7 Best Minecraft Bow Enchantments You Must Use

Minecraft is a classic game. It offers a wide range of playstyles, and in this article, we will talk about Minecraft: Survival Mode. You need to kill from mobs(including passive ones) to the final boss- The Elder Ender Dragon. It is the only way to complete the survival mode. 

You have come to the right place if you are unsure what enchantments to add to your bow. The best bow enchantments in Minecraft are presented along with the associated effects and playstyles. You can refer to the various enchantments listed in this article, choose the one that suits your style, and clear the Minecraft game.

Best Minecraft Bow Enchantments

7 Best Minecraft Bow Enchantments

The bow in the Minecraft game can be enchanted with the following:

  1. Power
  2. Unbreaking
  3. Flame
  4. Mending
  5. Infinity
  6. Punch
  7. Curse of Vanishing

1. The ‘Power’ Enchantment

Materials- Enchanted Book, Enchantment Table, and Anvil.

Enchanting your bow with the Power effect.

As the name suggests, Power adds points to the base/elemental damage of the bow. It can be leveled up to a maximum of 5 levels, increasing the base damage by 25%. This enchantment is best for one vs. 1 in multiplayer mode battle causing 12.5 hearts’ damage at maximum enchantment level. 

However, this enchantment cannot be used with the Mending enchantment. When you have gathered the materials to craft a Power enchanted bow, combine them on an anvil to get a complete bow.

Also, you can get a higher power level enchanted bow if you combine two bows of a similar level. E.g., if you combine two bows with Power IV enchantments, you will get a Power V enchanted bow.

2. The ‘Unbreaking’ Enchantment

Materials- Enchanted Book, Crafting Table, and Anvil.

Enchanting your bow with the Unbreaking effect.

Unbreaking enchantment increases the durability or shelf life of the bow. You can use the bow for a long time without fear of breaking amid a confrontation with hostile mobs.

To craft an Unbreaking enchanted bow, you require an enchanted book that you can trade with villagers. Or, you can use a fishing rod to fish it out. You can also acquire it from chest loot.

Power enchantment is the easiest to find among all the enchantments available for the bow. Upgrading this enchantment to the max, i.e., Level III will make your bow so resilient that you can play to your heart’s content without the fear of breaking your bow.  

3. The ‘Flame’ Enchantment

Materials- Enchanted Book, Crafting Table, and Anvil.

Enchanting your bow with the Flame effect.

Flame enchantment adds extra fire damage to the mobs. This passive effect causes tons of damage accumulated with time with a single shot. This enchantment is similar to the fire aspect you get with a melee weapon like the sword. 

It is an excellent way to gather cooked meat. Fire a flaming arrow toward a cow, sheep, chicken, or pig. And you will get cooked meat instead of raw ones as loot. In addition, you can blow up TNT, lit up a campfire, etc.

And it also has a similar property to other fire-based attacks, such as dealing zero damage on nether mobs. It also doesn’t work in a rainy environment.

4. The ‘Mending’ Enchantment

Materials- Enchanted Book and Anvil.

Enchanting your bow with the Mending effect.

Tools in Minecraft have to undergo wear and tear effects. So if you want to play the Minecraft Survival mode with a ranged weapon like the bow, it would help if you kept a watch on its durability. It will be very awkward if the bow breaks in the middle of a confrontation with a hostile mob.

The Mending enchantment repairs your bow, i.e., restores its durability. It works as long as you gain the experience or XP(experience orbs) from killing mobs. Also, it saves you time that you will waste gathering resources for bow repair.

5. The ‘Infinity’ Enchantment

Materials- Enchanted Book and anvil.

Enchanting your bow with the Infinity effect.

Playing games with unlimited ammo is very cool. You can also experience this feeling in Minecraft using the Infinity enchantment. This enchantment provides you with an infinite number of arrows. However, keeping a single arrow in your inventory is best, as the infinity effect will not work without it.

Also, the Infinity enchantment conflicts with the Mending enchantment. So make sure to enchant with only one of the above two enchantments. It also doesn’t have any effect on tipped arrows and spectral arrows. So for those who want to cheat with unlimited tipped arrows, it’s a dead end.

6. The ‘Punch’ Enchantment

Materials- Enchanted Table, Anvil, and Experience Points.

Enchanting your bow with the Punch effect.

The bow doesn’t have a knockback effect in melee weapons like the sword and ax. Punch enchantment supplements this deficiency in bow weapons.

With this enchantment, you can knock back your opponent when you shoot them, increasing the distance. It is the best enchantment to engage with multiple mobs as it allows us to keep a safe distance from them.

The punch enchantment works best on small creepers. But not against giants and large monsters. You can acquire this enchantment through trading and fishing.

And you also need to have experience points for the upgrade. The Punch enchantment can be upgraded to a higher level reaching the highest enchantment level II.

7. The ‘Curse of Vanishing’ Enchantment

Materials- Enchanted Table, Anvil, and Experience Points.

Enchanting your bow with the Vanishing effect.

The core effect of this Curse of Vanishing enchantment is to make your bow disappear after you die in the game. This makes hostile players from acquiring your bow as loot. The vanishing effect is mutual, i.e., you can’t retrieve your bow after respawning.

The only way to preserve your bow is to store it in a chest or drop it naturally in a hidden place. Also, think carefully before applying this enchantment, as you won’t be able to remove this after enchanting your bow.


Killing every hostile mob, ranging from creepers to the last boss- The Elder Ender Dragon is the only way to clear the Minecraft Survival Mode. The time required to clear the level depends upon the player’s gaming strategy. And ranged strategy ranks among the most efficient gameplay style. 

The weapons are best at killing range mobs with AOE skills and look more elegant than barbarous sword hacking and slashing style. The bow is the most basic range weapon players can craft at the beginning stage of the game with minimal resources.

You can upgrade your bow with enchantments such as the power enchantment that increments the elemental damage; flame enchantment that buffs the arrow with a burning effect; Unbreakable enchantment that increases the bow’s durability. 

Other enchantments include Infinity enchantment(unlimited arrows), Punch enchantment(knockback effect), Mending enchantment(repairs bow durability with experience), and lastly, the most special enchantment- Curse of Vanishing(bow disappears after the death of the player).