15+ Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds Including Java Edition

The latest Minecraft 1.18 update overhauled the game’s whole planet generating system. The game has added new cliffs, deep caves, biomes, and other features. You may have noticed the addition of new snowy biomes and planets. I have compiled the Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds just for you.

15+ Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds, Including Java edition

I’ve gathered the Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds for Minecraft 1.18 to help you improve your snowy travels. Each of these outfits is designed to present you with the most iconic, unique, and gorgeous landscapes in Minecraft for survival and base building.

List Of The Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds: Minecraft Java Edition 

  1. Snowy Mountain In Four Biomes
  2. Snowy Pillager Outpost at Spawn
  3. Abandoned in Ice
  4. Continuous Snow Biomes with 20+ Villages
  5. Iced Village

1. Snowy Mountain In Four Biomes

Snowy Mountain In Four Biomes

This Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds in Minecraft result in a mysterious settlement generation. We spawn near this settlement, a snowy village that stretches across the biomes of the snowy tundra, seashore, desert, and plains. 

Unless you solely desire extra food sources, the bounty in this seed isn’t very nice. It could be an excellent location for a base that spans two biomes. I will focus on two because they take up the majority of the space in this Minecraft seed.

  • If you opt to travel to the desert, you will encounter a desert temple and a vast desert. 
  • If you opt to travel towards the snow, you will find yourself in a similarly large snowy environment. You will be in the ice spikes biome once the tundra is completed.
    • Biomes: Plains, Desert, Snowy Mountains, and Beach
    • Seed Code: -22844233812347652
    • Village Coordinates are: X: 8, Y: 67,  Z: 24
    • Desert Temple Coordinates are: X: 328, Y: 70,  Z: -328
  • Check out the next biome in the list of “Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds”

2. Snowy Pillager Outpost at Spawn

Snowy Pillager Outpost at Spawn

This seed may become your favorite or least favorite, depending on whether you survive. Even when you have just spawned, the game won’t allow you to breathe a sigh of relief on this seed. 

  • It positions you near a Pillage outpost. The best option is to flee because the mobs (stay) may not see you straight away. 
  • Fortunately, a village is just around the corner to assist you. But that’s the extent of your free assistance.
  • You can either return to the outpost or jump into one of the many cave openings in the region once you’ve finished plundering the hamlet. 
  • Although this seed is difficult, it is very popular among adventurers. Remember that you may have to fight polar bears in addition to the pillagers.
    • Biomes: Frozen Ocean and Snowy Plains
    • Seed Code: 5242181966618698341
    • Village Coordinates are: X: 280, Y: 70,  Z: 56

3. Snowcapped Mountains

Snowcapped Mountains

Snowcapped mountains dominate the terrain in this Minecraft seed. The peaks only climb higher and higher as you follow the snowy strip to the west.

  • This is a beginning point for both lows and highs.
  • The entrance to a massive tunnel system that drops far down is right adjacent to the spawn point.
  • Right down to the bedrock. Expect plenty of early Minecraft diamond mining and enchantment chances here.
    • Seed are: -7649949940957896961

4. Abandoned Island in Ice

Abandoned Island in Ice

This uncommon Minecraft seed places you on a barren island surrounded by freezing oceans. Everything about this seed will make you feel cold, from the polar bears to the gloomy color tone. However, all Minecraft survival players will have to work extra hard to obtain wood and food.

  • Avoid fighting the angry hordes because there isn’t even a hamlet nearby. 
  • The easiest method to stay alive is to dive in underwater caves, searching for chilly ruins. 
  • The nearby drowning undead can be an issue. As for the positive portions, as illustrated in the screenshot above, this seed provides one of the most iconic nighttime views.
    • Seed Code: -7865816549737130316
    • Minecraft Biomes: Frozen Ocean
    • Coordinates are: X: 121, Y: 69, Z: -9

5. Snow Biomes With Many Villages

 Snow Biomes With Many Villages

Snowy biomes are usually confined to several blocks in Minecraft worlds. However, this seed creates a vast snowy globe where other biomes feel out of place. It’s the greatest seed for making snow-themed servers and cities in Minecraft. It is one of the best snow biome seeds.

  • This seed has more than 20 villages, two pillager outposts, three zombie villages, innumerable igloos, etc.
  • However, the nicest part is that the spawn point is near two such communities. 
  • This means you can stock up on supplies before diving in. One of the settlements even has a blacksmith to supplement your iron supply. 
  • Not to mention the presence of a fortress within a thousand-block spawn point radius. 
  • Apart from being an excellent snow biome seed, it’s also a good Minecraft survival seed.
    • Minecraft Biomes: Snowy Plains and Snowy Mountains
    • Seed Code: -6019111805775862339
    • Nearest Village Coordinates are: X: 216, Y: 69,  Z: 312
    • Stronghold Dig-point Coordinates are: X: 531, Y: 76,  Z: -1244
    • Nearest Pillager Outpost: X: -312, Y: 72,  Z: -696

6. Iced Village

Iced Village

This seed should be included in any list of the finest Minecraft snow biome seeds. It creates the most unusual village you can imagine. However, it is so far from our spawn place that it is best explored in creative mode. Returning to the village, it is a fully functional hamlet replete with an iron golem, farms, and residents. 

  • It’s distinct since it can be found on several levels of a snowy mountain. 
  • The settlement is surrounded by ice spikes, making it feel like something out of a Frozen movie. 
  • You can even locate some important supplies under the settlement if you get this far in creative mode. 
  • There are other cave entrances in the area, and you can even descend to the diamond level.
    • Seed Code: -4919525955627568481
    • Biomes: Forest Biome
    • Village Coordinates are: X: -28812, Y: 76,  Z: 14596

Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds (Minecraft Bedrock Edition)

  1. Snow Biomes Everywhere
  2. The Snow Kingdom
  3. Snow Village with Pillager Outpost
  4. Snowy Stronghold Village
  5. The Coldest Spawn

1. Snow Biomes Everywhere

Snow Biomes Everywhere

This seed is one of the Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds made our list of greatest Minecraft snow biome seeds because of the sheer vastness of the snow biome. But it isn’t the only advantage this seed has. 

  • There are several settlements in the area, one of which is only 100 blocks away from the spawn. 
  • A snowy hamlet has been created on top of the stronghold. 
  • It’s one of the best survival seeds you can receive in Minecraft if you add the Ruined portals.
    • Seed Code: -1840470832
    • Minecraft Biomes: Snowy Plains and Taiga
    • Nearest Village Coordinates are: X: 88, Y: 67, Z: 168
    • Village with Stronghold Coordinates are: X: 968, Y: 67, Z: 72

2. The Snow Kingdom

The Snow Kingdom

This Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds is for you if you want to build a base in a snow biome. We spawn beside a ruined portal with charmed goods in the treasure.

A plains village is also nearby for more resources. Once you’re ready, it’s time to head west into the freezing biomes. You’ll have to cross badlands to get there, but the effort will be well worth it.

  • A snowy village awaits you once you arrive at our stated coordinates. 
  • Ice spikes, a frozen ocean, and snow surround it, making it stand out among the multicolored badlands. 
  • Establishing a snow foundation with this seed will be simple due to the generally leveled terrain and existing structures.
  • If you opt not to stop here, you will eventually reach the snowy plains biome. 
  • Due to a scarcity of food-based domestic mobs and edible plants, you may find yourself short on resources.
    • Biomes: Plains
    • Seed Code: 246669682
    • Snowy Village Coordinates are: X: 120, Y: 68, Z: 171
    • Plains Village Coordinates are: X: 1032, Y: 65, Z: 121
    • Ruined Portal Coordinates are: X: 1032, Y: 67, Z: 8
    • Ruined Portal Coordinates are: X: 334, Y: 69, Z: 120
    • Snowy Plains Coordinates are: X: -712, Y: 72, Z: 40

3. Snow Village with Pillager Outpost

Snow Village with Pillager Outpost

This Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds is action-packed, with us spawning in a massive snow biome near a snowy settlement. 

  • You can acquire the tools and nourishment you’ll need to start your journey right here. 
  • Then there’s another enormous snowy settlement if you go deeper into the snowy area. 
  • It’s adjacent to a Pillager Outpost. Because of hostile mobs, this circumstance is not ideal for villages, although it is a rare sight. 
  • You can even release an iron golem trapped nearby to assist you in clearing the monsters.
    • Biomes: Snowy Plains and Taiga
    • Seed Code: 1405692302
    • Pillar Outpost Coordinates are: X: 136, Y: 71, Z: 344
    • Village Near Spawn Coordinates are: X: 520, Y: 68, Z: 200
    • Snowy Village Near Outpost Coordinates are: X: 136, Y: 71, Z: 248
    • Nearest Taiga Village Coordinates are: X: 632, Y: 67, Z: -312

4. Snowy Stronghold Village

Snowy Stronghold Village

Even though most of Minecraft’s cold regions appear unsurvivable, a little assistance can go a long way. The initial Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds depicts a snowy settlement.

  • It is not close to the spawn, but it is well worth the trip. 
  • It’s one of the largest snowy towns in the game, with various residents to assist you in gathering resources. 
  • It’s not only ideal for getting you started but also for settling into the Minecraft universe.
  • Not to mention the village’s icy aesthetics, which are a bonus. 
  • There’s even a stronghold beneath the village if that isn’t enough to persuade you. 
  • You won’t have to travel far to end the game once you’ve gathered enough resources and the Eyes of Ender.
    • Biomes: Plains
    • Seed Code: 19825025
    • Village Coordinates are: X: 1050, Y: 69, Z: 500
    • Stronghold Coordinates are: X: 1060, Y: 69, Z: 500

5. The Coldest Spawn

The Coldest Spawn

You won’t have to travel far for this list of the best Minecraft snow biome seeds. Right at spawn, this seed offers us the snowy benefits.

  • This spawning site is surrounded by snow, ice spikes, and snow-covered mountains. 
  • There are three settlements and three ruined portals to explore in this enormous area.
  • Three rather sizable ravines can get you some ores once you’ve acquired enough resources from the chests and farmers. 
  • Obsidian from ruined portals can be used to finish one of them and turn it into a Nether gateway. 
  • It is just a matter of locating a fortress. But, given the desolate snowy biomes aren’t going anywhere.
    • Biomes: Snowy Plains & Forest
    • Seed Code: 1541592643
    • Nearest Village Coordinates are: X: 24, Y: 67, Z: -296
    • Nearest Ruined Portal Coordinates are: X: 104, Y: 65, Z: 8

Other Interesting Minecraft Seeds

1. Easy Diamonds

Easy Diamonds

Easy Diamonds 1

  • This Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds has a gorgeous beginning seed that places you on the savanna-meadow border, atop one of Minecraft 1.18’s charming new curving hills. 
  • Even more excitingly, there are numerous large gaping holes in the ground.
  • Each led to vast caverns loaded with dripstone, diamond, copper, and other valuable commodities.
    • Seed: -4361528937055201680

Easy Diamonds 2

  • That ravine has an artistically beautiful curvature.
  • It’s as if the entire environment is smiling at you, inviting you to enter its lips and explore the underground depths beneath.
  • It’s often convenient to start near a massive cave system entrance.
  • You can quickly descend to the Y-Level you require and begin strip-mining for diamonds.
    • Seed: -7723232821704547830

Easy Diamonds 3

  • This is the Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds with soaring heights and descending depths. 
  • You’ll spawn in the woods next to a threatening snow-capped mountain, which is an interesting seed in and of itself. 
  • The secret is to go down the small cave opening next to where you spawn. 
  • It may appear to lead nowhere at first seed, but it will continue to go and go until it widens out into a beautiful cavern that dips down to practically bedrock level. 
  • You may simply find all the gems and other deep-world treasures you wish from there.
    • Seed: -8169697951202909253

Easy Diamonds 4

  • It’s not every day when the sun shines brightly on the deep slate.  
  • This Birch Forest places you close to a gaping hole in the globe, through which a nearby river’s waterfall cascades. 
  • Following the tunnel below will take you past Level 0 and into deep state land and beyond.
  • This is it if I’ve ever seen a good seed for quick diamond excavation.
    • Seed: -198600772450851689

2. Giant Cavern Spawn

Giant Cavern Spawn
  • This amazing Minecraft seed presents a unique challenge.
  • This seed will spawn you in Y-Level 24, far underground, surrounded by winding cave systems and dripstone.
  • If you wish to get out of this cavern and collect your first planks of wood from the frozen plains above, you’ll need some great spelunking skills.
    • Seed: -7445395903252703439

3. Shipwreck Island

Shipwreck Island
  • Instead, the game nowadays does a better job of situating you on the nearest piece of landmass.
  • This is one of the tiniest islands I’ve ever hatched on, measuring only a few sand blocks across.
  • Any player spawning here would most certainly die due to the lack of trees.
  • If it weren’t for the shipwreck rising above the water a little distance away, which allows you access to your first few wood boards, you’d be in serious trouble.
    • Seed: -9142863513851137753

4. Small Village And Pyramid

Small Village And Pyramid
  • There are structures everywhere in this desert seed.
  • You’ll begin with two settlements on either side of you close together.
  • There are numerous more in the jungles across the sea, desert pyramids, and perhaps a jungle temple or two.
  • If you want early access to a wide range of valuable devices and resources.
    • Seed: -6630997395534342573

5. Coastal Rock Formation

Coastal Rock Formation
  • The huge rock formation on the coast in the distance caught my eye in this magnificent Minecraft environment.
  • I adore formations like these, and they beg for some sort of modification.
  • Perhaps a lighthouse or some sort of mansion.
  • The terrain around you is just as interesting, with flower and sunflower woods and a ruined portal in the lake not far from spawn.
    • Seed: -5662255238676129291


Due to the change into winter months, most of the planet will soon be graced with cooler weather and snow. This entails layering up, drinking extra tea, and being indoors where it is warm.

Here is the index of the best Minecraft snow biome seeds that spawn you in snowy biomes. These snow biomes cover a lot of different environments and biomes. Such as tundra, taiga, and snowy mountain biomes.