50 Best Ideas for a Lucrative Side Hustle

There are thousands of side hustle ideas available around you, some of which you might have heard.

These strategies are useful if you are willing to make some extra cash quickly by employing your unique skills and talents to work.

Wherever you live or however you make a living, making money isn’t a constant, never-ending struggle anymore. It’s made possible by the internet.

With the internet at your fingertips, the immense possibilities and opportunities for making some extra money are not too far.

Below we have listed 50 best side hustle ideas, some of which might be quick while others might need you to invest some time and so you can select the one that suits you the best.

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1. Become a Freelance Article Writer

side hustle

If you love writing, why not implement this as one of your side-hustle ideas and earn some cash.

You can easily sign up on websites like Freelancer, Upwork, and others and get writing gigs. 

You can also help out bloggers or be a ghost-writer. This is a good side hustle.

2. Conduct a garage sale

We all have items piled up in our garage, most for which we are nostalgic. But, it’s time to set aside the nostalgia and hold a garage sale to get off that extra clutter.

You can quickly sell old toys, old furniture, or anything else that you might not need anymore.

You can put up some signs around town or advertise on Craigslist to start earning this side hustle idea.

3. Produce Audiobooks

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Audiobook creation is one of the best side hustle ideas that’ll make you some passive income.

Just sign up on ACX or other such platforms and create and sell audiobooks on Audible and iTunes.

You can either read your book or read some other authors’ books and make some side cash.

A non-fiction audiobook on difficult topics like foreign currency investing, stock trading, accounting, online marketing, etc. can easily allow you to earn a five-figure monthly salary.

4. Sell Items on eBay or Craigslist

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If you’re stuck in a bind and require cash within a few days, this is a side hustle idea that can help you get out of that bind.

Click some good quality photos of your extra items lying around the house and put them up on websites like eBay or Craigslist with a good description. 

You can sell anything that you aren’t using, such as furniture, appliances, collectibles, etc.

Professionally, this side hustle idea can help you collect small commissions on each item you sell.

5. Reduce expenses

It seems obvious, but sometimes we tend to make expenses that we didn’t need to.

These extra expenses might be from gym memberships or every day pricey lunches, which you don’t need.

6. Rent your spare room on Airbnb

img 617dd47b2454b

To make a secondary or even primary income, renting your extra room or home on Airbnb is the best side hustle idea, especially if you live in a tourist locale.

You can easily earn cash after 24 hours of the guests’ checking in, to avoid any issues and potential scams. This was a good side hustle before the current COVID pandemic.

7. Local tour guide

If you live in a tourist or vacation destination and are looking for cash, you can try and offer your services as a tour guide.

You can even offer the tour services for free to gather more attention and then later ask for some tips at the end.

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8. Sell products on Etsy

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Want a platform to showcase your creative talent and earn some money?

Well, Etsy is one such platform for you. 

It is the largest resource for selling handmade items on the internet.

You can even sell your digital designs on it. Some of these side hustle ideas include mugs, t-shirts, posters, logo mockups, etc.

9. Wash and detail cars

People are always looking to get their cars washed but don’t have the luxury to leave their vehicles at a car-washer shop.

You can use this opportunity and hand out flyers in your neighborhood or social networks to help you get work.

The car washing and detailing business is a more lucrative side hustle in the upscale neighborhood.

10. Create a smartphone app

If you are a programmer with some app development skills and are proficient in Swift or Android-based development platforms, you can try to create a smartphone app.

This will not be a quick way to earn money, but will undoubtedly polish your skills and be a passive way to make money.

11. Clean houses

img 617dd47d542cf

People, in their busy lives, often don’t find time to clean their homes thoroughly.

You can also register yourself at HouseKeeper.com and offer your housekeeping services to people renting their homes on a short term basis. This is another decent side hustle that you can look into.

12. Invest with LendingClub

img 617dd47e78458

If you can pitch in some investment and make money from it, LendingClub might be the platform for you.

It is a peer-to-peer lending service platform where you can invest in businesses from different industries.

However, it isn’t risk-free. Remember, to get better rewards; there will be more risks.

13. Deliver for PostMates

img 617dd47fe0d3b

Like Uber and Lyft, PostMates is a side earning delivery platform that allows you to work anytime. 

The pay you get might be high, but you can earn tips depending on your work.

You can even use a bike for the delivery purpose if you live in the highly-trafficked cities like Los Angeles or New York. This side hustle became famous during the COVID pandemic when more people wanted to stay home and order online.

14. Skype Tutoring

img 617dd481266b7

Parents are generally much concerned about their child’s study, and if you are someone good in academics, you can easily earn some cash via tutoring on Skype.

People not just from the U.S. or U.K. but Asia also are looking for tutors delivering the right quality materials. This side hustle requires some serious time and should be done properly to earn more.

15. Teach a language

Many people around the world only know their first language, and if you know a second language, you can teach it to others and earn some cash.

If you don’t know any other language and know only English, then you can teach it to other people as their second language. This side hustle will help you to earn money with the help of something that you never knew you could do until now.

16. Micro-jobs on Mechanical Turk

img 617dd48223e67

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk comprises lots of side hustle ideas to make you some extra cash.

Although this cash can’t make you rich, you can string a few of them together to earn some money when stuck in a bind. There’s a lot of browser plugins which you can use and also forums to help you with this side hustle.

17. Be an extra in movies

If you live in production cities like Los Angeles, London, New York, or Vancouver, you can try your hands to be an extra in a movie without making any significant investment.

Once the waiting or sitting around period is over, you can earn a few extra bucks with this side hustle idea. There are chances that you might even be the next James Bond !!!

18. Design logos on 99Designs

img 617dd483ef6e5

If you are well versed in graphic design programs like Photoshop and illustrator, you can do designing work on 99Designs.

However, to earn the bucks, you will need to be an excellent designer and create the winning design. This side hustle requires some technical skills.

19. Walk dogs

If you have a neighborhood full of dogs, you can create flyers and put them into your neighbor’s mailboxes, offering your services.

You can pitch your price and build a strong professional connection with clients to take your dog service business to the next level. If you love dogs you are going to enjoy this side hustle very much.

20. Start a food truck

This side hustle idea might at first seem a bit stretched as a food truck requires a substantial amount of investment, but it can be great in the long run once people get the taste of your hand made cuisines.

Before starting this business, you should do ample research about the location, cuisine, and people in the area around your truck.

21. Recycle smartphones on Gazelle

img 617dd4852348c

By selling your old iPhones or Android phones on Gazelle, you can earn some cash in a hassle-free way.

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Although you can’t get top-dollars for it, you can surely earn a little bit of extra cash to help you out with your financial situation. This side hustle is not something that you would be able to do regularly unless you have a lot of phones lying around the house.

22. Become a virtual assistant

If you have enough free time and are organized, you can help others by being virtual assistants, which are very high in demand.

After all, when has it hurt to live in areas with a lower cost of living?

With the current COVID pandemic, there’s a lot of demand for remote jobs, and this side hustle could turn out to a full-time job if done properly.

23. Participate in marketing focus groups

Marketing companies require customer’s responses to their services, products, and advertisements and thus keep on holding focus groups from time to time to analyze this. Respondent.io is one of the focus groups which you can try for this side hustle.

You can easily register for them even if you are in college, without needing any special training.

24. Get a part-time job

Even if, for some reason, you can’t work full-time jobs, you can try and find some part-time work, either online or offline, in some nearby store or company.

However, if you do this, you can say goodbye to your social life as you won’t have enough spare time.

25. Teach driving to students

If you’re a good driver holding a clean driving record, you can apply for a driving instructor license.

You can use online or offline platforms or even register yourself on sites like Indeed.com to search for part-time instructor jobs.

26. Answer questions on JustAnswer

img 617dd4864cb5e

For highly-skilled people in medicine, law, or information technology, they can get paid to help others by answering their questions.

JustAnswer is one such platform that pays you to do that.

27. Start a blog

Blogging is a great side hustle idea to earn a tremendous amount of passive income and share your opinions with the world.

You can either write blogs for free or invest some money and buy a blogging website domain.

To make a great blog, you need to spend at least a few hours on it and regularly and consistently write meaningful content.

28. Do Email Marketing

img 617dd48830664
img 617dd4898b7a9
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img 617dd48d2caf7

Many companies hire people with email marketing skills to promote their business.

Email marketing is very profitable but attracting subscribers, and establishing a personal connection with them takes a lot of effort.

You can use platforms like Constant Contact, LeadPages, Aweber, MailChimp, and ConvertKit.

29. Personal Training

Fitness conscious people are always looking for personal trainers to help them with their daily fitness goals and maintain a clean and balanced diet.

You can earn a respectable income by this side hustle idea; however, you might need a personal trainer license or certificate for some of these jobs.

30. Interior Decorating

img 617dd48e82955

If you’re creative and love to decorate houses, then you can implement those skills professionally and get into the interior decorating business.

Using sites like Houzz, you can easily advertise your skills to the masses and make a modest income.

31. Start a GoFundMe page

img 617dd4906e799

You can ask people to fund money for you by creating a GoFundMe page and advertising it on social media platforms.

If people find your story authentic, compelling, and genuine, they might decide to help you out.

32. Create YouTube Tutorials

YouTube is a great way to create a respectable amount of passive income.

You can post tutorials based on the study, cooking, cleaning, etc. and learn from them.

Your tutorials must be engaging, unique, and interesting enough for it to reach out to a broad audience.

You can also use ads and other means to earn more via those tutorials.

33. Do Mystery Shopping

Companies are often looking for mystery shoppers to buy items in secret and document their experiences with the retailer. Amusement Advantage is a good site to register and try this side hustle.

Mystery shoppers can work either at an online store or a physical store.

By a simple search, you can find services to assist you or your pitch directly to the company.

34. Sell Services on Fiverr

img 617dd491dc39c

Fiverr started the Gig Economy.

Starting at $5, you can sell any product or services on this platform and earn six-figure-plus income annually.

However, due to a lot of traffic, you will have to become a Super Seller and deliver excellent quality work, sometimes at lower prices.

35. Become a Personal Shopper

Love shopping?

Well, what best side hustle idea than to shop for a living. 

You can become a personal shopper for others and help people select their wardrobe essentials, especially those living in urban metropolises with concentrated wealth.

You can scour the web or use ThumbTack to find people looking for personal shoppers.

36. Write an eBook

img 617dd493118c5
img 617dd49443203

You might be a good writer but do not want to endure the friction and money loss of releasing published paperback books, then you can easily print them as an eBook.

KDP and CreateSpace and two such platforms offered by Amazon to help you publish your eBooks online and create a passive income source.

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You can also opt for on-demand paperback books to earn money without facing the publishing friction.

37. Manage social media for small businesses

Social media has great potential for expansion of any business, and you can help the small businesses in your area tap into that potential.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and other similar platforms have many users worldwide and thus serve as a significant market.

You can easily earn a monthly fee depending on the sales targets, without any location constraint.

38. Become a Personal Chef

img 617dd495b5e77

If you are a good chef, you can earn money by becoming a private chef and preparing meals for others.

You can market your services through both social media or your website.

You can also use services like HireAChef to find jobs in this field.

39. Open a Mobile Pet Grooming Service

You can provide your services to people’s pets and earn some money using this side hustle idea.

With a small investment in buying a mobile van, you can easily groom the pets on the go.

40. Drive for Uber or Lyft

img 617dd4978cf0d
img 617dd4990019d

Uber and Lyft are the two widely used platforms for driving people around the city or even outstations.

If you own a car or work as a driver for someone else’s car, you can easily earn some extra cash.

The best part of this is that you don’t need to have a tight schedule and can work at your leisure and make money at any time of the day.

41. Create an Online Course

img 617dd49ae6a77
img 617dd49c93635

Try and use online platforms like Udemy and Teachable to leverage your skills and create a healthy source of passive income. 

Depending on the time invested by you on the course, you can make substantial passive revenue.

42. Babysit or become a nanny

img 617dd49dd225f

You might be living in a neighborhood full of parents looking for credible and trustworthy baby-sitters to look after their little ones.

Babysitting can be the best side hustle ideas to earn some quick cash.

You can register yourself on sites like care.com or SitterCity or post your services on social media or into your neighbor’s mailboxes.

According to your ratings and reviews, you can even make this into a full-time business opportunity.

43. Build a Sales Funnel with ClickFunnels

img 617dd49f6c5f1

Many people struggle with creating the perfect sales funnel for their business due to a lack of technical and marketing knowledge.

You can use sites like ClickFunnels, a SaaS business comprised of over 40,000 customers, and build a sales funnel to automate your selling with this platform.

44. Sell Technical Services on Upwork

img 617dd4a087b50

Upwork serves as an excellent platform for people to hire lawyers, accountants, graphic designers, web designers, and other professionals.

You can list your services on Upwork after getting your profile accepted and start getting gigs related to your service.

However, it should be remembered that there’s a lot of competition, so it might take some time to get your first gig, but do not lose hope.

45. Use TaskRabbit

img 617dd4a1d0ae1

TaskRabbit lets you search your area for people looking for specific tasks to be done.

These tasks can include lifting furniture, assembling furniture, repaint house, etc. To start working, you will have to get registered and get vetted.

But, it’s easy money by doing some hustle.

46. Give Music Lessons

If you are well-versed in any musical instruments like piano, guitar, etc., you can start a music lessons class in your area. 

You can advertise through social media or other professional and personal networks for the same.

47. Write Resumes

img 617dd4a2d51e7

Although many people are looking for jobs, not many know how to write a professional resume.

You can use LinkedIn like sites for advertising your resume writing skills and even grab a few for free.

Once you are experienced enough, your sales will skyrocket.

48. Sell your hair

img 617dd4a412707

Sound’s absurd, right, but did you know your hair has a very high price in the market?

If you have long hair, you can sell them on sites like HairSellOn and make some cash using this side hustle idea.

49. House Sitter

img 617dd4a4f033b

Like babysitters, people also hire house sitters to watch their homes while they go on holidays or live in their second homes.

You can use sites like HouseSitter.com and Care.com to get house-sitting jobs.

50. Sell on CafePress

img 617dd4a66a1b0

Being well versed in Photoshop and illustrator can help you earn some extra cash by selling your digital designs on CafePress.

You can design different designs fit for shirts, hats, and cups, and earn a commission for each sale.


Hope this article helped you to find a good side hustle using which you could earn some extra money and also learn new things.

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