10 Best Discord Themes For BetterDiscord You Can Try

best discord themes

Discord doesn’t come with many ways for you to customize it. Yes, it has a dedicated section in the User Settings. If you want to customize your appearance, it is there. But what about the best Discord Themes?

Better Discord is a third-party tool that has made it possible for everyone to find and use themes. Yes, you can now use themes for your Discord. In the world of customization, it can be quite an appealing addition.

With that being said, we are bringing you some of the best discord themes. Why should you use them? We have curated this list with something for everyone, even if you want something easy to customize. Furthermore, you will learn how to use Better Discord to make changes.

So, without further ado, let’s start with what you’re here for, the list:

Best Discord Themes for BetterDiscord

  1. Clear Vision Theme 
  2. The Black Hole Theme
  3. Dracula Discord Theme
  4. The Great Mountain Site Theme 
  5. The Horizontal Server List Theme
  6. Discord Spotify Discord Theme
  7. Akame Ga Kill Anime Better Discord Theme
  8. The Green Forrest Theme
  9. Basic Background Discord Theme
  10. Discord+ 

The List Of Best Discord Themes

1. Clear Vision Theme

The ClearVision Theme

What can be better than using a theme that will allow you to customize your Discord? Clear Vision has gained a lot of popularity for its ease of customization. You can customize anything from the background to fonts and even colors.

It does come with a default theme, as well. If you use the default variation, you will understand the reason behind the name. It offers clarity to the users for fonts, texts, and even colors.

You will find people talk about ‘ClearVision ClearVision ClearVision’ all the time. And now you know why that would be the case.

2. The Black Hole Theme

The Blackhole theme on Discord

The next one on the list is also quite popular. The users highly rate this Black Hole theme. It is one of the most downloaded Discord themes out there, and for the right reasons too.

If you’re a sci-fi or space lover, you will appreciate the color scheme and the graphics it offers. You feel like your Discord is living among the stars. Moreover, you will have a dark theme in the mix.

As Dark Themes are getting popular, this one is easy on the eyes. At the same time, you receive a theme about stars, space, and fascinating adventures. So, if you think this speaks to your personality, go ahead and give it a try.

3. Dracula Discord Theme

Dracula Discord Theme

Since we are talking about personality, how can we not mention the king of monsters? That’s right, Dracula Theme is now available for Discord users. Despite the name, it has an easygoing color theme and still matches the vibrancy. What does that mean?

Dracula Theme is one of the newer additions, yet it has a community-developed version. You can even customize the entire theme file and mold it according to your needs. These qualities certainly make it a worthwhile addition.

If you love horror, vampires, and other creatures, this one is worth trying.

4. The Great Mountain Site Theme

The Great Mountain Site Theme Preview

Are you looking for something scenic and serene for your Discord theme? Maybe the classic arts approach of The Great Mountain Site will appeal to you. The abstract art of a huge moon behind a mountain scenery certainly brings a unique appeal to the theme.

The Great Mountain Site theme is famous for an excellent reason. It looks simple, peaceful, and beautiful. The fonts and colors are fantastic, with the best opacity you could ask for. 

But, it might be a little challenging to find. It is not readily available on the Better Discord website anymore. So, you might have to look around a bit.

5. The Horizontal Server List Theme

The Horizontal Server Theme For Discord

How about a Discord theme that allows you to change the layout of the entire Discord? Among the best Discord themes, this one ranks for its ease of combination. First of all, the view of servers, and contacts, from the left panel, will shift to the top. What’s the reason behind that?

Some people might not appreciate the side-list look. For some people, the top arrangement works better and looks organized. It gives the feeling of having tabs open.

Next up, Horizontal Server Theme is among the best Discord Themes because you can use it with others. It won’t interrupt or hinder any other theme. Thus, you can easily combine it with different themes to have two-way customization, and thus, it opens new realms of possibilities for you.

6. Discord Spotify Discord Theme

Discord Spotify Discord Theme

There are plenty of Spotify lovers. Some people love the color and font style on it. Others would want to appear to be more of a music lover. Whatever you want to show, the Spotify Discord theme is here to keep things easy.

It combines the elements of the classic, old-school Spotify desktop version. You receive similar sound control bars and the green and black theme. It is quite an admirable and cute addition.

So, if you want to experiment with some looks, especially from Spotify, give it a try. You won’t be disappointed with the ease of use it offers.

7. Akame Ga Kill Anime Better Discord Theme

The All New Anime Theme For Discord Users Akame Ga Kill

Now this one is quite a treat for the anime lovers out there. Well, anime and manga lovers, both. Akame Ga Kill was once quite a popular Anime Show. If you want to show your love for the series or enhance your personality, this is the one.

Imagine combining the aspects of your favorite anime with discord. The color theme is unique and brilliant. The main lead, Akame, drives these colors. More importantly, you can also see her in the background wallpaper.

It is easily one of the appealing and straightforward selections. These qualities make it one of the best Discord themes on the list.

8. The Green Forrest Theme

The popular Green Forrest Theme with Horizontal Server List

Are you someone who admires the greenery of the woods? Do you like a bit of appeal of the wild in your setup? Maybe you like to set desktop backgrounds and other themes related to forests. Why stop there?

You can do the same with your Discord, as well. Among the best Discord themes, this one is quite charming and delicate. You have a green forest background with transparency. It looks pretty pleasant and feels soft on the eyes.

The mix of the dark or dulled approach, with a view from the forest, and color themes, makes it appealing. You have one of the finest selections with this one. If you love the forests, try The Green Forrest Theme.

9. Basic Background Discord Theme 

The Basic Background Discord Theme

Now, what if you are getting confused by all these ideas? Maybe you don’t want to go around changing themes all the time. It could be pretty hectic, after all. What if you don’t want to store or try so many themes?

Well, if you want to change the background of your Discord, this is the theme for you. It allows you to use almost any image from your storage. You can upload it as your Discord background without any problem.

Furthermore, you won’t have to customize the fonts or anything like that. You need to change the background images, almost like the desktop themes. This flexible setting option already makes it one of the best Discord themes on the list.

10. Discord +

Discord+ Theme On Better discord

Among all these best Discord Themes, Discord+ deserves a specific mention. It balances visuals with performance. Thus, you receive a treat for your eyes without compromising your performance. It is one of the themes that is light on your system. You can even use it on a low-specs computer. What’s more?

This theme allows you to customize the entire layout of Discord. You can customize the texts, colors, images, background, etc. The clear-cut lines, distinguished sections, and such make it quite lovely.

Discord+ stands true to the name because it does feel like an evolved version of the original Discord.

A Guide To Install Better Discord Themes

The official website to download Discord enhancement project Better Discord

Before we begin, you need to understand what Better Discord is. It is not just some mod pack that you can download and use with your Discord. Better Discord is an entirely different app. But, it keeps you connected to Discord. How does that work?

Well, it is the community’s approach to make Discord more customizable. You can call it the ‘modded’ version of the original Discord. It allows you to change its look via themes. You can even use many restricted Discord Bots and Commands. More importantly, you can even use the Voice changer mods on it.

Many features make it a great choice. How safe it is would depend on you. But, it certainly keeps itself up to date with the latest Discord version. It just supports themes, plugins, and other aspects. So, you can easily install and use these themes on it.

Remember that the official Discord doesn’t come with many theme options. You are stuck with the Light and Dark Mode. With that being said, here is a quick guide to applying themes:

  • First, you will have to visit the Better Discord Website.
  • Please search for the Theme that you want and install it. After that, launch the BetterDiscord app.
  • Go to the User Settings, and there you will find the ‘Themes’ option.
  • Go to that option and select ‘Open Themes Folder.’ This will allow you to open a Folder where you can transfer downloaded theme files.
  • Yes. Once you download themes from the website, you will have to transfer them here. After that, you can select them from here.
  • That’s all. The themes will be applied, and Discord will change automatically.
  • It might restart to make sure that everything is working fine.
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