20 Best Free Image Hosting Sites in 2021

Images make communication more manageable and accessible. They are immensely more comfortable to interpret or understand. Many times, people may not acknowledge a message given in the text. But, they may quickly interpret a particular message through images. Some few years back, we stored photos on hard disks, DVDs, or CDs. It is impossible to take a hard disk, DVD, or CD with you all the time. The innovation of storing images is the image hosting site. This innovation has become possible due to cloud technologies

The photo hosting or image hosting site can store and organize your photos and videos. Also, photo hosting sites can enable users to share their images with friends and family. Image hosting sites are also referred to as image hosting services. Several free and paid image hosting sites or services are available in the market. Anyone can use these photo hosting sites. Like professional photography, e-commerce, hobbyists, social media, etc., people from several domains use these image hosting sites. 

What is an Image Hosting Site?

An image hosting site or photo hosting service enables individuals to store or upload various image formats to a particular internet site. When the user uploads the images, the image host will keep them on the server. 

Whenever a specific user needs to upload pictures or photos to an image hosting site, they need to log in to the particular site and upload images. You can log out of the site as per your requirements. After uploading your pictures or images on a specific site, you can instantly share them with your friends and family. 

How does an Image Hosting Site work?

There is an interface in every image hosting site, enabling users to upload their pictures or images. Users need to specify the image location from the computer system to an uploader interface. After selecting photos from the local system, you need to press the submit button to upload pictures successfully. 

Some image hosting sites allow uploading multiple pictures and files at one time. Also, you can generate a zip file containing several images and upload them to the site. Once you upload images to any image hosting site, your photos are stored on the server and available on the web. You can also upload all your pictures in one session using FTP software. 

Free versions of the image hosting websites allow uploading of limited pictures of less size. On the other hand, in the paid versions, users can upload photos with the maximum bandwidth and storage space. 

Image Hosting sites offer multiple services, along with uploading photos on the web. Users can develop galleries and add desired pictures to them. Also, users can view their photos using the slide show function. 

Features to look at while selecting the Image Hosting Site

Every time you buy or choose any product, you see whether the product best fits you or not. Whenever you click pictures using a camera or mobile phone, you store them on your desktop or laptop. But, there may be a case where your PC or laptop may crash. And all your pictures get lost. In such circumstances, using the hosting sites is hugely beneficial. 

Selecting the best and free image hosting site is quite challenging for many people. Before you choose any photo hosting site, look at the features offered by it, and verify whether it satisfies your requirements or not. The following are some characteristics that you must look at while selecting the photo hosting site:

1. Select the one that satisfies your needs:

Selecting the best image hosting site is difficult. You must ensure that your image hosting site best fits you. In other words, it must fulfill all your requirements or needs. For example, consider a photographer who needs easier photo uploading and sharing services to make all images accessible to clients. Hence you must choose an image hosting site based on your needs. 

2. Share images seamlessly:

Another service to look at while choosing the best and free photo hosting website is seamless sharing. Users must be able to share their work quickly and securely. Some image hosting sites are only meant for storing pictures. Therefore, ensure that your image hosting site offers the feature of seamless and secure photo sharing. 

3. Greater Storage Space:

One of the primary characteristics to consider while selecting the best image hosting site is the storage space. Some free image hosting sites provide limited storage space. No doubt paid versions of the photo hosting sites to offer colossal storage space than the free version. Several sites provide unlimited storage space, but the quality is not maintained. Hence, ensure that your image hosting site provides the maximum storage space in its free version, along with premium-quality images. 

4. Premium-quality pictures:

You should never make any compromise for the quality of the images. Your photo hosting site must provide premium-quality images. Suppose you need a photo hosting site for developing an online portfolio. Your images should not get compressed in such situations when uploaded on the image hosting site’s server. 

5. Easy to handle:

Select the photo hosting site that is easy to handle and user-friendly. The interface of the image hosting site should be straightforward. If you use a photo hosting service for developing an online portfolio, your site should build the website within minutes using a few simple steps. 

List of 20 Best and Free Image Hosting Sites

After looking at the above section, you might have got a precise idea about choosing the best image hosting site. Here are some hand-picked photo or image hosting services with their advanced characteristics. Have a look at every hosting site’s features and choose anyone wisely. 


One of the most common free image hosting sites is Imgur. Users can handle their graphics work efficiently and manageably using Imgur. It is compatible to work with Android and iOS mobile devices. Even novice users can monitor the Imgur image hosting site with ease. 


  • Imgur photo hosting site enables users to upload their photos quickly and effortlessly. 
  • It has a drag and drop interface, which makes image uploading accessible and comfortable. 
  • Users can upload several images on Imgur as per their wish. 
  • A link is generated when you upload any image or a set of pictures to the Imgur site. You can share this link with others instantly. 
  • It also incorporates a ‘meme generator’ feature, which enables users to generate image macros. 
  • If you upload any GIF file to the Imgur server, it converts the GIF file into MP4 and WebM files. 
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After looking at the Imgur photo hosting site, we can see that it is more flexible and handy. 

image hosting


Another picture hosting site that is used widely is Imgbox. It is an open-source and free image hosting site. Users can use the Imgbox site for unlimited storage of photos from bogs, forums, and websites. 


  • The Imgbox image hosting site enables users to upload their photos at a breakneck pace. 
  • It has a fast-speed network, called Voxel’s CDN network, enabling fast uploading of images on the Imgbox server. 
  • Voxel’s CDN network is one of the fastest content delivery networks and is highly expensive. 
  • One of the significant advantages of using the Imgbox photo hosting site is it offers unlimited storage space. 
  • Another perk users experience using this photo hosting site is they do not have to sign up. Users just need to upload their images and can track their photos using a free account. 
  • The Imgbox picture hosting site has a user-friendly interface, and it is extremely manageable to use. 
  • It supports uploading the photo of size up to 10 MB. 
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One of the most excellent and free picture hosting sites is PostImage. Users can use this website without registration. Hence, it is very comfortable to use. The PostImage photo hosting site also supports uploading of PDF files. 


  • The PostImage photo hosting site is pretty good, as it has a straightforward, clean, and user-friendly interface. 
  • Another benefit of using this picture hosting site is it allows users to upload a single image or multiple images at a time. 
  • The maximum photo size supported while uploading single or multiple photographs is up to 5 MB. 
  • Users can register on the PostImage site and experience the advanced features. 
  • The registered users can have complete control of their galleries, and they can upload an image of size up to 10 MB. 
  • This website supports image hosting from several forums, like link pages, hotlinks, direct links, etc. 
  • It also supports the sharing of photographs quickly with others. 

Hence, PostImage is an all-in-one website for uploading, sharing, and hosting. 

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Pexels is one of the most unique and popular websites for free stock images. Users can use any photograph from the Pexels website without having any copyright issues. All images on this website are free to use. Users can also upload their fantastic and astonishing photos. 


  • Using the Pexels image hosting site has made it easier for users to look for any image freely. Entering a particular topic and clicking on the search button will provide you a broad set of free pictures. 
  • Another perk of using this photo hosting site is to download the images freely and use them for commercial purposes. 
  • After you search for the specific picture on Pexels, you can use it with Instagram. Also, you can edit the image by sharing it with any of the photo editor applications. 
  • Users can follow their favorite photographers and view their new creations instantly.
  • If you wish to generate your portfolio, Pexels is the best image hosting site.
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Unsplash is another free photo hosting site that offers more than two million free images. These images have incredibly high-resolution, and users get a top-notch experience of using premium-quality photographs. 


  • More than two million free and open-source images are available on the Unsplash image hosting site. 
  • Users can search their desired photos on the niches, like business, nature, architecture, textures, and patterns.
  • Users can also upload their created images on the Unsplash picture hosting site. 
  • This website has approximately 211,166 photographers that upload new pictures on various niches. 
  • An Unsplash photo hosting site includes images required in the machine learning, image quality, search engine, etc. domains. 
  • The Application Program Interface of the Unsplash website is highly sturdy and incorporates several premium features. 
  • When the user needs any image from the collection or other users, the specific URLs are used to fetch a particular image. 
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One of the widely used free image hosting sites is Freeimages. Users can download pictures from the Freeimages photo hosting site freely, as it has a broad set of images. Another perk of using the Freeimages site is you can download the images for professional or commercial purposes. 


  • The Freeimages photo hosting website enables users to download any images freely. 
  • It has a vast set of image libraries, containing 383,034 images and illustrations. Some libraries include animals and wildlife, architecture, automotive, flowers and trees, food and drink, religion, science and technology, transportation, etc. 
  • All the above-stated libraries ate referred to as iStock Collection Categories of the Freeimages picture hosting site. 
  • When the user browses images on this site, it provides browse options, like free photos, lightboxes, photographers, editor’s pick, etc. 
  • Additionally, you can also upload your pictures. But, you need to sign in to the Freeimages photo hosting site. 
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The Cluster picture hosting site is one of the most popular and typically used websites. It is specially designed for individual and private use. Using the Cluster website, users can share images with friends and family privately. 


  • One of the advanced and extraordinary features of the Cluster image hosting site’s advanced and unusual features is it offers a provision for creating desired albums. 
  • Users can also invite their friends, family members, office colleagues, or anyone as per their needs. 
  • Many photographers and users upload images on the Cluster site. Other people can view, like, and share pictures with others. 
  • The Cluster picture hosting site is a mobile-friendly site, which has a straightforward and intuitive interface. 
  • This site’s primary objective is to allow users to share images safely and quickly. Another goal is for “Better Photo Curation, which helps lazy people. 
  • Your photo albums are kept private. They can be accessed only by the users you invite. 
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Free Image Hosting.net

Free Image Hosting.net is the picture hosting site specially designed to run on the Linux web servers. It has a bandwidth that does not require any monthly fees. So, it is a cost-effective photo hosting site.


  • The Free Image Hosting.net site offers several options, like sharing pictures with family, hosting your blog pictures, generating different galleries, adding images to your social media posts, and hosting auction images. 
  • Users can upload image files, having gif, jpg, bmp, ad png extensions. 
  • The limit for uploading files of the above-stated extensions is 3,000 KB. 
  • Several image uploading options are available, like uploading images using URL, photo browsing, uploading from photo gallery, etc. 
  • The Free Image Hosting.net site has free cloud photo storage, free photo gallery maker, and free online photo storage. 
  • Another benefit is there is no need for registering for the Free Image Hosting.net site. But, having an account makes it easier for users to upload images quickly. 
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One of the most excellent and desirable image hosting sites for artists and photographers is Deviantart. Deviantart is one of the world’s most prominent sites for artworks. The Deviantart site includes artwork, like filmmaking, photography, traditional art. Stock photography, etc. 


  • The Deviantart picture hosting site has 35 million members registered worldwide. 
  • It has a wide range of images, including 358 million impressions. 
  • The Deviantart image hosting site has ‘Today’s Page,’ which contains daily news, images, conversations, etc. 
  • It has a Status Updates section that provides photo updates and enables users to communicate with their viewers for followers. 
  • The ‘Watch Feed’ segment allows members to access a daily feed of journalism, collection, or your watchlist. 
  • Another section is the ‘Notifications’ section. Members of the Deviantart site receive notifications when there is any comment on the post. 
  • Users can share feeds directly with friends and others. 

Deviantart is a fascinating website for people across the globe. 


Another globally utilized image hosting and photo-sharing site is 500px. 500px is one of the most comprehensive platforms for sharing photos and earning money. Photographers post their creations and share their feelings through photos. The 500 px site is best suited for photographers. It is a user-friendly and mobile-friendly application. 


  • The 500px photo-sharing site uses the Pulse algorithm that enables photographers to share their creations on the platform and receive comments on them. 
  • Clients can directly collaborate with photographers using the 500 px site. 
  • It has a broad set of image libraries containing images from several niches. 
  • The 500px supports numerous photography styles, like astrophotography, landscape photography, black and white photography, portrait photography, etc. 
  • Even novice photographers get a chance to grow and build their careers in the photography domain. 
  • There are 15 million images present on the 500 px photo-sharing site from 195 different countries. 
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Pixabay is another image-hosting site that enables users to download images that are free from copyright. It also includes videos, and you can download copyright-free videos. Additionally, users can freely share pictures from the site with others instantly. 


  • The Pixabay photo hosting site has a straightforward and user-friendly interface. 
  • You can also add a comment on any specific photo or video. 
  • There are 1.8 million free images available on the Pixabay site, where users can share them freely. 
  • The Pixabay site contains all images that are licensed under the Creative Common Xero (CC0) license. It does not create any copyright issues. 
  • It supports image downloading in all sizes, and you can add photos to favorites. 
  • The Pixabay image hosting site supports Android and iOS mobile devices. 
  • It contains photos, illustrations, vectors, videos, and music, and you can download them freely. 
  • The Pixabay site has an intuitive and trusted application program interface, which is easy to use. 
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Another free image hosting site is Pxhere. Like the Pixabay site, the Pxhere site is also licensed under the Creative Common Zero (CC0) license. In other words, users can use the images from the Pxhere without any copyright issues.


  • The Pxhere photo hosting site has a wide range of free images. 
  • It has a broad set of image libraries from various niches, like fish, fauna, wildlife, hooks, and many other categories. 
  • Users can use the pictures from the Pxhere site for commercial use. 
  • This site has around 1116332 premium-quality free images. 
  • The search for any image is very manageable, as users can search using image tags. 
  • Additionally, if you desire to download a picture posted by a specific photographer, you can do it as well. 
  • Users can also search for images using three different elements, new photos, popular photos, and random.
  • It allows multiple operations on images, like downloading, publishing, editing, and altering. 
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Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the widely and typically utilized image hosting applications. As its name indicates, Google is the developer of Google Photos. It is a web-based website that also supports Android and iOS mobile devices. Google Photos is specially developed for storing and sharing photos. 


  • One of the significant features of Google Photos is it allows users to keep unlimited photos of up to 16 MP sizes.
  • Google Photos also allows you to keep videos, GIFs, and other media formats. It supports high-resolution video of up to 1080 pixels. 
  • When you upload any image on Google Photos, it is grouped into a specific folder having similar photos. For example, if you have a picture containing a beach or sunshine, that image is automatically transferred to the respective folder. 
  • Additionally, Google Photos categories pictures based on three elements, places, people, and things. 
  • The latest feature of GooglePhotos is the heat map. It enables users to know the image locations. 
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Smugmug is another image hosting and sharing that site. It is one of the leading and global sites, which offer highly advanced features. Smugmug is an all-in-one website used for accessing pictures, storing images, for business purposes, etc. 


  • Smugmug enables users to upload unlimited images and videos without any restrictions. 
  • Users can use the Smugmug picture hosting site on monitors, mobile devices, and tablets as well. Hence, it has a responsive design. 
  • It supports uploading images of size up to 300 Mb. The video uploading size supported by the Smugmug app is 3 GB. 
  • Users can share images, videos, or clips on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. It also supports sharing pictures via emails. 
  • One of the most wondering benefits of the Smugmug application is it supports printing. Users can order prints from the professional print lab. 
  • This website uses Amazon Web Service for backing-up pictures and videos. Any backed-up image can be downloaded anytime. 
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iCloud photo hosting site is specially developed for Apple devices. It used cloud technology to store any document types and access them anytime from any device. Like Google Photos, iCloud is also one of the globally used photo storage and sharing sites. 


  • iCloud supports several TV shows, photos, applications, books, songs, and movies from the local system. 
  • Additionally, you can use iCloud to access several documents and presentations. 
  • Another benefit of using the iCloud website is can keep data from various applications, like calendars, contacts, and emails. 
  • Users can keep their passwords or log in credentials of several apps or sites in iCloud. 
  • The sharing features of iCloud allows users to share any media with friends and family. 
  • Users can store images, videos, or documents freely up to 5 GB storage space. 
  • The other features involve parental permissions, lost iPhone locator, real-time device synchronization, saves browser bookmarks, etc. 

Hence, iCloud is an all-in-one photo storing and sharing application. 

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4shared is another photo storage and image sharing online site based on Kiev. There are around 11 million users of the 4shared image hosting site. These users share several files that make the count of 300 TB of storage space every day. 


  • 4shared is an open-source and free image hosting and picture sharing site. 
  • It offers a cloud storage space of 100 GB, which is very high. 
  • The principal objective for developing a 4shared photo hosting site is to store images efficiently and access them quickly. 
  • Another benefit offered by the 4shared site is it allows users to transfer data using File Transfer Protocol. This protocol ensures faster file sharing. 
  • It also enables users to use the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) for file sharing. 
  • Users can download this application on their mobile devices and desktops or laptops. 
  • The other characteristics of 4shared include scanning viruses, previewing any media file types, and collaboration features. 
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Another free and open-source image or photo hosting site is Imgshare. It allows users to upload images and add pictures to their websites or forums. If you want to insert an image on your web page, just copy that image’s plugin code and paste it into the HTML program. The image appears on the webpage. 


  • Imgshare is a more manageable and straightforward image hosting site.
  • Users feel comfortable uploading and sharing images instantly with friends and family members. 
  • One of the best parts of the Imgshare site is it regulates image codes required for inserting on the web page. 
  • Another flexible feature of Imshare is its plugin is compatible to work with any website or software. 
  • Anyone can upload their pictures on the Imgshare server. Once the image gets uploaded, a short link is generated. You can share this quick link with others. 
  • By placing a single button, Imgshare enables users to use photos on any other website. 
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One of the most excellent and globally utilized hosting and sharing sites is Dropbox. It is also used for several purposes. Dropbox is an all-in-one tool, which offers file synchronization cloud storage, personal cloud, and client software. It is usually used for business purposes, which enables people to collaborate. 


  • If you have Dropbox installed on your mobile device, it automatically uploads camera pictures whenever you click any new image. 
  • Also, if you take a screenshot, it gets uploaded to the Dropbox server automatically. 
  • Dropbox supports images files in more than 35 extensions.
  • It can be used to keep login credentials or passwords of multiple sites and software. 
  • Users can upload images, videos, or files up to 2 GB freely. The maximum image size supported by Dropbox is 50 MB. 
  • There are several paid plans for Dropbox, which offers more storage space. 
  • The Dropbox image hosting site is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. 


Photoblog is quite a different photo hosting site than all the sites, as mentioned earlier. It enables users to publish or upload their images in the blog format. It is not referred to as a blog, as it incorporates only images or pictures instead of text. 


  • Photoblog enables users to host their photos on individual domains, WordPress, and blogging services, like Flickr or Fotolog. 
  • It is specially designed for bloggers. You need to add your social media site information, and it automatically creates traffic to the blog. 
  • Users get a built-in template, which makes images more fantastic and mesmerizing. 
  • You can add text to your photos and make them more readable.
  • It is used by numerous people from several domains, like photography, traveling, storytelling, blogging, etc. 
  • There are around 100,000 photographers who upload their images or photos daily. 
  • Photoblog provides multiple blogging features, like easy blog creation, easy setup, and adding several social media platforms to blogs. 
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One of the free photo hosting sites is Imgbb. Imgbb is the most straightforward and easy to use image hosting site. Users can comfortably upload and share their images on several blogs, websites, or forums. There is an upload plugin, which allows image uploading and photo-sharing process. 


  • One of the best characteristics of Imgbb is it allows users to use images on several blog pages. 
  • It monitors all image codes automatically for the images to be used on the other website. 
  • Imgbb copies image plugins and paste it on the other website, where the image is required. 
  • It also works as a free photo organizer and enables users to free up space from desktops and mobile devices. 
  • Another benefit of this image hosting site is it does not require any account for image uploading. You can directly on the ‘start uploading’ button. 
  • It supports numerous image formats, like jpg, png, GIF, TIF, PDF, etc. You can upload one image up to 32 MB size. 
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Advantages of using an Image Hosting Site

Using an image hosting site has several benefits. Let us know the different advantages of using a photo hosting site. 

  1. One of the primary perks of using an image hosting website it there is no worry about losing images when the system crashes. All images are stored on the server or web. Hence, even if your PC or server crashes, your pictures will be safe. 
  2. Using an image hosting or photo hosting service will help you free up your PC or laptop’s storage space. As your photos are uploaded to the serve, your computer or PC memory will be saved. 
  3. Another perk of using an image hosting site is to access your images anytime from anywhere and share them instantly with others. After you upload images to the hosting site, it generates a link. You can share that link with friends and family living abroad. Hence, photo hosting sites are flexible. 
  4. For photographers, these image sites are incredibly beneficial. Photographers use a DSLR camera for capturing pictures. Therefore, the images they capture are of exceptionally high pixels and quality. Storing these high-quality images, along with retaining its quality, is possible using photo hosting sites. 


An image or photo or picture hosting site enables individuals to upload their pictures and videos on the web or server. These sites are very beneficial and are based on cloud technologies. This post has gone through image hosting sites or photo hosting services, their working, and features to consider while selecting any image hosting site. 

Later, we covered top and free image hosting sites. Many sites offer free and paid versions. The free version has limited storage space, whereas the paid version has a relatively higher area. You can choose anyone from the best free image hosting sites. Firstly, specify your requirements and then select the best photo hosting site. This post will help you pick-up the best photographs hosting site, as it involves features of these sites. 

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