12 Best Fake Incoming Call Apps for Android and iPhone

Best Fake Incoming Call Apps

If you have ever been in a gathering or meeting which you want to leave without upsetting anyone, you can now use a fake incoming call app to make this super easy.

With a fake incoming call app installed on your phone, you can schedule a fake call to yourself to show people you got an urgent call and leave.

These apps allow you to create a caller ID and set a phone number, so the incoming call looks genuine if someone peeks at your phone when it rings.

Let’s run down the list of the best fake incoming call apps for iPhone and Android.

These apps don’t provide real calling functionality. They only simulate a call on your smartphone so you can escape awkward situations.

Moreover, always test the app you choose multiple times with fake calls to avoid issues. Many apps in the list have in-app purchases.

Top 7 Best Fake Incoming Call Apps for iPhone

  1. Fake Call Pro
  2. Fake Call
  3. Kurved – Excuses
  4. Fake All – Call, Chat, Message
  5. Fake Call Number
  6. IFTTT (Using the Help me Escape Applet)
  7. Dingtone

1. Fake Call Pro

Fake Caller Pro app on Apple App Store

This is a popular app on the Apple App Store for faking an incoming call to yourself. After installation, you can set the time when you’ll get a fake call from the app.

It also allows you to set the contact details or whose name or number you want displaying when it shows an incoming call. You can set any existing contact or use any name and number you want to create a fake caller ID.

With fake call pro, you can also choose your usual iPhone ringtone, so anyone who has heard your phone ring before doesn’t suspect anything. 

Once you answer the call coming from this app, a random voice will be generated. This is for people sitting close to you because if you answer and there is no voice from the other side, it would look suspicious.

Moreover, you can also record a voice to be played when you answer the call. It may ask permission to access storage and record from your microphone to perform this.

The only downside is that you need to keep it open so it can fake an incoming call.

2. Fake Call

Fake Call-Prank Caller ID Apps on Apple App Store

You can easily schedule a fake call to yourself with this app. It allows you to set a custom time and date for the app to ring you. You can set anyone from the saved contact or create a new contact to be shown on the screen when the phone rings. Similarly, choose ringtones and set or record a voice to be played when you pick up the call.

Fake Call also has some unique features. You can choose a custom wallpaper to be shown as a background for the incoming call. If you set your existing lock screen wallpaper on Fake Call, your fake incoming call would look more like an actual call. 

Furthermore, this app can play your voice as a recording when you answer the phone. So, you can even sit around people and pretend to talk to someone easily.

Another feature we liked is that it can show the caller ID as if you’re receiving a call from another iPhone user.

3. Kurved – Excuses

Kurved - Excuses on Apple App Store

Kurved does things differently. With Kurved, you can create an appointment to show people and avoid going to a party or meeting you don’t want to. You can create fake appointments and class schedules.

With fake air tickets, you can let people know that you won’t be in town, so you can do whatever you want at that time. 

Forgot calling someone and want to show them you did? Create a fake call log and let them know that you called them. Moreover, its fake SMS feature allows you to create fake text conversations with any time stamp and use it to leave a party early or not show up at a meeting.

Kurved allows you to find time for things you want to do without creating conflicts with your folks.

4. Fake All – Call, Chat, Message

Fake All - Call, Chat, Message on Apple App Store

Fake All does everything – it can fake calls, text messages, and social media messages. You can set the time, caller’s profile (contact name & number), ringtone, and everything like any other fake call application. 

The best benefit of this app is that you can fake social media messages like Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Faking incoming calls would look suspicious if you use social media more often and don’t answer many phone calls. With Fake All, you can create fake WhatsApp threads and set a new message to arrive when you’re in that situation to help you escape by showing the social media conversation as proof. 

Another way of using this app is to show people that you got a direct message reply from a popular celebrity or influencer on Instagram. Set their name and picture to their existing social media account and schedule a message.

5. Fake Call Number

Fake Call Number app on Apple App Store

Fake Call Number lets you avoid awkward situations and leave boring gatherings without raised eyebrows. Set a caller name, number, and ringtone, and schedule it to ring you when you want.

You’ll get a call from the app, but it’ll look like someone is calling you. For the call to look legitimate, select from the available audio clips or record your own.

The downside is that the free version of the app is limited, and the app has many features locked until you get a subscription.

6. IFTTT (Using the Help me Escape Applet)

IFTTT - automation & workflow app on Apple App Store

IFTTT (If this, then that) is a productivity app that automates any task you want. It can connect with most apps and services and let you choose to automate tasks between them. For instance, you can set IFTTT to publish your post on Facebook when you publish anything on Twitter.

This is possible with applets or IFTTT recipe instructions to perform a task. An IFTTT applet, Help me Escape, lets you call yourself when you text a specific number. Once you get a call, use it as an excuse to quit any gathering.

This applet only allows people with a US-based number. So, you need to enter a valid USA number. It will send an OTP or PIN code to the number that you must enter to register.

7. Dingtone 

Dingtone app on Apple App Store

Dingstone is a favorite app used for getting a second number and using it for calling and texting. If you’re fed up with a number on Dingtone, you can also change it.

If you want a non-suspicious way of getting an occasional fake phone call on your phone, use your second Dingtone to call your real phone number. You can also test yourself with this app.

Top 7 Fake Incoming Call Apps for Android

  1. Fake Call Prank
  2. Dingtone – Unlimited Texting, Calling App
  3. Fake Call
  4. IFTTT (The Help me Escape Applet)
  5. Call Assistant
  6. Call Simulator
  7. textPlus

1. Fake Call Prank

Fake call - prank app on Google Play Store

This popular app on the Google Play Store is extremely lightweight and provides the basic features of a fake incoming call app. 

You can set a fake caller name and number displayed on your phone when the fake call rings. There is also an option to set a ringtone and voice for the call. 

Fake Call Prank sets a fake call schedule with the press of a button, but the downside to using this app is that its fake call feature only allows you to set a timer of one minute.

If you’re in a situation, you need to escape, you would need to open your phone, bring up the app, and set the duration to one minute, so it fakes a call. Once the timer is set, it will call you, and you can get out of the situation.

2. Dingtone – Unlimited Texting, Calling App

Dingtone unlimited texting, calling app on Google Play Store

Dingone is a second number app that lets you call and text people with a second phone number. You can use the internet (data or Wi-Fi) and call or text anyone with your new number. It would help if you had credits to use the app, acquired by paying or watching ads.

As you can call anyone with the second number, you can use it to call yourself and use it as a fake incoming call app. The call would look legitimate because, for your phone, it would be a real call coming from a phone number. 

3. Fake Call

Fake Call -Fun Phone Call Prank app on Google Play Store

The Fake Call app does everything a fake incoming call app should do. Set caller details by including the name, number, and picture of the imagined person. You can also use the details of your real contacts to make it seem legitimate.

Setting a voice is also supported, so you can record a voice that will be played when you pick up the fake call. The scheduling feature allows you to set a timer for the call to ring and help you escape a boring meeting or party.

Like many of the apps on the list, it uses ads. So make sure your media volume is at 0 so that even if an ad begins playing, it doesn’t make any sound.

4. IFTTT (The Help me Escape Applet)

IFTTT - automation & workflow app on Google Play Store

It is the least suspicious app you can use for faking an incoming call because IFTTT is a popular productivity app. IFTTT derives its name from a coding statement “if this, then that.”

It connects with most apps and services, and your phone performs tasks when the trigger for that task happens or when a specific condition is met. For example, you want that when you create a new entry in Google Calendar, it’s also saved as a note on Google Keep.

So, when you set a reminder on Google Calendar, IFTTT will also ensure that a note is saved on Keep.

You can automate many tasks with IFTTT, which is the app’s main purpose. There are many applets of IFTTT that make things even easier. One of the applets is Help me Escape.

It allows you to give yourself a fake incoming call when you send a text message to a specified number. Once you send the text, your phone will ring, and you can use it as an excuse to leave a party.

Be notified that this is only useful for people who have a US-based number.

5. Call Assistant

Call Assistant - Fake Call app on Google Play Store

If you need a simple fake incoming call app, use Call Assistant. It lets you create a contact name and number displayed when your phone rings. You can also set a date and time to schedule a call.

Moreover, there is an option to choose a call screen depending on your phone model so that when it calls you, the screen is identical to your phone’s usual call screen. It has the call screens of Samsung devices and others.

Like other apps, Call Assistant also has a voice selection option where you can choose a recorded voice from your Android device or record your own. This is played when you pick up the call. It only has one ringtone, which is a downside of this app.

6. Call Simulator

Call Simulator app on Google Play Store

If you’re looking for a fake incoming call app with a realistic calling screen, try Call Simulator. Its calling screen looks identical to the current Android smartphone calling screen. 

It allows you to set the caller’s picture, name, and number. You can also set any ringtone from your gallery. Setting a voice recording is also easy. A disadvantage is that the timer only allows you to schedule a call within 10 seconds, 30 seconds, and 1 minute.

7. textPlus

textPlus app on Google Play Store

TextPlus app is similar to Dingtone as it acts as a second-line service. You can create a second number for yourself and make free or cheap calls to many countries worldwide.

You can get credits by subscribing or watching ads. It is a great app that can also be used to call your number and dodge awkward situations. Moreover, as you get a new number with this, you can also use it to prank call your friends.


If getting out of awkward situations is difficult for you, use these fake call apps to schedule a call to your phone and leave parties easily.