Top 10 Best Online Computer Science Degree

If you are good at maths and logic, there’s a lot of ways to get the best online computer science degree. The best thing about computer science is: one can obtain the necessary command over relevant skills through distance learning.

That’s why recently, it has been prevalent to earn an online Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from reputed universities. What’s more is: you can get financial aid and scholarships even in these online accredited degrees. Online courses are most likely less costly than onsite ones.

According to the experience of the graduates, the required skills and professional opportunity is often the same for both. This article will guide you through the reasons you should obtain an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and describe the ten best online computer science degree programs, including the applying criteria and tuition fees.

You will also get to know some best financial aids and scholarship offers relevant to an online computer science degree. You will also get the necessary information about accreditations, requirements, skills, and every possible detail about top computer science schools.

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Why Computer Science?

Businesses in virtual platforms across every industry depend on Computer Science and Information Technology. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasted a 12% growth in this sector (Computer Science and Information Technology) from these ten years, 2018 to 2028, which indicates that there are 0.5 Million + new jobs waiting for candidates with proper skills. This rate is much higher comparing the national average of 5% for all the professions.

Moreover,  the demand for highly skilled computer professionals is increasing day by day. According to the recent statistical forecast of the Bureau of Labour, 1.4 million Computer Science related jobs would be available within the year 2020 against only 0.4 million appropriately skilled graduates. (Source: The White House )

Currently, the industry of Information and Communication Technology is expanding very fast with growth and so as its job opportunities. According to a recent study, careers in computer and information science are predicted to increase by 19% by 2026. Computer hardware engineer jobs are expected to grow 5% in the same time frame.

The median pay for IT professionals in 2019 was $122,840 per year, which is $59.06 per hour. This salary is comparatively handsome than most other professionals. Computer Science major graduates can earn 40 percent more than other college majors. On average, in the last few years, computer scientists are paid $118,370 per year, and computer engineers earn $114,600 per year.

N.B: The median pay is the payment, at which half the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount, and half are paid less. The lowest 10% earned less than $69,990, and the highest 10% earned more than $189,780.

A handful of colleges and universities worldwide offer on-campus and online computer science bachelor’s degrees. In addition to getting access to this fast-increasing field, computer science professionals can get paid an annual median salary of $88,240, which is almost $50,000 higher than the median wage for all other professionals.

This article provides essential information to enable learners to decide if a degree in computer science would meet their goals. The following sections cover current computer science courses, scholarship opportunities, and accreditation.

Rank List of Top 10 Best Online Computer Science Bachelor’s Programs

1University of FloridaGainesville, Florida
2Thomas Edison State UniversityTrenton, New Jersey
3Florida International UniversityMiami, Florida
4Eastern New Mexico UniversityPortales, New Mexico
5Southern New Hampshire UniversityManchester, New Hampshire
6National UniversityLa Jolla, California
7Fort Hays State UniversityHays, Kansas
8Florida State UniversityTallahassee, Florida
9Saint Leo UniversitySaint Leo, Florida
10Concordia University-Saint PaulSaint Paul, Minnesota

Online Bachelor’s In Computer Science Overview

Computer science is a wide field of research and study, including many specialization areas. Pupils enrolled in any on-campus or online computer science bachelor’s program are allowed to pursue a variety of specific sectors, each leading to unique career paths.

Graduates from the computer science discipline often get appointed as programmers, network analysts, database admins, and IT support staff. Roles as computer information scientists focus on research and new implementations for current technology. Computer Science graduates can also work as software developers to develop network systems or create mobile apps.

Progressive students who plan to specialize should confirm they pursue a computer science program that offers a sub-sector corresponding to their career aim.

Online Vs. Offline Degree in CS

Computer science bachelor’s degrees are well-fit to online education and distance learning, as the software/ plugin/ tool you’re learning about is the very same tool you’re using to learn. Online courses are precisely as effective as their on-campus degrees, and when it comes to computers, sometimes they are even more reliable. The following are the benefits of an online computer science degree:


One of the essential advantages of online learning is that it’s available to you anywhere on earth. You can even log in during vacation, serving an overseas mission in the military forces or lunch-break at work. Your campus is wherever there’s an internet connection.

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In almost all the online programs, your schedule is the first priority, not the schools. You can log in to your computer science degree online course according to your availability and time plan. Unlike conventional college on-campus programs that obligatorily require you to be present in your class at a specific time of day, most online programs have the flexibility to study whenever and wherever you want.

School Options

Another benefit of web-based learning is the independence to enroll in the best online computer science degree program, no matter where you live. Learners in Anchorage can attend the University of Florida, while ex-pats can obtain at Harvard. It’s all feasible, all credits to the world wide web.


Online-based bachelor’s programs are mostly collaborative, and learners often work with peers from all around the world. Classmates from various races, cultures, and backgrounds get together and share, make influential support groups, and enhance global networking possibilities.


Today’s online campuses are enriched with educational environments that provide enthusiasm for group-work, discussion, and interaction among the learners and their instructors. Outlines differ, but almost all the web-based degree programs offer some asynchronous learning. Students can review recorded lectures, discuss the provided material in chat, go through independent reading, and sit for tests at their preferred time.

Like on-campus classes, asynchronous courses generally encompass weekly assignments or home tasks, but students can submit them at their convenience. Some schools also obligatorily require distance learners to watch real-time lectures or join video conferences. Although professors have office hours, they’re conducted through email, zoom, or skype. Most online degree programs also provide 24/7 tech support, personal tutoring, advising, library facilities, and career counseling.

Common Courses In Online Bachelor’s In Computer Science 

  • Algorithm Techniques: Students can learn how to sort data, solve complex problems, and apply dynamic programming in bioinformatics studies. Learners practice using algorithmic techniques to figure out different forms of computational problems. Topics generally encompass software testing, debugging, basic algorithms, and computer programming. To solve problems quickly and more accurately, students learn to deal with programs based on optimized and efficient instead of naive algorithms. Students design and apply new techniques and algorithms to solve technical or programming challenges.
  • Computer Architecture: Students in this discipline can explore the interaction between the software and hardware components of modern computing technology. Students study topics like memory management, storage, processor arithmetic and control, and pipeline. Coursework verifies the latest transition in this industry from sequential to parallel processing, along with its implications. Learners explore the different components of digital logic design and get to know how to program using assembly language. Learners demonstrate mastery of provided material by designing and creating an underlying processor architecture.
  • Computer Programming: This topic introduces learners to preliminary concepts, including operating systems, data structures, software development, and web applications. Students explore familiar programming languages, such as C, Python, Java, and C++. The class typically involves lectures, discussions, and hands-on manipulation. Students also learn how to set up computer operating systems to make them adjustable with various kinds of hardware. Students are prepared to evaluate client requirements, specifications, and deliver appropriate programming solutions. Learners develop skills in database design by individual projects and teamwork.
  • Database Programming: Learners in this course learn how to operate simple queries and develop and use necessary databases. Students also learn complex topics, for instance, web-database programming, open-source technology, and database administration and management systems. Coursework encompasses the evolution of contemporary database systems and different database systems, such as Oracle and MySQL. Learners study how to use structured query language commands to create, manage, and search for vast amounts of stored data. They also learn emerging contemporary technologies for developing web-databases and learn about different client interface programs.
  • Software Engineering: In this topic, learners learn about different methods for identifying the nonfunctional and functional elements of software systems. Coursework encompasses software engineering standards, refactoring, asynchronous programming, and information security. Learners learn how to test documentation practices and use techniques to track and manage requirements over a product’s lifecycle. Learners task in teams to create prototypes, projects, and optimized validation techniques. Students apply the knowledge acquired during the program to design and test large software systems by the agile development process.

Accreditation For Online Bachelor’s Degrees In Computer Science

Postsecondary Accreditation is a non-profit process that refers to a school or program that meets set standards of quality. The Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation oversee the United States’ accreditation process.

Voluntary, degree-granting public and private universities generally apply for regional accreditation, which six agencies award to universities based on geographic location. For-profit, sectarian, or trade schools usually receive national certification.

The Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) generally accredits online degrees. Only schools that offer at least 51% of programs online can apply for DEAC accreditation.

In addition to institutional accreditation, students can search for field-specific programmatic accreditation. One of four ABET certification commissions, the Computing Accreditation Commission, awards accreditation to undergraduate computer science-related courses.

Bachelor’s In Computer Science Requirements

Since online programs mostly ask for the same requirements as their on-campus counterparts, most of the institutions do not differ admission requirements by program format.

Computer science programs focus on mathematics, science, and technology. Applicants must finish advanced coursework in STEM areas obligatorily. In addition, most of the programs require candidates to hold a least 3.0 GPA, and above-average SAT or ACT scores can move forward the probability of gaining admission to an online computer science bachelor’s program.

Candidates ought to show nonrequired computer classes they selected in or programming boot camps they went to. Schools see these sorts of encounters as confirmation of an applicant’s capacities and earnestness in seeking a career within the computing field after graduation.

Certifications And Licensure For Online Computer Science Degree

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in computer science, graduates regularly seek certification in a particular subfield. Getting a deliberate certification illustrates skill in a specific field and can lead to improvement, leadership positions, and expanded earning ability. See the following three common certifications for experts with an online computer science degree.

  • CompTIA A+: This vendor-neutral certification illustrates polished skill in specialized bolsters and operations. The certification covers themes counting arrange security and equipment and computer program investigating. The credential moreover illustrates capability with different working frameworks, counting Windows, Android, and Linux. Candidates must be able to execute and oversee recuperation, information capacity, and information back-up methods.
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor: Managed by the Data Frameworks Review and Control Affiliation, this certification benefits computer experts who specialize in confirmation and security or examining data frameworks. Experts with this credential hold ability in IT administration and administration; data frameworks procurement, improvement, and usage; and assurance of data resources.
  • Professional Software Developer Certification: The Computer Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers regulates this certification program. The credential confirms the holder’s competency in key zones of software engineering, including plan, development, and testing. Candidates for this certification require a four-year computer science degree and important proficient experience. 
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Bachelor’s In Computer Science Scholarships

Understudies seeking an on-campus or online computer science bachelor’s degree can apply for grants to counterbalance the cost of gaining a degree. Learners can apply for grants and gifts from their school and private organizations. A few grants require monetary requirements, whereas others are saved for students who illustrate scholastic guarantee. See below for a few grant alternatives for computer science learners. 

Adobe Research Women-In-Technology Scholarship

Who Can Apply: Candidates to this grant program must be ladies seeking after an undergrad or graduate program in computer science or a closely related specialized field. Candidates must be in at slightest their sophomore year and may dwell in any nation. Candidates must yield a resume, transcripts, three letters of recommendation, and detailed answers to four questions.

Amount: $10,000

Afcea Undergraduate Diversity Scholarship

Who Can Apply: Ladies or minority learners seeking a STEM degree at a four-year institution can request this grant. Candidates must be full-time learners in their second or third year, of course. Candidates for the Diversity Grant must, too, satisfy the qualification prerequisites for the AFCEA STEM Majors Scholarship.

Amount: $3,000

National Society Of High School Scholars Foundation Stem Scholarship

Who Can Apply: High school seniors with a least 3.0 GPA who arrange to consider a STEM discipline can apply for this grant. Candidates must have a place at an underrepresented gathering and must illustrate monetary requirements. Candidates must yield a 500-word paper portraying their interest in STEM-related exercises.

Amount: $1,000

Science, Mathematics, And Research For Transformation Scholarship-For-Service Program

Who Can Apply: The Office of Defense supports this grant for full-time undergrad and graduate understudies seeking after one of 21 specialized areas. Grant beneficiaries must take an interest in a summer internship program. After graduation, beneficiaries must work as a civilian representative for the Office of Defense for a period break even with the length of the grant.

Amount: Full tuition, monthly stipend, health insurance, book allowance, and so on.

Society Of Women Engineers Scholarships

Who Can Apply: These grants bolster people who are distinguished as female and selected in an ABET-accredited program. Candidates may be seeking after undergrad or graduate studies and must be enrolled full-time at a two-year or four-year university. A few grants are accessible to understudies returning to school after a hiatus.

Amount: Varies according to conditions and criteria.

Bachelor’s In Computer Science Skills

To succeed within the computer science field, learners and experts require an assortment of intricate and delicate aptitudes. Severe abilities incorporate computer and innovation information, mathematical knowledge, and specialized composing capacities. These abilities accurately interpret many computer science tasks.

Professionals within the field may moreover apply information examination involvement, program advancement abilities, and information of prevalent programming and coding dialects. Standard programming dialects incorporate Java, C++, and Python.

Soft skills offer assistance experts associated viably and professionally within the working environment. Delicate aptitudes incorporate composed and verbal communication capacities and consideration to detail. Computer science experts, moreover, require solid time-management skills.

Prospective understudies should select a program that incorporates openings to create complex and delicate abilities pertinent to their career goals.

Details of Top 10 Best Online Computer Science Degree

To develop the following ranking of the top online bachelor’s in computer science degree programs, our editors began with schools’ initial pool. To narrow the pool, we used both out-of-state tuition data from College Navigator as well as national ranking information from U.S. News & World Report.

Armed with these numbers and program information from each school’s website, we were then able to apply the rating and ranking methodology above. Finally, the results were used to develop this ranking of the top online bachelor’s computer science programs. Note that we used tuition to break any ties, awarding higher rankings to the more affordable schools.


best online computer science degree

The lead school within the State College System of Florida, UF, presently works 16 academic colleges. Found in Gainesville, the college enlists the third-largest student populace within the Sunshine State. 

UF offers a bachelor of science in computer science to qualified learners and working experts. The 120-credit program plans graduates for entry-level work as software engineers, examiners, designers, and systems supervisors. UF conveys all materials regarding this online computer science degree asynchronously.

Prospective students require high school recognition or its equivalent recognition. They must submit official transcripts for all past scholarly work alongside later SAT or ACT marks. Exchange learners must moreover submit transcripts showing a competitive GPA.


A public university found in Trenton, New Jersey, TESU endeavors to serve self-directed learners through flexible, high-quality learning and appraisal openings. Set up in 1972, TESU presently offers a few online bachelor’s programs to learners eager to proceed with their instruction. Each year, the school enlists over 10,000 learners all through the world.


best online computer science degree

At TESU, learners can gain a bachelor of arts in computer science that plans for a career alter, graduate instruction, or individual headway. The educational programs combine standard education with significant coursework in data frameworks, programming languages, and computer program designing. Each lesson endures 12 weeks, and TESU conveys all online coursework asynchronously.

Admission prerequisites at TESU incorporate a high school degree or GED. Qualifying candidates must be at the slightest 20 a long time ancient. TESU does not require test scores, but worldwide candidates got to illustrate English proficiency.



best online computer science degree

Found in Miami, Florida International College advances state-of-the-art research and inventiveness. Established in 1965, FIU keeps up a colossal campus comprising of 11 schools that regulate about 200 programs. FIU is the most prominent college in South Florida.

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FIU offers a 120-credit online bachelor of arts in computer science that teaches computer programming, database administration, and systems administration essentials. FIU conveys these courses through intelligently learning instruments that incorporate offbeat coursework and real-time task feedback. 

Candidates must fulfill course requirements in pre-calculus and statistics. They must furthermore yield SAT or ACT marks and all official certifications.



best online computer science degree

Eastern New Mexico University is a comprehensive public university found in Portales, New Mexico. Established in 1927, ENMU presently operates a 433-acre green campus that comprises four colleges and a graduate school. 

Pupils can obtain an online computer science degree at ENMU. This program needs 120 credits of guidance in computer programming, operating systems, data structures, and computer program development.

ENMU conveys all program coursework asynchronously. Applicants require high school recognition and must total the FAFSA. They must submit certifications for all past academic achievements together with later SAT or ACT marks. Imminent understudies with previous experiences within the sectors can apply for progressed standing upon admission. 



best online computer science degree

A private, nonprofit institution based in Manchester, New Hampshire, SNHU gives available and reasonable pathways to satisfy working professionals’ requirements. SNHU progresses this mission over six diverse schools and colleges in engineering, trade, education, and the expressions and sciences.

SNHU offers a bachelor of science in computer science that mostly serves experts. The program’s 120-credit educational programs combine optional specializations in information analysis, extended administration, data security, and program development. The program conveys all coursework asynchronously.

Transfer students can bring up to 90 credits with them at the time they enlist at SNHU. Acceptance prerequisites incorporate a high school recognition or GED and duplicates of all academic certificates.



best online computer science degree

Founded in 1971 to serve nearby working experts, NU presently offers over 100 programs. NU runs a primary campus in San Diego, California, with nearby partisan associates all through the Golden State.

National University’s online computer science degree endeavors for adaptability overall, offering the program in stimulated four-week course sessions and conveying all coursework non concurrently. The program’s 70.5-credit essential educational programs teach applied probability and structure and object-oriented programming languages, advanced engineering, network administration, and database programming. NU runs on a semester system. 

Qualified candidates require a high school diploma or GED with a 2.0  CGPA. They must submit official duplicates of their academic papers. NU acknowledges transferred credits on a case-by-case basis.



best online computer science degree

Established in 1902, Fort Hays State University offers cutting-edge educational programming with extensive international reach. A coeducational public university situated in Hays, Kansas, FHSU maintains a 200-acre rural suburb that hosts five graduate and undergraduate divisions. The school educates students and working experts in business, science, health, technology, and mathematics.

FHSU offers a bachelor of science in computer science available online. The program’s 120-credit courses prepare learners for professional progress. Classes develop technical proficiency and robust skills in operating systems, data structures, software engineering, and digital modeling. Each session uses interactive learning materials designed to accommodate busy lives and work schedules.

Candidates interested in enrolling in this online computer science degree must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent. They must also submit academic papers along with recent SAT or ACT scores. Transfer students require at least 2.0 CGPA for admission.



best online computer science degree

Founded in 1851, FSU is the oldest higher education institute in the Sunshine State. It enrolls over 40,000 learners each year through almost 300 various degrees and professional programs.

Candidates eager to deepen their skills in the field can obtain a bachelor of science in computer science at FSU. Designed for learners with academic backgrounds in computer science, it offers a convenient path to degree completion. Pupils can learn about computer programming, database maintenance, and discrete mathematics. FSU conveys all program coursework asynchronously.

Qualified candidates must hold at least 52 transferable credits from a recognized institution with a handsome CGPA. They must also submit academic papers and recent SAT or ACT marks. Candidates with more than 90 transferable credits must provide a written personal statement.



best online computer science degree

Saint Leo University is a private, voluntary liberal arts institution found in Saint Leo, Florida. Established by members of the Order of Saint Benedict in 1889, Saint Leo maintains an affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church and provides programs rooted in that convention. The school advances its target of balancing growth in mind, body, and spirit by developing core values like community, integrity, excellence, and respect.

Saint Leo provides an online computer science degree that focuses on information security. The program’s 120-credit curriculum encompasses computer systems, programming logic and designing, database overviews, computer forensics, and network security. Saint Leo conveys all program coursework asynchronously.

The school accepts applications on a rolling basis throughout the year. Progressive learners require proof of high school graduation, official academic certifications, and the latest SAT or ACT marks. Applicants may also provide documentation of professional training for credit.



best online computer science degree

Concordia College, St. Paul, has arranged learners for an astute and educated living since 1893. A private, voluntary college associated with the Lutheran Church, CSP gives thorough scholastic and career arrangements from its urban campus found in Minnesota’s Twin Cities. The school gloats 94% in general situation rates for graduates from its bachelor’s programs.

CSP’s online bachelor of science in computer science teaches learners how to observe problems and design solutions through innovative methods. The 120-credit program emphasizes database programming, computer architecture, discrete mathematics, and computer programming. CSP delivers all courses flexibly. 

Admission requirements encompass a high school recognition or equivalent and academic transcripts. Candidates must also provide short writing that discusses a compact life experience. Exchanged students must provide all credits for an equivalency evaluation.


Online Bachelor’s in Computer Science Career Paths

An online bachelor’s in computer science offers the technical and theoretical fundamentals required to succeed in many technology careers. Two of the most in-demand positions chosen by graduates are software developers and information security analysts. Between 2018 and 2028, these positions are forecasted to increase by 21% and 32%, respectively, according to the latest statistical study.

A bachelor’s degree is enough for entry-level opportunities in these fields, with advancement opportunities available after a worker has gained experience. 


Above is only an illustration taking some parameters into count. Explore more and pursue the best online computer science degree that you feel will be the best fit for yourself based on your preference. Happy Learning!!!