his love for the NES, Roger Barr of I-Mockery developed this game as a part-tribute and parody of his favourite NES character, Abobo.

The game itself is composed of different sub-games, each featuring a world inspired by a different NES game, such as Zeld Abobo, Balloon Abobo and Punch Abobo.

Different worlds have different actions to be performed and your controls would change function respectively. As Abobo hits different enemies, he fills up a rage meter, and when he takes hits, this rage meter falls.

But once the rage meter is full, you can perform a special attack that will destroy most enemies on screen. 

Radioactive Teddy Bear Zombies

Genre: Action, Shoot em’ up

Developer: Adult Swim Games

Radioactive Teddy Bear Zombies

In Radioactive Teddy Bear Zombies, you play as Cody Durkin, a violent zombie apocalypse survivor with a strong survival instinct. As the game’s title suggests, you’ve to kill the Teddy-Bear-turned-radioactive-zombies, courtesy of a nearby teddy bear factory. Now you must defend your town from these monstrosities by killing them.

In this 2-D side-scrolling game, you can move using the regular arrow keys and you can aim and shoot using your mouse. The key E can be used to switch between the different weapons one can find throughout the game. Players are given three different difficulty modes to select from and play through.

Strike Force Heroes

Genre: First Person Shooter

Developers: Fun Actions FPS 3D

Strike Force Heroes

A high-paced combat, action-filled game, Strike Force Heroes is famous for its exceptional graphics and engine. The game is kicked off with an attack on a Science laboratory, with the scientist being the sole survivor of the attack.

A team of soldiers are tasked with the responsibility to bring the scientist to safety. 

You start off the game playing as the scientist himself, and as the plot moves on, you become the soldier who is tasked with rescuing the scientist with his shooting skills and by killing enemies.

Strike Force Heroes stands apart from its counterparts through the high levels of customisation it offers to the players. 

The game also has different levels of difficulty. You can start off by playing in the campaign mode if you want to familiarise yourself with the gameplay and to advance the story, and if you are looking for a real challenge, you can try out the Challenge mode of the game to put your skills to the test.

Crimson Room

Genre: Puzzle, Escape

Developers: Toshimitsu Takagi

Crimson Room

Do you like a good puzzle challenge? Well, you are in luck. Crimson Room was developed by Toshimitsu Takagi, who also made the Viridian Room, the Blue Chamber, and the White Chamber.

One of the earliest escape room games ever, Crimson Room’s mechanism is a simple click around for hidden objects and stuff to use in the environment and requires you to find keys and other objects which would help you to escape.

Bloons TD5

Genre: Strategy, Action

Developers: Ninja Kiwi

Bloons TD5

Bloons TD5 is a tower defense game that promises “unrivaled depth and replayability”. The fifth installation of the titular game, Bloons TD5 lets you build towers and hire special agents and upgrade them, and pop the invading Bloons.

Bloons TD5 features tower upgrades with Super Activated Abilities, new tracks with moving parts and tunnels, Special Agent towers and Specialty Buildings, making it a well-executed tower defense game with a good balance of fun and challenging elements. It is also available in deluxe and mobile editions, apart from the flash edition.

Super Meat Boy

Genre: Arcade, Indie, Platform

Developers: Team Meat, Blitworks

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy is a platform game where you play as a meat cube who’s trying to save his girlfriend from an evil fetus-in-a-jar in a tux. The game requires you to take control of your hero and jump from walls, over saws, and such, through different map scenarios such as haunted hospitals, crumbling caves, and hell itself to save his princess and the day.

Described as a ‘tough as nails platformer’, Super Meat Boy is known for being notoriously difficult, on par with the classic NES titles such as Super Mario Bros 2. The game increases in difficulty from hard to nearly impossible.

You can control our meaty hero with arrow keys and press the ‘A’ or the spacebar to jump over different obstacles and across platforms and such. Packed with 300+ levels, epic boss fights, a level editor to create your own levels and a whole range of unlockable secrets, Super Meat Boy promises a challenge that you can enjoy.


Genre: Platform

Developers: Konami


With several clones and sequels, Frogger is considered as one of the greatest video games made and has become a pop culture reference of sorts. The game’s main objective is to guide a bunch of frogs from one side of the road to the other, avoiding oncoming traffic.

Then make them cross a river across moving platforms and avoid obstacles, all this within a given time frame. You could also pick up the rare female frog for a bonus point.

Described as  ‘the arcade game with the most ways to die”, you could lose the frogs if they jump into or get run over by oncoming traffic, jump into the river, jump into alligator’s mouths and in so much more ways, Frogger would surely provide a challenge to the reflex gamer in you.

Kitten Cannon

Genre: Action

Developers: Burst Films

Kitten Cannon

Kitten Cannon is a very simple game: when you load the game, you’re presented with a cannon into which your kitten has found its way. Your job is to time the cannon’s power, aim it with the cursor keys, and fire it by pressing the spacebar. The objective is to reach farther from the cannon than you did previously and beat your own high score.

The map is also strewn with various fun obstacles such as trampolines which will send your kitten flying across the map further, helping you fly farther, and explosives such as flying bombs and barrels of TNT which will blast your kitten away farther and higher.

But there are also obstacles such as thorns and carnivorous plants which will stop your kitten from dead (literally) in its tracks. The sheer luck factor makes this game a fun and refreshing play. 

Red Ball

Genre: Platform

Developer: FDG Entertainment 

Red Ball

Red Ball is a very simple game that most of us find similar to Bounce and Bounce Tales. This 2D game involves controlling a red orb with a smiling face to collect points and avoid traps that can take away one of the players’ lives. 

The user will have to use their arrow keys and Space bar to jump and navigate through different maps with increasing levels of intensity. There are other sequels and spin-offs to this game with engaging storylines and more interactive elements. We suggested this game because of the classic, nostalgic feel this will bring back to us. 

Fancy Pants Adventure

Genre: Adventure, Parkour, Free side-scrolling

Developer: Borne Studios

Fancy Pants Adventure

Fancy Pants Adventure and its sequels are basically, the original stickman with parkour skills, doodle enemies, a mohawk, and, of course, fancier pants. You can sprint and perform cool tricks with the thin pencil-drawn character you play with. 

The game world is enormous and there are little elements that transport you to different places in the game. This adventure is that of Fancy Pants man, who covers the two-dimensional world looking for a solution to the problem posed by his mayor. 


Genre: Platform

Developer: SEGA Entertainment


Sonic is everybody’s favorite blue hedgehog who can sprint as fast as the speed of light. This is the classic game developed by SEGA Entertainment for 8-bit platforms. The ultimate goal of this game is to defeat Dr. Eggman with the character’s special abilities and fast sprinting abilities. 

The player can choose between playing as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and other super-powered friends of theirs. Once the character has been chosen, the player has to sprint across the lush Green Hills map collecting gold rings until they reach the level’s end. 

Fireboy & Watergirl

Genre: Action, Strategy, Puzzle

Developer: MYAPPZ 

Fireboy & Watergirl

Unlike most of the other flash games, Fireboy & Watergirl is a single-screen multiplayer game. Two players have to choose between playing with the titular heroes, Fireboy and Watergirl.

These characters have to cross obstacles and solve puzzles to get through an ancient map. This game has five installments that are set in different places. 

This is an excellent task for coordination and cooperation between two players as we have to use one keyboard to move the characters around on. Fireboy and Watergirl also has sequels set in different locations. 

Bejeweled 2

Genre: Puzzle, Arcade

Developer: PopCap Games, EA Mobile

Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled is one of the pioneers of games, that involve matching similar elements to break blocks and score points. In this game, the players will have to match jewels for them to break and give you points. There are several spin-offs to this game and a series of the same game. 

This game is really popular considering the 350 million downloads and 10 million purchases from the EA and PopCap websites. The most recent version of Bejeweled was released in 2013 as an Arcade version. 

There is an active leaderboard and other incredible Blitz and Twist modes that the player can enjoy. This application can be downloaded for Apple and Android devices from the AppStore and Google Play Store respectively. 


Genre: Puzzle, Strategy, Tile breaking

Developer: PopCap Games, Oberon Media


In Zuma, a set of balls roll towards a skull-shaped destination. As the frog-shaped Zuma god, it is our responsibility to destroy the balls before the skull devours them.

Players have to aim the colored bubble shooting Zuma god to hit the moving colored balls. The game ends when the skull swallows the bubbles or when all of them have been destroyed. 

There are several spin-offs and sequels to this game. Considering the increasing popularity of this game, you can get a free trial of the game on Steam or PopCap games. You can purchase the full version from Steam or the PopCap site for your computer or smartphone. 

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

Genre: Quiz

Developer: Unknown

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

The Who wants to be a millionaire game is based on the popular tv-show with the same name. This is a very interesting flash game if you are into quizzes and general knowledge. Each contestant can choose from a set of questions and progress from winning $100 to $1 million by answering questions. 

Just like the same television show had several remakes in other languages and places across the world, this game also has a sufficient amount of remakes.

Players can download or play online the American, English, or Indian versions of the game. The questions are generally about the place in which the version of the game is based. 

Dragon Boy

Genre: Adventure, Classic, Fantasy, Action

Developers: Armor Games, Newgrounds

Dragon Boy

Dragon Boy is an online flash game that seems like it is the flash game version of a popular television show involving dragons. The player has to nurture a baby dragon by feeding it, training it, and taking it to battle. With a fully-grown dragon, the player can fend off monsters that try to attack them in-game. 

Players can also use their own weapons when involved in battle while choosing to get or not get assistance from the dragons. This game is an excellent nostalgic dig for all simulation game fans.

This fire-spitting game has a lot of action, adventure, and an incredible soundtrack. For those who like similar games, you can also train different dragons in Dragon Boy 2.

Super Mario Crossover

Genre: Platform

Developers: Exploding Rabbit, Jay Pavlina

Super Mario Crossover

Though Super Mario Crossover is one of the many spin-offs made out of Nintendo’s Mario Bros franchise, this is a great option. Based mainly on the Super Mario and Mario Bros games, this flash game incorporates elements and characters from other games too.

Players can find characters and enemies from popular games like Contra and the Legend of Zelda.

Apart from playing as our favorite Italian plumber, we can also choose to play with skins of characters from different games that support 8-bit graphics. There are eight worlds with four levels each.

All of these have to be crossed to attain the ultimate goal of rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser’s castle prison. 

If you are interested in playing a game with all your 8-bit characters put together, Super Mario Crossover is an amazing option. 

Hitman Reborn: The Game

Genre: Role-Playing

Developers: PBG Game

Though the title resembles that of a newer action game, Hitman Reborn falls under a different genre. The main plot of the game revolves around disputes between different factions. This game was popular because of the detailed development of the plot, characters, and game setting. 

Players can label allies and enemies to expand their families. This family can be taken into battle along with the player’s powerful attack moves that will help win these battles.

People familiar with the classic version of this game would be delighted to know that Hitman Reborn has been remastered and republished. The newer version has improved graphics and extra animation clips that make the gameplay so much better. 

28 Classic Blackjack

Genre: Card & Board, Blackjack, Casino

Developers: YCS

28 Classic Blackjack

Every person who enjoys a good game of cards will remember the Solitaire flash game and more importantly, 28 Classic BlackJack. Unlike other online card games, this one does not have any in-app purchase features, which is a great thing to start with. The game is set in a casino-like environment which is an additional bonus.

In short, if there are no casinos around you, this is an excellent option to play blackjack on a computer. If you ask us, we’d list this game under a casino simulation game. Players can not only play this game online but get this from the Microsoft Store to play offline.

Classic Minesweeper

Genre: Board game

Developers: Minesweeper Online

Classic Minesweeper

Minesweeper became popular through Windows XP. This is a very well-known board game that is split into uncovered cells, underneath some of which are mines. Under empty cells, you will find a number that indicates how many cells away from the nearest mine is. Players can tag cells that they suspect of having mines underneath. 

Apart from the gameplay, there are leaderboards and other quests that you can finish daily. There is also an arena feature that can be played to challenge yourself. Newer equipment and other elements for trade make this version of Minesweeper better than the one we had in Windows XP. 

Robot Wants Ice Cream

Genre: Action, Indie

Developers: Hamumu Games, Inc.

Robot Wants Ice Cream

Robot wants Ice Cream belongs to the Robot wants stuff series. As the title suggests, the main goal of the game is to get Robot some ice cream. There is a twist, the player has to get through obstacles and enemies to get the robot his ice cream that he has long wanted since the previous installment of the game. 

There are two difficulty levels in this game – Normal and Madcap. The harder the game difficulty is, the lesser the character hitpoints are. Enemies will also have higher damage points.

There are in-game awards that you can unlock by finishing some missions. For more games in this genre, you can try the complete collection by playing the Robot Wants It All collection. 

Avatar: Fortress Fight

Genre: 2-player, Adventure, Action, Shooting

Developers: Numuki

Avatar: Fortress Fight

Avatar: Fortress Fight is based on the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. Players are, initially, required to choose from three benders, who control elements – Prince Zuko (Fire), Katara (Water), and Aang (Earth). With these heroes, you will have to duel with the CPU or even multiplayer players. 

There are a number of weapons in the game that you can use by just clicking on the attack styles. Players can aim with their mouse pointer to launch the projectiles toward the enemy’s castle.

The in-game references to the tv show are a treat for Avatar fans to enjoy. If you are someone who likes this game, you can also try the sequel to this game, Avatar: Fortress Fight 2.

Dino Run

Genre: Endless running, Action, Jumping

Developers: Google

Dino Run

How can we forget the pixel dinosaur that helps us wait patiently on the Google Chrome browser when we do not have an internet connection? This endless running game has a dinosaur that has to jump over cacti and fight pterodactyls. Those who aren’t familiar with this game should either be not using the Chrome browser or have really good internet.

You only need to hit the Space bar on your keyboard to make the dinosaur jump over its obstacles. The game gets really interesting as you score higher and higher. Ironically, this game is not actually online and it is rather offline.

The only unconventional method to play this game is when your Chrome browser does not have a network connection. To play this game, you will either have to turn the Wi-Fi feature off or unplug the ethernet cable from your computer and launch the Google Chrome browser. 


Genre: Sport

Developers: Atari


Pong is the short, colloquial term for table tennis or ping pong. This flash game is rather small and ends when one or the other player reaches ten points. Pong has two paddles and a ball, that has to be rallied across and forth. When a player doesn’t hit the ball back, the opponent gets a point. 

This game was initially designed for arcade machines but since we have them on computers, it is always fun to play with friends. The game’s physics and appearance are better than how it was on the arcade machine.

For those who are interested in playing different versions of the game, you can try Double Pong for four or more players. Double Pong’s game player screen has a higher resolution and a bigger aspect ratio. 

Cyrkam Airtos

Genre: Ball Toss, Shooting

Developers: Unknown

Cyrkam Airtos

Cyrkam Airtos is a very simple game with only one goal; To toss as many paper balls into the bin as you can. If you are looking to play something not very complicated and quick, this game is perfect for you. Only your mouse is required to direct the paper ball into the bin. So easy!

Military Wars: Athena

Genre: Shoot ‘em up, First-Person Shooter

Developers: PACO Games

Military Wars: Athena

Military Wars: Athena is a game that is slightly bigger than most online flash games, in terms of size. This 3D shooting game focuses mainly on the multiplayer element.

Players are spawned in with a team that has to defeat the rivals. There are a number of fascinating weapon choices for the players to choose from to use in-game.

Military Wars has a few servers that the players can choose according to their network latency. A high-score leaderboard determines which team wins after a countdown stops.

The biggest advantage of this game is that you can play it completely online and do not have to download it like most other FPS multiplayer games. 

Tactical Weapon Pack 2

Genre: Shooter, Tower Defense

Developers: XWILKINX

Tactical Weapon Pack 2

We played both the games in the Weapon Pack series and found the Tactical Weapon Pack 2 better than the first one. This game has several new features when compared to its prequel. There are new game modes, weapons, weapon attachments, and modifications.

Players can customize their weapons and upgrade them with the XP points and in-game currency they receive. For practice, players can hit the gun range in-game and improve their aim. There are also downloadable skins that you can get in this game. 

Note: If you are a game developer, you can get the Weapon Pack assets for free and use them in your projects. 

Armor RPG

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Role-Playing Game

Developers: Armor Games

Armor RPG

Armor RPG begins with the player as a miner, who discovers a powerful diamond, that makes the owner stronger than everyone in the kingdom. The protagonist wishes to destroy the precious stone so that no one gets their hands on it for personal gain.

The gameplay is where the players have to defeat those who wish to become the strongest person. 

Only the computer’s mouse is required to play this game. There are several customizations for the characters and weapons in this game. Players can upgrade their suits of armor while maintaining a cool appearance, at the same time as they fight power-hungry evil.

Gun Orphan

Genre: Shooter, Dungeon

Developers: Cool Battle Frog

Gun Orphan

In Gun Orphan, the character you have to play with is an orphan girl who has to defeat all the dark monsters that come to attack her. This is not a very complicated game and the player just has to defeat them all with her guns. The girl has psychic superpowers that can annihilate her enemies. 

The keyboard is to be used for movement and the mouse pointer is for aiming. The colorful, neon elements in the game give it an abstract feel while playing. 

Zombie Derby 2

Genre: Racing, Single-player

Developers: Brinemedia

Zombie Derby 2

Zombie Derby 2 is an endless driving game with the walking dead as obstacles that come in the vehicle’s path. This 3D game is set at a fixed angle on toxic wastelands swarming with zombies.

You can use the heavily modified vehicle you have to run over the zombies and destroy them with the other attached weapons. 

There are different cars and weapons that you can use to kill the zombies. You can drive over several kinds of zombies with graphics that are better than most 3D flash games online. Players can compete to stay on top of a leaderboard for all players. 

Pixel Wars of Heroes

Genre: First-Person Shooter

Developers: Comy Games

Pixel Wars of Heroes

When you play Pixel Wars of Heroes, you will immediately notice that the graphics resemble the 8-bit graphics of the popular sandbox, Minecraft. The player has to shoot other players with several firearm variants to choose from. There are also different game modes like deathmatch and team deathmatch. 

The game map is considerably large, which gives you strategy options to play your game – close-range fighting or long-range sniping. You can also choose between playing on a battleship or an aircraft carrier. Fire away in this fantastic shooter if you are ever interested in a fun, shooting game. 

Busted Brakes

Genre: Driving, Survival

Developers: Silen Games

Busted Brakes, as the title suggests, is a game that involves a car with no brakes being driven on the freeway. With no way to brake, the player has to steer left or right and weave in the traffic to stop the car from crashing. There are several obstacles like oncoming traffic, railway lines, and many more that have to be avoided to survive. 

To make the game even harder, there are golden coins that can be collected on the road, while driving the out-of-control car. These coins can then be used to get newer vehicles with no brakes. It is quite fun having to set a high score and then, set a new one again. 

Domino Pressure

Genre: Puzzle

Developers: Unknown

Domino Pressure

Domino Pressure has quite a number of strategic elements in-game, though it is a relatively simple game. The ultimate goal of this game is to crush a tomato at the end of the stacked dominos. To do this, one must stack them up in a way that the final block falls on it when the first domino is pushed.

 To make the game more challenging, there is a timer that runs down and when it does the game’s over. The player has to use all the blocks allotted to them in the level to not lose points. It is pretty satisfying to watch the stacked dominoes squish the tomato in the end. 

Top Figures

Genre: Puzzle, Logic

Developers: Unknown

Top Figures

Top Figures is an unusual puzzle game that gets you thinking and has you thinking even more on your feet. Unlike a lot of other puzzles that do not involve metal links and animated boys who cannot fall into the water, Top Figures has a unique goal. 

Players have to remove the links that hold the boy in place, one by one, carefully. At the same time, the player has to make sure that the boy does not come in contact with the water over which he is suspended. The structures that hold him differ with every level and get more complicated as the player progresses. 

Stick Arena

Genre: Indie, Action, Shooter

Developers: XGenStudios

Stick Arena

Stick Arena is a multiplayer online flash game, where you control a single stickman character and fight with other stickmen controlled by other players in intense PvP arena fights.

The main objective of the player is to collect a wide variety of weapons and dish it out to the other players to be the last ones standing so that they can win credits to purchase new spinners and other in-game items.

The game offers the players a chance to battle in a variety of settings from the classic office backgrounds to the exotic space lab and duke it out with the other stickmen with weapons ranging from the katana to the flamethrower.

Though some features such as the game’s in-built map editor are only available through in-game purchase, players can still enjoy the hours and hours of fun offered by this flash game.


Genre: Puzzle

Developers: Tea Games


Blueprint is a simple game where the objective is to construct the given parts on the field so that when the ball is released, the construction would guide the ball to hit the target. Though being really simple, it keeps the player engaged as the difficulty is ramped up as they progress through the game.

Players can use the mouse to drag parts around on the blueprint’s grid. A piece will either ‘snap’ into place or if it cannot be positioned into where you are placing it, the part would turn red.

Once they have placed all the pieces in the positions they would like to, they can click the “Start” button which would set the ball in motion.


Genre: Puzzle, Tile Matching

Developers: Electronic Arts, PopCap Games

Bejeweled is one of the puzzle games that became highly appealing to the masses when touch smartphones were becoming popular. The players have to swipe on gems to match similar ones for scoring points. There are several games that look and function similarly to this one but Bejeweled is the one that tops them all. 

Bejeweled has several attractive modes you can try out. Interested players can always download the other official variants of this game – Bejeweled Blitz and Bejeweled Stars on their devices. Not only can you play the game online, but also download this from the EA website. 

The Idiot Test

Genre: Quiz, Goof

Developers: Ryan Curtis

The Idiot Test

The Idiot Test is not a game you have to play seriously. There are pointless questions and tasks all over this game for you. You might have to think straight or twisted while attempting to solve the logic in the questions in-game. The player ranks up on levels of joke idiocy by answering each question. 

The questions this game gives you sometimes require answers and sometimes they don’t. You might even have to click on a particular order of buttons that show up on the screen. Every question is a different challenge and is unique in each way possible. For those who like goofy games, the Idiot Test is a test worth taking. 

Samorost 1

Genre: Casual, Point & Click, Puzzle

Developers: Amanita Design

Samorost 1

A short, beautiful game, Samorost 1 is a simple point-and-click puzzle/adventure game where players guide a gnome through a series of puzzles and brain-teasers to progress through the game. 

The game tells the story of a gnome, who sees that an asteroid is on its course to hit his planet, and gets on the asteroid with the help of his spacecraft to find a way to steer off the asteroid and save his home.

With its concepts, creative character designs, and unique musical atmosphere, Samorost is an excellent choice to play for a flash game. This can be downloaded from Steam or played online through the Amanita website.

Final Ninja

Genre: Platform, Action, Adventure

Developers: Nitrome

Final Ninja

In Final Ninja, the players have to play with Takeshi, a former warrior who is trying to move from his violent past. No matter how passive he remains, his past life chases him in the form of his former boss, Akuma. With the special abilities and ninja rope he has, Takeshi has to defeat Akuma. 

There are twenty different levels that the players have to conquer with different skills. The ex-ninja can leap, sprint, wield shurikens, and other ninja weapons. The controls are really simple as you just have to use the WASD keys and the left mouse button. In the end, you will end the long chase that Akuma has been giving your character.

Raft Wars

Genre: Shooter, Battle, Aim & Hit

Developers: Martijn Kunst

Raft Wars

Raft Wars is a flash game just like the Angry Birds series. In this game, you play as Simon and his brother who are battling against pirates to keep their beach and the treasure in it.

Only the raft and the weapons on it are what they can use to fend them off. There are different weapons that you can use to defeat the pirates. 

At the end of every wave, the player can choose to upgrade the weapons and raft to deal more damage and to take more of the same. In addition to the fun and interactive gameplay, you will also be impressed by the animated figures and the dialogues they say in-game. 

Only the mouse is required to play this game, for clicking and dragging the power meter to shoot tennis balls from the turrets on your raft. If you like Raft Wars, you will also find Raft Wars 2 enjoyable.


Genre: Math, Puzzle

Developers: Neave Interactive


All of us have played Tic-Tac-Toe or Noughts or Crosses on our school rough notes. This is a digital twist to one of the most nostalgic games we’ve ever played.

Even though we end up finishing the game in a draw, most of the time, all of us have spent quite some time trying to come up with strategies to win. 

Those who were good at this game, this is your ultimate challenge. You will have to place your crosses against the computer. For people who want to play against a friend, you can set the game to double-player mode. Players can end up playing dozens of these games while keeping track of who wins the most through the scoreboard.

Papa’s Pizzeria

Genre: Cooking, Simulation, Restaurant

Developers: Filipine Studios

Papa's Pizzeria

When Papa Louie leaves you behind in his pizza parlor, it marks the beginning of Papa’s Pizzeria. As customers rush in and out to get their pizzas, it is the player’s job to make the pizza they want within the short deadlines. Making pizzas from scratch has never been more fun. 

Players can also progress through the game, which will reduce the time given to cook pizzas. This requires precision and speed to get the pizzas out of the kitchen on time.

For customers who visit frequently, you can get a log of what their favorite order is so that you can get it done quickly without having to get their order first. 

There are several games in the Papa Louie series if this genre interests you. You can make burgers in Papa’s Burgeria and even battle Pizza Monsters in Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! You can check the developer’s website for similar games. 

The above are some of the games we spent a considerable amount of time playing. Check them out and we are sure you will have a blast. We also guarantee random episodes of nostalgia while playing these online flash games. Happy Gaming!